My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.


This might be a very sensitive topic to some but I seriously don't care about how you might think, receive it or feel about it nor about me.

Immigration has been a very hot topic at least here in the U.S.A. before the Coronavirus took the headlines by storm.

I personally never really cared about politics, but all that changed when my beloved and patriot mom constantly harassed me almost daily about what was happening in our native Dominican Republic with its massive immigration especially the illegals aliens from mostly the neighboring country of Haiti which we have a very ugly history with them to begin with.

I got curious and finally decided to look into what my mom was saying and I couldn't believe it.

The country has a severe influx of migrants in particular the illegals ones literally all over the national territory.

I have seen videos of my Dominican patriot sisters on YouTube crying for what's happening over there.

Anger, fear, anxiety, and deep shame seem to be my constant mood, since I couldn't believe our own government will do such a thing, yet they did in betraying the country and it's people.

Since that ugly awakening I have been extremely against migration at least in heavy numbers especially illegal migration to any country!

Moreover, I found out this massive immigration problem isn't exclusive to the Dominican Republic but its also affecting a lot of other countries too especially Europe.

In this MyTake I desire to express my personal stance on migration and its devastating effects if gone unchecked.

We Aren't Animals.

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

We humans unlike animals have the ability to reason, to think rationally and behave with decency and order.

Laws are put into place to give us a sense of guidance, order and discipline on how we ought to behave in a society for the benefit and well-being of ourselves in our peers.

If laws are disregarded and ignored then we become uncivilized and are no less than the wild beasts of the lawless jungle where literally anything goes.

Please, understand immigration laws and the legal process must be strictly enforced; no country just can allow people when they don't know who they are, what's their occupation, why are they in the country to begin with, what's their name, what's their age, diseases they might be carrying, what criminal background record they might have etc.

Its severely irresponsible, stupid and extremely dangerous to expose your country and its citizens to foreigners who are undocumented and you don't know who they are and their intentions for being in your country in mass numbers. Its common sense, people. Use your brain.

Consuming The Resources.

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

Each country has its limited resources and budget to handle annually accordingly for its citizens.

Migrants in particular illegal aliens in masses are typically poor with low education or no formal education at all, tend to have overall bad health and will work for very low wages compared to a native who will demand fair payment for the job being required; hence the natives are often times left without work because the migrants will basically work for peanuts for the employer.

Moreover, migrants in masses occupied more public spaces, compete against natives in private business, consume health care attention and hospitals where natives sometimes can't find a chair to seat on or bed to receive treatment because its occupied by foreigners. (This is literally happening in the Dominican Republic).

Public library resources are also consumed such as books, computer time and the education system and school class is over flooded with foreign students taking up desks, books and attention away from native students with their teachers because often times they don't speak the native language or aren't just as intelligent in understanding a topic or task compared to the natives.

We Demand Our Rights?

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

Listen, its not the responsibility of a foreign country to make you happy, healthy, grant you native privileges and rights, pave an opportunity for you to reach your goals and career dreams etc.

Migrants often like to get aggressive and protest and demand rights in foreign territory, go harass and put pressure to your native country's president, senators and representatives to fix your hell hole of a country, to built a better health care system, education system, human resources and safer roads and reduce crimes etc.

If you're an illegal alien in foreign land, the only right you have is to be arrested and deported ASAP to your native country with a courtesy bottle of water and small bag of peanuts on your ride back home.

The Damn Racists Rhetoric.

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

A couple months ago I was watching the Democratic debate and one of the candidates (don't remember who it was) basically was saying deporting illegals was racists.

Now, how can a presidential candidate of a supposed 1st class country be such a moron who don't know the real definition of a racist nor cares about enforcing federal laws?

The racist rhetoric has been heavily beaten into the ear drums of the masses through politicans and media to make them feel scared to speak their minds lest they be accused of being labeled a racist, bigot or xenophobic.

