Guilty by association and false equivalence: Examples of these two censorship tools employed by mainstream political correctness

Everyone has different preferences, interests and likes/dislikes in a lot of subjects. Whether it be music, movies, fashion, fitness, food, sports, hobbies etc. Everyone is different and that’s something that should be accepted, no rules are being broken after all. They are natural rights. But there is a proto totalitarian groupthink that is known by many names including “SocJus” who can’t accept these differences and are always looking for a way to find issue with one’s preferences. The most common methods this proto totalitarian groupthink finds “issues” is through two fallacies, one known as “guilty by association“ and another fallacy known as “false equivalence”.

  • Guilty by association fallacy: Assuming because something is related(even in a minuscule manner) to something negative, then it to is just as bad. For example, the German military march “Erika” is often incorrectly called a “Nazi march” just because it was used by the Wehrmacht. But in reality the song is completely apolitical and is only about a flower and a woman named Erika.
  • False equivalence fallacy: Assuming that because two subjects share just one trait, that they are the same. Example: “Hitler was a orator, therefore all orators are like Hitler.”
The German Stahlhelm is often incorrectly called a “Nazi helmet” even though it predates the Nazi regime
The German Stahlhelm is often incorrectly called a “Nazi helmet” even though it predates the Nazi regime

Fiction vs reality: The SocJus crowd is perhaps one of the most annoying social movements currently active. They’ll even go as far as to give people flak for being fans of fictional “fascist” paramilitary organizations. A while back someone got upset over the fact that people buy marvel hydra merchandise just because Hydra is often portrayed as a fictional fascist paramilitary organization. First of all, the lore behind hydra is that it predates the Nazi regime. Second of all, it’s a fictional organization. Oh so just because someone buys a hydra pendant, they are a “Nazi”. Don’t be ridiculous. Same goes for the knuckleheads who think wearing star wars imperial officer uniforms somehow means you have “fascist tendencies”. Where is the correlation between a person liking the aesthetics of a fictional villainous faction and their political views? There is none. Are there actual Neo Nazis who are fans of these fictional villainous factions? Yes there are but that is only a coincidence, it doesn’t mean that everyone else who are fans of these villainous factions are “Neo Nazis” as well.

“Hail Hydra!”
“Hail Hydra!”

Music is music, it doesn’t cause any harm: Another way these PC social justice warriors use the guilty by association fallacy is by getting triggered over certain songs because they don’t understand the true story behind the songs. It’s so hard to find good old German military songs on YouTube because the PC crowd continues to flag these videos as being “offensive”. Oddly enough, most of these German military songs are strictly apolitical, they make zero reference to politics and instead focus on nature, food, Patriotism and women. Who cares if a person listens to songs like “Erika” or “panzerlied”, there is nothing wrong with that, they are just songs and they make zero references to Nazism. Even Chile uses various German military songs, just cause something was created during a dark chapter of German history doesn’t mean it should be considered synonymous with that dark chapter. Ironically the same people who get offended by German military songs don’t seem to have any problem with Soviet military songs or the Soviet anthem. Talk about hypocrisy.

And her name, Erika!
And her name, Erika!

Right wing as a whole isn’t a hate movement: Radical liberals sure like to accuse any right wing movement as being a “hate group”. This is a false equivalence because many right wing groups actually oppose hate movements like the KKK. This is no different than labeling all left wingers as communists just because communists are left wingers, considering that communists and socialists don’t get along.

Guilty by association and false equivalence: Examples of these two censorship tools employed by mainstream political correctness

Fashion styles don’t correlate with politics: Another example of false equivalency used by these radical liberals is when they associate certain fashion styles with “hate” or “nazism”. For example, the undercut hairstyle returned in 2015 and has been trending ever since. It is often called a “Nazi haircut” by these ignoramuses just because that hairstyle was popular in Germany during 1933-1945. But calling it a “Nazi haircut” is erroneous because the undercut actually predates the nazi regime by a few decades and was originally a symbol of poverty not hate. Three clothing pieces that are often incorrectly associated with nazism are great coats, military breeches and jackboots. These three pieces of attire actually predate the Nazi regime and weren’t unique to the Nazi regime. Even today, great coats and jack boots are still worn by high ranking military officials of several non authoritarian countries and also by civilians due to their comfort and aesthetics.

