Why Donald Trump can't make america great again.


Sure he might be able to lower taxes, bring in some jobs, and help the economy to a minor extent, but he can't truly change the world because he's just a poodle. Above Trump, lies several Rottweilers who are very high, and I mean VERY HIGH up in the government. All the way to the top. You think your votes were the reason Trump was elected? Your votes don't matter, and never will. Trump was chosen by the top monsters because he helps push their satanic agenda by bringing chaos between the political parties, that same chaos brings humanity one step away from Christ, which is ultimately their goal.

Why Donald Trump cant make america great again.

You think abortions and gay marriage have no reasoning behind it? It is all part of the "conquer, divide, and destroy christianity" agenda. Black lives matter was a protest funded by a billionaire to try and bring forth a race war, not because he gives a shit about African Americans in anyway. Crime statistics like to target minorities specifically, so they can subliminally make white people hate them, this in return helps keep racism alive. Many years from now, whether it is in your children's generation or grandchildren (I'll be executed before this), they're going to legalize pedophila (marriage between 10 year olds and 40 year olds), but first they're gonna do everything in their power to make you drop your guard, and then draw you into accepting that type of abomination.

Why Donald Trump cant make america great again.

Many years after that, they're going to fake an alien invasion, to make christians believe "how could god be real, if there are aliens"? This is another attempt to lead the people further away from Christ, and when they've done all they could to get you at your most vulnerable, they're gonna open up under a new religion of peace and love without the name of Jesus Christ in any of it, and the idiots are going to start following that religion, and at that final point, is when you are going to see the return of Jesus, and that's when the next testament is going to be written, because it is destiny. Trump is a nobody, no matter how much you political morons want to believe it.

Why Donald Trump cant make america great again.
Why Donald Trump can't make america great again.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    I can agree with you that there's an agenda behind the actions of the policy-pushers, but, being secular myself, I believe the intended goals are more pragmatic than Satanism and the like. Then again, I'm not exactly sure as to why it would be their goal to bring about the end of Western society, considering that they made their fortune off of it. I mean, if you're a businessman, evil or not, it's counter-productive to kill or retard your primary source of income.

    Also, home come Christ didn't come back with the emergence of Islam but will come back with the emergence of this new faith of yours?
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    • @ThisDudeHere Look at it this way ok? You can be atheist all you want but the elite are Luciferian whether you believe in religion or not. The Catholics and Protestants still hurt each other because of their beliefs. Islamic terrorists hurt others and themselves because of their beliefs. It doesn't matter if you believe that there is a Satan or not they do and they are gonna keep doing what they do to us because of these beliefs.

    • This world is Satanic at least in a figurative way.

    • @ItalianGuy2021 but what is the end-goal of Satanist elites?

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  • ItalianGuy2021
    You are completely right. All world leaders are in on this together and the masses just do not want to see it and want to be in their safe little lives. Even with recent events they still trust the governments and believe the government will help them. I am just waiting for all the comments trying to say you are wrong. Poor souls just don't get it they don't understand their life is a lie.
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    • Girther10

      I don’t know any Christians who believe the government is all things to all people.

    • @Girther10 That doesn't really matter because the Government is in everyone's heads at all time if they own a TV. The CIA has studied the human mind for years and know how to manipulate people through not only the news but other TV shows and movies as well. You can hate the Government but if you watch TV regularly and watch movies they put things in your head even make you act certain ways.

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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Nice take
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  • Girther10
    What does any of this have to do with Shirley temple?
    • Girther10

      Can you explain who “The Rottweilers” are? isn't that a dog breed? And I think I understand your main point, but bringing it forth with such obvious errors doesn’t help your cause. I believe that Trump was Gods way of giving this nation one last chance to get things right. It is our one last opportunity to redirect the trajectory towards the one world overnment. That’s my take, for what it’s worth.

    • @girther10 Rockafellers, Rothchilds the Bush family, the Kissingers and others. You saying you want a One World Government? Wtf

    • Trump isn't God's last chance, and I'll tell you why. More people have worshipped Donald Trump in one year than they have Jesus Christ their whole lives. That isn't God's Will. They can execute trump whenever they want. These people have connections with some of the most notorious assassin's in the world. Have you ever watched Prison Break? President Caroline Reynolds was easily manipulated by the command of top government. You might be saying, "Well that's just a TV show". No, it's not. TV shows and movies are a form of ART. What the human mind puts together on a script is influenced by a combination of creativity and reality. What is displayed on television is what they WANT people to see. These people run the world. They have the money, the connections, and the mind of a psychopath. Nobody will truly stand in their way. Trump is just a puppet and his election was handpicked, case closed. Jesus will return, it's destiny.

