Why the Threat of "Cancel Culture" is Just Reactionary Fear-Mongering

Many on the right have argued that cancel culture is a form of censorship being imposed by the censorious left. But the problem with that is that while the first amendment gives you the freedom to voice your opinion, it doesn't give you the freedom to use any platform you want to amplify it. You know, it's Alex Jones' Freedom of speech to spit his BS but it's also YT's freedom of speech to say we don't want this crap on our website (and saying that they have to would infringe on their first amendment right. Both sides have posed accusations of hypocrisy by bringing up the left versus right wing position of net neutrality but this doesn't mean the cases are comparable. Internet service providers get revenue via direct payments from their customers while social media sites get most of their profits from add revenue so the latter is going to be financially hurt by whom the provide a platform to so there is more hypocrisy coming from the right in this comparison but it doesn't end there.

There have been calls by right wing groups to boycott Star Wars for having a sexually and racially diverse cast for the sequel trilogy and that's just the tip of the iceberg. During the 2016 elections, many Trump sycophants' used death threats against journalists who spoke out against him with many using Holocaust references to drive the threat home against Jewish journalists.

Why the Threat of Cancel Culture is Just Reactionary Fear-Mongering

Today, it's arguably gotten worse because death threats against Dr. Fauci have become so severe that he had to beef up security.

And unlike boycotting death threats to silence someone IS a violation of their freedom of speech (in case you were going to cry "tu quo que"). I'm not going to pretend the left doesn't do this but given the disparity in politically motivated violence, it comes from the right more often:

Why the Threat of Cancel Culture is Just Reactionary Fear-Mongering

it's a pretty safe bet that these threats come from the right in the first place. On top of that, the left hasn't done anything remotely comparable to trying to silence the nations' leading epidemiologist during the deadliest pandemic in a century. But people who claim cancel culture is an issue also claim that now corporations can dictate which political messages people consume and try to manufacture hypocrisy by saying that people who are against corporate power are also in favor of companies having such power. But this argument is omitting one major fact: social media companies don't dictate what people see because there is no monopoly on social media. There are many social media sites and if you're ideas aren't provided a platform on any of them, that just means that they aren't competitive in the free marketplace of ideas. I mean the free market can't solve all of society's problems (healthcare, education, etc...) but it sure as shit can de-platform reactionary imbeciles. Now, you might argue that via a series of deals and secret connection, one administration has a de-facto monopoly on social media and for all I know you might be correct (and if so I think it should be broken up immediately). But if this is indeed the case and free speech is a forefront concern for you, leftist "outrage culture" is the least of your concern and your activist efforts would be better spent exposing and fracturing the conglomerate.

Why the Threat of "Cancel Culture" is Just Reactionary Fear-Mongering
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  • MountAverage
    Also, these right-wing cringebags keep making up new terms (usually something something "culture") for things that are nothing new, just so they can paint it as a new "threat". What they call "cancel culture" has been called "boycotting" before. Nobody called boycotts a threat before, but now it's a cancel CULTURE, help!!!
    And it's really ironic how they always whine about how the Left supposedly keeps creating new terms for things, when in reality it's them. Most of the supposed new terms created by the Left are actually anything but new. Toxic masculinity, trigger warnings, gender (as a distinct concept from biological sex) - these have all been described in literature and science papers decades ago. Nothing new. But terms like "PC culture", "cancel culture", "hookup culture", "[insert anything that triggers right-wingers] culture" - these are all fairly new made up terms.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Erobos412

      Those words in litterature and science papers are actually postmodernist, cultural and emotional Marxist studies aka critical theory. They are Marxism disguies as science and added to the litterature to push communist/Marxist interest and agendas by the left

    • @Erobos412 Let me guess. You jerked off to some Jordan Peterson YouTube videos and now think you're an "intellectual" or something. You're an idiot. Neither you nor Jordan Peterson even know what Postmodernism and Marxism really are (hint: they're kinda mutually exclusive). And by the way, this whole "Cultural Marxism" boogeyman of you right-wingers is nothing but a modern version of the Nazi's boogeyman "Kulturbolschewismus". You're parroting literal Neo-Nazi propaganda and don't even get it.
      And you will deny any scientific consenses that disagrees wirh your bigoted world view. Butto quote another unintentionally self-ironic hypocritice that you probably jerk off to, Ben Shapiro - science doesn't care about your feelings.
      So yeah, don't lecture me on subjects you know nothing about and go back to your YouTube University. Because that's the only place where you pseudo-intellectualism belongs.

