"Online Insults" Why You Should Always Just Laugh Them Off.

Makes the insulter look stupid not the insulted
Makes the insulter look stupid not the insulted

Do you get upset or hurt when people try to insult you or call you names online?? Even though some people have assumed, others know I don't. I find it hilarious.

Thanks for the laughs
Thanks for the laughs

I mean, why would people be stupid enough to think that they're so all powerful that their words are going to really affect you? A faceless stranger on the internet? Don't make your self more important than you really are.

And just like with a lot of things, the insults are more about the insulter than the person they're insulting. There's many reasons people resort to insults.

Triggered much
Triggered much

Easily Triggered-

Some people are incapable of holding down an actual conversation unless someone is totally agreeing with them. Get over it. Not everyone is going to agree with you. And you don't need to agree with everyone. And you can rant and rave/insult/name-call if you want, but that says more about your character or lack there of if you can't even control yourself.

Anger Issues-

Get angry much?
Get angry much?

Some people can't control their anger. It's easy to get irritated or angry. I'm sure we all do. But it's how you handle that anger/irritation. Just like people shouldn't let peoples insults get to them, why would you let Someone's difference of opinion get to you so much that you make yourself look bad trying to make someone else look bad?

Words of a stranger
Words of a stranger

The need to always be right

I mean if people get that triggered because a stranger's view differs from theirs, how do they treat the people in real life who don't agree with them? It's funny especially when people call other people stupid. You're the one who let a stranger get to you so bad you resorted to acting like a child having a temper tantrum, but they're stupid?? No they're the smart ones that still conduct themselves with respect while you get angrier and angrier. And that's smart? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Act like an adult
Act like an adult


Insulting someone you don't know at all is just really immature. I actually get very amused by it myself. While I don't name-call, I may get sarcastically nice which pisses them off more 🀣 I may be many things, but not stupid enough to take people like that seriously.

Never give an internet keyboard warrior that power
Never give an internet keyboard warrior that power

Seeking power/control they can't get in real life

Some people can only feel or think it makes them more powerful trying to put someone else down. Or come off like they're opinion is fact. But again in trying to make someone look stupid or weak by insults just backfires, reflects back on you.

Why do sensitive
Why do sensitive

Sometimes people get so triggered offensive because they are guilty themselves of what's being discussed. Like you coming at them personally and their situation. Which reeks of guilty conscious to me. But I'm not going to sugar coat what I say just because someone can't handle it But hey, at least I do it respectfully. Well, mostly πŸ™‚

Learn some respect
Learn some respect

Unfortunately, there's always going to be disrespectful people. But don't stoop to their level, don't give them that power. Walking away from an insulting idiot doesn't make you a coward, it makes you the smarter, stronger person.

Thanks for reading β™₯️


"Online Insults" Why You Should Always Just Laugh Them Off.
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  • sensible27
    I am not sure if it's only applicable to online insults. In general most insults don't really add much value regardless and someone going the path of insult over explanation on first analysis just seems like a way comparing and putting themselves above the person who is being insulted, which isn't even rational or correct. Someone can make a mistake and still be better than (far better in some cases) you overall. I was recently watching a bunch of amateur investors with non existent portfolios discussing the competence of a hedge fund manager. I am not sure how you judge the competence of a decision which is made by a more competent person than you are. I just don't understand humans...
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    • just Wait. The older you get, the less you might understand humans. Lol

    • JackSmy

      @sensible27 But she isn't asking about any myriad other aspects of 'insults', JUST "Online Insults". I don't see where you are going with this post, other than avoiding the REAL question, and answering something that might seem similar, to you, and I AGREE, it is similar, though not relevant to this post. Just my opinion. . .

    • sensible27

      Agree jack. Sometimes I just need to write to frame my thoughts better, additionally this isn't a question. This is a mytake which doesn't actually need a reply but if you replaced the title with 'why you shouldn't pay attention to insults in general' the title isn't going to be far too inaccurate and that was what (in some sense) I was trying to point out..

  • broken_heart_at_48
    Very wise as always and I know I'm guilty of getting pissed off at some people on here for how they treat people. But I have an excuse. I'm just stupid like that. I can't help but want to start reading everybody's replies and comments to you so I give back to them what they try giving people. But I guess I'll just read your take again and hope it sinks in. I still got your back girl
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    • Thank you. And you don't just attack people for no reason or for their difference of opinion. And I know and appreciate you've had my back pretty much since I've been on GaG and don't know if you saw it, but did do a mytake about awesome people on GaG and you were at the top of that list πŸ‘πŸ™‚

    • Thank you I just wish I could give as much as I get from you. You've helped me through some rough times

    • You have though! πŸ™‚πŸ€—

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  • MzAsh
    Sometimes I feel bad for people who routinely hate on and insult others. They can’t be in a good place.

    Great take! 🖤
    • Thanks. I don't feel bad for them. Being in a bad place no reason to behave like that. There's a lot of people in a bad place that don't behave that way.