I refuse to be manipulated, guilt trip and bullied into a corner for trying to stand up and speak against massive immigration which is actually an invasion of my country.

If I'm labeled a racist for the sake of defending my country's honor from massive illegal aliens then I'll be the racist poster child with great pride. Count me in!

A Ticking Time Bomb Waiting To Happen.

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

We as people as naturally are homogeneous, we tend to like to be around with people that look like us, speak our language, share a common culture, and share a common ethnicity and history because it has a special power to binds us together.

Massive immigration (except maybe the U.S.A. since it's only country in the world that is unique to being a huge melting pot and country of immigrants from literally every part of the world)

will eventually causes fear, suspicions, anger and tensions between foreigners and natives, because the natives will begin to sense they are losing their country, their honor, culture and traditions being replaced by foreigners who often times don't want nor like to assimilate to another's country customs and culture but rather keep their own culture and attitudes from their native land.

Such cases can brew into an ugly civil war between foreigners and natives if the status quo continues.

Diversity And Enrichment Actually Means Your Destruction.

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

The propaganda pushed by wicked, lying and deceptive politicans that inviting immigrants from countries who are very poorly developed and where the immense majority of their citizens live in mud huts, don't have up to date 21th century proper sanitation, no education, have unsettling mental and emotional disturbance problems, ill mannered mannerism, often violent is somehow going to enrich your country is a lie from the pits of hell.

Diversity does everything but enrich a country, on the contrary it just causes strife, unwanted financial baggage, debt, political unrest among all sorts of problems when you have a massive group of people that come from a country with a total different political landscape and religion than yours, customs and culture.


My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.

Listen, you seriously need to get involved in your country's politics and who you are putting in charge to have political power to govern your country because if you put a non patriot moron to govern you and your country the effects can be seriously dire for you and your children's future.

My Stance On Radical Immigration And Its Destructive Nature.
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  • jaybee281
    This is topic that i really like to talk about and usually I'm on the other side of the argument because people are usually stupid enough to be "with" immigration which is stupid especially when it's illegal and since that every individual doesn't even have a plan they just go to some other country thinking that they'll live the dream while it's the same shit while also causing trouble for themselves and those around them and most importantly the country itself and its economy and are still being accepted under the banner of "no to racism" which is blasphemous because it's illegal and most of them don't find jobs so they also end up doing illegal stuff while being illegal.. They are a liability to any country i also live in the states but originate from Lebanon in the middle east.. Our entire population is made 4 million lebanese with 3 million syrians now and a million palestinians that is why around country sucks due to overpopulation and due to the extreme looks on israel which is stupid (if we had israel as an ally we would have been a much better country) and the fact that our history with palestinians isn't good just like you guys with haiti and the fact that we still let them in makes me sick no wonder i left lebanon but the scary shit is that it's happening everywhere now but glad that trump is president because if it was hilary we would have been just like any other European country (like Europeans have the worst they have muslims who as soon as they outnumber their population will do exactly what they did in Iran and Lebanon and other countries which is to overthrow the "christian" or whatever it is power and turn it into a muslim country)
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  • Exterminatore
    First of all let’s use the proper term. It’s not immigration, it’s ILLEGAL immigration. Dropping the illegal part makes it seem as if there is no wrongfulness to simply inviting yourself into someone else’s country while ignoring the legal processes to do so, then leaching off social programs at the expense of the American tax payers.

    The issue is not one of race, nor is it one of the poor people wherever they may come from. It’s a matter of legal vs ILLEGAL.

    Here’s my stance. If we have a national crisis and over 2 million people have applied for unemployment in addition to having a now thoroughly destroyed economy how is it our government has money to take care of illegal foreign nationals, but not its own people?

    Whose to blame though? 1. The democrats for playing race and equality games and failing to enact and enforce legislation in states like CA for example. 2. The Republicans for the same reason and for assisting their cooperate friends by supplying a source of cheap slave labor. 3. The corporations and special interest who have supplied politicians with money, material aid and moral support to do this. 4. The illegals themselves for arrogantly strutting into another’s country and claiming they have a right to be here and all who oppose are racist.

