5 things old men should stop blaming young men for and actually help them with



Since the Eighties wages have been stagnating and receding when adjusted for inflation. it used to be the case that you could get a house and health insurance with blue collar salary. it is no longer the case and the 15$/hour minimum wage championed by the left and opposed by baby boomers as communism is ironically nothing more than what it used to be when they were young when adjusted for inflation.

5 things old men should stop blaming young men for and actually help them with

The only kind of debt you can't file bankruptcy on. Not a thing in other developed nations by the way as higher education is virtually free for those who can't afford it. What boomers have to say about this? "this is Mrrrrrica eerrrrrr."

5 things old men should stop blaming young men for and actually help them with


Substances like BPA in bottled water and pesticides in food, phthalates in exhaust gases and many others, called endocrine disruptors, have reduced testosterone levels in males by 20% in thirty years and sperm quality has halved. erectile dysfunction is more common than ever recorded.

Still, when we try to mitigate this by eating healthy and organic food we're called sickly and sissies by women and the big manly baby boomers.


...with the exception of war, famines and major economic downturns

5 things old men should stop blaming young men for and actually help them with


For the first time in recorded history young males in their twenties are having less sex and are more often celibate than post-andropause men in their fifties. Women look for higher statues males than themselves an now that they own more personal wealth than men on average this leaves many males out of the dating market. Furthermore hookup culture and dating apps have allowed women to flock exclusively to the top 5-20% of males they find attractive enough.
Boomers call us fags for being single and celibate but they don't realize how easy it was in comparison with enforced monogamy and the median male being higher status than the median woman.

5 things old men should stop blaming young men for and actually help them with
5 things old men should stop blaming young men for and actually help them with
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  • MrTaboo
    Wage stagnation:

    I'm was a blue collar work for years. Security guard, welder, cop, and forklift driver. And I was able to buy a house and get out of debt by2015. All while getting married, having three sons and single income family.
    To often younger folks, I was included when I came out of high school, thought that I deserved a $500,000 home, good cars and nice big income. Welcome to the real world.
    And $15 /hr is only going to raise inflation, it won't help anyone. If you are on minimum wage, find a new job, walmart hires about minimum wage and most factories do too.

    Student loan debt

    Well, no one forced you to go to college. And it's only your fault if you got a degree that's worthless, Like mine. I got a criminal justice B. A.. yep worthless, all cops have one now a days.
    And the huge push to go to college... the liberal left and the teachers unions. The union gets more money as colleges need more teachers to teach the increase in students. And by make loans so easy to get, while lowering entrance standards, more students.
    Follow the money.


    Get off the couch and eat better foods. I live in the same areas and I'm healthy.

    The best thing to do is stop complaining and go do something about it. What "it", pick something and figure out a solution. Then move on to the next. And by solution i mean actual solution, not make another stupid law. Water unclean. Figure out how to clean it better and cheaper. And you will make everyone's life better.
    Dont know any science behind it. Google and libraries have all the college level teaching you need. Learn it. Screw the degree.
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    • Anonymous

      a college degree greatly increases your chances at a decent life and it's nearly a must. "but i know someone" yeah fine but chances are you won't become steve jobs by tropping out.
      our food water and air are replete with endocrine disruptors which has ON AVERAGE reduced testosterone levels and impaired male health, and you can't quit drinking breathing or eating. it doesn't mean everyone is unhealthy, just that an increasing number of males is

    • Anonymous

      *dropping out

    • @MrTaboo Bravo sir! Well said!

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  • Anonymous
    I'm not an American but it's pretty much the same every where. Old people have ruined everything for everyone else. They can't help us even if they wanted to. We have to fix our lives on our own. I consider previous generations to be weak and naive. They had it too good compared to us. They haven't gained the skills needed to survive these days. but all the hardship will eventually make us stronger. I use muself as an example. I used to be the laziest guy you could have found but i can't be lazy anymore. In order to get a decent job i need to learn so many things and it's very frustrating but i can't give up because i need money. So old people can sit and bad mouth us as we fix all their fuck-ups.
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    • Are you kidding me? Your generation doesn't have a clue about how things are built or how they work, unless it is a computer. There is a whole physical world your generation has lost touch with.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah we're learning. And you say "unless it is a computer" like that is nothing. Everything is related to computers. And computers have been around for many years. It's just that your generation wasn't able to figure them out for whatever reason.

    • My generation invented the computer slick. But we also know how to fix our cars, repair our homes, and build things with our hands.

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  • Living wage definitely needs to be adjusted. There’s no excuse for *anyone* working 40 hours a week to still qualify as poverty. That’s just ridiculous.

    College tuition is getting ridiculously expensive and coincidentally college degrees aren’t worth what they were 30 years ago. I know too many people with degrees still working entry level low wage jobs. Many people are better off learning a trade and some entrepreneurial skills.

