The Silent Guilt of White People in America

The Silent Guilt of White People in America

I can't imagine what it is like to be a white man today in America. As a black man who was raised in a white family and lived most of my life with white friends, I feel I may be the only one who can say this in a time of racial division without getting death threats or called racist or to be completely discredited and ignored by the torment of righteous anger that crackles and burns in streets the world over.

I want to talk to you about what it is maybe like to be a white person in America in a time of intense racial division. And I want to speak to you in a way that we only speak among close friends and family.

Black and Brown people are not the only ones suffering because of racial division. White people are too. They are scared shitless. They feel as if they are walking on eggshells.

Yet, if honest discussion about race is met with derision, humiliation, and scorn-than how can it cultivate love and understanding?

Let me ask you this, what is it like to be told that your business should burn because of the sins of your ancestors? How would you feel if I told you that because people with your skin color enslaved and were racist against people of color-that it means that everything you worked for your whole life wasn't fairly earned?

How would you feel to be told that you have to take ownership over the sins of your race and the status it gives you, and on top of that, you have to be the one to solve a problem you don't even understand?

Scripture says, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him." (Ezekiel 18:20)

There is no hate in the heart of many of my white friends. There is fear. Uncertainty. Confusion. Not hate. We must guide them through this journey, not persecute them.

The Silent Guilt of White People in America
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  • DizzyDesii
    I think a majority of white people dont feel guilt and for those who might, i think they just are partaking in what feels right to make other ethnicities feel comfortable atm. I dont many feel threatened at all... maybe more will think before they speak/act. I do understand that every ethnicity is being bashed in some way. But white people will never be a minority and thats just a fact. doesn't mean their life doesn't matter. It does. And i won't punish them for their ancestors sins unless they decide to follow in that persons footsteps. But yea thats all i really got to say
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    • DizzyDesii

      Im looking at everyone with the side eye rn... even the selfhating blacks

    • Apope16

      What exactly is a self hating black? Someone who has a different political philosophy than you do?

    • DizzyDesii

      No. GAG has a bunch of black people who hate other black people and refuse to even date their own kind. Basically a bunch of uncle ruckuses. So as a black person, i can't even say that im for all black people at this point because not all black people are for us

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  • Surely
    Almost didn't read this, but now I am glad that I did.
    There needs to be a reset button somewhere so that people start to take responsibility for their own actions of today!
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    • Surely

      Thank you for the MHO!

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  • MrOracle
    BLM isn't about black people or white guilt or any of that. Those are just pretexts. BLM is about NeoMarxism. That is the agenda of the radical left: to usher in a new version of Communism in the US. Defund The Police isn't about racist police, it's about getting rid of traditional police and replacing them with political police controlled by Marxists who will enforce Marxist ideology just as they did in the USSR. People need to remember that the USSR killed 60 million (!) of its own citizens, and it was their political police that did the arrests and executions.

    The "progressive left" has run these cities (where the riots are happening) for decades, and yet these are the places with the worst of racism, and now where mayors have ordered police to abandon sections of cities - including thousands of small businesses, many owned by blacks, along with other minorities. Yet these leftists are the people who demand to be given even more power. Meanwhile people are fleeing the cities in huge numbers.

    Don't be fooled by what's on the surface - look deeper. Just because the media isn't talking about it doesn't mean it's not right there on your TV.

    Division and violence and intimidation and cancel culture is all just to create excuses for a massive power grab. But as soon as BLM is no longer useful, it will be abandoned and forgotten. It's not about BLM for the radical left, it's about total, unquestioned power. Then they can REALLY cancel you just as Stalin, Mao, and other Marxists canceled millions of their own people's lives. Just watch how they treat their own leaders when they aren't radically left enough. It's right there on your TV...
    • Apope16

      THanks for sharing. But the mytake is not about BLM.

  • chrissykerdock
    white people shouldn't have guilt... everything the blacks don't have is there own fault... how many of them can actually read college level? probably very few... how many even high school not that many either... I don't get why this is white people's fault... most of them are on drugs so they sell drugs while they're at it... they'll force themselves on you and make you suck their cocks... I don't feel any black guilt at all... plus the one's that can read get breaks more breaks than you can imagine and there's a lot of blacks that live well... this whole revolution is bullshit... the police overall aren't killing a lot of blacks needlessly... each police juricediction has their own policies some are nuts but it's for all people... eg in Pensacola they bulldozed a girl's door down arrested her and left her less than1 year old daughter in her crib... they shot a 75 year old man 26 times with a sleeping bullet but he died because he was overdosed... this is there policy... policy has to be fixed universally,,, also in Pensacola cops enter your home with guns drawn no matter what... there's problems but it's not racially motivated as they'd have you think... I don't know if the Minnesota was racially motivated... just because a black man was killed doesn't mean it was racialy motivated.
    • Though people will label you as racist

      you are speaking some hard truths there

      We live in a world where a Black Man can murder another Black Man
      or a Black Man can rob a Black owned business
      or a Black Man can rape a Black Woman and leave her with the child

      and White people are blamed for it

      there is racism in this country no doubt
      but there is also a lack of accountability.

