Who do you think is more BITTER towards the opposite sex, Men or Woman? The Results!

Who do you think is more BITTER towards the opposite sex, Men or Woman? The Results!

I recently posted a poll question here on GaG asking who Men and Woman thought held more resentment toward one another, and thank you to everyone who participated.

Who do you think is more BITTER towards the opposite sex (in general) Men or Women?

The results of which were surprising, but not in the way you think…

The question itself was written in a way that intentionally incited a “trigger” for anyone who had in fact feelings of bitterness towards the opposite sex. I was betting on the fact that such strong feelings would not be able to go unspoken, and the experiment was a considerable success.

The results of the POLL itself actually have very little meaning towards the outcome of this study. Instead, it was used to “separate the wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

(Picture of the poll taken as of Saturday, June 20th 5:30 (GMT-4)
(Picture of the poll taken as of Saturday, June 20th 5:30 (GMT-4)

Out of the 161 GaGers who voted, it would seem to be a pretty even three-way tie. But breaking down the numbers further, 54 of voters were women and 107 were men. These numbers make sense because the majority of GaG users just happen to be male.

Breaking them down further 29/54 women voted for (Men) being more bitter, over the two other options. That is 53.7 %. Where only 48/107 men voted for (Women) leaving them at 44.8%. Still a pretty even tie.

Now here is where it starts to get interesting. Of the 55 votes for men being the more bitter 52.7% of them were from women (roughly half). Where on the flip side, of 57 votes against women 80.7% were from men.

Why does this matter?

The way the options were put gave you a 2 in 3 chance of choosing to ally yourself with the opposite sex by either voting for your own gender or playing it safe and fair by voting equal. If you chose not to do so, it is very likely you disproved yourself by voting that way and you likely hold some resentment towards the opposite sex.

Who do you think is more BITTER towards the opposite sex, Men or Woman? The Results!

How can I show evidence of this theory?...

Moving on to the comment section (Because comments speak louder than votes!).

Of the 107 votes, there were 73 people who felt strongly enough one way or another to explain why they voted the way they did. 46 men and 27 women (As of Saturday, June 20th 5:30 (GMT-4) which is again comparable to the ratio of male to female on the site.

Of the 27 women who commented:

(17) Said men were more bitter and explained why they thought that way.

(6) Said it was equal.

(3) Said, women.

(1) Was illegible.

Out of the woman who commented against men, several of them definitely held resentment on some level towards men, despite arguing the point to the contrary. I have selected the best examples of how the way things are said (like the venom you feel coming out of the words) makes a major difference in what is being said. All of which received some kind of backlash.

“What if more men realized that "giving up" and "letting her win" is actually only going to cause resentment, and because of that resentment you are actually becoming a toxic partner?”

“Men go as far as to take their sexual frustrations and internalized misogyny out on women in the form of verbal/physical abuse. Not many women have been convicted of murdering a man because he refused to have sex with her or turned down a relationship offer, let’s put it that way.”

“I know quite a handful of women spewing hate on men and their toxic masculinity and I know a bunch if men that'll rant on feeling every woman is some sort of nazi-feminist and constantly attacks them.”

“There is literally a whole corner of the internet dedicated to incels hating on women and criticizing women as whole.. Gag is the same, there are so many incels posting about there stupidly confident analysis of women.”

“Disgruntled teenage boys have shot up their school due to a girl who has rejected them. Haven’t heard of any girls doing that”

“men are more bitter because you women are evil and more women are going to hell”

Moving on to the men.

Of the 46 men who commented:

(9) Said men were more bitter and gave their reasons.

(16) Said women and did so in a straight-up way.

(7) Said it was equal (and stuck to that answer throughout their comment).

(3) Were very vague and didn’t answer the question.


(11) Said either equal or men, however like some of the women’s comments, they said one thing but clearly meant another with the way they explained their thinking.

Again here are some of the more “venomous” comments that scream resentment, despite what they are trying to say otherwise. Again the majority receiving backlash from the opposite side.

“Females have various shitty attitudes and qualities aimed toward males that they shouldn't, but in terms of bitterness we generally far outweigh them.”