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  • A more up-to-date chart of terrorist attacks
    A more up-to-date chart of terrorist attacks
    • But... but... but they're tearing down inanimate statues, they're the most violent ones!

    • @MountAverage Losers want their participation trophies.

    • Maybe if we brutally kick some trash cans during protests we can still win this race!

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  • I totally disagree that the left does it more than the right. What about BLM and Antifa leftists who loot, vandalize, terrorize and commit arson? What about leftist social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter banning, blocking and de-platforming any information that doesn't fit the official narrative? And it is those who wear muzzles and buy the entire covid fear agenda who practice "cancel culture" against those who don't buy the fake narrative. What about leftist LGBT activists who insist on bullshit like non-gender specific pronouns in classrooms and try to get professors fired for not being politically correct? Inventing something new every week to impeach the president over for fours years? There are many, many more examples. I
    Leftists, no, not leftists, Democrats are the queens of cancel culture. They are the ones who revile the Bill of Rights and engage in social engineering.

    I'm not a Trump fan and I have left-libertarian values, but I despise the Democratic party, corporate mainsteam media and the culture of giant social media platforms.
    I'm just calling it as I see it.
    • 1. BLM and the riots have nothing to do with cancel culture and whining about them is looking out at a world on fire and complaining:
      Why the Threat of "Cancel Culture" is Just Reactionary Fear-Mongering
      2. It's their platform and forcing them to provide a podium for someone they don't agree with would be a violation of their freedom of speech.
      3. Masks are protecting people's civil rights to carry out essential activities without the fear of contracting a deadly disease.
      4. Republicans are the pro corporate party.

    • And the right was saying if you don't agree with me (on things like invading a sovereign nation) you hate America long before anyone heard of an SJW.

    • Lliam

      No further need for discussion. Pointless. I'll just leave it by saying that we are polar opposites.

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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    To SOME degrees yes, it's overdramatic about the whole "cancel culture." On the other hand, have you seen the shit about Netflix's Cuties? Not that interested in the subject to see it myself, but from what it seems, there was a ad for it that was SUPER sexualizing of young girls so people FREAKED OUT before actually watching it and wanted to boycott, even though, it was literally an anti pedo documentary. It's like saying Wonder Woman endorses violence. Seriously?
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I don't care if cancel mobs are coming from the left, the right, or outer space-- I don't like them, I don't like how they operate, and I don't like how they play "moral policing" despite having no authority to do so. Speaking as a political moderate, I see B. S. spewed on both sides. Cancel culture can suck a dick, I don't care which side fired the first shots.
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    Anarchist here: Cancel culture is a direct form of censorship.

    Your argument is invalidated by my above statement.
  • hornyafbi69
    Cancel fucking cancel is literally in the name they want to tell me what I can and can't say then duh dumb ass tf is the first amendment again hmmm. Well try dictating my vocabulary and I'll introduce you to another amendment
    • The first amendment also gives you the right to call for the boycott of publishers who give a platform of views you disagree with.

    • A peaceful protest PEACEFUL means not a fucking riot where does the first amendment allow riots again?

    • Also maybe know FCC laws too "publishers" who who's twisted facts are detrimental to the public like lock downs riots etc. Guess what the FCC calls that? Oh illegal

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  • zagor
    Wrongo, bud. When people riot at UC Berkeley to prevent a speaker from appearing that is indeed suppression. Cancel culture is real, and denying it by pointing to the actions of some right wing nuts is just an attempt at deflecting.
  • Conspiracy_Theorist
    You have no argument, Democrats are the enemy of the United States. Get over it.
    • You just conjectured and you say I have no argument?