    This is the first time I’ve heard someone attempt to define a sex recession. To be honest I think far too many sub par behaving guys (boys) are too easily getting laid due to hookup culture and dating apps.

    The men women should want are the the men who are willing to work hard to make himself attractive and well rounded enough to secure a long lasting monogamous relationship. Those are the only men who I think are worthy of attractive, high value female attention.

    If you want to be a low value guy with a bitter attitude, sexist views, doing drugs, lazy, horny, fast food body, and a low quality job then you just don’t deserve but female equivalent.
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    • Anonymous

      you call me sexist but i'm just acknowledging what women say out loud. go rich or go home, short guys should kill themselves... women have all the choices when it comes to dating and an increasing number of men have none and with hte infrastructure provided by dating sites and app women can share the top 5% to 20% of most attractive guys and be satisfied without resorting to equally attractive men. in fact the most attractive men are having more sex and the less attractive less or even zero. it has to do with the dismantling of monogamy and what makes a man attractive has been proven to be height, face and income. things you can't control for the most part. in fact there is hardly any social mobility in america and women refuse to settle with anyone who doesn't make not just as much, but much more than them. you can call me sexist but these are just facts which women admit to all the time

    • I’m not even calling you sexist. If you want a relationship with a woman you’re going to have to improve your listening skills.

    • Anonymous

      i already explained what that isn't the case

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  • likelyOK
    I agree with all of it but the sex recession
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    • Anonymous

      you're disagreeing with hte data

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  • TonyBologna25
    It sounds like you have a million excuses as to why you can’t reach success lol.

    Inflation? Open up an investment account and collect 8% annual returns. Make monthly contributions and watch it compound and grow.

    Student loan debt? Go to a state university for cheaper tuition, and apply for financial aid, grants, and scholarships. Degrees are practically free when you optimize all your resources. Student loans also have a ridiculously low rate and gives you a lot of options to pay it back in low payments. If you got a degree worth getting, it’s a very minuscule issue.

    Poor health?
    Fucking workout and eat a clean diet. It’s not that hard. My natural testosterone levels were about 1000ng/dL when I got tested which is top average. All I did was eat healthy, and workout 5 days a week. Supplemented with fish oil, and a multi vitamin.

    Female hypergamy? Don’t date sluts. There are plenty of women who aren’t into hookup culture who will stay with you the long term. On the other side, there are plenty of women who simply want to fuck. You don’t have to be a top 5% male to have casual sex 😂 give me a break dude. Did you ever go to university? I saw some of the ugliest fattest frat bro’s fucking average looking chicks all the time. Everyone fucks in college.

    • I’m all for talking about men’s issues that we face today, but I rather talk about solutions as well. I also rather discuss things that are within our control. The world isn’t out to get you, and our generation actually has a hell of a lot of privileges and opportunities that our parents and grandparents never had. The technology we have. The financial tools and knowledge that’s now available. There’s a huge demand for so many new things today in the world of business. If you’re not capitalizing on this, then you’re missing out.

      Personally something that I practice in my life is taking responsibility for everything in my life. If someone steals my money, then my default is to tell myself I should have been more cautious and less naive. If I got laid off during this Covid-19 pandemic, then I’d tell myself I should have made myself a more valuable asset to my company. If a girl dumps me, then I’ll analyze my behavior and ask myself how I can improve on all the mistakes I made. It takes discipline to do this, but I promise you that you’ll be so much more successful in life once you can achieve this mindset.

      Think of it this way, if our generation is as weak as you’re describing us, then the competition is pretty low. Time to capitalize on the opportunities that they aren’t taking and separate yourself from the pack.

      Stop blaming everyone else and everything else for the cause of your personal issues. It’s convenient and comforting to say your lack of success isn’t your fault. It’s harder to realize and admit it’s completely your fault. Stop seeking comfort, and face your issues head-on. To sum up this opinion, quit being a little bitch and get ahold of your life.

    • Anonymous

      1000ng/dL is about as high as it gets. it used to be like that for me but exposure to pesticides destroyed my hormonal health and appearance and there's nothing i can do about it. just because you do somethign it doesn't mean it's the only reason why you're healthy. about everything else you said it flat-out false. fewer and fewer males are fucking at college and about a third of young males are celibate.

    • likelyOK

      are you trying to prove you are some kind of alpha with your testosterone here, pathetic.

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  • alligatorblues
    It may have been easier in the past. But the average American male ages 16 to 30 plays 4 hours of video games per day. In high school I walked through my neighborhood removing snow for pay. I also worked as a maintenance man at an office building.. I paid college tuition and livijg expenses with my earnings from computer consulting.. My first consulting job I charged $6,000.00 and it took me 20 hours.

