COVID-19: An Evil Plot?

COVID-19: An Evil Plot?

More and more, many people are starting to wonder if this coronavirus is an engineered thing, including myself. Although I did wonder early on if this was something created as a biological weapon, as some others also believe. Some think China created it as a weapon to attack the United States and it backfired on them, and others believe it was created by the United States against China, and it backfired on us. Either way, it’s not impossible.

An altered world...

What I can say is that this is an evil thing. In every sense of the word. Such an ominous virus that can throw someone’s physical health into such massive disarray - the breathing difficulties being the utmost disturbing thing about it to me. It has people blaming and hating the Chinese. It has us walking around having to wear masks and bandanas in our own world. Our own breathing and living space outdoors. It has us locked in our homes or laid off until it passes. It has people and businesses even trying to sell these masks in fashion for people to wear because it’s now a necessity. It has us restricted from hugging the people we know, shaking their hands, being scared in the stores if some manager is going to shout “6 feet!” if we’re getting too close at the check out line.

COVID-19: An Evil Plot?

This is an utterly evil thing and I honestly am no longer convinced that it was by accident or that there is no vaccine. Call it conspiracy theories or paranoia if you will, but the nature of this madness seems engineered on purpose. Maybe as a way to cut down on population as some have speculated. Maybe as a covert weapon against the world by China. Maybe as some kind of distraction. Maybe a combination of all these things. But what I think? Is that it is possibly a way of changing/reshaping the economy by the people in power. To institute a new structure that serves them and allows them to have more control. To screw over the demographics they want most subject or even destroyed.

Something just isn't right...

In a modern world full of medicine, even if a lot of it is garbage full of side effects, I am not convinced that there is no vaccine. If this virus really is an engineered thing, I can easily believe that a real vaccine known by only a few could be held back from the public until evil individuals behind the scenes are ready for it to come forward. Until enough people have died like they want. Or until some other sinister plan of theirs has come to pass. The drug remdesivir, concocted by the University of Chicago, has so far been the most effective tool against COVID-19, but it isn't a vaccine, only the cure.

COVID-19: An Evil Plot?

Notice how no world leaders are dying or being massively affected by this thing? And those who have been are in almost full recovery? Trump still has his health. Prince Charles came forth last month saying he had it but nothing is wrong with him. The Chinese president has had no reports of major sickness. Or Putin. Or the Saudis. So far only British PM Boris Johnson was struck with intense symptoms that he also has recovered from, but that could’ve been by design because he is probably a puppet.

Some will say, “Well, of course. People in the government will get the best medical care.” But that doesn’t add up when we’re told that survival of this virus largely depends on the strength of one’s immune system regardless of what a doctor or hospital can do. Which they’ve already said is just about nothing. Perhaps these leaders have already been given a secret vaccine?

Behind the veil...

Although it may not seem like it here on GaG, I am actually a very spiritual person in my real life. GaG is just a place for me to express and even have fun with all my sensual thoughts and weaknesses where I will not show that on my Facebook or Instagram pages, or even with everybody in my real life including my own family. I am aware that my sensual attitudes and lifestyle is not particularly Christian, but at the same time I prefer not to sit there and make a bunch of excuses for them like people in churches do. Aside from this personal vice, my everyday faith is actually very focused and vigilant. And I am aware of the evils of this planet on a spiritual level that many believe is "just a fable," "fiction," "a story written by men," etc.

COVID-19: An Evil Plot?

Many people think I and others are foolish for believing in God or even for believing that the devil is real and that there are evil individuals in high places of authority who are arrayed with him and influencing much of the world with darkness. And in the same way I also feel that they’re being foolish for choosing not to believe it and want to think that the things in this world are just coincidence or casual good and evil. Much of what is going on out there is done on purpose. Much of what is happening behind closed doors among powerful people is sinister.

COVID-19: An Evil Plot?

I’m not gonna be cliche and tell you that we’re living in the end times. Or that Jesus is about to come back. But I am gonna tell you that it really is important to wake up and be aware of things going on. Stop being scared of “watching the news.” Stop hiding away in a fantasy world where you don’t want to imagine that evil things/beings and evil people do exist and don’t mean you any good. Stop writing off everything you hear that seems strange to be a "conspiracy theory" just because it seems unlikely. No doubt, some things out there are over examined or ridiculously studied, but others aren't. Realize that there are forces of good and evil on a spiritual level that are at work in this world.