      Projection much huh.

    • You have no rights to have an opinion, bow down to your communist leaders bitch.

    • Or better yet, you accept your intellectual inferiority to the left and bow down before them.

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  • 007kingifrit
    1. it is a direct threat to our survival

    2. it isn't just the right as 63% of americans are scared to share their views https://www.cato.org/publications/survey-reports/poll-62-americans-say-they-have-political-views-theyre-afraid-share

    3. if we are going to use the internet as the new town square it should have the same rules as the town square, democracy depends on the sharing of ideas without consequence
    • 1. No it isn't.

      2. The poll said that they have political views that they are afraid to share, not that they are afraid to share any (or even most) of their political views.

      3. We do treat the INTERNET as the new town square (ergo net neutrality) but book stores in the town square don't have to carry anyone's book and social media sites don't have to give everyone a platform.

    • yes it is, cancel culture prevents us from engaging in what democracy is supposed to be.

      you didn't refute the study, just made tautological twist

      if the internet is going to be the new town square it must have the same rules as the town square, no consequences, nobody can shut down your speech

    • It doesn't prevent people from voting:

      Actually you misrepresented what was said by the argument.

      Yeah, thanks to net neutrality, service providers can't prevent people from accessing your website, but that doesn't mean you can use any website you want to spread your beliefs.

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  • The animosity towards "cancel culture" comes mostly from centrists though. Right wing people still use cancel culture for stuff they don't like. It's just that left wing does it even more so.
  • Feelicks
    I'm boycotting star wars because the writing was aweful. The fact that it's ham fistedly woke is merely annoying.
  • Not_Average
    While there’s every legal right to boycott a particular business, the question of justification comes to play. The boycott against Goya beans in my opinion is absolutely ridiculous. The left is becoming less and less tolerant towards others viewpoints on societal and political issues- so it makes sense per the current political climate that the woke left partakes in cancel culture more so than the right. You see evidence of this on popular social media outlets such as YouTube and Twitter. Youtubers have been getting bullied left and right and apologizing for things that they really shouldn’t have to apologize for. So yes, I understand that the right has done things similar, but it doesn’t compare to the magnitude of what the left is doing today in 2020.
    • The right has gone above and beyond by consistently threatening journalists for investigating topics they don't want investigated and they've tried to silence the nations leading epidemiologist in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in a century. I mean nothing the left did can compare to that because millions of lives are at stake.

    • I’d have to look into that more. I see the left doing it a lot more and I try to remain as unbiased as I can when trying to formulate a political stance. Maybe the left does it more often over petty issues and the right goes harder with the intensity on more serious issues.

  • Msgaïj
    French here.
    The fact that you think cancel culture is a myth or a righties thing tear down all the "history books" written by victorious nations upon defeated nations.
    As a French, gallic people were considered as hicks and illiterates in Roman empire's eyes after our defeat at Alesia.
    Or what could you say about Mongolians, which were barbarians in China's eyes?

    Nowadays, it's more delicate. But right people need to reunite in some website to freely talk about their politicals ideals, and are made ashamed of it by government. And what about the case of when people make fun of those righties who are often depicted as "weaks"?
    Cancel culture exist, and always existed and will always exist. The name change through years, until recently it was called "propaganda"
  • nerobyrne
    You ever notice how the people complaining about cancel culture are quite often doing it from a public platform?
  • Wewladdy
    Too long, didn't read. Back to my Julius Evola book.
    • Whats up with lefties and their walls of text.

    • @FackThePackers21 i know right? i always tell quid he needs to keep all ideas 2 sentences or less. short writing is a sign of a clear and focused mind

  • Fantastic_
    "Many on the right have argued that cancel culture is a form of censorship being imposed by the censorious left" ... Yes... because they're stupid.

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