The Concept Of Yin/Yang Amongst Zealots.

People of all persuasions are proficient are using the term “triggered” in mockery but after watching a video by Yuri Bezemenov (who was a former KGB operative & defector) on how Ideological subversion could destroy the American system, I am even more convinced I’m watching a society in psychosis (collective insanity) and the relevance for today was astounding! He goes on to break down the effects of being “exposed to the ideology of the enemy”. The subversion he is talking about in the left is happening in front of our eyes right now.

I was thinking about the left/right paradigm, you know about the concept of the thinking vs feeling brain, one side of the paradigm tries to control the feeling side of your brain and the other tries to control the thinking part of your brain.

The left has a collective mindset which makes them “pathologically ignorant”. Meaning they cannot think for themselves, therefore, cannot look inside themselves as individuals-they get told they are useless, victims and society is structured against them-so they go out as a group to fight the injustices of the world, with all their inner anger and resentment pent up ready to lash out.

The right is more about individuality and working for yourself, you can be successful from your hard work and dedication but the far-right escalates to greed, violence, less empathetic, class system, and more. The right gets controlled and paralyzed by facts and figures, this side accepts reality but too much acceptance of reality leads to scarcity mode, lust for power, and greed.

The left gets controlled and paralyzed with idealism and the idea of utopia. This side dissociates from reality. Caitlyn Jenner didn’t become the woman of the year because of conservatism. Too much acceptance of idealism leads too warped ideals violently imposed on individuals (CHAD for example) and also the methods (economics) are never questioned.

We need to start thinking in a more holistic fashion, which would need an acceptance of the innate differences between males and females. I know for myself, I am quite clinical and I need female energy to balance me out. We are two sides of a hole.

Yet the left are creating conditions where they are morally just and virtuous, so the right must be the opposite and evil, I am witnessing anarchist are being encouraged by left-wing politicians, majors, celebrities bailing rioters out, the left is pushing a cultural Marxist revolution that leaves no room for the right-wing or opposing views. History will teach you that it won't end well.

This Is why I always believed in the fundamental concept of Yin/Yang. "The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example, female-male, dark-light and old-young. The relative levels of Yin and Yang are continuously changing. Normally this is a harmonious change, but when Yin or Yang are out of balance they affect each other, and too much of one can eventually weaken (consume) the other."

The Concept Of Yin/Yang Amongst Zealots.
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  • FreyaRed
    If KGB was so efficient and successful why they weren't capable to keep communism alive in Warsaw pact states?
    I guess ideological subversion works only if people who should be subverted aren't living at the level of existential minimum. With empty belly no one thinks about politics and systematic inequalities, but how to get something to eat.
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    • Because of communism. The KGB were very efficient indeed.

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  • Bananaman177
    Yuri Bezmenov is a great American Hero.

    Americans and Russians are natural allies. Our enemy is judeo-bolshevik communism, which slaughtered 100-300 million in Russia and China, and now is getting ready to slaughter just as many here in America.
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  • NerdInDenial
    The "useful" idiot interview with Mr. Yuri is very interesting. It is a very good explanation of what is going on and why the left eats their own.
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  • Very interesting. There needs to be a balance; leftists lack this.
    • juliaanita

      Don't you find it even a bit ironic that you clam the left is out of balance and yet there is a mobster president in the white house that the right has embraced as their own?
      Yep, there has to be balance. I trust that you know the right is at least as responsible as the left for the imbalance there now is in this country.

    • @juliaanita

      Trump isn't perfect, and no one is, but he's far better than that Far-Left, liberal, open borders fanatic, that is Hillary. She would've pushed for major gun reform, and would've pushed for more immigration from shithole countries aside from giving generous amounts of slack to immigration enforcement.

    • juliaanita

      Ah, the usual talking points. Far left. guns, Hillary, immigration. blah blah blah. Your dear leader has you talking like a puppet. You do know that the 2016 election already took place, right?
      Anyway, that's what Im talking about when I say that the right is at least as unbalanced as the left.

      Really-you should find some other talking points.

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