  • People also forget the whites brought civilization to the dark continent and helped them advance. We've also given colossal sums in aid both through our government taxes and charitable donations. The Romans get credit for bringing peace and civilization to Europe so why shouldn't we be thanked the same way? Before anyone shouts racist remember that African-Americans hate real Africans because they see them as less advanced.
    • We dont want to talk about that. White people bad.

    • @purplepoppy You recently posted a question that promoted white guilt and now you post this. Do you consistently stand for anything?

    • A questions a question not a viewpoint

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  • Thomas__Shelby
    What if I were to tell you that no more than 50% of white families used African slaves in their households and plantations? And that an even smaller percentage used those slaves to run a plantation or farm.

    I know a lot of white people don’t feel guilt over what is happening today, because whether you are a racist or not has nothing to do with your skin color, and everything to do with your heart.

    A lot of people argue that the reason why there is so much racial tension is because whites judge people by the color of their skin. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Racism isn’t inspired by a difference appearance, but by a tension between cultures.

    You ever wonder why there is hardly any racial tension between whites and Indians, whites and Asians, but there is between whites and middle-easterners? It’s fear.

    There is racial tension between blacks and whites because of fear for each other. It’s not because we look different, but because each of their societies have supported messages of violence against each other.
    And I’ll be honest with you; the media that portrays the gangster life as cool and something to aspire for isn’t helping.

    In the 19th century it was the whites that committed acts of violence against Africans. Now it’s both. There are still KKK rallies and there are still cops unnecessarily shooting African Americans. But added to that mix there are many African Americans who have now reciprocated that hostility and hatred.
    The whole black lives matter movement is not heading in the right direction. Just like modern feminism, it is putting one life over the other. You won’t get anywhere by telling whites they need to pay for their ancestors mistakes—that is a foolish thing to say. If African Americans advocated for love and peace, people of all races would be encouraged to do the same. I can tell you that those sincerely racist ideas that inhabit the very few, will be expunged when we all join hands and put the past behind us.
  • IAMNathanael
    Well, I'm glad to hear you say you can talk to us like friends. I think you are right and I feel this way. I've got white skin and there ain't no shame in it because I am an individual who treats others as individuals. Yet, it's pushed by groups like BLM that the only way to fix anything is for anyone with white skin to hate themselves and their whole race. And if they refuse then they're part of the problem... so it's said. But what good has hatred ever brought anyone? The answer is to love. I know I sound like a total hippie but it's true.
    • Apope16

      Thanks for your honesty. I have white friends who have told me the same. It cuts deep.

    • Porcelaine

      Hate breeds more hate. Love brings more love and its the only cure for hate. If only there were more 'hippies' who believed the same thing.

  • Qiyndall
    Apope16, I respect and appreciate your position. I thank you for sharing the Bible verse, but I am afraid you utterly misunderstand the issue. The issue is not racism against blacks or any imagined systemic injustice at all. The issue is PART the larger issue. The goal is to ELIMINATE whiteness. Where blacks hold power over whites, there is genocide (South Africa).

    Where this is not true, the modes of attack are many. Invasion by black Muslims under the guise of refugee monikers is a flood of barbaric monsters racing into ALL white-dominated nations. They are not moving to Muslim lands with similar barbaric practices. They ONLY go to white-dominated lands. They rape, rob, steal, beat & burn despite receiving 100% support (free lodging, medical, clothing, cell phones, food, education, etc.) from their white benefactors.

    Why? This sounds like loony conspiracy theory... well sure it does bc nobody wants to believe evil exists. Whites are the smallest minority worldwide & are universally hated by most peoples. Why? BC whites are more successful in business, engineering, science, politics, military might & culture than the non-white nations.

    Democracy hinders billionaire power grabs. To upset democracy you must bankrupt free republics & cause massive unrest among genders, religions, races & regions. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Three nations have massive internet propaganda mills that support the chaos because their geopolitical goals align with the billionaire power grabbers: China, Russia & Iran.

    Whites aware of the issues even remotely feel furious.
    Leftist lunatics burn businesses after robbing them, rape & beat the weaker whites they find in the streets. Without a strong national leader willing to crush the terrorists, the need for violent resistance is averted. Otherwise, it is imminent for those remaining on Earth.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    As a white guy who shares your thoughts and concerns, I have a few observations.

