The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

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The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

I think I've always thought quite deeply in life, always been ridiculously curious about everything even as a child, things that most people wouldn't usually even care to know, just thought id share a list of what i think is the pros and cons of thinking deeply.

1. Thinking outside the box. (Pro)

The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

I think being a deep thinker usually means you often think of new ways of doing things, coming up with new ideas or things most people wouldn't even think of doing or crossing there minds, it can be interesting seeing how they would choose to do something differently, and seeing if their method is better than the one most people would naturally think of using, it is likely a lot of inventors were deep thinkers.

2. Feeling more deeply. (Con or Pro)

The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

So this one i would have to say is definitely a mixture of the two, can be bad in terms of thinking into things more and knowing the reality of a situation and how bad it is, i think people who don't feel as deeply find it easier to move on from negative situations and not be stuck in a rut of constant negative thoughts, but then when you find something you are passionate about it can be nice feeling that feeling more intensely and being able to have all the positive thoughts running through your mind of how good you're feeling in that moment and to think of the positive future plans to do with the situation you're in.

3. Being lonely. (Con)

The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

I think being lonely can be quite a big issue for someone who thinks deeply, small talk just doesn't cut it and you want to be able to find someone to talk to about all the things that matter to you and that give you the drive through life, finding a connection is very important and being able to find someone who mentally simulates you and being able to pick at there brain and find out all the things they care about and visa versa, it can be hard when people don't have the same depth or passion to feel the need to talk about and share the things you'd like to, i feel for people who think closer to the surface would maybe struggle with this stuff less.

4. Self aware (Pro)

The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

I feel people who deeply think are very self aware, i think they know what their strengths and weaknesses are because they will study themselves and maybe be interested to learn what they can do to improve, being self aware means you will be aware of your fails and successes so can work on being a better you.

5. Anxiety/mental health issues (con)

The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

Now absolutely anyone can suffer from anxiety or problems with there mental health, but i do think being someone who over thinks can definitely be a big con in that department, than someone who is more chilled out and who can live for the moment, constantly thinking or thinking ahead can definitely make you worry more about things that you might not even need to, mental health is a big thing and anxiety is a big cause of some big psychological problems.

6. Being a good judge of character (Pro)

The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker

Lets not say that every single person who over thinks would necessarily be a good judge of character, but it definitely helps, it makes it easier to notice red flags in someone fast, because over thinkers will more likely analyse the people they choose to associate with or have in there lives, this doesn't mean be judgmental or not understanding of them, it just means they will more likely get to know the person quicker and on a deeper level than someone who isn't maybe quite as interested to understand them or learn about them.

Thanks For Reading My, myTake :)

The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker
The Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker
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  • Robertcw
    I think they're all cons, really. Thinking outside the box only makes a person even more isolated.

    Self-awareness is meh. Other people will constantly give you unsolicited advice based on what's good for the majority. And it will be bad advice for you, and they'll give it because they see you aren't tracking the same plan in life as most people (a double whammy).

    Feeling deeply is a con, especially for men because feeling deeply goes against social expectations. But you think outside the box anyways, which means you probably never followed them to begin with.

    Maybe being a judge of character is good.
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  • Hugh_Jardon
    Nicely done, but u forgot one... Excessive analysis of conversation. -con. When someone asks me to do something, and are not specific about details I can't help but think of all the possible meanings of their words.
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    • Stechupka

      All of this really sounds familiar LOL

    • PrincessPie

      I guess that would maybe come under feeling more deeply, but yes, i do that also.

Most Helpful Girls

  • LalaMeme
    I think the sensitivity is one of the hardest parts. If you look at the other pros and cons, it’s like sensitivity amplifies it’s effects. These people are essential in every society. They might not be the most active of the lot, but they are often the most caring from my experience.
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  • supercutebutt
    Being a deep thinker also means you hate Donald Trump and that can suck when you are surrounded by them at Thanksgiving :(

    EVERYBODY wants to know! Is Elsa Gay or Straight?
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  • talloak
    Excellent post! You’ve touched on many of the pros and cons of really thinking about things instead merely accepting them. It can be very satisfying to explore the universe with your mind. There is so much to explore in so many different ways.