    • MzAsh

      That’s very true.

  • If you're going to say racial slurs or call me out of my name then you’ll simply be blocked. I can laugh some stuff off if i find it funny, but racial slurs and calling me a B word is not forgettable and i will block you
    • I still just laugh it off. Maybe not the racial slurs. But they call you a B? Just say that's good B to you and don't forget to bow when you say it 🀣 pisses em off more πŸ™‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    • Nah i hate the B word. I’ll snap and then block cause i dont have time for disrespectful little hoes

    • I have more fun fucking with em πŸ™‚

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  • ecfresh
    Since I started on GaG I haven’t once felt insulted or mad by any of the words I read. This is a free website and it doesn’t have any power to create those negative emotions. It’s often ironic how much effort some people try to put in with bad language and trying to hurl insults because they don’t understand the best insult is apathy. It’s sometimes funny to read what they say I will admit :)
    • Oh I agree. I find it funny they get so crazy. Although those the people you gotta fear snapping IRL. Cuz to get to that point that you can't even control yourself is kind of crazy.

    • ecfresh

      You are right. Irl is completely different and in that circumstance my primary focus is to protect myself and those around me. But here they can insult until the database fills up with content, no worries:)

    • Exactly πŸ‘

  • shreya_shiry
    I used to get upset over these things and I used to get into arguments. Soon I understood these people are so dumb that they don't even get my point.
    So yeah I decided to just ignore those insult or laugh them off feels quite peacefull and intresting thing is me not getting angry makes them kind of frustrated 😂😂.
    But I still sometimes get hurt by one or two comments but I am working on it.
    @Brainsbeforebeauty this take will really help me. Great take.
    • Thank you! And you're right. The less angry you get, the more angry they get. Because it's not as fun for them if they can't get a rise out of you. Just don't let comments hurt.

  • BuckWild
    Random internet personalities manifesting themselves as words on the display of your device are no laughing matter. They should always be taken seriously. Your residual self-image, as they would call it in The Matrix, should be based entirely on what those people think of you.
    • I hope that is sarcasm lol I Don't know cuz I was just told I'm a stupid cunt, so πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

    • BuckWild

      I think you're pretty smart so please don't let your beauty trip over your brains. :-)

    • 🀣🀣 lol

  • TonyBologna25
    I do think that I’d be doing something that rubbed someone the wrong way if everyone kept insulting me. But I take it with a grain of salt. The people I can’t stand are the ones that actually want to inflict as much emotional harm onto you as they can. Some of the people on here are fucking sick with how they try and put others down
    • I agree. And then act like it's their right to do so because it's online. Another reason not to let people like that get to you. And some people just snap on anyone regardless of what the topic is or what was said.

    • So I was one bodybuilding. com forums back in the day, and there was a user named Elliot Rodgers... and there was a thread I was following him, and everyone was just roasting him because of how strange he was. Well, if you’re not familiar with that name- google it. That alone gave me a wake up call.

    • Ironic you mentioned that because I just said to nother user earlier, the people that snap like that online for barely any reason are the ones you have to worry bout snapping, going on shooting sprees in real life

  • arabgoddess
    We really needed a my take on this 😍 😍 there is a lot of insulting happening online.. It's rude and disrespectful and says a lot about the type of person they are!
    • Exactly! In trying to make someone else feel stupid, they just reflect it on themselves is all. But some people do get hurt by insults, especially younger people. Which is another reason people should just chill out

  • MannMitAntworten
    I could give two squirts what some faceless individual behind a keypad would say to me. I have been egged on many times he and just ignore their adolescent outburst. Plenty of phony tough guys and gals when there is a computer between us. Big deal...
  • vannefftor
    If u have an opinion odds are someone else will have another that eiffers from your own. Comes with being online as is. Cyberbullying is made up. Any words someone uses for or against you are only as powerful as you let them - in all of life.
  • Lliam
    I try, I really try. but...https://www.youtube.com/embed/jXXyms5g5okLOL
    but... my opinion is fact... nice Take tho... see... i've been seeing some of this stuff happen lately... mostly around my boi @Ratmuffin... i just play along usually
    • I let them show their stupidity then end it with a have a nice day and a smiley lol

    • absolutely @Brainsbeforebeauty... ain't no point in takin nothin negative seriously... be like that shiiiiny waxed hot rod... spillt milkshakes just slick off

    • Was gonna say love hot rods but didn't wanna be taken wrong way 🀣🀣

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  • CAT80
    Most of the people you encounter online know nothing about you, so n short why should you care or take what they think seriously? Right?
  • worldscolide
    Absolutely right!! I make fun of these idiot children that claim to get PTSD from hurtful comments on Twitter..
    • Some people do get hurt feelings more easily. That's kind of why wrote this. Testing to tell people that you should never let the words of a stranger make you feel low about yourself.

