Poor people are laughing and disgracing poorer

Poor people are laughing and disgracing poorer

I'm from Serbia, Eastern Europe. My country is one of the poorest in Europe. We used to be part of Yugoslavia and then comes war and the other sheet.

My point is that the average paycheck is around 300$, but you always can see the newest types of mobile phones, new cars, and a marked wardrobe. If you aren't rich because of your parents' money or If you are not stupid enough to get a loan from a bank, you probably won't have all this stuff. Then, if you don't have all these stuff you'll be ridiculed or even worse if your kid hasn't those, he or she will be ridiculed by the kids who have it. It doesn't matter if you have enough to eat or pay bills but you must be fashionable and have all the new stuff.

All that makes me sad. From my town, just the last 2 years, 15000 went abroad for a better life. These people are usually with bachelor's, master's or Ph.D. degrees and they all thinking like me. They are bored with the struggle for existential issues. There is no job here for you if you are not part of the ruling party and often people with Ph.D. can't find any kind of job.

Those who left disgracing poorer then they are and it's continuing. Don't know how to explain but here your flat is a rear thing and most people between 20-30 still live with parents and other members of the family. And the most important, if you live with parents, without a job, without any school, you can still be humiliating to poorer then you are, and this is a common situation that I'm seeing every day and bothering me.

I can't go abroad because of family reasons and working online, but I just needed to share this with someone.

Thank you.

Poor people are laughing and disgracing poorer
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  • It's like that here in the US too. People who are poor wear more expensive clothes and shoes then anyone else in the country. They make fun of other people who don't have those things. While in the meantime, they have no place of their own and staying with relatives... often have no car... living paycheck to paycheck... etc. I know exactly what you mean and I don't know why people have their priorities so backwards.
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  • Exterminatore
    That happens here too. Actually here many millennials live with their parents because they spend their money on crap and have no drive to find jobs/better jobs.

    Sorry this takes place there. It would be nice to be judged by the content of ones character instead of possessions.
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  • sreekanth80
    It is similar in my country too. Wrong priorities for too many people. Spending beyond means, looking down upon less fortunate people...
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  • MackToday
    Interesting post. I have to say I'm interested in Serbia and eastern Europe in general. I think Serb unity is the answer here. Of course some are going to mock and sneer at the idea and they can go and do their own thing. But, if some of you got to together and started growing food and working on cars. If you started looking out for each other you would probably form a strong community and a growing underground economy. As an ethnic nationalist I try to get white people to create some sort of arraignment here in the US as well but it's not easy. In Serbia people are poor like you said and might have more motivation. Find those who are honest and good men get them together to plan. Surely some must have access to a few acres , go and get some seed and farm it, sell this at low cost to the others in the group, get some old cars and who ever has a garage and tools take them there and start working on them. Let the ones who know how teach the others. If you need a mechanic to work on cars, just open a shop in someones old shed. Work can be done for trade or money or what ever but it's between members of your group. It can be the same with a hotel or a restaurant or a laundry. All within the group. Group members know where the shop is and can get their car fixed there or the laundry or hotel and so on. The owners can make money. Soon you will have a parallel society immune to the bad economy.
  • nerobyrne
    The elites in any society love it if the bottom ranks shit on each other, it distracts them from who is really to blame for their shitty situation
  • ChadGroyper
    Lol soviet memes
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
    People who can't afford wany others to think they can and the ones who can don't care then there's the rich a holes who never earned there money and attach 0 value to it