Royal Visit to Pakistan


I am a British Pakistani and I am so happy. Pakistan is very happy and did a great job to welcome the Royal couple. I wish they would stay in Pakistan longer and visit Pakistan more because Pakistan loves the English Royal family. There is a lot of history about the bond between the Royal family and Pakistan, especially Pakistan's Prime Minister who was a cricket captain back then.

Royal Visit to Pakistan

Kate Middleton wore a light Pakistan outfit just like her mother-in-law did when she went to Pakistan.

Royal Visit to Pakistan

They met the Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan who is also a former cricket captain. He is William's old friend. He used to play cricket with William and told him at the age of 11 that one day he will become a Prime Minister, which he did after 22 years of hard work.

Royal Visit to Pakistan

They also wore green Pakistani clothes because Pakistan's flag is green. Behind them, there is a vehicle called Rickshaw, which is very popular in Asian countries.

Royal Visit to Pakistan

They met school children because they care about education.

Royal Visit to Pakistan

They met flood survivors too.

Royal Visit to Pakistan

They enjoyed their time with some local people who are called Pathans and they wore the traditional hats out of respect for the Pakistani culture, which is heartwarming and a humble act.

Pakistan loves you Kate and William.

Royal Visit to Pakistan
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  • lightbulb27
    They are a great couple and Royals. Glad to see Pakistan and UK getting along well. Pakistan leader very interesting to listen to, seems like decent person.
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    • Shezadi

      he is a very classy and an intelligent person. One of the best Pakistanis you will ever meet. A very dignified man.

    • Shezadi

      He is a real gentleman

  • edwilliams580
    I wish theyd stay in pakistan too
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    • Shezadi

      this is funny

    • Shezadi

      One couple can stay in Africa and the other in Pakistan, nice.

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  • nightdrot
    What is really implicitly interesting about this post is that it is a demonstration of the value of monarchy even in the 21st century. I am American and you would not think a natural monarchist, but the historical record for the case for constitutional monarchy is quite clear.

    A neutral and non-partisan figure with a touch of what Bagheot called "magic," i. e. that is prestige attractiveness and ceremony. It not only serves as a unifying force in the countries over which they preside, but it is even - as this post amply demonstrates - a force for goodwill between nations.

    All to the good and by no means something that those who regard monarchy as a relic of the past should lightly disregard. At the end of the day, of course, monarchy must be appropriate to the culture where it presides, else it cannot work.

    Still, as Churchill said, "Ministers come and go, but the King remains, always at the center of public affairs... He is the continuous element in the constitution, one of the main safeguards of its democratic character, and the repository of a knowledge of affairs that before long comes to transcend that of any individual statesman...

    The victorious democracies, in driving out hereditary sovereigns, supposed that they were moving on the path to progress. They have in fact gone further and fared worse. A royal dynasty looking back upon the traditions of the past, and looking forward to a continuity in the future, offers an element of security to the liberty and happiness of nations."
    • Shezadi

      No offense but I hate Meghan Markle not because she is American or half black but I just hate her arrogance. I read her tweets and her tweets make me feel sick, they show so much arrogance, she said in one tweet "it is not Meghan Markle, it is the Duchess of Sussex" and that just sounds so arrogant. Kate Middleton is more humble and classy, she is Diana's real daughter-in-law.

    • No problem, Shezadi. A lot of us Americans hate her too.

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  • Sevenpointfive
    thanks for my parents next instagram. who cares about these fools? the old bitch is still the queen!
    • Shezadi

      You are American so I understand, by the way an American is also a part of the family.

    • what do you mean by that? he got off of instagram

  • yoganshB
    It's good to know about pakistan but I wanna know what do you think of India. I'm sure Miss shezadi will be interested.
  • esotericstory
    This is nauseating to me. Pakistanis who live in Europe but still feel more patriotic to their own country. Disgusting.
  • The_White_Queen
    Excellent Mytake on the royal visit.
    • Shezadi

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  • Massageman
    Thanks for the info.
  • AkshiJanjua
    Do you really think they care about Pakistan
    Cool 😎