COVID-19: An Evil Plot?
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  • Daniel3035
    One thing I will say is a week before china came out with the truth they apparently tried to "patent" (copyright) the drug remdesivir before they went public with the coronavirus pandemic. The only reason you patent something is so "no one else" can make that drug and use it to make "money" if they succeeded and it actually worked it would mean the world couldn't make the cure for coronavirus and would have to buy from China at a high price to save lives. They're also trying to hack and steal info from centres trying to make a vaccine from reports the company received a 200% increase in hacking and traced it back to china or russia no one else could do it.
    They're also apparently saying that the epicentre of the virus who apparently dealt with an epidemic "UNPREPARED" has about a 1/4 of 4000 or 8000 apparently of deaths compared to countries like the UK who currently have 20,000 deaths! WITH PREPARATION ! and it hasn't even ended. To top it off china has a higher population than the UK that means less dense people in a certain area china has way more people in an area with no social distancing either and we have 20,000 deaths and growing yet they have 4000? China is by far the most untrustworthy place so far. The sanctions they will face will probably turn them into a third world country they probably launched this virus on purpose and wanted a head start to get a vaccine so they could profit from this.
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    • ManOnFire

      Wowwwwww. That is all very good information to be aware of.

    • Daniel3035

      The only other thing I can say vaccine wise is don't get your hopes up for one this year I work on the labs usually chemistry orientated I also do law for patent law or intellectual property again copyright for inventions. But I've never seen anything medical wise or drug wise approved in a year that's realistically safe the minimum is 3 years. I would say your best bet for a vaccine is in 2 years probably next year around April time.
      Anything before, in my opinion, is not safe and will guarantee some side effects. Some stuff takes years of use to show serious issues for example alcoholic hepatitis it takes around 20 years of alcohol abuse constantly to reach that stage if we were about to ship a cure of alcohol to cure I don't know a virus people take this for 20 years and find the alcohol did it because we only tested for a year is bad.
      Even then I've never seen a lab make a vaccine that works in a year in my life the average fast track is about 3 years because the world works on it probably 2 years we can move it down to.
      So I would say next year if we have no issues if there are issues probably delayed till 2 years at Christmas. For it to be ready by September just so we know it works and it does (we haven't even tested if it's safe ie side effects) would take a miracle.
      It's like saying if you make a cake that needs to be cooked for 60 minutes will it be the same if I cook it for 10 minutes the chances are slim never seen it happen in the 4 years I've worked in this industry.

    • ChiTown33

      Yeah but countries are also responsible for reporting their numbers of infected and virus deaths. And some people are China has underreported, and that the real numbers for them are actually 10 times higher.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Catlover1999
    If I told someone that the coronavirus was released (intensionally or by accident) from a lab in Wuhan and the WHO tried to help China cover it up, several weeks ago they would call that a conspiracy theory and it still might be but now there’s more evidence to suggest that there’s at least some truth to it. For example on 14th January 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) tweeted the following: “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China🇨🇳.” When we all knew that wasn’t the case. Another (small but odd) thing to point out is that the director of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom was apart of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, a communist party, which to me suggests that he has communist sympathies. I just hope that the British government do ask the “hard questions” Foreign Sec. Dominic Raab mentioned in a press conference at the end of all this. I also hope that President Trump and the US gov investigate the Chinese government.
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    • ManOnFire

      Interesting to know about that Tedros guy who is the director of the WHO. Very interesting indeed.

    • It’s not evidence that they tried to help cover the outbreak but it strongly suggests that.

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  • Of course it's man made. Here's the proof.
  • CubsterShura
    Unless there is any way to prove that it's a conspiracy, and if it is let's hope that the truth eventually comes out, but for now it's an unknown virus, we don't know much about its nature and you can't make a vaccine for an unknown virus overnight. Even the inventor of vaccines needed time to create his samples.

    It's only when you understand a problem that you can solve it. How do you have a cure for a disease that you don't know much about? And as far as I'm aware they actually made some vaccines and they are already putting them on trials. Some vaccines have taken decades to be approved for using on the general population, and we only know about this coronavirus for a few months and they are already doing trials, do you understand how fast that is?

    This is why human biology should be a mandatory in schools. We shouldn't be panicking and making conspiracy theories because we don't understand how certain things work.

