Saving The Libraries: Round 1


Overall today was a pretty good day. I have some good news and some bad news to tell you guys about this little 'mission' I'm attempting to go on to save our city libraries. But I'd like to tell you about my whole day- so the good news and bad news will come, but not right now. ;)

Saving The Libraries: Round 1

My Day Today

I came downstairs this morning, had my breakfast, the news was on just some more stuff about Boris and Brexit and as I was packing my bag for school, our local news came on. And the first report I saw, was the funding being cut to our library services- so as you can imagine, that got me triggered. I didn't have enough time to rant though, because I had to be out the door, and before I knew it I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus- which was late again.

I didn't get a latemark at college though, and our teacher was off sick for my first lesson, and in college we don't have 'supply teachers' they just leave you in the classroom, by yourself to do you work. So that's what I did, whilst texting my best friend and making a few trips to the college library to get books.

And guess what guys? I wanted to borrow three books- which I've got written down, but the college library only had one! So I need the city library now, to get the other two!

I was also planning to meet my best friend - who I miss so much and haven't seen in ages - today at lunch, and we were planning on going to the library together, and just sitting down, catching up and then we would have asked the library about what we can do to help them. Today was her day off of college (she goes to a different college), but something came up, so she couldn't come today, so we're meeting next Thursday when we both have a day off :P

Anyway lunchtime came and my one friend who I made that I sit with at lunch, wasn't here today so I sat by myself eating and watching some YouTube. Once I'd finished eating, I'd returned the laptop I borrowed and bought some tea and my next plan was to head to the library BUT like a genius- I spilt the tea. Boiling hot tea, all over my hand and the table, luckily it was just a little bit, but it was a stupid thing to do. I'm kinda famous among my friends for doing that it's like:

Friend 1: "Why is Spidey late again?"

Friend 2: "She's probably spilt tea or coffee. Again."

I got a few stares- have they never seen spilt tea before? And I cleaned up my mess, then secured the lid of my tea on properly, and left college and walked up to the library.

It was rainy and bag was super heavy, and it was just a little bit cold but I had my tea to warm my hands up so that was nice- but if I need to go to the library, I'll go in snow if I have to. ;P

I'd never been to this library before, mainly because I only really started going to this particular part of our city when I started college. Before college, I never really ventured out of my own area much.

With it being my first time at this library, I decided to look around the place and it was SO MUCH bigger than the local library in my area. And it was absolutely packed out, with people. A lot were old people, but there were some adults and I saw one person who also goes to my college there.

I was going to register with them today, but I couldn't because the lady at the desk told me I needed some ID- I thought my college ID badge and bus pass would be enough, but it wasn't so I know what to take in on Monday, to register with them.

Also, it's against the library rules to eat or drink in there, but I didn't know that- the ladies at my local library don't mind, but I didn't get told off because I didn't know I just got told to finish my drink quickly in a corner and bin the cup, so I did that.

Then I raised the news report I saw this morning and asked her if the library was shutting down and here comes the good and bad news.

Good news: The main city library I went to is not shutting down.

Bad news: But several other libraries in our city could, and they don't know which ones.

I asked her how I could help, and she advised me to research it, because it wasn't her place to say.

So I went back to college, luckily I got to my afternoon class on time- it was an uphill walk but hey, I got exercise. :P

And when I finished that class, I came home, did my homework and then took a little break from all of that- and then researched the stories about them shutting down our libraries... And I came across this union website and found out, they're planning to shut down our museums too! I don't know which ones, but it isn't right. People still use the facilities so why take them away?

I emailed the union website, and told them who I am, and how I want to help- hopefully, they should give me some answers on how I can do something, anything to help. Maybe they could give me petitions to sign, I regret not asking that man for a few copies that day- I didn't think to, but I'm sure I'll find other ways.

Right now, I just have to wait for the union website to reply to me and see what they say. I hope they have a way I can help.

Any last words?

So that was round one of attempting to save the libraries. Not much, but hopefully, things should progress moving forward.

Thank you for reading :)

Saving The Libraries: Round 1
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  • slurreyboy
    I went to the library a few years ago to get some books for my trade school tests. I asked the woman there to point me in the right direction and she kept talking about me looking it up online. So yes with her attitude libraries will be dead
  • GhettoGirl
    I'll wait for the movie to come out, dont have time to read the book.
  • Sweatyotterr
    Libraries have the cleanest bathrooms