“A good looking female can act and talk like an idiot and has more freedom to "be herself" since men will likely overlook some weirdness (i once even overlooked a hot babe who not so discretely picked her nose).So for most men, if our girl walks for some stupid reason, we sigh as we think about the frustrating chore we have to endure to find a new girlfriend.”

“Probably men. We can only get screwed over by women and the courts on their side so often without feeling resentment.”

“I'd say men just because we generally have no one to talk about our frustrations with while women talk about too much with each other and will go out of their way to help a lonely friend find a good man.”

“In the western world because of feminism most women there are man haters while in more religious countries a lot of men hate women.”

“There's a reason "Men Ain't Shit" is a saying and not vice versa. Obviously women lol, justified or not.”

“I think men are simply because women are distracted by the abundance of options. They can just move on to the next guy. SHe's not yours, its just your turn fellas.”

“I'd say men have more resentment overall, but their resentments have more basis in reality than women's.”

“Men don't pull this shit, we get pissed and tired of women pulling this shit and tell them to grow the fuck up or don't waste our time. And that is not bitterness.”

"The gender war that feminism started, which is now also being fought from the other side by MGTOWs, MRAs and Incels, is only getting worse."

“Women. Because they fell for feminist lies.”

The proof is in the pudding.

In conclusion, nearly every statement made by either side was bitter in one form or another. But worse still is that most of them thought that resentment was justified. But the truth is everyone who voted for anything other than “Equal” (and meant it) is wrong.

Both sides see the other as at fault and granted both sides deserve blame for their parts, but the truth is all we are doing now is fighting a battle of hurt feelings, and he said she said and acting hurt and offended for an entire sex.

Who do you think is more BITTER towards the opposite sex, Men or Woman? The Results!

The only people we are allowed to hold resentment for are people who did something directly to us. Not a whole sex. And definitely not because of ignorant, backwards thinking extremists, because they don’t speak for all of us, and grouping everyone who happens to be the same gender together and using generalized terms like “women think” and “Men act” because of something you have seen, heard or witnessed, is wrong.

And being sexist is as bad as being racist.

And that is including your own sex.

So let’s all do ourselves a favor and the next time we are going to generalize an entire sex on the actions of a few individuals who may have wronged you in the past, let’s stop and think, would I say this to my mother or father, grandma or grandpa, sister or brother?

We can’t change the past but we can do better going forward.

We MUST do better.

Who do you think is more BITTER towards the opposite sex, Men or Woman? The Results!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • NerdInDenial
    The true test of bitterness is to analyze both sexes as they age. Now, generally, as men age, their sexual market value increase due to their financial success, and women as they age decrease because their looks fade. As such, you will see many young single men become bitter and many older single women become bitter.

    More men can survive and find happiness being bachelors than women. That's why such philosophies as MGTOW continue to grow. In fact, society gets mad at men who choose to be bachelors.

    Shaming and holding men to ridiculous standards can lead to bitterness for those who still seek a relationship and fall short of meeting them.
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    • GYOW. The ultimate acronym for a fulfilling life. Keep on spreading the word brother!

    • @errorgoodnameunfound Right on, GYOW for almost 34 years! It will be as of this August.

    • DianaWest

      sexual market value. the only women men with this mindset attract are gold digging with ulterior motives. and then men complain about "shallow" women who ruined their lives and stripped them of their panties. when you devalue women, you deserve the shitstorm that you get.

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  • Anonymous
    by letting feminism speak for women you have all damned yourselves. women have all the institutional power to destroy our lives and trust between genders has fallen so much that it is very hard as a man to trust a women when she could lie and accuse me of rape and receive little to no consequences for putting innocent men in prison. most women don't even show remorse and will even turn our own children against us after they win custody in the biased courts

    i and many men like me can't trust you under this current environment.
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    • msc545

      Well said!

    • The best (and most truthful) comment I have seen so far :)

    • msc545

      Sadly, this comment is completely true. Getting married or having children is like playing Russian Roulette for men - with half the cylinders loaded.