    Look, I'm not saying that it cannot be an evil plot. Of course it can be. We have countless of examples of science and technology being used for evil purposes. But as long as we can't prove any of that, let's not make so many assumptions. I know that it feels like the lockdown is going on forever, but we won't be over with this anytime soon, unfortunately. We need to be rational with ourselves.
    • ManOnFire

      You're not getting it. If COVID-19 is something that was created on purpose, then whoever created it would likely already have made a vaccine to protect themselves. They already know how their virus works so they also know how to fix it, but are choosing to keep that hidden.

    • Yeah definitely, what's the point of revealing that they have a vaccine if their plan is to make people suffer and economies collapse?

    • ManOnFire

      If you read the whole Take you would see where I mentioned "until enough people have died like they want" or until some other sinister plan of theirs comes to pass. So at some point they MIGHT reveal a vaccine and 'allow' COVID-19 to end just to seem compassionate or as if it was going to happen anyway.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    It goes deeper than that. Major centers for global adenochrome trade: Wuhan. A major center for global child trafficking : Wuhan. Bill Gates investments? Wuhan. Which also ties in with Epstein, who had dirt on basically everyone. And another player in global adenochrome? Big Abortion. Thus, the Gates family, again, major sponsors of Planned Parenthood. Adenochrome from murdered babies. A hormone highly prized by satanists and various Masonic orders. Their response to religious opposition: seduce the Islamic world, since Muhammed also wanted world domination by force. Anyone else? One of two strategies: infiltrate and neuter, or extirpate, by hook or by crook. And China does this with no shame, forcing its various churches to remove crosses from building tops. A prelude to a return to Mao's savagery.
    China is the new evil empire, having replaced Russia. It has many state governments bought off, hence governors enacting Chinese policies on Americans. Winning WWIII without firing a single missile.
  • Sevenpointfive
    i don't think it was china behind it but i do believe it was engineered. it wouldn't be hard to infect 4 healthy people to go to china, spain and italy and eventually the u. s. they'd recover but the goal would be to infect as many people as possible.

    imagine having them taken the vaccine and then contracted the virus and were asymptomatic. i can tell you right now that it doesn't take a year to make a vaccine. they already know the genetic mutations it's made, so this seems ridiculous to me

    i think they should have made a stronger flu if it was a population killer because it hasn't made a dent
  • VegetaSSB
    Excellent exposition of ideas and i completely agree with your viewpoint. Yes, there are evil entities all around us, yes, a lot of political leaders sold themselves to these dark entities to have more money, social status and dominance.

    All of this are facts, not delusions of the so called conspiracy theorists. And talking about conspiacy theory, it was a tag developed and spread by no other than CIA and NSA themselves, that are among the main hands that helps the true hidden elite of this world to orchestrate and put to action the plans to fulfill their dark entities overlords of the spiritual realms plan to make life here miserable so that they can feed off our negative emotions.

    It is very clear that COVID was engineered, no doubt about this one, and also, you can disagree how much you want on this, but the earth is flat and it is proven beyond resonable doubt.
    • ManOnFire

      Lol. I do disagree that the earth is flat, yes. But I definitely agree on everything else.

  • Utahslastbadboy
    Just go ahead punch my name but add Dr Jerry D. Nilsson MD.. letsall freak put because were all very rutted but you can get the number and the reason but God has presided and. Kept you rutted. im not so lucky. Or paranoid its n
    No its yes I told Trump! Let's not really the books this timefprget it I got to go
  • PeacefulRainDrop
    I agree with everything you said this is well said brother!
    • ManOnFire

      Many thanks.

    • No need to thank me! I should be thanking you for writting it! :P

    • And God for having it pop up while I was on ;)

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  • Hydrogen
    People are weak as fuck.
    1% death rate influenza and people are already panicking like it's end of the world. They will probably release something deadlier in near future like Variola Vera that has like x50 death rate and what is gonna happen then? Toilet paper won't save you for sure
  • LillyW15
    Just a few points
    - ‘coronavirus’ was first recorded in the early 2000s
    - the outbreak being in Wuhan would be a reasonable coverup for a government experiment, especially because China in general is an overpopulated area
  • tron56781
    Nope, but China did fucked up informing the world so fucking late. i guess it has to do with the culture itself. They carry too much pride and there is the image being portrayed by CCP to their populous that it's the best and blah blah..
    • ManOnFire

      You should read the answer from @daniel3035.

    • tron56781

      Nah! No official research to back that up

    • ManOnFire

      Actually there is. I Googled what he said about China trying to patent remdesivir early and there are articles on it, yeah.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    If you can simply beat the virus by having a good testing/quarantine policy, why does it matter if it is engineered or not?