Present day Russian soldiers in great coats and jack boots who also happen to be “goose stepping”.
Present day Russian soldiers in great coats and jack boots who also happen to be “goose stepping”.

German culture isn’t synonymous with Nazism: These Ignoramuses are quick to assume that anything German is “Nazi”. It really irritates me whenever someone calls the iron cross a “Nazi symbol”, it just shows how ignorant that person is since the Iron cross predates the nazi regime by many years. This is a guilty by association fallacy considering that Nazism wasn’t always a part of German history. Nazism also didn’t have any permanent effects on German culture. Even after the defeat of the Nazi regime, German culture continued to thrive and disassociate itself from Nazism post WWII. Plus, there were many Germans who openly opposed the Nazi regime on both sides of the political spectrum. Not to mention that many US soldiers that fought the Nazis were of German descent. Furthermore, German military tradition also predates the Nazis. Various countries around the world like Japan, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia etc adopted Prussian/German traditions which they still use today .

German style uniforms are still used by the Chilean army. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
German style uniforms are still used by the Chilean army. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Being Japanese isn’t synonymous with barbarism: A lot of these Japanophobic knuckleheads sure like to assume that if you’re of Japanese ancestry you must be no different than all those banzai chargers of the pacific theater during WWII. It’s a pretty stupid generalization usually used by idiots who act like they participated in the pacific theater when most of them are either generation x or Millennials. They ignore the fact that Japanese culture puts a lot of emphasis on strict etiquette and cleanliness, they are also a people who have also accomplished so much more than they usually given credit for. Plus, most Japanese people had nothing to do with what imperial japan did. And to top it off, Japanophobes are all oblivious to the fact that Japanese-Americans actually fought the axis powers during WWII as part of the 442nd RCT, 522nd field artillery battalion and MIS. Then again people who hold anti Japanese sentiments are too stupid to distinguish ethnicity and nationality as is observed when they can’t accept the fact that Japanese-Americans are just as American if not more American than they are.

The brave heroes of the 442nd RCT who fought against the Nazi regime
The brave heroes of the 442nd RCT who fought against the Nazi regime
Chiune Sugihara saved almost 6,000 Jews from the nazis during WWII.
Chiune Sugihara saved almost 6,000 Jews from the nazis during WWII.

Being a meat eater is not synonymous with negligence of animal rights and the environment: It never ceases to amaze me how fanatical animal rights and environmentalist groups constantly shame people who eat meat even though meat eaters aren’t doing anything illegal or questionable. They’ll even go as far as to view meat eaters as being as evil as Nazis, by their logic simply consuming a particle of meat is enough to make you as evil as Hitler. First thing is first, how is being a meat eater synonymous with mistreating animals? It’s not synonymous since most people who eat animals don’t go around mistreating animals because they are only doing the consuming, they aren’t the providing source. Second of all, not every type of meat based food damages the environment. For example, eating salmon has very little impact on the environment. But eventually artificial meat will become widely available in the market, so this debate will eventually be rendered null as both sides get what they want.

Cultured(artificial) meat
Cultured(artificial) meat

Traditional masculinity in men isn’t toxic: The SocJus are quick to label anything that’s uniquely male as being “toxic”. It’s an absolutely ridiculous way of thinking. How is masculinity synonymous with “toxicity”? It’s not synonymous, because all these so called “toxic male behaviors” aren’t unique to men since they can also be exhibited by women. The SocJus will even go as far as to try find a way to find these “toxic behaviors” in anything guys normally do like play video games, play sports even though there is nothing toxic about men playing video games or sports.

Let the man do what he wants as long as it’s at nobodies expense
Let the man do what he wants as long as it’s at nobodies expense

Traditional femininity isn’t oppressive to women: SocJus shenanigans continue to expose themselves as they also like to shame women who refuse to conform to the groupthink mentality of SocJus by associating traditional femininity with “oppression”. It’s funny how a social movement that puts so much emphasis on female autonomy still likes to force certain standards have onto women. Traditional femininity isn’t weakness, you don’t have to repress your femininity to be a strong woman.