    I didn't see black and white until I was 'attacked' by a group of black teens (I was also a teen) and beat up "because your ancestors enslaved my ancestors". It didn't make me racist, but it sure made me both aware and scared.

    My grandparents immigrated to the USA from Hungary. The only slavery this white guys ancestors were involved in was slavery of other white people, mostly my people by the romanians around the year 1000. I'm sure other slavery has happened countless times throughout history and had little to do with race in the grand scheme of things. I'm not entirely sure what ancestors committed which acts, but can say with complete confidence that I have absolutely no stock in what happened to black people in the USA in the past.

    I DO have stock in what happens to them today.

    And you are correct - to try to discuss this is borderline insanity, but I'm gonna take a whack at it.

    Here's my take:
    It's appalling what has happened to black people and minorities in this country. My best knowledge of the 60's to today says that yes, it's institutional and needs to be fixed, for good. No more band-aids. We need to address and fix this before it gets worse. Somehow I doubt it will be fixed though.

    Of the countless reasons why it's near impossible to fix quickly, the one reason I never see anyone talking about is the black anger and refusal to be a part of this society. I had my own struggles for my first 40 years. I went bankrupt, twice. I had nothing. The first time I had a car less than 10 years old was at the age of 45. I drove deathtraps and klunkers, rented, had no assets of any kind. Had no help of any kind.

    My point is that I sure didn't like the hand that I was dealt, but once I took control of my life and realized that my angst towards society was not helping, I decided to play the hand I was dealt, decided to become a part of society and stopped with the blame, excuses, and hate that was in my heart. I was done wrong, and I spit at society for it.

    From my point of view, many black people also do that. They hate "white" society so much that they don't understand, society is a part of everyone in it, and if you want to change it, you have to accept it first. Most immigrants seem to understand this to some degree, but black people are holding onto such anger and resentment that they cannot seem to be able to let it go and try to be a part of things.

    I'm sure I'm pissing off everyone, but nothing will change without attitude changes from BOTH sides here. I don't expect it, but I'm always willing to work towards it in good faith.
  • JackSmy
    I thank you for your post, your opinion.
    I disagree with your assertion, that "They [white people] are scared shitless. They feel as if they are walking on eggshells."
    "Walking on Eggshells?" WHY? I am not, I don't feel that way, and why should I?
    I don't understand your premise.
    Being responsible for ancestors, and their sins? NO, not for anyone!
    What do you intend, with this post? I am confused!
    What is this "fear" that your white friends have?
    I have friends ('black' if you need to call out race!! They are just FRIENDS, to me!!), and during the riots, we all got together, and loaded magazines, and shotguns, sharing magazines for this, or that, and ammunition, if one didn't have much, to protect our homes, and their families, together, if the riots went to residential neighborhoods!
    I think maybe you miss so many things, so many people that don't see 'color' or 'race' and just FRIENDS!
    LOL! We all knew we would be OK when the 'Korean' guy joined us!!
    Not "racist" but remembering the Rodney King Riots, and the Koreans on their roof, defending their stores!!
  • Freddy78361
    I am not virtue signaling!
    For my entire life I was taught to judge someone by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. So I did. When my daughter became friends with the African American girl up the street we were overjoyed. When an African American boy took her to homecoming senior year I was happy they were going together.
    When I hire people I keep track of racial ratios in the back of my head ("am I being diverse enough in my hiring practices?").
    African Americans (Can I call someone black these days?) have a hard road because many didn't have the opportunities I had. That's the truth.
    I am not asking "What else can I do?" I am asking "What will it take for people to be truly equal? I hate the term 'fair' because life isn't fair but I also don't like the idea of one group being more equal in the eyes of the law.
    But I honestly have no idea how I can live my life better and be less racist without actually tipping over and becoming racist.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    Hell, a big problem of this is the claims of our guilt to begin with. I mean did whites own slaves? Sure, about 1% of whites in America owned slaves. How many free blacks owned slaves? About 45%. Where did whites get their slaves? From African slavers. How did the irish first get to the America's? By being enslaved by Oliver Cromwell. Were does the word slave come from? Its derived from the word slav, which is were we get the word Slavic, an eastern European people i. e. white who were enslaved by the turks, mongols, huns, north Africans and the ottomans of the middle east so often that there very name became synonymous with forced servitude.

    Meanwhile who ended slavery first? Whites, in some cases centuries before other groups did (like Africans and the middle east). So the question is why do we have collective guilt for slavery, something that every people did, that predates the written word while blacks get to have collective victimhood for slavery something they practiced before and after whites ended it? Why do whites not get to have collective virtue for ending slavery but blacks get to have collective outrage for something they practiced on themselves and others for tens of thousands of years? It simply doesn't make sense.