    I painted houses, remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, did work-study, and tutored. And I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and a BSCS. I also picked electrical engineering online. I invented a novel device that costs $23.00 to produce and sells for $195.00. I have a market covering 27 countries. I don't advertse at all.

    I developed my product with an initial investment of $20.00. I developed a related product. It has a profit margin of about 700%. I am not on facebook, twitter, instagram, or any social media. I don't chat as a pasttime. I don't use the Internet to meet girls. I don't go to drinking establishments.

    Many nights my peers are out partying while I'm in my lab alone doing R&D. I meet women in person. I subscribe to chivalry. I completely ignore nonsensical drivel regading gender, feminism, inclusion, tolerance, racism, diversity, privilege, oppression, and I marvel at those who advocate for systems, methods, policies and ideals that produce escalating catastrophe, increase crime, incentivize poverty,, penalize work, and bring a return of diseases that haven't been seen for the last 100 years.

    . The responsibilty for ones actions is his own. It is not the fault of government, or social injustice, or systemic faults. It is due to personal failings. Wisdom known for the last1,000 years identifies fornication as the number-one cause of ooverty. Everyone is able to prevent that.

    The idea that you just can't get a lucky break is flawed. Living in the United States is the biggest break you can get. Citing dubious conclusions gotten from the Internet, and using them as evidence to confirm assured failure, is an old trick. Flawed ideals are reinforced by an illusion of prevelance and acceptance generated by the sheer volume posted on the Internet.

    Validity is projected by random statistics and numerical evidence pulled from thin air. In 1950 families owned one car, each house had onE phone and one television. No one paid for cable tv, Internet service or mobile service. People ate at home. They didn't pay interest on financing. They didn't buy what they couldn't afford or didn't need.

    In today's market, the average firefighter earns more thwn the average Harvard graduate. The average police officer earns $100,000 per year. The average roofer is paid $175,000 a year. The average plumber, $300,000 per year. Average eiectrician, $150,000 / yr.. House framer, $80,000. Mason, $160.000.
    Girls on dating sites have no other way to assess men but looks, strength and income. AaTry meeting women at church. And don't have the intention to have inimate contact before marriage. Observe God's commandments. Avoid sin. Get rid of anything that could lead to, or assist in sin. And don't try to sell it. Just dispose of it. Purify your mind. Get rid of superstition and the occult.
    • Anonymous

      fornication is not the number one cause of poverty. poor men often have no option in terms of dating yet they don't become less poor

  • mattmanyah2
    The government isn't responsible for what the people do to themselves... And shouldn't intervene when people are dealing with each other unless there's broke bones blood or property... That and wages are increasing since the wage stagnation of the 80s look at the increases in non taxed benefits that the avg employee get (401k social security (which should be eradicated) and healthcare) are all given by employers untaxed to you... I'd just rather have the untaxed money screw the fed.
    • Anonymous

      wages are decreasing if adjusted to inflation. they're often called "real wages". social security is non-profit insurance and helped save the US from the great recession. i don't see anything wrong with it.

    • That money is not "untaxed", the taxes are simply "deferred".

    • likelyOK

      the coverage by healthcare is dependent on where you work and in the 10 years I have had healthcare through employers I have seen a dramatic increase in cost and that is ONLY the last 10 years.
      Did you not read anything about the student debt here or anywhere else baby boomers used to be able to pay for college over the summer in a summer job. Plus people of privilege have at least had some help from the parents with school which is a LIFE CHANGING OPERTUNITY.

  • yellowmgtiger
    Rich have always benifited while the workers remain close or on the bread line. It's not a generational thing it's a historical fact. Works are poorly paid so they have to work while the idle rich remain jusr that
    • Anonymous

      it's been getting worse since reagan

  • Anonymous
    1. I'm about to start my second business at best I'll make $6 an hour and worst I'll be working for free
    2 not applicable but too many graduates in an oversaturated market is what causes the debt bubble
    3 already expected
    4 I expect to die before I reach the age my father is now
    5 you have to give a shit for it to be an issue... I've ticked sex off the bucket list and that is enough for one life time
    • Anonymous

      i don't understand what any of this implies

  • Anonymous
    The 'Sex Recession'?

    LMAO no such thing. Most men make no effort to be attractive, then they wallow in their own pity party that women aren't attracted. Makes it easier for men like me...
    • Anonymous

      no amount of effort will fix what women find attractive which is height jawline hair wealth and status. you might increase your status with social mobility is nearly dead so while it happens it's extremely unlikely

    • Anonymous

      *but social mobility

    • Anonymous

      Keep pouting then if that's what you want. Yes wealth, height, and status will always be a factor, but you can control 2 of those 3. You also can control your clothing style, hair style, et c.

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