I prefer the conservative woman
I prefer the conservative woman

Christianity isn’t synonymous with homophobia, racism or misogyny: It really annoys me when anti theists frequently attack Christianity for being “intolerant” and “oppressive”. Simply saying you are a Christian is enough for them to associate you with some fringe groups. Celebrities can’t even openly claim to be Christian without getting flak from these ignoramuses. Christianity is a very diverse religion, people of all races, cultures, political views and even sexualities call themselves Christians. There are even gay Christian communities but the anti theists ignore these facts.

Guilty by association and false equivalence: Examples of these two censorship tools employed by mainstream political correctness

These are some examples of “guilt by association” and “false equivalence” where the PC crowd tries to stigmatize anything that they think is bad just cause there is some sort of minuscule association with something negative. Association does not equal synonymity. I don’t need anyone telling me what I can wear, eat, listen to, watch, play, practice, say, refuse etc because I’m not doing anything wrong. Just cause I have different preferences and goals doesn’t mean I’m an immoral person, I actually have good morals. As long as a person isn’t causing any trouble, a person has every right to be themselves.

Guilty by association and false equivalence: Examples of these two censorship tools employed by mainstream political correctness
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  • Lliam
    I agree with the point you were making.

    I was born about a decade after WWII, where my dad served in combat from the Normandy invasion through to the occupation of Germany. He was in every major battle and was wounded twice.
    He brought memorabilia home from the war. When I was a kid in the 60s, my friends and I would play "army" all over the neighborhood. We had genuine accoutrements from the war and realistic-looking toy guns. Oddly, nobody minded being on the German side because we thought the Germans had snazzier uniforms, accoutrements and weapons. Everybody wanted a Luger. There were lots of TV shows about WWII like Combat and Hogan's Heroes. We knew we had fought the Germans in the war but we didn't hate them. The word Nazi war rarely applied to them. And it's not that we weren't aware of Hitler's atrocities.

    When I was in grammar school, there was a period when WWI aviation was popular. Snoopy and the Red Baron and all that. We build model WWI airplanes. Fake Iron Crosses (Maltese Crosses) on chains were popular and so were German helmets. But again, there was no jingoistic stigma attached.

    I still have some German WWII memorabilia. One thing is a Hitler Youth dagger with solid silver in the hilt and scabbard and a swastika decoration. Another thing is a 15' long red banner with a black swastika inside of a white circle. It's the kind that used to be hung vertically from large buildings. I am absolutely no Nazi, my dad merely brought those things home from the war and I treasure them.

    I have an authentic WWII Japanese dagger that my uncle brought home. I also have some Soviet CCCP memorabilia because it's historical.

    I am no supporter of the Confederacy, but I think it's horrendous to ban Confederate memorabilia and statues. Those things represent history. And we should learn from history, not make it disappear. Disappear in favor of what, sanitized propaganda?

    So I agree with you that some people are ignorant reactionaries.

    And if we are going to talk about the evils of Nazism and fascism, we might ask why the U. S. has consistently helped to overthrow democratically elected, progressive governments around the world and installed brutal fascist regimes. The Obama administration engineered the violent coup in Ukraine by actual swastika saluting neo-Nazis and the U. S. treats them like allies.

    I'm not saying we should, but it wouldn't be unreasonable to look at the U. S. national anthem as a celebration of racism and bloody imperialism. So much for condemning songs that were popular among Germans in WWII.

    Feelings toward music get absurd. Certain Christians are convinced that Ozzy is a Satanist and the BOC song, Fear the Reaper, encourages suicide. People a numb skulls.

    I also agree that a fringe of radical feminism is completely off the rails. I know few if any women who don't support the basic feminist ideals of equal treatment, equal opportunity, respectful treatment and the right to vote. But even girly girls can support those things. Bitter feminists who hate men, think everything is a patriarchal conspiracy, and think shaving their bodies is a sign of oppression, are anomalies. They suck.