    If any one were to say slavery didn't happen, they would be a liar, but any one who doesn't also acknowledge that the west was in fact uniquely against it (due to the enlightenment period and Christianity creating a moral argument against it (it basically poisoned the well just as the constitution and bill of rights did in the US (all men are created equal, with that you simply cannot have a nation that allows slavery (and I do believe that was the intent of several of the forefathers as they were themselves against slavery))), then that person is also a liar. Yet that is precisely what we see with the BLM and the claims of racism coming from the black community, they give us collective guilt, deny us collective virtue (which we shouldn't have any more then we should have collective guilt, we shouldn't have collective anything this is suppose to be a meritocracy based upon the individual not group identity), then claim collective victimhood and with it collective moral superiority all of which they have tied to race (which is racist).

    So I would say almost all whites do not have racism in their hearts, they do have fear (I have been attacked for pointing these things out many times some times getting very close to being physically attacked (I can't allow that to stop me from telling the truth but one of these days, well who knows what will happen)), but they also have anger.

    I live in the suburbs of Chicago, I get to hear about blacks killing blacks all the time. I worked with a guy who was shot and killed by a gang who mistook him for some one else. Seemed like a decent guy though I didn't know him that well, sure as hell didn't deserve to die. My friends son at the age of ten (he is black) had a gun put to his head by another black man who robbed him for his ten dollars that he had. I don't talk about the screwed up things going on in the black community because I hate blacks, I talk about them because I'm sick and tired of having to see this bullshit and seeing the black community blame white people for everything when we haven't done anything. I mean what the hell am I expected to do? I tell them don't break the law, stay in school, be in your kids life and don't have kids outside of marriage. They then tell me I'm racist and evil.
    • So clearly I cannot be responsible for this if they won't recognize my authority (and why should they, its their life) but at the same time they demand I take responsibility. What the fuck am I suppose to do? The only thing they are allowing for us to do is to sit their and grovel and beg forgivenss for things we never did for things that never happened to them and their is absolutely no end in sight because its never going to be enough. I care about people I care about the innocent people they hurt, I see how miserable this ideology makes them, but I'm also furiously angry because they are the problem but they could be the solution if they chose to be.

  • MissDawn7961
    I am white , live in America and so are my brothers and we do not feel guilty about what happened to the black man by the police ! it is not white peoples fault when any one breaks the law ! as the song goes - do not do the crime if you can not do the time ! Thanks
  • DocT1977
    I make no bones about where I stand. There is no such thing as "white guilt" in my world. I am only responsible for what I do, and what I do alone. I also don't believe there is systematic oppression. Maybe there is since black people are told consistently that they cannot succeed at anything on their own because they need to be coddled and nurtured by society because of the color of their skin. I have been around for a while. My observations of reality enable me to call bullshit on this whole narrative. I have been around the block a few times. I am friends with black police officers, black firemen, business owners, and at times worked for people who were black. I have also had black teachers, and even principals alike. Those are people that got to where they are on their own merit. They did not need a crutch and they most certainly didn't need anybody's sympathy to justify making something of themselves. Want to know what my vision is for equality? First, shit can that victim narrative and come out on the the field with the rest of us. Throw away your need for a pity party and come out and play. Let's go.
  • ShawnBalshaw
    Only white guilt I have is the disaster bringing these negroes over here as slaves and the idiots who think they deserve to be civilized freeing them as equal BC they are not.. they destroyed my forefathers beautiful country and I am forced to be affected by there race baiting bullshit. Niggs need to go back to Africa this is my country not there's..
  • amyba
    I will never say sorry for being white I did nothing wrong. You were raised by white people they clearly treated you will thats why you have this view. Other black people were not raised by white people and they put white people all in one box. Not all white people are racist just like not all black people are criminals
  • Barbaric
    I think this only applies to certain kinds of white people. Particularly very liberal types, the ones virtue-signalling on social media, getting on their knees and all that. Those are the ones who are scared shitless.

    There are many more of us who give less and less of a shit the more we're criticised, brow-beating, accused of being racist etc.

    You should also drop the condescending tone. This idea that black people should guide us because we don't know what's going on, as if you know something we don't and have authority over us in any way.
    • Apope16

      Thanks for telling me about the condescending tone. It is hard to go back and forth between trying to relate to white people and at the same time trying to speak to black people and show them that you aren't being a complete sell out by trying to empathize with whites who aren't as down with the obsession of racial division

    • Porcelaine

      Please dont speak for all white people or call us liberals. What a stupid generalization. And yes you would care being criticized or called a racist if you lost your job over it.

    • Barbaric


      I mentioned certain types of white people, and "particularly" liberals. As in not all white people think the same, and not all BLM supporters as liberals either - but most are. BLM is a far-left group.

      When I say that I don't care, I'm speaking about people being called racist simply for not for example supporting BLM. I also don't work in the kind of place or with/for the kinds of people who'd give a shit about that either, so that wouldn't even happen.