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  • loveslongnails
    "Sure he might be able to lower taxes," - he did for the wealthy.
    " bring in some jobs" - more have gone out than came back
    " and help the economy to a minor extent" - again, only for the wealthy
    " but he can't truly change the world because he's just a poodle" -- and a retarded poodle at that.

    I realize he's a puppet, as are all Presidents, but it's better to live under a good puppet than an evil one.
  • BlacklightShade
    This is why only idiots believe Earth is a globe. They don't understand how the vapor trails caused by 5G networks are making all of us work together in complete harmony in ways that no human society ever has.
    • So you're a believer of the flat earth theory? I gotta research more into it, but I won't make fun of you. Anything is possible from what I've seen.

  • eschneider
    what a load of crap.

    He de-funded Planned Parenthood, filling the courts with good judges at the supreme idiot level and federal level. Ending wars, avoiding them, trying to bring peace to North & South Korea. Border control, on and on.
    • Donald is a puppet same as Obama and Bush working for their masters to screw all of us.

    • eschneider

      @ItalianGuy2021 such an intelligent response...

    • Well it is the truth and I am sure a brainwashed idiot like you does not wanna hear the truth. You just want to live in your little simulated reality. Thinking a guy who is a lifelong Democrat and close friend of the Clintons is actually a Republican.

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  • Hermes-Paris
    Wow! Poodles, Rotweilers, Lizard People, Alien Invasions, Big owl statues. Don't see this stuff on just any post. 👍
    • Nobody thinks the Illuminati are lizard people. That is some BS that people made up to make truthers look crazy. Aliens are not real. Big Owl Statue is at Bohemian Grove the place Republicans hang out and worship Moloch. Bill Clinton also goes there.

  • Kaneki05
    I can sum it up much quicker. Why he won't cause he legit thinks injecting disinfectant will stop Covid bahahaha
  • jgibsonian1986
    A bigger fill-in to this picture is black magic as well. The basic idea of it is to take a thing of Godly creation, something pure and good from the hand of the maker Himself, and then in the most vile ways possible twist it and defile it for the sake of having God withdraw His closeness from that thing and have it be taken hold by demonic power. It's kind of like evicting land from God so that you can build something evil on it. I don't want to go into the gross details, but stuff like the Clinton's eating excrete cake is a small example of a real demonic ritual. Human sacrifice is up there yeah, genocide would logically give a good amount of grief to work with. They say the most powerful is from defiling adolescent males in a violent and intrepidating manor.

    There is more than one reason for wanting more homosexuals, younger consent ages, and a more sexualized society.
  • Gsm24diecast
    you realize the only people that control the united states isn't the president right?

    The Republican/Conservative elite (including former presidents) of the united states, every summer they do a ritual by sacrificing a mock effigy to a 30 foot stone owl named Moloch, they have gay sex and they make business deals/Government contracted deals, and state deals.

    did you know the Manhattan project was planned at Bohemian grove, in which these acts every year occur? What else do they do in their Satanic worshipping occult camp?

    The world is controlled by Satan worshipping prick elite, and its not just the us.
    • You are exactly right but you can't expect these sheep on GAG to know this or believe it.

    • I mean it’s a proven that the “cremation of care” which is the ritualistic event that has been happening since 1878, however people have been performing sacrifices since 1625.

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Then there's the pandemic...

    *Instigation Granade*
  • BuckWild
    Do you like triangles?
  • Godofbliss
    Priests rape children everyday... case closed.
    • Yea and Freemasons who are Satanists run all the churches. Being Christian has nothing to do with a church the church gives you half truths. Real Christians do not believe in priests or any of that BS.

    • Godofbliss

      Right... they believe in you? And who are you?

    • What you talking about? Real Christians believe in the bible and do not attend churches. Deceived Christians go to church where they only give them half truths. Churches are more like a cult. Run by Freemasons who are Satanic. Satanists control everything including the Vatican. Priests are wolves in sheep's clothing and when they get caught with their crimes it makes Christians look bad which is just a frame job. Priests don't represent Jesus.

  • coffeewithcream
    I think you need to resize your tinfoil hat.
  • Numbnuts89
    Cause he's all about himself, first, not america
  • EnglundUberAlles
    What about the lizard people?
    • What the Asker is talking about is truth backed up by facts and research if you ever wanted to research it. Lizard people is a conspiracy theory that no one believes. Created to make anybody who questions anything look crazy.

    • @ItalianGuy2021 But Satanism, race war and aliens all makes perfect sense? Whatever dude.

    • Aliens aren't real most people think they are but old guys in suits who practice Luciferianism is so far fetched? It is actually proven to be true. @englunduberalles you just are clueless about this world.

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