    • Exactly

  • JackSmy
  • I am really good at pissing people off if I want to, like really they gonna get fluttered and shit, but I only choose to that with people who try an act smart with me unless they start it I won't do anything if they do then you ain't be forgiven unless they are girls actually sometimes I walk off I can kill someone's ego not proud of it so best is to walk away mostly I choose that I always take the high road.. Some times I take insults its fine then move on
  • TCredo
    First... I feel a bit flustered as a White Knight... I missed the c-word incident... curious if it was anon or maybe the old angry Tootsie roll or... lol...

    But hey... this My Take should be required reading before folks can be online. While I am always amazed at why "tough" folks throw out insults, I'm equally amazed why the people receiving them get so hurt... yes, I can understand there can be bullying incidents and things that more than cross the line - but when it's just a garden variety insult from an obvious loser/troll/idiot/angry "person"... you really do just have to laugh back - either ignore them (silence is painful to the insulter crowd) or have a little fun with them... last thing to do is reply back with an insult...

    Really well done Toots... now... I am getting called to the White Knight's Principal's office for missing what sounded like a golden opportunity to have some fun lol...
    • Ha lol I should be offended he called me stupid cunt without any mention of how clean it is 🀣🀣🀣

    • TCredo

      lol... that is what makes it even funnier... saying that to the world renowned CV champion :)

    • πŸ₯‡ gold medal worthy πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  • willisg
    You know the stupid one's that insult the one's that live close by or the one's that know how to find you. I love it when that happens.
  • wilfh1965
    Very informative and true there are a lot of people who hide behind the computer and love drama
    • So true. And the more people that show these people get to them, the more they'll do it. Better to show them it doesn't bother you. It's not as fun for them if they can't get a rise out of you. I can get arguments getting a little heated. But it's when the just totally rude, disrespectful and trying to make it personal where I won't put up with.

    • wilfh1965

      That's being mature about the situation never let anyone take your peace of mind away from you

    • Right! Life does that enough sometimes πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Pawnstar99
    I always laugh off the insults etc... got much better things to deal with than some sad person throwing insults my way for there pleasure and amusement.
  • winterfox10
    I feel like this is one of those things that the best response is no response.

    I will frequently answer questions and people's aggressive responses on this website in a super straight forward and neutral way, simply because I don't want to deal with misinterpretations and trolls. I once got blocked by an Indian woman after she posted a sexual question where she basically asked what guys thought about when they saw her picture. This was an explicit picture, like showing off her butt in a g-string or whatever. I commented what I wanted to do with her, then she messages me super pissed off because she felt that I was being too direct and wanted an apology. I told her sorry, but that I genuinely didn't understand what I was apologizing for, and she totally flew off the handle and blocked me. I'm pretty sure that this who thing happened because of language barrier problems.
    • These women that expose themselves and then get offended if someone comments sexually? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Then don't put yourself half naked on the net πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    • Maybe it was the terminology that I used, or something? The whole thing was super weird.

    • Sometimes there is no real reason.
      some people just tripping over nothing these days πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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  • bulletbob555
    I always point out that I'm not going to argue with strangers on the internet. I try to step away and move on
    • I'll argue a point in a respectable way, but when it gets to personally attacking or insulting someone as a person instead of the opinion, topic at hand, that's when I'm done

  • Sixgun77
    Remember, someone who is resorting to an ad hominem is most likely incapable of putting together a rational or valid argument.
    • That's how I see it. When they start doing that, any actual discussion is over at that point

  • theCobbler
    Very well written !
    " if You let someone Anger You. . They've Conquered You ! "
  • OrdinaryPerson
    Once a guy insulted me online
    And my brother beat him black and blue
    • If you teach people what they can and can't do
      Then nobody is going to fuck with you

    • I just show them I find it funny which pisses em off more πŸ™‚

    • @OrdinaryPerson... it ain't ok to hurt people... you gotta be the bigger person and say the old classic... "NO U"

  • Good stuff! Thanks again for another good post!
  • Nikki1989
    Laugh and ignore, it works for me.
  • Godofbliss
    Friggen noob.
  • Trooper205
    Well said! Good Point!
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Nice take.
  • 👏👏
  • simplelikeme
    Because I'm better than that...
  • msc545
    nicely done!
  • Razal
    Good Take ..
    • Thank you. As, as was writing this some triggered dude was calling me a stupid cunt on another post🀣🀣

    • Razal

      Beautiful timing ;)
      So you were writing this take for yourself then ;) ... heheheheh

    • That I find it funny well yeah but no I wrote it for all the triggered keyboard happy trolls so they know they can try all they want, but just makes them look like the ass. I didn't even see that till after posted this. Lol

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  • Anonymous
    This coming from you is hilarious...
    • Meaning?

    • Yeah, don't respond. Just don't come off like you know me. That's exactly my point. And of course, another Anon 🀣🀣

    • Anonymous

      Yeah... totally not "bothered"... sure

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