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  • Porcelaine
    It means a lot coming from a black man. Thank you for this. Being called a racist these days can be a death sentence, and people throw that word around way too loosely.
  • nawtee_me
    I know because I am white that this will probably be taken the wrong way and I will be the one made out to be racist. But, here goes...
    First when people talk about slavery do they understand that black people went to Africa and took the people there and sold them into slavery? I am sure there were white people doing it too but there were blacks doing it as well.
    Next, what is this black lives matter movement? They say all lives matter but their name doesn't say that? All lives do matter... black lives, white lives, and what about the red man, the native American Indian? yes, red lives matter too... What about unborn babies? And here is where the blurring starts because yes unborn babies lives matter too unless you are pro-choice and then how can all lives matter and aborted babies not count as live? This is for white and black and red and any other color people? How can you say all lives matter and make exceptions for aborted unborn babies? Either All lives matter or all lives don't matter...
  • Numbnuts89
    it should be the silent guilt of white RICH america

    im white, and if i was a cop, and saw someone was doing something wrong like putting a knee to a guys throat and said he couldn't breathe. i would have physically lifted the guy off the guy

    floyd was already on the ground, face down, in handcuffs, he wasn't going anywhere. the fact that chauvin had his knee in his neck, is unacceptable
    • Porcelaine

      What does this situation have to do with the take? What happened was horrible coldblooded murder. But what he said in this take was spot on.

    • Numbnuts89


      not at all

      it's about RICH white america

      not just white america

  • blank_expression
    I have no guilt and I am ready to go to war if required. I never had any slaves and neither have any of my ancestors that track back to being enslaved by black Muslims. Slavery guilt is an invention of the Democrats/liberals/SJWs/Communists. I shan’t kneel to the liberals to not be labeled a racist, f-em. Very few elite landowners actually owned slaves in the old South because most were too poor and mostly concerned with finding a way to eat.
  • Rebeccalions
    Actually I do have ancestors who have had slaves during my lifetime in south Africa, buy I never met them and I feel absolutely no white guilt because I don't define myself as a race, I define myself as an individual
  • Thatsamazing
    ... Persecute? In what world do you live, where white Americans have been "persecuted" by non-whites for their whiteness? And "problems you don't even understand" uhh... so how about, try understanding them then. "Derp I just don't KNOWWW how to CHANGE A FLAT TIRE" so... then fucking learn.

    Being criticized is not persecution. If that's what you're suggesting, I recommend consulting a good dictionary before moving forward on anything else you may write about this subject. And a good history book. Try the new Jill Lepore, "These Truths."
    • Apope16

      I am not speaking my own personal opinion. I am voicing what some white people have told me.

    • Sure... and "some white people" apparently happen to not understand the nuance of the situation. Don't give simps a larger voice than they already have, mate.

    • Apope16

      I believe in allowing unheard, minority voices to be heard. And I will if I find their views fascinating, give them a pulpit or veil to have their thoughts debated. This is because society is not advanced by moderation of thought. Society is advanced by extremist views or views outside the over-ton window over time. Thats how you get to the rise of an abolitionist movement or women voting and all of these other ideas that never were even imagined before they happened.

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  • NellaLee
    Thank you so much for bringing this up. I was adopted by a white family and I'm mostly around white people for the most part of my life. They have shown me nothing but love and support. Not to say that I speak for everyone but it is sad that what MLK fought for is being thrown away like it was nothing. He didn't fight for revenge, he fought for unity. It hurts me how whites are being told that if it wasn't for the privilege, they wouldn't have what they have even though my parents had to work super hard, sleepless nights, to build their business. Yes, racism still exist but saying that all whites are racist is racist in itself and is as bad as assuming that any negative stereotypes that other races have had apply to all members of such groups.
  • Timmay88
    There is so much racism on all sides. I understand why black racism is a particular concern though. Blacks are what you could say the pioneers or the face of racism since history says they’ve been through the worst of it. As a white man im kind of just left here wondering what to do. I don’t know how to respond and I’m kind of afraid to since I get cut down anyway. I’ve tried to voice my humble opinion a few times only to be told I didn’t understand, I was priveledged etc. No one can talk about this lol. It’s like the Black Community wants to talk about it but not with white people. Let the have their moment and destroy stuff I guess. I don’t mean that in a demeaning way either. I just feel that my words as a white man mean nothing to comfort anyone. You just gotta let them buck. Once it’s all over and the smoke clears maybe then we can talk about it. But it seems right now, specifically in the United States there is just pure carnage or at least according to the news (I hate the news). Here in Canada I haven’t seen a whole lot of black racism in my life. There is more racism towards the Aboriginal/Native people than blacks but no one is dealing with that and in my opinion they’ve suffer just as bad if you look at Canadian History.
  • whoamiagain
    Honestly, I feel no "Guilt" for being White
    ^ which is an ironically racist concept in itself (I should be sorry for my skin color? I should pay penance for the crimes of my forefathers? etc etc)

