All Life Matters: It's Power and Importance


Hey guys, yes. To start off this myTake we're going to begin with Genesis.

Genesis 2:7 (NIV)
Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

As of June 3rd, 2020, some crazy stuff is going on in the world right now. As all things do, such events began with small bad ones, which snowballed into a bigger, uglier issue which now we must face. In such case, death has led to anger which has led to protests which has led to violence, leaving us with riots and looting and more death. I'm not the best when it comes to talking about such issues because most people don't want to hear a blonde white girl's thoughts on the ugly, cruel, and dangerous side of the news but y'all are going to hear it anyways. My goal in this is to address the injustices and my thoughts on the movement.

I first wanted to start with Genesis 2:7 because I wanted people to understand that God created man and gave him life through His breathe. That is going to come back later.

Injustice is literally defined as an incident with a lack of fairness and while life not be fair, there is also a line in which injustices tie into morality. What happened to George Floyd was horrendous— NO ONE can deny that. He was suffocated, choked, murdered, pinned to the road like a wild animal for over 8 minutes. The way he was brutality and cruelly treated was unacceptable and enraging— NO ONE can deny that. The way the officer handled the situation was also unacceptable— NO ONE can deny that as well. The officer did not respect Floyd in the least bit, and no matter what race or religion or gender Floyd was or could have been, the officer's behavior towards the potential crime (later revealed as no crime) was irrational and irresponsible. In such case, Floyd faced injustice.

However, what if Floyd was white? Or Muslim? Or Indian? Or gay? Or female? Or Christian? It doesn't matter. In the same situation with whatever gender, race, sexuality, religion, or nationality, it is still an injustice. This is why all lives matter. This is why LIFE MATTERS.

All Life Matters: Its Power and Importance

Why I'm not promoting black lives matters: because I recognize that every race, religion, gender, sexuality, literally everything has faced oppression at some point. The Black Lives Matter movement is trying to say that black people are being oppressed but so is and was every other group of people around the world.

All Life Matters: Its Power and Importance

Some examples include: The Irish and Israelis (white people) as slaves. The African American community with Jim Crow laws. Middle East ethnicities and Muslims after 9/11. Asians and Chinese people during the current pandemic. Finally, Hispanics working in the Bracero Program. But that's only limited to race and partly religion. Females were oppressed before the 20th century with no voting rights and forced into a 'proper cutout' for them. During the HIV/AIDS pandemic (still occurring), the gay community was (and sometimes still is) seen as HIV positive and frowned upon by the rest of society. Christians faced oppression from the Roman Empire in the 1st century and the Jews had to face the poisonous fire called Adolf Hitler and the German Army.

all lives matter no matter what who you are
all lives matter no matter what who you are

According to society, Humans have the right to live which is why murder is a sin. Coming back to Genesis 2:7, George Floyd said "I can't breath." God literally gave man the breath of life and once Floyd was suffocated, his right to live was stripped from him. Floyd needs justice, not because he was black but because of the cruelty, and brutality, and disrespect which was given to him. Such justice needs to punish the cruel police officer who killed him. Everyone bleeds red, so why focus on the outside when we should be focusing on the inside? We need to understand what we're fighting for human rights not just black rights because all lives matter and all life matters. If the same thing happened to a white, Asian, Hispanic, or any other man woman or child, I would be saying the same thing. In each scenario, the breathe of life is stripped away from the person and the actions taken demand justice.

This argument can continue on for other victims like Breonna Taylor who was shot to death— no one deserves death. I wrote it above but I will say it again. Black lives matter because all lives matter and therefore all life matters. I support the #AllLivesMatter but now we should make a new hashtag— #AllLifeMatters because we all know that the brutality will continue with person on person, police on person, and even person on police through the riots and protests, past them, and into the future. While we might not be able to fully stop violence, we can help stop death by focusing on the fact that we were put on this earth for a reason and God has a plan for all of us, even George Floyd. Floyd was used to help people understand the importance of life but YOU can be used to spread that message and inspire others to choose life over death. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this myTake.


Note: In this case, this was a 'rotten cop' and most cops are very good, at what they do and how they do it so I'm not saying acab but rather most cops are good and we just have to weed out the bad ones.

Also I could continue this myTake to elaborate further on things but just ask me in an opinion if you need some clarifying and feel free to express your own opinions on this too. Sorry there has been a lot going on with this (in the news and with questions on here)but I wanted to put my opinion out there. Thanks again and if I didn't agree with you, it's my myTake soooo... yeah.

All Life Matters: It's Power and Importance
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  • lightbulb27
    I agree with you and very well spoken. I know how frustrating it is to capture every thought in a limited gag space, you did a great job! Here's another angle...