Most Helpful Girls

  • AmandaYVR
    Very good!
    My kind of topic and writing.
    I did not see your first q come around.
    I agree with all.

    One correction though - there are actually more active pink accounts than male. 54%. Think about that. It changes things significantly.

    Following you now.
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  • Women... unfortunately just because we're so driven by emotions a lot of the time it causes a lot of stress and anger resulting in negative feed back either way but a lot towards the opposite sex from what I've both withnessed and done too.
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  • Dargil
    Man have remained largely the same for centuries. It is women who, for right or wrong, abandoned their societal roles in favor of seeing themselves is identical to men except for boobs and a vagina. Some of is adapt and become drones like him.
    The Ideal Feminist Man
    The Ideal Feminist Man
    Women have been made bitter by deep-throating social justice propaganda and blaming men for their bitterness. Some, like me, expand the gene pool to find replacements for women rendered useless by Feminist Derangement Syndrome, making them even more bitter because they suspect that have been conned when the phone stops ringing, as it inevitably does. Meanwhile, I feel like I'm cheating fate every day I wake up to her. (Not her but close). I don't feel bitter at all. I feel liberated.
    • Is that why men are so mad at women now?

    • @continentalbreakfast yes, we aren't mad at all women but if we see a hint of feminism we run the other way

      blue hair? gender pronouns on your dating profile? i'm instantly gone

    • Dargil

      @007kingifrit Look at it this way. Feminists are encouraging diversity and the Browning of America by being unworkable. It's called The Law Of Unintended Consequences. Ethnic bigotry evaporating in favor of good love and good sex. It is INDEED all good.

  • lockster
    Men, this website is a pure example. It has so many incels and crybabies.
    If some men were confident, they wouldn't be having as many problems with women
    • cgehr783

      Regular releases of oxytocin leaves your brain mentally weak.

    • And of course you don't wanna take a look at those feminists crybabies here. But anyways im not comparing things like you do.

    • lockster

      . dont try complaining to me, just stating the facts.

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  • BlueScorpio
    I think women are bitter towards men because of the lack of opportunities women use to face and still do from time to time. Some envy the powerful economic/political position that most men have then and today. Some are upset about being physically different, knowing we are the weaker sex in terms of physical strength really does upset some women cause they feel less than.

    I think men are bitter towards women because their roles as men are being taken from them. Believe it or not, a lot of men still have the protector/provider instinct and since most women have more rights and freedom these days , it makes a lot of men feel unneeded and inferior. Some of them feel like they have to compete against women just to prove their manhood. Men are also upset that women do tend to have a little bit more power when it comes to the media and law where as men.. not so much.

    So there's a lot of reasons why both sexes feel very bitter to each other. But it mostly has to do with a lack of communication and forgetting to be a team. Man and woman are lock and key, you can't unlock or lock anything without one or the other.
  • broken_heart_at_48
    Holly cow you got down deep into this one. I always figured women where the most bitter maybe because of the whole woman scorned thing plus the fact that a lot of men are assholes and give cause for bitterness but since being on here I'd have to say fairly equal considering there's more men on here so guesstimating the percentages I'd say equal. Me I'm an equal bitter kinda guy I try to dislike everyone equally and if I knew how to make a winking face I would put one here
  • DocT1977
    I've seen a lot of people on both sides end up being bitter to be honest. I am not above criticizing either side, be it my own, or the other.. When it comes to women who are bitter, I put as much distance between them and myself as humanly possible. Not looking to get caught up in some things I don't need.
  • ThisAndThat
    The courts, the system, family, society, you name it, women rigged the entire western system against men. Men and boys too, falsely accused, demonized, vilified and criminalized due to women. Do you think men are going to sweep it under the carpet and forget about it? Not in this lifetime no.
  • esotericstory
    The notion that everyone who didn't vote for 'equal' in your hypothesis is wrong to me indicates your bias towards egalitarianism as an ideology. You have not factored in that women have had women's movements for several hundreds of years listening to their problems while men do not have a movement that represent them.

