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I have been visiting Libraries since I was a baby. I have been with the library so long, recently, I found out the occupation on my library card was still: "book crawler" which basically means my occupation was still being a baby and that was because my mum got my library account made when I was a baby and they never changed it, but now I got my occupation changed to "student" so that's all good. xD

Now I've just started out as a Law student and that involves SO MUCH reading, so I spend a lot of time browsing books in the college library, borrowing books, returning books, borrowing them again, doing my homework, reading books- you get the picture.

But what is making me write this MyTake is something that happened on my way to the bus stop, to go home from college.

I was walking to the bus stop yesterday, it was a sunny day, kids were playing in the water fountains, people were sat down chattering- and then there was this elderly man in the middle of it all.

He looked at me, probably saw I was a student from my student lanyard and then asked me if I wanted to sign his petition, and told me it was to save one of our city libraries. So of course, I agreed to sign the petition- it was for our libraries.

Firstly, I was shocked about how happy this man was. He was practically shouting me praise in the middle of the city center which I am not going to lie- I did feel a little embarrassed about at the time, because people were looking and I don't really like being the center of attention.

But after a small conversation with him, I understood why he was so happy.

The college I got to is very well known in our city (we'll call it X college). He asked me if I got to X college and I said "yes."

Then he told me, that most students from my college just walked past, and he even said the librarian from my college said that kids from my college say they don't even read books, and that they get all of their sources off of the internet.

It completely shocked me that, hardly any students from my college signed the petition to save the local library! I mean last Friday, there was a march for climate change. Now there is nothing wrong with that because campaigning to help our environment is not a bad thing- but what gets me is, people can campaign for something which we can't even prove we are the cause of, but they can't stop for just two minutes of their life, to sign a petition to save our library!

Now I don't go to that library, I usually stay in college and go to the college library.


A) Just because I don't use a certain facility doesn't mean other people won't need it

B) One day college might be out of a book I need, so I could always use that library to see if they have the book I need

C) In the holidays when college is shut, I could use that library instead

D) I'm pretty sure volunteers put their heart and soul into working in that library- why shouldn't they be able to keep what they have worked for?

And tomorrow, I will go to that library. And I will sign up with them, and I will do everything to help keep them open.

It just angers me, that again hardly anybody cares that our libraries are being shut down. I remember, when I was little the library near my house (a different library to the petition one) was going to be shut down. I was too young to know what was going on, but I look back at it now and it all makes sense.

People fought for my local library to stay open, and it did. And as a result of that, I could go there and study with my best friend, I could use the free Wi-Fi when I didn't have internet, I could borrow books which I couldn't buy.

So I feel like the least I could do, is help the people fight for this other library in our city, near my college, to stay open- so prehaps in a few years time, kids like the little kids I saw playing in the water fountains who probably didn't understand what was going on, can use that library when they're older. Or maybe the mothers with their young children can go and take their children to the library. Or maybe the elderly members of our society can meet up, and do whatever they do.

If you're wondering why I wrote this on here- it's because I just want to let this all out, it's been building up inside of me, and I just ranted to my dad about it, and he advised me to join our student union and put the issue to light there, and that's something I'll do too- but I just needed to "write it out" as I do. :)

Thank you for reading :) <3


Save Our Libraries <3
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  • NearlyNapping
    I've also been going to the library since I was very little. Some of my earliest memories were the library staff reading books to a group of kids.

    The libraries here are alive and well. I'm only speaking locally, like all the county libraries, which is about a dozen or so libraries scattered in several small-to-medium towns. I can't speak for other places, but I haven't heard about a lot of library closings. The libraries are well funded where I'm at. In the US, much of this kind of thing is funded largely through local property taxes. Those are voted on by residents. I can't remember a library levy ever failing. There is no other type of levy that can be said for.

    There are always parents with kids at the library. I'd guess that even on slow days there are 20-30 cars in the parking lot. At busy times, many more than that. There are always people of all ages, not just us old farts. The computers are always in use. There is a big media section with movies, music CDs, audio books, and even some video games. I almost forgot books. :)

    We can also download digital media, including a big selection of audio books and eBooks.

    Online we have access to a whole bunch of subscription services through the library web site. There are probably over a hundred services. For example Ancestry. com, legal documents, repair manuals for cars, trucks, lawn equipment, etc.

    We have access to Lynda for online classes. We used to have Rosetta Stone, but they have a different one now.

    The idea that students get most of their information online really bothers me. I've been online for a lot of years now and use it extensively to get information. But it's not the same as getting it from books. It's too filtered, too summarized, too incomplete, with far too many distractions. Not to mention vast amounts of total BS, rumors, misinformation, etc. Online is a good place to get bits and pieces of information, but I think you miss the important big picture.

    When you go to the library to do homework, study or research, you are there for that reason alone. You are dedicating some hours for the sole purpose of learning, with few distractions.