    I wonder how it would go in a counseling session if the very hurt and crying wife emotes out... "I'm really hurt! My feelings matter!!". The husband listens and knods, but logically... not in emotion.. as he isn't in her reality.

    And the counselor says, now sweetheart, "Everyone gets hurt and everyones feelings matter? Here's the Biblical references to prove it..."

    This is the crux of the issue, you may be logically correct to the Biblical "T", but from the vantage point of the one feeling oppressed and offended, it's like a slap in the face, invalidating their feelings and perspective. They associate with their hurts and what they associate with. Wouldn't it further drive them into depression as their own sense of hurt is "washed" away with words? It is not easy to map my feelings onto the worlds... healing is a process, and that's a part, but not the first part. What's missing is consideration of that persons feelings. This situation is very much like a bad and dysfunctional marriage, a traumatized family. People like this will tear the family and house to shreds as the stress ensues... they often do. Sometimes they kill each other and don't care and can't undersatnd why they did what they did. Dang Emotions!

    Is there another possibility... that is, all these models are not mutually exclusive. Could you support BLM and ALM and many other derivations, at least in some form. Do black lives matter... YESS!!! Do Polices lives matter... YES!! If there's a group... Short Lesbian Black Lives Matter... the answer is yes to that too, they matter.

    It doesn't mean that a person bows down to the emotional needs of the offended, although Jesus might to some degree:) There has to be some negotiations when emotions are not aflame to find "win win" solutions. That's the way out of any bad marriage mess, right?

    Else... there's going to be divorce and lots of suffering... in short... hell... the knowledge of good and evil.

    My greater point is, it's good to think through and write about. But be careful around others with ones ideas and speaking of ones mind. People are not using logic right now, they are using very deep hurt emotions and will lash out at someone who offends them... and feel good about it. They will kill, you see this happening. What should happen is care, concern and empathy, love and support. If this was a strained marriage. Right?
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  • Anonymous
    everything you wrote about is correct. It's unfortunate that people are so consumed with skin color, that if you say things that include everyone, such as All Lives Matter, they call you racist and actively seek to get you fired from your job or harassed on social media or even in real life. The demand that we all focus 100% on certain skin colors is an effort to keep us divided for whatever reason.

    Thank you for not following the trend of white people bowing down and apologizing for crap we had nothing to do with. All lives do matter, and that includes police officers and the victims of all these violent rioters.
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    • sparke328

      Thank you! I'm so happy that so many people loved this myTake! I was kinda scared to post it at first.

    • Anonymous

      i understand. It can be really scary to post on here when you think people will just attack you or be complete jerks because they happen to disagree with you. But I think it's important to read things like this because it puts everything back in perspective. Maybe it will help some people realize that it's not hateful at all to believe that everyone's life matters, and that none of us are perfect.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Preach it hon!! I agree 💯 and everything I've been saying. But people angry just close their ears and stop listening, or worse try to twist your words or call you racist. I had someone say I should prettiest then for my people. Funny, she meant white people. "My people" are all the people God put on this earth. I don't see color, I just see people. So no matter what anyone says, don't let it makes you afraid to speak your mind. Maybe eventually enough people will listen and really hear and really heal.
    Great take 👍🙂
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  • Smashingdoozy
    🙂 nobody is saying that all lives don't matter 🙂
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    • sparke328

      No you don't get it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ broooooooo. Aiyaaaa. #1, 2, and 4 are all WRONG. the thing with all lives is that it's NOT promoting the BLM movement because they don't want to be wrapped up with the riots as well BUTTTT it supports ending injustices and fighting against wrongful death, of any race, color, religion, gender, ANYBODY! Did you not read my myTake? Do you not UNDERSTAND what I'm saying? I'm saying all life matters because in society life is a right and when someone takes that away it should not go unnoticed for anybody because we all bleed red. Gosh darn just read my myTake because you would then understand what I'm trying to get at. Thanks for being so darn passive aggressive. Next time bud just be like I don't agree and give me reasons why. You don't have to do this whole stupid cartoon propaganda and act "holier than though." Like c'mon dude, you're 21, not 7.

    • I read it. I agree all lives matter. But right now we are focusing on the injustice of black lives. 🙂

    • @sparke328 I love you.

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  • MzAsh
    If you’re not black then you cannot understand oppression the way black people have experienced it. I understand that your heart is in the right place but oppression is absolutely discriminatory. It’s not been equal and we need to quit acting like white men have been oppressed like black men and women have.
    • Porcelaine

      And you have not experienced oppression and discrimination that some other races and religions have, or gay people, other minorities. Its not a contest, the point is if we want to create a better future for us, our children, grandchildren, we need to unite as one, as human race. And that means learning from the past, not bringing it up and throwing it in our faces when all we try to do is stop dividing everyone and start acting better. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. If you want acceptance, tolerance, equality, you cannot be inequal to others. Karma is real and it will only bring you more negativity.