    Secondly, another weak point that I have identified is the following:

    "And definitely not because of ignorant, backwards thinking extremists, because they don’t speak for all of us, and grouping everyone who happens to be the same gender together and using generalized terms like “women think” and “Men act” because of something you have seen, heard or witnessed, is wrong."

    Activist organizations represent the people that they are trying to solve problems for. There is always a victim, a group/individual with the power to solve the problem and the problem itself. Who caused the problem does not have the power to solve it, therefore the activist movement will hold the one's with the power to solve the problem accountable.
    It is therefore very possible that extremists DO represent an entire segment of society. If PETA extremists can represent rabbits and the Bolsheviks could represent the proletariat, dont you think its very well possible that some loud voices in the feminist movement can have a deep impact on society, the view on women of the mainstream and ultimately the family life of the average Joe? I think yes because I am an activist myself having studied activist theory.

    Nonetheless I respect your research. Thanks for reading this far if you did.
  • JDavid25
    I don't think all the examples you posted up there were really extreme.. I mean some didn't exactly generalize that entire gender, just spoke a generalizin fact.. And some just sounded defeated rather than bitter.. I get the message, and like the statistical analysis, but this just kina hits the tip of the iceberg with issues between men and women..
  • Goodwifie
    Bitterness can come from both sides but I think that men are more aggressive.
    I do feel that bitterness is a sign of weakness and all the blame tends to be put on the opposite sex.
    Bitter people don't tend to see what they have done wrong.
    • @ThisAndThat A little exaggeration but I do see that kind of shit in my social media (especially from those impulsive femininsts).

  • glock33sig357
    Women talk to other women about their bad experiences with men and treat the good men worse than the men that did them wrong.
  • Unit1
    The results.
    Men not getting any action with women.
    Women getting used for sex only (because they allowed themselves to).
    And of course the screwing over in either genders contributing to the bitterness.
  • Bluemax
    Men seem more extreme when they're bitter. Women seem less extreme in their bitterness.
  • Jacked_Jones
    Most Woman can't survive without big daddy Government.
  • DaddyRollingStone
    I think women have higher expectations of relationships which leaves them disappointed and I think women are more emotional which makes them feel negative emotions more strongly and longer. So on an individual level women are probably more bitter.

    As a man I've met so many guys that think dating is pointless for whatever reason. Women are annoying, they don't understand them, they sleep around too much. Common MGTOW type ideas which may or may not be true. On a collective level men are more bitter, ie there are more bitter men.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    @lockster So that question can actually be asked to you. Where was I complaining? If you like to point out that Im complaining about feminists here, you're talking about incels here too. So how about you get backfired? Oh I see it's double standards you want lol. And you're so entitled to it. Then go catch a block. You'll only prove me right and that's what those bitter feminist do.
  • iFarted
    Men who want female intimacy but cannot get it for whatever reason are the worst. (Mostly MGTOW that are closed minded and stubborn)

    Then comes the extreme feminazis that get mad when a guy opens a door for her.
    ^^ Pretty bitter as well, almost as bad as the MGTOW group.

    Can't say which is worse as there's bad from both genders.
  • Kitz95
    I think it’s pretty equal in the bitterness department. We all definitely have some stuff to work on.
  • I think both can be equally as bitter, but if we’re taking about this app then defiantly men are wayyy more bitter on here
  • Derekk
    Certainly men. Until women begin killing men because they won't sleep with them, it will always be men.
    • Stephen_77

      But women kill babies through abortion

  • DonCachondo
    Whoa I just noticed that the pairing of those pink and blue bars is visually misleading because their lengths are not in proportion to EACH OTHER but to their share in their respective gender's VOTE TOTAL
  • mrgspoter
    The vote was not my view your ask was for the view of outhers correct? I don't like men
    • McMillanD

      Again "men" as a generalization. Did you hate your father?

    • mrgspoter

      No I didn't just am good judge on people most times.

    • McMillanD

      That is fair, but grouping an entire sex together because a few are unfavorable souls, still isn't right. Innocent till proven guilty right?