    I've been starting to see studies that, contrary to popular belief, the use of all this technology is actually hurting education, not helping.

    Speaking of libraries, I need to go real soon. The stuff I checked out is overdue. I'll have to pay a fine, which I do almost every time. But I don't mind. I think my fines have paid for quite a few books over the years.
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  • Craftsman
    Libraries. Those places with books. With people who have answers, and if they don't know the answer will take the time to show how to find out. It was a library between my house and my school that was a refuge from the turmoil of home. It was a library where I discovered biographies of famous people, their accomplishments, and their knowledge. I learned about medicine, space, machinery, aviation, and a host of other pursuits a young man's mind may at times follow.
    Today, my two local libraries (one local, the other regional) serve as a refuge from heat, boredom, and the feeling of 'not knowing'. I told a Librarian a few days ago that she was one of my favorite "know-it-all" people, because if she didn't know, she knew who did, and where to find the information. 60 years ago libraries did not have air conditioning, wifi, computers, and free movies and programs to help kids with homework. Now they do. Still, it is libraries and librarians that helped shape the curious boy I was into the individual I am today. Libraries are worth saving, supporting and keeping. The ability to read a book, turn the pages, understand what is written, without needing wifi, wall wart or charger, or 'reader device' is invaluable. All one needs is the book, enough light to illuminate the page, and the book will illuminate the mind.
    I've signed similar petitions in my area, for libraries near and not-so-near. I will continue to do so as long as I can hold a pen with which to sign.
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  • Kayla45
    You know if there was some sort of EMP explosion that wiped out technology, including but not limited to, cell phones, computers, modern vehicles, etc. Then you'll be happy we have the knowledge in book form, I say save physical media in general, because one day it will be hard to find.
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    I like libraries. You get to borrow books for free. They also have free classes, for all ages. And free events. I have never heard of shutting down libraries here where I live. Only there are talks of building larger libraries.
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    Parents need to do a better job of educating their kids. My mom never received an education, so she used to drag us to the library as kids, tell us to choose a book and made "reading time" we would read so often. My sister, used to take me to the library and choose books for me to.

    Most kids nowadays are given youtube videos and cartoons.

    A couple years I partook in an outloud read-athon, where we read books outloud in front of college dorms to help bring awareness to the library system, because its so under utilized.
    I read a Oliver goldsmith poem, "Deserted Village" , William's Wordsworth "I traveled Among Unknown men" , Alexander Pope's "Epistles on Men", and Rudyard Kiplings "if", along with many other poems. I read about 2 hours worth of poetry in total!

    Most people didn't listen, they just looked at us like we were crazy. Or they took snaps and videos
    We had signs which said "Rent a book today, you pay for it anyway!" haha.

    We need to make children love reading, art, and history its the only way we can save libraries
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    • Jackblue

      You can read all those poems online, why go to a library to do so.

    • SOARER_

      @Jackblue That is true, and the point wasn't to bring awareness to those poems, but to the library. Reading out loud was a gimmick to get attention for the library.

      Also I don't know if you have ever been to a library to conduct research, there is a certain serendipity when you are looking for books on a particular topic and stumble across things you might not have found, by only using the internet. Also librarians are helpful, in conducting research and finding sources. Thats the reason why people use libraries, for research and learning. Also for community purposes in the case of public libraries

    • Jackblue

      I went to the library a lot when I was in college. I sometimes enjoyed it if I was reading a book I was interested in, but I often found it stressful. Some of my professors would assign extraordinary amounts of material that were only available in the library. More online access would have made my life a lot easier. Honestly I suspect that more digital copying of primary source material has not happened because academics want to have a monopoly over it.

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  • Oram52
    I completely agree. I've going to libraries from young age. Love being around books. There is something about being around books, being in the library. My local library used to have rows have books but now its been condensed. Last time I was in library some people were either in computer room or people doing their work. No one was there sitting reading something for leisure.

    We can even borrow books online now from library. Libraries definitely have closed. I guess we are too blame too. We don't use libraries often. I even wonder if kids like reading books now, my nephew does. I wanted to get my nephew a book we checked local charity shops literally there were hardly any kids books, I mean literally. I usually just went in to find books for myself.

    Book stores have closed too. Can't compete with amazon or other online sources. Things have been changing definitely. People saying just read online just don't understand the pleasure being surrounded by books, being in the library.

    We have netflix, games, social media etc to occupy us. People hardly leave the house let alone visit local library. I hope we can figure something out to save our libraries, so future generations can enjoy going to libraries for centuries to come. But I suspect there would't be long until we end up with virtual libraries. I'll continue to go to my local library for sure.
  • Izumiblu
    Don’t know where you live but the libraries where I’m at are quite nice, updated, central to the community. No danger of the being shut down as several have been newly built or renovated or at least updated.
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  • Britantic
    I'm afraid libraries in the current form are mostly finished considering, I have access to the contents of any library on my i-pad. The real problem is if the information is genuine or if big companies will charge money.
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    • VIVANT

      libraries serve a cultural function as well

      And if we have technological complications , which I’m sure will happen, it will be important to have physical resources.