    I hope the American people will remember who is responsible when the 1930’s era soup lines open and they’re all living in dwellings made of wooden pallets.
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    • Also forgot to mention... pretty damn good mytake.

    • Anoniemus
      But race isn't part of it. Many Latinos have been denigrated and are unfairly accused and judged as being illegal (even when they aren't), yet whites illegals don't receive the same treatment. And this is consistent.

      Racist boomer... lol. Typical.

    • First of all I’m Gen X. I ain’t no boomer.

      I don’t care where they come from. Weather their skin is brown and they crept up from south of the border, or their skin is white and they overstayed student visas or or their Asian and hot here in shipping crates. Send them all back.

      Stop playing race games. You just want as many people to be here and vote democrat as possible.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • kaylaS91
    Quite the well written piece!
    I agree with basically every point here. I’ve tried to voice my opinions to friends before but it’s really hard to as it feels like I’ll hardly be done with point one in protest the number of illegal immigrants when I’m usually cut off and called racist/cold hearted, etc..

    When in reality, this constant influx of migrants milking the system will ultimately lead to everyone living in subpar anarchy. Not to mention how it will continue to blur the lines between illegal immigrants and the ones who are willing to do so little as fill out the paperwork and wait for their turn. Rather than forcing themselves into a country in hordes and having the nerve to demand the same rights/security as is given to the hardworking, law abiding citizens who’ve been paying for such privileges for generations, in some cases.
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  • G3tAClue
    Thanks for the myTake. I see your point and agree for the most part. I also think the US of A needs a better immigration system. We are operating on an old very slow system where many people must wait years just to get a green card.

    I used to be very liberal and believed “yeah, let’s let them all in and give them free stuff.” When in reality, we wanted to treat immigrants better than our own citizens. We gotta think this through a figure out a better way to deal with immigration, especially mass immigration.
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    • Well said. It takes a mature and smart person to see their wrongs and adjust themselves instead of being hard headed and continue in stupidity.

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  • Jamie05rhs
    That was well said, man. I agree with you. Everything you said is true. Even in the USA, there needs to be an orderly process. You should have to check in and say who you are and where you're from. Otherwise it's just chaos. And I support immigration, too, but you can't have too many people that overwhelm the system and the infrastructure.
  • Massageman
    Great piece. Very well put.
    I was on a short-term mission trip to Haiti, and our prior church regularly sends short-term teams to the DR, so we've had to deal with issue firsthand. But I digress - - - -

    The "lawful road to citizen status" does need an overhaul. The cumbersome method should be made easier. In turn, it should be upheld with a much higher degree of rigidity. Illegals have one right - the right to leave ASAP!
  • JimboGB
    Bless your cotton socks, you haven't seen anything yet mate. You have little old Haiti to worry about, we have the whole of Africa on our doorstep and the Middle East just around the corner lol
    • They all including their descendants will be deported this year. A law was passed and upheld by the supreme court in 2013 that all illegals that can't prove legal residency or citizenship status going as far back 1929 will deported. They will going out way or a other or we will fight..

    • JimboGB

      At least your country has taken action to protect its people and livelihood.

    • If the former dictator grandson gets elected which he will most likely they are for certain gone. He clearly told them on stage when he was giving a speech they will be deported right in their face. He has balls.