    What I consider the biggest con is the Cassandra paradox. (Cassandra was the daughter of the king of Troy. When she turned down Apollo, he cursed her with always seeing the truth but no one would believe her. She warned her father that the Greeks would destroy Troy, but he thought that the walls were impenetrable.) thinkers struggle with truth, most everyone else struggles against it. And that is only getting worse. You may have noticed that if you say something true to anyone on the far right or far left, they don’t simply disagree, they get intensely angry.
    While there is satisfaction in really understanding something complex, seeing its many sides and layers, it would be so much better to be able to share that understanding with someone who doesn’t already see it. You start to wonder what’s the point of understanding something if no one else cares?
  • RSan90
    All cons there, OCD paranoia, hard to let go of the past... but when and in the rare scenario applied constructively, preparing a project or assignment or learning something its a massive plus. Ul grasp things on a level others can't, but sometimes also find it gard to reach conclusions cus ul see it all, well most of it.
  • Dargil
    Overthinking the "meaning" of things. (Many women)
    Looking down on others as stupid. (PhD holders)
    Taking yourself too seriously even on subjects you know little about. (Hollywood Actors)
    Disrespecting opposing views without listening to them. (Warmists)
    Believing your own narrative too far and creating "conspiracy theories". (Radical politicians)
    Believing you have the gift of prophesy (Me).
  • billyboy37
    you sure are a deep thinker.. go deeper and you will realize.. no cons.. every moment leavs u a choice to be happy and laugh.. except a dick caught in a zipper aaahh why do i keep seeing that stupid pic on google. i cringe as i laugh.. now im hard. i shall
  • AlexBlack007
    I love it! Yeah there are those cons but even the cons help shape a person and I can tell you I'm really happy as who I am. Feeling deep emotions and the loneliness have all contributed in building me up. So are those really cons? 😊

    And... I don't know if this is a common deep thinker quality or not, but I find even the silliest little jokes funny! 😄
  • goaded
    I just had to add this, from Paul Krugman:
    "Deep thought: Alphabet's acquisition of Fitbit has turned my fitness tracker into Santa Claus. It knows when I've been sleeping, it knows if I'm awake. It knows if I've been bad or good, so be good for Google's sake."
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Hello @PrincessPie Thanks for sharing your MyTake. I missed seeing you on GAG I hope your doing fine :-) <3 <3 -Hugs- xoxo 😇🙏
    • PrincessPie

      Hey! GoodGuyBreakingBad :) I hope all has been good with you!
      Very kind of you too say and thank you!! :D xoxo

    • @PrincessPie Yeah , going through some issues here where i live
      wish i could find other housing , i hate to leave here but i believe that
      will be the only choice , i can get housing at the High Rise for disabled.

    • PrincessPie

      I really hope that you manage to sort of your living situation :)
      best of luck to you!! x

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  • ohshee
    I think your question goes deeper than that lol.
    I think u are gifted. Or maybe an Empath as I am , feel things 10 times deeper than most so there for you need answers so you think,, what do you think about this
  • Juxtapose
    I agree with your points. Stepping back and observing through a rational, calm view is alien to a lot of people.

    I love it myself, the mental stimulation is exciting. I love philosophy, politics, "moral" choices and so on. There is so much to ponder with a creative thinker.

    I can appreciate chit-chat, but I too like to go further than that.
  • Legendhardon
    I've been a chronic thinker for over 20 years and im not doing very well. I dont listen to music or nothing i want to stay at peace as much as i can or else i feel like doing the unthinkable plus im a chronic drinker since i was 16 , ontop of that i drink lots coffe. But never no drugs today was a pretty bad day but im here still. We will see how i wake up tommorrow.
  • Sensmind
    Nice take but you know what I believe everyone is a deep thinker just some are more open about it - I never met anyone so shallow that I couldn't have a decent/deep conversation with once we found a mutually interesting topic
  • John_Doesnt
    I'm a terrible judge of character because I don't talk to many people. I spend most of my time alone thinking about the world. Understanding people requires hands on experience and talking to people.
    It doesn't matter how many psychology books I read I'll never understand the average person without talking to one. but I refuse to talk to regular people because they piss me off.
  • Bunny_blue
    I agree! It’s not just a simple good vs bad choice of being a deep thinker. Sometimes it’s good sometimes I wanna claw my brains out!!
  • Kurαȷ
    Thinking is fun and games until you start thinking about how existence itself is bizarre and paradoxical and you give yourself a headache.
  • razzamatazzp01
    I can tell you that some cons are having limited patience for secular conversations. Also limited patience for secular individuals. TBH when I'm at a gathering you'll usually find me around the kids, because the adults get on my nerves.
  • Bee-Hatch
    Love that you use a gif of James Cordon to illustrate a point about thinking deeply. So funny.