    Lastly, social justice is admirable, but many SJW's are brainwashed reactionaries who are informed by what they think are "liberal" msm outlets and group think, rather than independent logic and intellect.
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  • 7771999
    Agreed with a lot of this. Good job
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  • MzAsh
    Ok they’re called “SocJus” now? They are the least of my worries.
  • devilman666
    As a Canadian who was cheering for Bernie Sanders, I'm a little surprised I can relate to this. After hearing CNN anchors call him a communist over and over and compare him to Hitler (not quite literally, he compared Bernie winning Nevada with Hitler invading France). Your news is fucked, all of it, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, they all need to go! They might serve different sides but they are all partisan hacks who are paid to say whatever the party wants them to say. In my view, the Republican and Democrat parties are both communist parties that just use overwhelming amounts of propoganda to make the people ignorant to this fact. They both do the exact same thing chinese leaders do, they lie, cover their own ass, and then they blame anyone and everyone else. It's not real politics, just two corrupt assholes arguing over which one is worse.

    Biden: "He raped more women so I should be president."
    Trump: "Yeah well we're both rapists so it makes no difference, just look at his TERRIBLE trade policies that will ruin this country. So will you vote for the rapist who will let this country crumble, or a rapist who will build this country into an economic powerhouse?"
    Me: "you're both fucking terrible, I'll take my chances with green party instead."
  • juliaanita
    The irony of your little diatribe is that you broke your own fallacy rules by... oh lets say... the third picture or so...
    • @juliaanita Seems you missed the point and also distorted my points.

      But care to explain instead of being vague?

    • juliaanita

      I won’t begin to address each and every paragraph and picture. I’m an apparent member of the ‘social justice crowd’ after all-and by that social designation-any negative thing I write ‘even in a miniscule manner’ will most certainly judged by you as ‘bad’
      Oh wait-that’s guilt by association, no?
      There is no nuance in your diatribe. Would it do me any good to tell you that-even as a card-carrying social justice crowd member-I don’t recognize myself in a single one of your pictures or put-downs?

      But that’s the way guilt by association works, right? Grab a glib, derogatory label and pin it to a crowd of people you disagree with or dislike, and then, well…even the most outlandish claims like Germans=Nazis or Hydras=fascism become a label for the whole crowd. As I stated, it’s unnuanced, and even if there is a kernel of truth to be stated, it’s lost in the conflation of (your term) guilt by association.
      So-In your own argument against guilt by association, you are as guilty as anyone you accuse of the same error.
      That’s what I find ironic.

      I could make the same argument RE ‘false equivalence’ but you get the point.

      Listen-It’s easy to write a fire-breathing angry rant-and there will always be an audience clapping for you, patting you on the back saying oh you owned those libtards this time.
      But reality isn’t black and white. People aren’t just left or right. They are much more nuanced than you would ever believe if you just chose to look for it. Reality-at least for me-is in shades of gray. (not 50 though 😊 )
      Next time try not to label whole crowds. Try not to over-generalize. Look for the cracks of truth between the broad strokes of black and white. Get to the truth of matter.

      Maybe then we would even find common ground between the two us.

      I’d always be glad to tackle the problems of the day with you in a civilized conversation.

    • @juliaanita Yup you definitely distorted everything I just said.

      And it seems you missed the point that I was saying German isn’t synonymous with Nazi. Perhaps it’s a lack of reading comprehension?

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  • Ad_Quid_Orator
    On: Being a meat eater is not synonymous with negligence of animal rights and the environment:

    "It’s not synonymous since most people who eat animals don’t go around mistreating animals because they are only doing the consuming, they aren’t the providing source." But if you're buying it, then you are funding the source. Most vegans wouldn't ague that you're mistreating the animals yourself but that you're encouraging the practice.
    • There it is guilt by association

    • But then again, when cultured meat becomes widely available in the market, both sides (meat eaters and vegans) will be appeased.

    • It's not that you're associating with it, it's that you're directly supporting it so no, it's not "guilt by association" and we're not at the phase where meat is grown yet.