    • MzAsh

      We’re all human but we have to recognize different ethnicities, appreciate them, and respect their history and their experiences as their own.

    • Porcelaine

      As long as we see people as different, there will be discrimination. Its fine to appreciate different cultures, and respect history. But we need to learn from history, not repeat it. Appreciate people for their chatacteristics, but do not say what those characteristics are based on skin tone, facial features, hair... Black people dont want to bd treated differently, and yet they always describe themselves as very different from whites, or any other races. Thats the core of the problem, deciding a persons character from what they look like, even if its spoken in a positive light.

  • Ellie-V
    Simply put; I do not agree with you.
    I believe you are an extremely tone deaf individual and this was an unpleasant read.
    But thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts ☺️
    • sparke328

      thank you for your opinion. even though you don't agree with me I appreciate the honest comment.

    • Ellie-V

      No problem

    • Porcelaine

      Tone deaf? Please explain.

  • Hey so I don’t agree with what you said because
    1. All lives matter was created because people thought that black lives mattered meant that black people are better, when that was not the case. It was created to build up the voices of black people in our country and bring light to their situations, all lives cannot matter until black lives matter, so your logic is flawed there.
    2. The point of blm is not to say that Black people are better or more special, it saying that they are oppressed and treated unfairly in this country, so no all lives don’t matter.
    Do you think that if one child gets a cut that they would bring bandages to every child? No because only one child needs the bandage.
    Also I like how you brought god into this because god would want everyone to be treated fairly, he would want all his creations no matter the color of their skin to be treated fairly. You say your not recognizing blm but your reasonings don’t make sense because you want all lives to matter yet you won’t promote the injustice done to black people. By saying everyone has faced oppression so your not gonna acknowledge blm is just ignoring the situation which is bad. Also you said everyone was oppressed all over the world but blm is mainly focused in America so we acknowledge the American side. The justice system if flawed and so is the police system. Floyd does need justice because he was black. Yes everyone bleeds red but you can’t just choose to ignore racism, that’s not helping the problem. By saying all lives matter your disrespecting all the African Americans, all lives matter is trying to deflect the situation of blm, it’s trying to ignore the problems they are facing, all lives matter should not be a hashtag because all lives don’t matter until black lives matter.
    • Although I don’t agree with you And I found what you said to be somewhat ignorant, good job on your first mytake though !

    • Porcelaine

      Wow you did not understand this take at all. 1) All lives matter was created, because ALL lives matter. You say this does not matter until black lives matter, well when we say all lives matter, we mean ALL, black included. So of course we acknowledge it. And what you don't understand is as long as movement as BLM exists, or any other movement that supports just one race, it will keep people divided by race, and as long as they are divided, they will be treated differently.
      2. Yes, the core message of BLM is that black lives have been oppressed and treated unfairly, and when this movement started it was great and did a lot of good. But it is no longer positive, it is full of hate and has become anti white. It changed from empowerment, to pure hatred, and hatred will not help anyone. It will just keep people bitter, more racist, more discriminating, so actually BLM works against you. All the riots are proof of this. More death, more rage, more violence and brutality. The stores and businesses looted were actually owned by minorities and not white people, not that it matters, so where is the empowerement? Where is justice? Are the people who got killed and suffered thanks to riots should riot as well? That cycle would never end.
      "Do you think that if one child gets a cut that they would bring bandages to every child? No because only one child needs the bandage." Wtf :D :D :D
      She is not ignoring or not acknowledging racism and injustice. She just doesn't play favorites with races, and chooses justice for ALL of them.

    • I don’t think you understood any of what I just said. Your twisting what all lives matter mean because it was never created to say yes all live matter, no it was created because everyone was spreading black lives matter, all live matter cake from hate. And you obviously don’t understand because your saying all lives matter when it doesn’t, right now Black lives don’t matter as much as the others so that’s just stupid of you to say all lives matters when it clearly doesn’t. By saying all lives matter your not acknowledging the situation at hand. And what you don’t understand is that we have to have a movement like black lives matter to exist to bring light to the situation and not ignore it. By ignoring black lives matter that’s just ignoring all the victims and racism so that’s just stupid of you to say “as long and blm matter it will only divide”. If you think the black lives matter movement is full of hate and anti white your clearly mistaken or looking at everything wrong. I’ve seen just as much white people at protest as Black people, even prodominantly white people in Europe are protesting for blm so for you to say that it’s become “anti white” is very ignorant. Because it’s not about white people so stop trying to making about that. And my point whit the bandage thing is that blm needs the bandage right now not everyone else. Also what do you mean choose justice for all of them because Black people sure as hell aren’t getting justice. What you just wrote was filled with ignorance, if you think that the blm movement is “playing favorites” something is not adding up, Black people have been oppressed for ages they are not the favorites. Also it’s not the protesters that are looting, and might I just mention it’s mainly white people that are looting as well. Your whole entire comment was very misinformed and hard to read. You cannot say all lives matter when they don’t it’s just mocking black lives matter.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    Wow. Good luck with that. Here, folks only say "all lives matter" as a rebuttal.