    If there is another virus created or that evolves naturally over the next decade and if it is more deadly/potent, what would be the result?

    The US/UK and half of Europe would be totally devastated. But not because of the virus, because of political reasons. We can't agree upon anything because our politics supercedes truth, fact and science.,
    • ManOnFire

      "If you can simply beat the virus by having a good testing/quarantine policy, why does it matter if it is engineered or not?"
      - Because if it was engineered then that means they already know how the game will or can play out, despite whatever testing or quarantining anyone can do.

    • That makes no sense.

      If a nation state hostile to us, sent a biological weapon to hit us while at the same time jumpstarting a propaganda war via youtube, twitter, and facebook. we are screwed.

      It does not matter if it evolved or if it is prelude to a war. If Russia wanted to take us down now, they would simply send the agent, blame the democrats or claim it was a hoax. All they would have to do is watch while the nation with the strongest military machine in the history of man kind. . . burned to the ground.

      If we had the ability to test and quarantine we would have beaten this virus down already. Why do you think I posted the video?

  • ItalianGuy2021
    Was it engineered? That I don't know. Is it as bad as the media is saying it is? I don't think so but who really knows? What I do is this it for sure was planned. This whole thing is the plannedemic. They got everybody running around wearing masks after telling us on the news that masks do not prevent the spread. Trump and Fauci tell us to social distance as they stand right next to each then Fauci touches people just so they can mock us. Of course this is an evil plot. The people who truly rule the world who most of you don't even know exist are fucking with our lives to reshape the world.
    • ManOnFire

      Exactly!!! I love that "plannedemic." Brilliance.

    • Well thanks but I did not come up with that someone else did first but it sure is a plannedemic.

    • ManOnFire

      Oh, I thought that was an awesome original word from an Gagger lol.

  • Bananaman177
    Cui Bono?
  • I am analysing the markets and not much is unexpected or wrong really. I was giving your article an overview and nothing seemed like even seemed like a well educated speculation. Your perception of how medicines and vaccines work irrational and inaccurate.
  • goodlongman
    It’s man made and deliberately released on the world. China had Whuhan lockdown for flights within China back in December but they could fly in and out of the country from there and over 50,000 did
  • vannefftor
    The cell is too complex to ever of been engineered by humans, furthermore being disproved by countless peer-reviewed sceince outlets and journal articles well over a month ago. The only conspiracy present is our governement failing to act soon enough when we had intel that this couldve happened to the planet over 2 years ago, we subsequentlt cut funding to our oandemic response budget, then ignored the early signs of covid being an international crisis all the way back to mid January. Period.
  • princessde
    Humans poluted nature. Nature cried. God said nature - " do anything you want" and so we have natural calamities which is temporary but now that it lost control, we have this virus. This virus is originated from animals in china and not human.
  • John_Doesnt
    It was engineered by aliens to shake up all the babies of Earth. Here is a video of the UFO and alien babies.
  • loveslongnails
    " More and more, many people are ________ fill in the blank (starting to wonder) " ...
    I don't buy that premise. And if you did hey, I was being sarcastic.
    Sounds like the opening line of every Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones show.
  • Thatsamazing
    ... This post makes me realize that humans are still living in caves. We never really left.

    Good work out there champ. Thanks for doing your part.
  • 0112358
    This is wild conspiracy with no backing.

    masses of viruses have no vaccine. We don’t have any vaccines for the common cold which are another type of coronavirus. The reality is we have put more effort into other things. While coronavirus has been on the radar more anti pandemic prep has Focuses on flu variants.

    the percent of the population who has died is quite low. The percent of world leaders who’ve been infected is about what you’d expect.

    there’s no vaccine at present.

    nothing about it suggests it was engineered. It’s possible it did leak from a Chinese lab, but that lab was trying to study coronavirus to prepare. However it has been criticized for poor standards regarding safety.

    there are rich and powerful groups who have undue influence in the world... but they actually don’t control things. Shit just happens, a lot.
    • I don't get how so many celebrities and politicians got infected with it unless they are lying. They are a small percentage of the US and live in gated communities. Prince Charles too? I don't believe any of them have it it just ramps up the fear more if they think oh my god this person got it so anyone can get it! I am not saying the virus isn't real only that the media is using fear against us.

    • 0112358

      @ItalianGuy2021 celebrities tbh got it a little more early on because they jet set around. Virus was originally spread via airports and conferences and international hub cities.