    This assumes that my forefathers had anything to do with Slavery (Believe it or not... Many White people opposed it.. and Many White people died to end it in America)

    It also ignores that reality that White People are not the only Ethnic group to have practiced such horrible things (So have Black people themselves)

    Really this whole idea to me both annoys me, but also makes me feel sadden for individuals who get caught up in how ridiculous it is
    FOR the constant push of Racism against White people... because well.. they are "White".. and they have "White Privilege" (because clearly White people can't suffer the same circumstances as everyone else... ) The whole idea honestly is ironically racist in itself

    so no
    I am not guilty for being White
    I take PRIDE IN IT <---- but then again we live in a world where if a White man is Proud of being White.. he is apparently a Racist (but if you are Black.. or anything else... its totally fine?)
  • Grond21
    This took guts to say. And the very fact that it did is a sign that it's a real issue.
    Thankfully I haven't felt much of this from people individually in my life. But I definitely have from the social media and old media. Constantly pushing the narrative that either I fully support them and in order to show my support I have to give them money and apologize and grovel on the ground, or I am an evil racist sexist pig who doesn't deserve even the slightest courtesy
  • wilfh1965
    All I would say welcome to a Black man's life and most don't want to have a reasonable discussion about race and it's not just American people if you travel to even mostly white European countries they hate white Americans nothing can happen until the past is admitted can we move forward the reason that they should pay for past sins because they never stopped committing them and I am probably more white than black and both sides of the issue slave runners and slaves and know both sides of family
  • Okay... bad things have happened in the past, but the people of today cannot take responsibility for it.

    Now people are trying to take down a statue of Churchill because he was a racist. WHY?

    Shall we stop reading Shakespeare because he was sexist?
    Shall we stop using underfloor heating because the Romans invaded us and killed our people.
    Shall we declare war on America because they took credit for the invention of the lightbulb when it was invented in the UK 50 years earlier?
    Shall we falsely accuse men of being rapist so they can atone for women who were made to marry their rapists?

    This is not atonement, this is a vicious cycle. This is not logical, this is anger speaking. Everyone leave and come back once you have an education.
    • Levin

      The fact that there's a vacuum in place of the statue says it all. Like it or not, it's part of our history. And every other country is full of evil history, too.

    • @Levin Exactly. So many of these things are down to ignorance and following the herd. If people would bother to do their own research things would be different. I read a lot of pre-1800s literature, and I really love it, some of it is incredibly crude to women though. My literature teacher always says, 'don't expect there to be equality for all, there wasn't even equality between white men.' which is true. Nobles were sincerely believed to be superior, in a profound way to the poor. Scientists even tried to analyse the skull to look for differences. In such a time, how could we possibly have concept of equality for all? It's like sentencing someone for a crime that was only made illegal after it was committed. Moreover, racsim isn't even against the law, as 'everyone has the right to a belief or opinion' descrimination is however illegal.

    • Levin

      There's that, and the West is in a power ascendancy. Look at the shit that's happening in other countries. Think it's so shit here? Try Russia or China...

      I have no doubt at all that 'whites' would have been even more mistreated should the shoe been on the other foot. The fact is, human nature is shitty.

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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    As a white man I dont feel any guilt. I treat people as individuals and if they are good people I like them and treat them accordingly. I do get mad when I am attacked for being a white man or when I see others attacked for the same reason. I also resent the bullying and political correctness of the left. I am happy to see it backfiring on them now.
  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Only white sissies feel guilty for something they didn't even do.
    • Apope16

      I talked to a big burly white male friend and he told me that he hated being a white man because of his privilege and because of what happened to blacks in the past. he said "i am ashamed of being white".

    • Exactly. He proves my point.

    • @Hispanic-Cool-Guy 💗👍👍

  • Deathraider
    It’s unfortunate that there are people on both sides that are extremes. Not everyone protesting is a bad person there to loot, but also when we fight for justice, we need to fight for it peacefully and using nonviolence. Otherwise, we only risk the next generation having the same conflict over again. We need to strive to make amends, not tearing the livelihood of people down.
  • DiegoO
    Yeah, the whites developed the global market of slavery in the pass centuries, but in Africa, Africans were enslaving Africans. What I am saying, is that there shouldn't be no guilt from native Europeans and Eurodescendants. They are not the same from -200y ago, and China could have been the one conquering, enslaving and destroying societies, around the world, if it wasn't because they misteriously decided to isolate them self from the world.
  • Dutchgirl97
    I really do get upset when some people automatically assume white people are racist. Even referring to black people as "black" makes me feel like I am walking on eggshells. I love my brothers and sisters.. no matter what color. I also believe that if we could go back and change the past we would. Most Germans are ashamed of their past. Its not talked about. That was just how things were back then. It was wrong but many white people felt it was wrong even when it was considered socially acceptable. I pray that we can find unity again. And that we can be proud of different races and not hold any resentment.
    • Cherokeehp

      It’s ok to call black people black. It’s actually more appropriate than saying African American. As long as you don’t call us “the blacks” like Donald Trump does.