  • R3DthatDude
    For the most part you’re right. But not everything is so easily black and white when it come to the United States border problem. I have been to the border and I have seen first hand what is going on. First of all Mexico has its own issue with cartel ruling the country causing chaos and making it unlivable for a reasonable parent trying to raise a family. Now let me tell exactly what goes on at the border. The Mexican cartel has full control over whether immigrants cross the border or not and where they cross. When the cartel lets them cross they use it as a diversion. I know this because I work with boarder patrol. The amount of traffic that has increased from the 90s up to now is insane. It has turned into a humanitarian crisis because BP is overwhelmed. The come with kids and children trying to cross and BP has to process them, but that takes time but still more come out of desperation for a better life. The legal process to get in the country is a joke and that’s where our political leaders have failed us. It will take a few years just to process 1 immigrant an opportunity to be considered to see a judge to determine if they can even put in an application to be a citizen. My quick answer send in the freakin marines to deal with the cartel because they are the root of the issue. This isn’t new this a problem that has accumulated and the shit has hit the fan. When people are desperate this is what happens like it or not. You can either not give a damn because your so patriotic and just complain or you can go do something positive to help because when human beings get desperate they turn on survival mode and could give little to shots about rules.
    • Spot on answer! Congrats. You are the only one I have read here that understands the source of the problem.

  • Jonathanlama
    I haven't read everything, lol but it seems that you are against immigration. In my country it is a very present subject. I am not against migrants, I think it is horrible to see people fleeing war or other and it is difficult for me to imagine other humans dying drowning. But I am in favor of a system which France had and which it has abandoned for at least 30 years and which is called assimilation. Assimilation is the abandonment of a part of oneself, of one's roots, to adopt the mores, the way of life, the history, the way of thinking of one's new homeland. It is an imperative hierarchy of belonging and cultural norms. A duty of discretion for religious practices. This assimilation was the key, according to the great historian Fernand Braudel, of the “painless integration” of these Belgian, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Jewish, Armenian, etc. immigrants, who, for a century, “quickly became confused in the tasks and the folds of our civilization while their cultures of origin brought an additional nuance to our complex culture ”.
    • Anoniemus

      Absolutely not. No one should forced to assimilate or be told to leave. The Indigenous people of the U. S. were forced to do so and it destroyed many unique cultures. What is wrong with people? You can coexist and have independent cultures in the same country.

  • douride2
    Spot on. I'm not against immigration. What I am against is the ILLEGALS that cheat the system sneak in then think we owe them something.
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    Please come to Europe, we get invaded by African refugees
    • I know. Its very bad over there. If a firm stop and massive deportation isn't put in place, Europe phenotype and culture will look very different in about 20 and 30 years from.

    • Our politicians in Europe handle the situation wrong. First they are too scared to intervene in the conflicts in Syria etc. and now they just let them in. Germany started that "welcome politic" crap because they feared having WWII flashbacks.

    • iOoko

      phenotype? so you are a racist. i'm not saying you're not allowed to be but quit tap-dancing around it.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Thank you. I appreciate articles like this. Although I know I am not really alone, this reminds me that I can count on someone besides myself to take a stand against forces that are harmful to the welfare of a nation.

    Besides my beloved USA, the Philippines is another nation I also consider home. Although the issues there may be divergent, they are, nonetheless, alarming. Having a "sell-out" government makes the fight even more hopeless.

    All these outcries for "rights" bullshit is just bearing down on every host nation. Have these selfish, exploiting outsiders no clue whatsoever that the rights of the legal citizens have been adversely & heavily affected too?
  • Glad we share the same stance on this, among the many other things on the list 👍🏻
    • Here we are on the point that immigrants get everything for free and we have to work hard. They are also not thankful at all and spit on our culture and laws. Its like laws are not for them. Also now in corona times, of course it's only immigrants who still gather is groups and do parties.

    • rbrancheau

      @Fromdusktilldawn OUT OUT OUT


  • Shamalien
    I went to the female opinions to see who was triggered...

    and none were 0.0

    g@g is a magical place, there are still dumb women on here, but less than anywhere else in the world that I've ever seen.
  • rbrancheau
    Someone get this man a microphone so we can all hear him PREACH the truth

    We tried being compassionate, we tried being welcoming, we tried diversity & inclusion... The results are in- It was a disastrous mistake. And everyone knows it.

    can't have a welfare system & poor borders because you'll attract unskilled, uneducated, ill-mannered, yet entitled migrants, who receive welfare disproportionately (without paying into the system) while being absolute ingrates.