      Anyway it’s working it’s way everywhere but they were at higher risk.

    • Tom Hanks just happened to have an old Corona typewriter with him in Australia it is a complete joke lol.

  • God and Satan are clearly real. I'm shocked at people who claim they aren't real.

    I think this virus could even set up some Mark of the Beast regime with some chip or something to track us.
  • Analogist
    I don't think it is, but it is most definitely possible. I mean China, the country that will stomp all over human rights to get things done, has a virus lab in Wuhan with dangerously poor safety measures. That doesn't sound right for a start. Also if you think about it, it HAS totally taken away the focus from the Hong Kong riots and social distancing was the only thing that would do it affectively. Now no more talk of Hong Kong independence. Its convenient but I think its more likely it occurred naturally, like the Ebola epidemics.
  • there's soooo many things that are just not right. i mean usually, the information needed to see that stuff the politicians decide is bullshit is not public.

    in this instance though, all the measures, all the numbers, all the data is public... and what they decide based on those numbers is not at all supported by those numbers. everyone with a basic education can easily see that if they just take a look... i don't even understand how everyone can be ok with what's happening everywhere right now.

    maybe the issues is, that this happens all over the world so people assume it can't be bullshit if every country does it...
  • coffeewithcream
    For God's sake, man.
    Did you fear monsters under your bed as a kid? What you wrote is an adult version of that.
  • No, an unintended result of an evil practice (animal agriculture).

  • bulletbob555
    Its a perfect storm of sorts. Its easy to imagine it to be engineered. Lets hope its just natural.
  • Juxtapose
    Great claims require great evidence.

    Go on.. I'll wait for proof.
    • ManOnFire

      There are others who commented on this post with some very interesting information. If you didn't notice.

    • Juxtapose

      You're the one who made this. Update your post with relevant information.

      Actually, you should have had that information there in the first place.

    • ManOnFire

      My post was never about claiming to have information to begin with. It was about giving people something to think about, to fit the pieces together and question them for yourself. The only concrete info I gave was the facts of no vaccine 'technically' being found, and that world leaders haven't gotten sick.

      Which should be the biggest alarm to people.

  • YesIsaidit
    Thrm bats had enough of seeing their cousin being chewed everyday lol
  • Samuel_Harper
    My last two brain cells died.
  • Denvss
    This is fucking retarded.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Nice take
  • MountAverage
    It was the reptiloids! 🙄
  • jimmy2
    Good stuff thanks
  • Potatocream
    bruh I hate people
  • Anonymous
    Hard to say but weve got off very lightly for 100 years
  • Anonymous
    China has done something that others don't know off, sure of it.
    Either it's that the virus came from the lab or it's that they have found the cure but they're just not revealing it.
    Look at the total number of confirmed cases : 84,347 and the recovered cases : 77,578 , death toll : 4,643 (1300 added just a few days ago stating miscalculation due to "too many cases "). Which other country has such a recovery rate in relation to the total confirmed cases? None! If their values are true , they have a cure.
    If their values aren't true , they hid the seriousness of the disease from the world.

    So, it's easy to understand that China is either lying to the world that they haven't found a cure or they've lied in the beginning about their total cases and deaths.
    Which, know one knows. But I hope the truth will Triumph and if there's any monkey business from their side I hope they'll be caught red handed.

    And, I find it very funny that the Chinese gvm thought they can fool everyone again by saying that the US athletes imported the virus into wuhan, they're just so over confident that they don't even care about logic. They thought the world was gonna turn against the US. That's their first attempt to fool the world.
    Their second attempt is adding 1300 toll recently to cover up their lies.
  • Anonymous
    Obviously a conspiracy to spread the evils of 5G and reptilians
  • Anonymous
    man I just dont like how people are all of the sudden calling health care workers heroes. Like wtf weren’t they always saving us. This is their job lmao.
  • Anonymous
    One person I keep in contact with, he tells me he think the Chinese created the virus as a way to destroy the US economy
  • Anonymous
    We were all smarter when we didn't have the internet.
    • No we actually weren't without the internet I would never know about secret societies and how they control the world. I would still be a moron who believes in right vs left letting the media control my thoughts. The internet is a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      @ItalianGuy2021 You would be reading books and learning real things. Hmm maybe not. You would be adding sticks to the fire burning under a Salem "witch".

    • Yea reading books that were created by people who want us to be stupid just like they did with all of our schooling. Meanwhile we get the crumbs and they get the best things in life.

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