    Curious read tho. A bit too self indulgent for my liking.
  • Jansetta
    I like this! And feeling more deeply is definetely a con. Because in our brain at least in my brain negative thoughts come more easily than positive thoughts.
  • Haha! This made me think of Chidi.
  • BeardMagic
    I tend to be like that and I'd love to swap brains with someone that doesn't have my wiring inside his/her head. Stupid people tend to be more happy everywhere. To me ignorance is a choice and a gift
  • DanOh2018
    Well on the whole being a thinker is good. But when I go to big picture I really start to see the sword of Damocles looming high in many many places. It's not exactly cheerful.
  • KillianK
    Pro: I come up with ideas that tend to be better put together than my peers

    Con: I think about this world a lot more, and I see the dark path we're heading down.
  • MackToday
    I'm like this too, I'm a creative type always tinkering and trying to find a new and better way or to do something entirely new. I'm always pondering about life as well. It is a lonely existence.
  • Morparvin
    I like deep thonker. they are the one who dare to see the world as it is. most of persons ignore it and think they are happy but they are just being ignorant. i have debated with these kind and they don't stand with logic.
    P. S.- I hope you think deeply in a rational and scientific manner.
  • Nik1hil
    Being lonely

    "We deep thinker just fail to find someone who can be on same page with us, be as good with words, and have a dynamic perspective and verbal chemistry like we can generate."
  • hpinky
    I definitely agree about the loneliness. This effects me on a level where surface conversations become so overwhelming and draining.
    • Malik00

      I agree i'm terrible at small talk and it really feels isolating.

  • Dystopian
    One of my favourite jokes/quotes:
    What's the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?
    A pessimist is better informed.
    Thinking a lot only brings grief. It's a burden, not a blessing.
  • BeMuse
    So basically you spend a lot of time day dreaming about swimming pools.
  • I agree with everything! Thanks for sharing! And it's good to have you back!
  • cirno
    I uh agree with this too 😆 this was really intresting to read
  • 1stPlace
    I agree with everything in this take. This describes me.
  • NatalieKeller95
    pros you're more insightful and wise

    cons you tend to over-analyze and nit pick more
  • Shamalien
    CONS: Not everyone is one so you will suffer at their hands knowing they are wrong, but they do not know

    PROS: Everything else.
  • Big-A
    Unfortunately the deeper thinker and smarter a person is becomes a curse, deep thinking tends to lead toward depression, social awkwardness and anxiety.

    Oh well, red pill for me all day.
  • rush2akku
    Another pro is if we take it positively, a deep thinker will always have and think of tht there is a scope for improvement in everything
  • MadBoy
    Holy crap she lives! I haven't seen you in forever!!! ... Also good mytake.
  • Maria1996
    Pro you can be prepared con you tend to over think it.
  • axali1
    QuoteThe Pros and Cons to being a Deep Thinker
  • KaiserXVI
    Nice Pikachu and all, but bruh. "Deep Thinker" is entirely subjective and is often entire tangential to how people in reality perceive you. There will always be bigger sharks in the ocean. That being said, some of these claims for "Deep Thinkers" are accurate. Such as feelings of isolation. In the end, results are key. What have you, as a "Deep Thinker" have accomplished? For me, I was a former top brass advisor for the LGBTQ+ community (despite being a natal male and a heterosexual) which means a lot to my name. I am also currently an advisor for many MAGA groups and I JUST got invited to be part of Trump's Republican Task Force (even though I'm not Republican or Party Affiliated) and I am close to obtaining my goal.

    So again, the question begs. What has your "deep thought" produced? Thoughts only go so far as action.
  • Hannajenky
    You are obviously very intelligent your post here on girlsaskguys is very concise and ahhhmeh
  • YankeeD
    the problem sometimes thinking too deeply you get in trouble
  • anube
    Many people don't realize that being open minded can be quite the handicap , focus narrow minded, and the super analytical,, I have 30 inventions all in need of by society, I can't get any one done, so I just move on in my mind , here's a example, ending corrupt politicians or money in politics piece of cake , wild fires or smaller consider them out, flying car actually a helicopter redeseign, globalization,, free education, automated health care, hell I can go on for hours that's the problem how many can hold a debate on some of these topics, it's a loney place, watching the abuses and the big con on our nation
  • scooogy
    Yeah... anxious deep thinkers and pregnant males seem to be in the same department here.
  • slyfrap
    PrincessPie, are you a deep thinker?
    • PrincessPie

      I would say so

    • slyfrap

      Would you say that you're a logical person and not an emotional person? Also, do you think that it has something to do with your sign/zodiac?

    • PrincessPie

      I'm both but i would say i think more logically than emotionally, and i don't really believe in star signs
      how about you?

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  • BrokenMoon
    This is so true.
  • Shark_61695
    Hmm... I'll get back to you...
    Hmmm i think this is good. 😂
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Nice mytake.
  • Doccc1010
    Wow amazing job, keep it up
  • lofii
  • Joker_
    Interesting myTake