    "But thats racisttttt" shut the fuck up. The adults are talking. We never asked for mass immigration, we never voted for it, if you come here illegally, you will be sent right back home, unceremoniously. If you dont like it, go pound sand.. back home.

    The USA is not the only country with diverse multiculture of immigrants.
  • DanoMR98
    This piece is so full of alt-right rhetoric, I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  • iOoko
    immigration is caused by the US and to a lesser extent other western powers, mainly the UK engaging in illegal and offensive wars that destroyed the countries immigrants come from. radical islam itself is fostered by the US and the UK, now mostly through their puppet dictatorship saudi arabia to oppose secular arab nationalism that wanted the profit from natural resources to be invested into their own countries. these wars are, as i said, illegal, and while immigration is necessary for many people to get a chance at a decent life, wars aren't. so my point is, why don't you pick on these wars and imperialism instead?
    • Shamalien

      The vast overwhelming majority of america is not for imperialism, but it's not right infront of our faces so it's easy to ignore

      This immigration thing is basically bringing the consequences of that imperialism right into our own backyard. Remember though that most of these immigrants aren't fleeing war, they just wanna reap the benefits of a way farther ahead society who's groundwork was laid by the hands of our forefathers and which is our birthright, not theirs. Personally, i ent even against immigration, im against government, if there were no taxes to be unfairly redistributed i wouldn't give a fuck who comes in and who doesn't (assuming i also have all the rights a person deserves that we are currently deprived of, like basically if i want to be left the fuck alone leave me the fuck alone and don't tell me who i need to do business with or interact with i choose my own companions)

    • iOoko

      @Shamalien immigrants, even illegals, pay more into taxes than they receive. they also commit less crime on average. i also don't believe there is such a thing as birthright. i'm glad most americans don't support imperialism. as usual the population is much wiser than the ruling class

    • Shamalien

      'immigrants, even illegals, pay more into taxes than they receive'

      That sounds like fking bullshit. I know for a fact that in Canada, this is not true. Also, when you just show up, you haven't been paying the entire time, so it's really not that fair when you think about it. Like if my dad and my daddy's dad and I up to this point in my life have been working for the money that built the roads, hospitals, and everything else, what makes you think you can just show up and be entitled to all this? I'm not saying you can't, I'm saying you'd better be damn grateful and understand where you stand and the generosity that is being extended to you.

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  • JesseTheMan
    This is pretty racist lol.
    • Thank You. It's a compliment for me.

    • If being a racist a compliment for you then your values might be a bit misguided.

    • In honor to defend my country from invaders makes me a racist? I'll be it.

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  • Anonymous
    I do understand where you're coming from as you are from the Dominican Republic and most likely have a lot of family there because you are more or less "Native". However, in countries like America, this is an unacceptable stance unless you are actually Native American.
  • Anonymous
    Fucking immigrants coming here and taking My construction job, you pay peanuts you get monkeys in this case Eastern European social welfare King's, with there tapout jumpers and slazenger bottoms and Lonsdale slip ons smoking rollie's outside tesco, wearing more gold than Mr T
  • Anonymous
    Interesting take. Do you think this upcoming recession is going further exasperate peoples hatred for immigrants?
    • Definitely. Rich countries through passed legislation will financially stimulate the devastating effects the Coronavirus has caused the economy but it will only bear it up temporarily; a deep recession is on the horizon.

      As for poorer countries they will be heavily hit the most as they are already struggling, government benefits will be on a premium, loss of jobs and frustrated people can turns things violent. And when you have a country full of migrants people will blame them too for their misfortune or for adding more to their social problems.

    • @anon

      Oh you mean hatred for ILLEGAL immigrants. Hopefully it will.