Captain America and the World Police!!

Captain America and the World Police!!

I see a lot of people in fear about WW3 and complaining about the loss of American lives over seas. Wake up people!! If you don't want your friends and family to die in someone else's bloody war then Force our government to stop acting like they are the world's police force. America needs to keep its nose out of other countries business.

Maybe it's time for the UN to look at America and tell them to get the Hell out of the Middle East or face trade restrictions and embargoes.

If our armed forces, and the American populace as a whole simply refused to go to war what do you think the government is going to do about it? They can't imprison the entire country, nor can they court martial all of the armed forces.

We have the power to stop this madness people, open your eyes and refuse to say "Hail Hydra!"

Captain America and the World Police!!
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  • NerdInDenial
    If we went back to isolationism, your daily life would dramatically change. The products you buy would increase dramatically. While it's fair and reasonable to criticize American military and foreign policy, the world needs America: world police. Without the US, the alternative is worse. The Chinese, for example, would monopolize the world economy. In fact, they have moved all over the world to secure all economic access points; that's why the South China Sea is so important. Freedom of navigation is an inherent right for all nations. Smaller countries like Vietnam are bullied from conducting peaceful maritime activities such as fishing from the Chinese. Most importantly, the US is not the only country who is help safeguarding the world. Many European countries are helping as well along with Asian countries. The Japanese help fund our bases in Japan.
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  • bangyourhead
    The world needs the US as the police. The alternatives are much worse. When was the last time you saw the UN do anything other than posture or send 'peacekeepers' out that end up raping refugees?
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    • Shamalien

      llol so true

    • NightFlirt

      Ok if the world needs the U. S. as the police then Y'all need to stop bitching when some terrorist agency decides to start killing "World Police" Either that or stop doing stupid shit so the Popo have no reason to come knocking at your door.

    • You're 51 and typing like a hood rat, lol. I think the "terrorist agencies" find that we kill back.

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  • AshZ36
    Look at the UNs funding, we pay 90% of it, UN is headquartered in America... also the UN is worthless/pointless in general now adays
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • JackSmy
    So if the US doesn't, who is going to stop the mass murders, genocide, and hostile take-overs around the world?
    I FCKING HATE, that the US is always assumed to go in, and stop genocide, and our people die, trying to protect innocents, and then the whole world just shits on the US for doing it, when they are total pussies and don't stand up, as PART OF NATO, or just out of compassion, and humanitarian aid causes.
    • Nikola99

      US shouldn't interfere. it not their problem.

    • @Nikola99

      that attitude lead to 50 million people being killed by the Nazi's a Japanese before the U. S. joined WWII.

      Pacifisim doesn't work.

    • Nikola99

      I am not taklking pacifism. i am saying they shouldn't mettle in other countries affairs. like for exemple us atecking and bombing serbia during 90s cuz we went to war cuz we didn't wnt to give some counties independents

  • MackToday
    The problem here is that America like the UN is controlled not by the people but by global banking and corporate interests. It Intervenes in the middle east and else where not to police but to profit those who run it behind the scenes. This is why we elected Trump, he wants America to be a real country not a vast ship wreck to be picked over by everyone a joke.
  • SirRexington
    When does the government listen to its people? It follows the will of the oil companies, the military industrial complex and arms manufacturers.

    We could pull an Iran and protest in droves. But it's difficult for us to do so since our system works us to the point where we can't protest and if we do we could get fired. Isn't capitalism great?
  • TwoToTooTutu2
    But every country has their fingers in the pie. America just uses the Military as our tool of choice. I guarentee China has all your information on record because they use hacking as their main tool.
  • Texaskid1
    Who will have the balls to place trade restrictions on the US?
    • Nikola99

      Russia, china , north Korea and a lot mor of them

  • It's an interesting point