    I don't envy you for the vitriol heading your way.
    • sparke328

      Haha yeah I wouldn't envy me either lol.

    • Porcelaine

      I support you. Everything you said was beautifully put and well thought out. Anyone who disagrees clearly would demonstrate that they favor one race or ethnicity, minority over others

    • sparke328

      @Porcelaine Thanks! :)

  • Jacked_Jones
    George Soros said, “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

    I think we all can see it works. too many sheeps out there.
    • I think white people are easy to manipulate. Look at them scraping and bowing these days, apologizing for things they didn't do. What a bunch of pussies

    • @SuccessfulHornDog Some a bunch of pussies yes especially white Canadians and some white Americans.

  • simplelikeme
    You know it's funny I keep telling people that everybody matters because if it wasn't for everybody this world wouldn't be turning round and round LOL but every time I turn around everybody's just thinking about themselves we all have to cooperate people LOL
  • Kaneki05
    While ignore the god stuff lol. I agree and find black lives matter to actually be racist within it's self cause it makes it sound like there the only race that's gets racism.
    But i wouldn't say all lives matter is correct too. Since a rapist live to me wouldn't matter at all.
  • Cryptic-Game
    That's true and that includes the unborn lives too.
  • Numbnuts89
    all life matters

    is a piece of shit

    imagine your son has just died. you're giving a eulogy and you say "his life mattered"

    and someone stands up and says, no "all lives matter"

    how unacceptable rude is that.

    that's how all lives matter people, think

  • Natashakir72
    It's because covid is fading out they need something new
  • Juggernautpunch
    Start with a bible quote and I'm out. Not everyone reads that outdated evil book of misogyny and murder. You are wrong.
  • Smegskull
    I present to you the counter argument.
    Nothing that will be forgotten and impactful matters and eventually we are all forgotten. In a billion years earth will be uninhabitable. In 2 it will be swallowed by the sun eventually the sun will cool to a cold lump and fall into the milky way black hole (or be swallowed by the Andromeda one when they collide) erasing even the quantum effect of our lives. Then over trillions of years the black holes will evaporate leave a homogeneous sheet of blank energy as the only remnant of our universe, indistinguishable from the void beyond it.
  • Massageman
    I'll go along with that!

    One point which I'm surprised has not come up yet in all the Mr Floyd kerfuffle.

    Regarding First Aid/CPR classes which all police should- and I as a Massage Therapist must- learn. When seeing if a victim needs help with possible Rescue Breathing, the first thing the First Aid provider does is ask the victim if he/she can breathe. If they can provide an audible answer- even if it is to say "I can't breathe", then by virtue of that action, they are proving that they can, in fact, breathe! I'm not saying this right, wrong or even a moot point, just surprised that this hasn't come up yet in the hours and hours of airspace devoted to this mess.
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Awesome Take
  • Not all. A lot of them are worthless. All animals life matters.
  • Avicenna
    Well said.
  • Radio4men
    You my friend are NOW AWOKE! welcome to the light.
  • Yes very true
  • jimmy2
    Amen girl you did great.
  • NeverEnds
    Come back later?

    It never left
  • Anonymous
    That's really nice of you but most people are psychos here so they won put hear you out. Most people don't have good intentions behind all lives matter. They say it to aggravate people.
    • sparke328

      yeah not me. I have it because I understand its purpose and i don't like getting into arguments to begin with sooooo yeah it all works out.

  • Anonymous
    It has happened before. This is Tony Timpa national outrage, no people protesting police violence. It was the exact same situation but a white man.
    • Starrk

      And this is a prime example of why "All Lives Matter" is bullshit. Where was ALM at when this happened? If All Lives Matter was truly genuine in their message then they would be protesting all these death. So far they've only been active at BLM rallies to counterprotest against BLM because they foolishly think BLM is racist.

      If ALM won't even protest the death of white people at the hands of police, what makes you think they will protest a black person's death or anyone else's death for that matter.

    • Anonymous

      @Starrk Probably didn't hear about it. I never heard about it until last night.

    • Porcelaine

      @Starrk exactly, noone even heard of it

  • Anonymous
    Very good and informative!