  • Bismarck_96
    All the people saying to destroy the library’s should also know that if books become digitalized and a virus attacks the system and deletes the books itll be gone forever having a hard copy is much better if books also become digitalized it’ll be bad for your health as well los of eyesight and other diseases

    You have my vote to keep the libraries if books been on earth for thousands of years let it be around for another thousand
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  • daringhorse
    LIBRARIES SHOULD BE SAVED!!! I am a TOTAL bookworm!!! During my middle and high school years, I have ALWAYS went to the library! The library is a PERFECT place for studying and researching!!!
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  • Sevenpointfive
    you should've asked that guy for a petition to get signatures at school and from your friends and family, then fill up the rest at school. i bet they'd do it for you. some kids don't want to be bugged by an old man.
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  • Jackblue
    Honestly, I think that only college libraries are worth preserving because they often contain obscure literature that is hard to obtain and students need for research. For everyday literature people mostly just read ebooks. Libraries seem like a waste of tax money.
  • HeavyRoller
    If we get rid of libraries then only the wealthy and privileged can read... this is a disturbing trend to me and we have the same problem in the U. S. It's nice that you're speaking out.
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  • RolandCuthbert
    Haha! This is not a topic that is going to do well at GaG. Many folks here use ignorance as a form of knowledge.

    The Library was my hang out when I was young. I used to go down to the library in downtown Boston and check out classical music. It was where when I was young, I read the "Chronicles of Narnia". Where I found "The Perelandran Trilogy". Also, where I read "A Wrinkle in Time".

    There are not that many folks here all that into trying to read or do much research outside of watching youtube.

    Save Our Libraries &lt;3
    • Waffles731

      Wait, you're from Boston?

    • @Waffles731 I was raised in Boston through my early years.

      What's up?

    • Waffles731

      I'm a New Englander as well, just didn't know you were too

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  • Daniel3035
    Well as a law student too i'm not a fan of libraries lol they essentially use a lot of paper. We can get our reading from the internet now which is far better for our ecosystems.
    • VIVANT

      Not everyone has access to the Internet.

    • Daniel3035

      @VIVANT... I mean who doesn't in this day and age? Usually students have university wifi.

    • @Daniel3035 I'm not at university yet, but I know a kid at college who doesn't have access to the internet at home, and there are thousands of students at my college so, chances a proportion of them won't have internet. I even didn't have internet for the first few weeks of summer and I went to the library to use the internet when I needed to.

      I knew quite a few people at my old secondary school who didn't have access to internet either.

      Who doesn't in this day and age? Usually people who can't afford it.

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  • Avicenna
    They're still an invaluable public good. We need them in particular to encourage small children to read.
  • BeMuse
    The concept of a library is great, but a digital library is far better than a stack of paper. I read 10 times faster on a computer than out of a dusty old book with gray or yellowed pages. High contrast black on white projected as light out of a monitor also helps me avoid a lot of issues associated with dyslexia. So if book and mortar libraries crumble, but online ones are widely available and free to use I’m fine with it. Digital libraries save time, space, trees, and are just far easier to index and query.
  • tartaarsaus
    Most are shutting down here as well, which is unfortunate
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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Agree totally. Libraries should be like they used to be where people really checked out books instead of movies and computer usage more.
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  • Swat_
    Books 🤮.

    Digitalize it. Knowledge can be stored online forever. You can do so much more with digitalized content than books.

    The demand for libraries is dying down, its an old concept. Instead of keeping them alive, make them accessable in "new" ways.

    I can't stand books, grew up with my parents and schools shoving them down my throat. If they we're digitalized, I'd be much more tempted to read them. Dyslexia fonts, dark mode, zoom, text to speech, documenting of knowledge, way more options. Plus, I just hate paper.
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    • Swat_

      I learned programming, English, robotics, digital art, 3D modelling, etc purely by searching things online.

      If I had to have used books for this, it would've taken ages. I completely lost my respect for books, they seem useless to me. The search functionality is the quickest way to gain knowledge. The internet is the largest library to have ever excisted, and you can find out anything you want by typing your question into a box.

    • Boppy

      I've seen a few libraries that were modernized to include digital collections, free skill-training classes, and 3D printers. Seemed fun.

  • anon1903
    I'm going to one this eleven. Cross my fingers, I hope Child Development edition 1 is available.
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  • caligirl03
    I fully support this.
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  • TonyBologna25
    They’re outdated
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  • Clayishere
    you are my hero for day ♥️
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