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  • Daniel3035
    You seem to misunderstand it's not the actions of an individual but many individuals and when you hit 100 women who all do the same you know a majority of women are going to be that way.
    • McMillanD

      It absolutely is the actions of every individual. No one is forcing anyone to act any way. You always have a choice to do the right thing. (2 wrongs don't make a right) so you can't justify bad behaviour because someone else is behaving badly. We all have the choice to be better people.
      If you come across 100 man hating bitches and you choose to act like an asshole that won't change their opinion of men, it only reinforces it. But if you choose to be the better person and treat them with kindness and respect even when they do not do the same back, you are not only giving their argument no grounds to stand on (at least not to you) but you are making a positive step forward for not only men but for true equality in general, which I believe used to be the fundamental principal behind all of this but has been blown way off course.

    • You misunderstand they don't want you to react in any way ie the man I don't change the way I am regardless. What they want out of this is not the person's reactions to their negative actions what they want is the feeling of doing it. It's the self-validation the self-esteem boost that they get out of it that's what they want. When a person does these things does the doer get to see the reaction of the other person? Let's say they want to see that person turn to an asshole do they witness that after ignoring their messages etc probably not. But do they enjoy knowing they've done something and got something yes. Even when a woman is a man it's the same.

    • McMillanD

      You may be right.
      However, I myself, still live by the good old golden rule.
      "Do onto others how you would have others do onto you." And that extends to everyone, man, woman and child.
      I also sleep very well at night. Despite having people every day on here and irl tear me down for my point of views, opinions and general way of life.
      Because even in the face of hate I try my best to give only honesty and respect back, and I will continue to do so because I simply do not believe there is any point in fighting fire with fire. I will go to my grave believing in a better way, even if no one else does, I will continue to do my part (however immeasurably small that may be) at least I can say I didn't contribute to the problem.

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  • KingPanda
    I don't know how bitter men ir women are. I dont do cannibalism. THATS WRONG
  • kespethdude
    So, balancing all stats out, it's pretty close to even.
  • AcidT0y
    There are extremely bitter groups either side. We have incels and women have feminists. (Specifically the grumpy man hating feminists. Not the chill ones, no issue with them.)
  • Bandit74
    It's not surprising that most would vote that the opposite gender is more bitter.
    That being when you ask which is more bitter do you mean in terms of % of that gender that is bitter or severity of bitterness expressed?

    If we're talking about severity then I would say the most bitter men are more extreme than the most bitter women. Like the person in your comment said, there haven't been as many instances of women going on killing sprees because of their bitterness towards men.

    If we're just talking about % then it still might be men who are more bitter, but the difference probably isn't as big as the difference in severity.
  • DCooper
    I can't say I agree with 100% of the methodology, but pretty close. Nice job, and thanks for putting in the time and effort. Thumbs up!
  • I think it's more a situation of people just getting a question and formulating and justifying an answer just because they have to choose a side, I don't think it's very many people who actually think some whole group of people is bitter. Sort of like if you ask people which animal is better to make an army out of squirrels lr raccoons (i/I think there was a recent question on it)? People would formulate and opinion try to justify it and maybe even stick to it. Didn't read the whole thing by the way but just my analysis/prediction/assumption/hypothesis of what might have happened...
  • blank_expression
    Simply based on several studies stating women’s happiness is declining relative to men’s apparently, women are drinking from the bottom of a burnt coffee pot more burning all those midnight office hours. Most men grow out of their female frustration youth and achieve happiness with age and financial independence while it appears women hit that horrible wall that they can’t escape. Another study said that men start to feel old at 59 while women start to feel old at 29. That is as if comparing human years to dog years. I would say that women accumulate more alpha acids later in life then do men in the end and especially after the great wall of womanhood.
    • DianaWest

      how sad. you didn't get any until this age I assume? and most likely because you stopped working as a street sweeper.

    • DocT1977

      @DianaWest Based on your reply here, I am assuming that you took several turns on the cock carousel of the party girl life? I held out until a very late age. Yeah, I messed around with the party girls a little. Had nothing in common with them and realized my encounters with them were a big mistake. I just wasn't in a hurry to get any STD's. You shouldn't put people down for not choosing the same risks as you apparently have.