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  • MackToday
    This is all true, it might even reach some on the fringes but the hard core loonies have had their heads messed with pretty bad in "college" by experts who fully intended to use them as weapons to destroy our society. They're disposable cannon fodder.
  • Dargil
    People try to avoid seeing too many moving parts. They need convenient biases so they do not have to think things through seriously. One article I read singled out white, upscale "soccer moms", protected from reality by high earning husbands. They are most commonly socialist-leaning "I have mine" liberal Democrats, who feel you should settle for less than they have.
    *They don't think seriously.
    *They were never taught to think seriously.
    *They do not want to think seriously.
  • Ianto
    A valid viewpoint to counter some of the "right on" idiocy one encounters.
    An example I find communicates the point is the argument that, because the Volkswagen Beetle was designed under the Nazi regime, then all Volkswagen owners are covert Nazis.
  • coffeewithcream
    What utter bullshit.

    A Nazi apologist. What are you doing on this site?

    If a song becomes associated with an atrocity, it doesn't matter if it's Wagner or about a flower. The song will be associated with that atrocity.
    For you to take so much time to say, it's just an innocent song, it's false equivalence, is ridiculous. Those who listened to the song during those times would associate the music with the atrocity. It's Pavlovian.
    A Nazi during those times, making an excuse for the regime, would point out the song is simply a song. It's not once it becomes associated with an atrocity.
    You're a little far gone when you start making excuses for Nazi's.
    Why don't you find yourself a nice Nazi site to amuse yourself on?
    • Go do some research instead of spouting off such nonsense.

      How is any of this “Nazi apologism”? Clearly you SJWs don’t seem to understand how stupid it sounds to label anything you don’t like as “Nazism”. Because fallacious reasoning is the only way you know how to argue. Guilty by association and false equivalence: Examples of these two censorship tools employed by mainstream political correctness

      And by the way, I’m an ethnic minority.

    • If the swastika fits...

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  • cirno
    Sounds like some people are really insane some of these examples sound really crazy like these people are just like the people who think of crazy conspiracy theories XD dunno really what to think of them so i ignore them
  • hi_it_is_me123
    I agree with most of the points but can someone explain to me who tf hate on traditional women? In my experience it is the opposite. Progressive women get name called as caarer whores, selfish, narcisst, attentionseeker because of her clothes etc. We dont shame on women who wear modest clothes but why do some conservatives shame on women because of her choice in "revealing" clothes? Anyway interesting take and i like it :)
  • jgibsonian1986
    Simply put, most of any two things can be corilated to one another, but causation is usually difficult to pinpoint.
  • Liam_Hayden
    So true, but when dealing with the Left (and much of the Right) you might as well be talking to a wall.
  • MeatPuppet
    Good Germans "Goose marching"
    https://youtu. be/8wt6265xh9M

    The heroic Nazi killers "Goose marching" during the first Victory Parade after the surrendering of the Nazis.
    https://youtu. be/VJHjDBdw65Y
    https://youtu. be/VJHjDBdw65Y
  • Didn’t read most of it. But it sounds like you’re defending German culture which I don’t think is under attack. Songs and uniforms aren’t really in the forefront.
  • Snakeyes7
    Fucking thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • ZombieP1ow
    SJWs are a cancer on society, and should be forced to watch Blazing Saddles until their tiny little brains pop.
  • DamnSam
    I just wanna mentions that you looked into the wrong country about hitler... he occupied Germany, but he wasn't German... often misinterpreted in history, he was from Austria

    We speak also german, but aren't a part of Germany...

    And we still have the rest of hitlers NSDAP in the government... after we made the NSDAP itself illegal, everyone which was left from them, re-emerged in the new political party "FPÖ"... call themself patriotic but talk always about the same stuff hitler did... google about "trümmerfrauen" and you know what they do while the rest celebrates the end of ww2
    • 7771999

      Good party

    • DamnSam

      Nah, they did it a 2nd time like haider... last time they made it to president, after we learned, they're just tge same brown shit like hitler was

    • 7771999

      Cool story bro

  • monkeynutts
    Very interesting, one of my favourite bands is Slayer, many of the members of the band have been put under all kinds of scrutiny, because of their lyrical content, or even their interest in collecting military paraphernalia. I periodically go vegan, sometimes for health reasons, or maybe to celebrate lent, I generally don't busy myself in bothering to judge others on the decisions they make their lives, and I think if people just chilled out and asked more questions about why people have certain interests, they may actually learn something useful.
  • willie1967