  • RolandCuthbert
    I have always disagreed with most of what you have posted here. I know you won't respond. You never do.

    But I just want to take this time to explain that "White" people need no guidance. "White" people in America are adults. They are mature. And they can understand the events going on around them.

    1. Some "White" people are going to feel guilt and that will make them defend the institutions in this society.

    2. Other "White" people will feel guilt and that will make seek forgiveness from "Black" people.

    3. Truthfully, most "White" people won't feel any guilt at all. Most will simply see the way this society was built does not ensure equity of freedoms, rights, and opportunities.

    "White" people can figure this stuff out all on their own. They are not children who need to be lead around by you.
    • Porcelaine

      I dont think you understood this take. This was not about guidance at all, or what they want, or need. Its just something they feel or experience.

    • @Porcelaine I have been called by so many people over the last week. For "White" people supposedly walking on eggshells, they sure have had no issues talking to me about George Floyd, police violence and systematic racism. These "White" people who run these companies have appointed me to lead a series of townhalls to create a conversation that can lead to an agenda, solutions and an action plan.

      Out of the blue. So much for them needing guidance. They are going to help craft a discussion. And all we are going to do is relate our experiences, talk about our experiences and create a plan to get us there.

      No one is going to be "guilty" because of their race. No one is going to feel like a criminal. No one is going to feel like they are responsible for racism. But everyone is going to have a say in how we move to a better place.

      If he wants to have some whineathons. He can. But most everyone I know is trying to figure out how to foster environments where there is greater understanding.

    • Porcelaine

      Well of course they were openly talking about doing some good in the name of George Floyd, but when discussing black people issues in general, white people are not allowed to have a voice, because since they're white, their opinion is invalid. Even using the word black is seen as offensive. Of course it seems out of nowhere to you, you are black and white people do not speak up about this out of fear of being bashed.

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  • ThisAndThat
    There is an agenda by the powers that be to cause racial division. I am not the only one awake that's noticed it. The concept is divide and conquer. And that's what they're trying to do. For the sheep that keep buying into it race baiting, WAKE UP!
    • Barbaric

      The powers that be aren't causing the division. The division was and is already there. They're just fanning the flames.

    • @Barbaric This country has came along way and they know it. They don't want unity, they want division to divide and conquer.

  • worldscolide
    i feel absolutely no guilt.. because i had nothing to do with anything that happened in the past. The sins of the father do not extend to the children.
  • TremorJay
    White men are under fire for more than just racial division. I think a lot of this is justified and I am somewhat comfortable bearing the weight. I'd rather take too much responsibility, than not enough.

    In a positive light it motivates me to be a good person. On the other hand, I do prefer to fly under the radar and avoid direct criticism from absolute strangers. In general it seems like people are scouting for political opposition. It seems people are becoming more and more isolated and less welcoming.

    I know I might be going off topic, but I hope that enough men in my generation are making a change in the narrative that we are corrupt, racist, and/or sexual predators. I also hope people can recognize when a group should not be defined by the actions of a few choice individuals.
  • yseaguy
    This seems like bullshit written by some white dude. It is built entirely on false premises.
    • Porcelaine

      As a white person, I can tell you its all true from experience.

    • yseaguy

      That what is true? That you feel defensive about your privilege and mistake that for people trying to guilt you or blame you? That is called white fragility. It is something you have to work on.

    • Porcelaine

      What privilege? In all of my life I have not experienced any privileges for being white. Paople ARE guilting me and those around me, being openly racist since racism against whites is not considered real racism. Meanwhile I can't even use the word black, and everything I say has to be extremely carefully formulated.

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  • cirno
    I agree its unfair to just blame someone for what happened thousands of years ago
    • grif429

      same can be said for 150 years

  • David92506
    I enjoyed reading your comment and gave it a "thumbs up."
    I'm a white male and I do feel scared. But I believe the sentence, "The Silent Guilt of White People In America" is a stereotype. Just as the following are stereotypes, "White people are racist." "Black people are put down by White people." "Blacks have huge dicks." Etc. Stereotyping a race just hurts that race. There are millions and millions of each race who don't believe those statements.
  • NaultD
    My own sinical take. The hardliners are going to fall on there own swords as martyrs to prove there self fulfilling proficiency of the great replacement before accepting any guidance of peace.