    • DianaWest

      @DocT1977 i'm a virgin, in a top university, and got there through studying hard and getting scholarships because my mommy and daddy did not have any money to burn. if you don't see a problem with someone who denigrates women and says they're worth shit after 29, there's something wrong with you, not me.

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  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    This is amazing! Simply amazing!

    More people should do a reflective Take after making a poll.
    I selected the "Equal" option, but never left a comment. Truth is I had to check if I had selected "Equal" or "Men". Meaning that if I had to chose one of the sides as the most bitter I would pick men.
    I guess due to see so more bitter guys here and more in life in general than what I see women.
    Still some of the women's comments that you shared here caught me by surprise. I guess even I am bias in some way. I need to cut guys a slack and to be in the lookout for girls more often.
  • angeliquedevereux2
    Love to see this, great MyTake
  • makriks
    It's almost equal, very interesting question.
  • Tamera952
    I think woman are the most bitter to other woman
  • SaraSmithishere
    Probably men. Women don't have a MGTOW equivalent.
    • Then what's feminism, Even hitler said it was in the name of God for good reason but everyone knows what it was.
      Feminism is no different they speak its for equality where in fact the name itself contains female and their actions are no different than what people perceive.

    • Feminism is about the closest and well known thing. But there is actually WGTOW. It exists. Look it up. As somebody associated with the actual, true MGTOW I actually respect true WGTOWers quite a bit. I agree with Aaron that feminism and equality are a bit hard to equate, because feminist is associated with feminine, therefore imbalanced, as masculinity is not a part of it, even though for true equality, it has to be part of the conversation.

      True equality means true equality, so:
      -If women earn more, they need to pay more
      -women should ask men out far more often
      -single men and women must be equally left alone if they don't want a relationship
      -women AND men should be able to do anything. No exceptions. That means zero stigma with either signing women up for selective service and allowing them to even be a super high position, like a top ranked marine general, if they prove deserving
      -on the other hand, men need to be able to have jobs dealing with kids if they chose to, with zero stigma whatsoever. That means male babysitters, male kindergarten teachers, male caretakers, etc MUST be treated no different than a female one.

      The issue here? Too many girls disagree with at least one of these, but claim to want equality. That won't lead to equality. That leads to matriarchy. Matriarchy and patriarchy both lead to disaster, especially if they are both going on at once.

    • lockster

      Feminism is for equality, MGTOW is just cry baby men who are crying about women behaviour. If everyone followed their ideology then no one is gonna reproduce

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  • MannMitAntworten
    Mine must have been the most innocuous comment...
    • McMillanD

      Like I said, I only used comments that held bitter tones. I did not see your comments as bitter but rather speaking in a factual, none emotional way.

    • I know. Just how I am.

  • blondfrog
    Would have to say its even in their own way.
  • Cryptic-Game
    It is probably about even.
  • NotAggainn
    Do women but they have tons of valid reasons to be
  • Stephen_77
    Women these days are worse than a virus
  • Anonymous
    Men. Women at least can go out after they’ve settled down from having multiple partners and retaliate against them if they become rich, don’t like them, etc... by alleging that they were raped and #Feminism will protect them as a minority no matter if they were in the wrong.
  • Anonymous
    Women. All women lie, cheat, and steal, and men are typically their victims.
    • lockster

      The same can be said for any gender. How many men have left their childs mothers?

    • Sbgirl

      Who you're describing are just generally jerks, and there's plenty of them of either genders. I'm a woman and I don't lie, cheat and steal. I've only slept with my boyfriend and am very respectful of him.

      As lockster above also noted, many men (including my own father) have walked out on their families. Also, many many men cheat too. Cheating, lying and generally being an idiot is not gender - specific. It sounds like you've just had bad luck with women.

      Ironically, whilst you're trying to state how bitter women are, you sound ridiculously bitter man.

    • RealGuel

      @lockster exactly

  • Anonymous
    Both and especially women.