    The average American conservative dosen't even see there own spouse and children as people with agency. They are only extensions of self. Without that image of self they are gone without hesitation. They are probably look at less then the "other" I like your take but underestimate how people don't think beyond themselves.
  • standingUP
    People are only discriminated or isolated if you own someones projection of blame. It is the same if someone called you are frog. If you know you're not a frog then it doesn't apply, simple. That also goes from ignorance pointing a finger at you. Someone who is an idiot doesn't get to own space in my shit's given.

    There are all sorts of trash from all colors but I don't own what Billy John thinks or does. I am my own person. Nobody is going to divide me by their ignorance of not even knowing who and what I am. No matter what color you are you should never own someones opinion of you. I have had exes be wrong about me as well as you have. did their opinion make you own guilt? Probably not.
    So why allow others that have no idea who you are project that on you.

    LOL, You know what the strangest part about me being racist is? How I am suppose to break that news to all my colored friends I have had for my entire life. I think they are in for a shock, lol...
  • Dargil
    This may or may not be relevant to subject but it is relevant to me.
    I do not and have never done anything to hold to obstruct anyone for racial reasons. I am not responsible for the sins of my ancestors. I do not owe anyone anything except my mortgage lender and credit card carrier. If you protest perceived wrongs peacefully, I will cheerfully support your Constitutional right to do so. If you attempt to violate my person, family or property as an extension of protest, I will cheerfully and lawfully send you to the morgue and still won't have any silent guilt. Systemic racism is a straw man construct that can neither be proved or disproved. If you feel the system is rigged against you (it is) look to the leaders you elect locally. You have a right to equal opportunity but no right preferences or equal outcomes.
  • lightbulb27
    You are correct. I see... baffled people. They want this to be ok and move forward. But decades go by and it just seems more like a boiling volcano than a sold rock.

    some small % of black people enslaved people and 1% of white people took those slaves and benefited. Many people benefited from that free labor as nations were built... and the slaves never compensated, as if they could be. The rich kept their loot!

    This is all what least to many being killed in the civil war, one could argue that similiar behaviors lead to WWI and WWII... that is sins of the past dealt with by a new generation.

    So we recognize the suffering that can occur because trauma of the past is not resolved and carried forward.

    The knowledge of good and evil continues...
  • Jackblue
    Thank you. You and I have not agreed on many things, but it is nice to hear that some of the black lives matter people are empathetic to us whites and not only out for their own interests.
  • razelove
    Heh, I doubt it has anything to do with guilt and more to do with fear. So many things have shifted and changed recently, racial divisiveness is just one more to lump on. Also what's the solution to the rioting (primarily in in liberal cities anyway) and looting? Kill them all and let god sort them out? Sniping from a distance is the only thing that comes to my mind, and would definitely add more fuel to the fire if not another outright civil war.

    This may result in one anyway, cops will be given orders they won't follow, and depending on how that goes the military as well. When that happens you've effectively lost them.

    Anywho, I feel no "white guilt", or see a reason why I should, this furthers that saying, one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.
  • lolcraft
    I was raised properly, I never gave a flying fuck about one's race. Your black? Don't care. What value should I derive from such factoids where it concerns the nature of an individual.

    People need to realize that after acceptance is apathy.
  • Liam_Hayden
    I am pissed about bad cops and rioters but I feel zero guilt. Why should I feel guilty about what others do when I oppose the actions?
  • girlinthemirror
    come to russia and all white here will call you 'black monkey"... be thanksful u live in usa, not in russia
  • Bananaman177
    This letter from a black professor excoriating the scapegoating of white people for black people's problems is worth reading. My favorite excerpt:
    "If we claim that the criminal justice system is white supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy. Even Jewish Americans are incarcerated less than gentile whites. I think it's fair to say that your average white supremacist disapproves of Jews. And yet, these alleged white supremacists incarcerate gentiles at vastly higher rates than Jews."
  • andreasderjuengere
    As a paleface who's NOT living in the U. S., my impression is that 'dominance', 'superiority', 'competition', 'rating' and 'categorizing' is very exaggerated over there.
    It looks like a country filled with extremists to me, that's based on pointing out differences instead of looking for what 'we' have in common.
    If it's not skin colour, then it's political 'side';
    if it's not skin colour, then it's economic 'success';
    and so on.
    'Apope': as well meaning as I perceive you... aren't you also in a 'me/they-loop'?
    • Porcelaine

      I dont know why so many people see America as the greatest country in the world to live in. It seems like a nightmare to me

    • @Porcelaine The world's greatest mountain (Mt. Everest) is not even visible from where I live :) It's related to horizon. My own hill here is greater :D

    • Porcelaine

      Haha :D

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