The rise of the Global Far Right and the politics of fear.

The rise of the Global Far Right and the politics of fear.

I remember it like it was yesterday, when it was infact a total of 27 days ago. I can't remember the weather, though it was probably cold and no not because I'm being poetic I live in New England and Early November tends to be kinda cold here that time of the year and twenty seven days ago we held our election and twenty seven days ago despite popular vote being over two million in favor of his opponent my country elected this man.

The rise of the Global Far Right and the politics of fear.

If you don't know who he is; Congratulations member of a previously uncontacted civilization and welcome to the modern world. For everyone else you know who he is.

Now for all you people who voted for him because of ISIS, or BLM, or Muslims, or drug cartels or some other vague scary threat that chances are astronomically high that you will never be physically harmed by. How does it feel? Do you feel safer? Are you less afraid of this vague scary thing? I goddamn hope so because that's what you voted about. You voted that way because of one particular emotion you voted out of

The rise of the Global Far Right and the politics of fear.

Now right now I've seen people saying, 'hey look at those stupid Americans.' Now look at the polls in Europe. Geert Wilders is currently leading polling IN THE FREAKING NETHERLANDS THE LAND OF WEED AND THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT AND HE IS FURTHER RIGHT THAN FUCKING TRUMP! Why is this happening? Its because of fear. Now yeah, some level of fear is understandable considering the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Europe this past year and the year before and no we've probably not seen the last of them. So you turn to the candidate that promises safety, economic prosperity and plays to those fears of terrorists and immigrants. Trump is a sign of how the future is going to go and the next few years are going to be ruled by the politics of fear, we saw this with Brexit and we saw this with the U.S elections and we are seeing it with the upcoming elections in Europe.

The rise of the Global Far Right and the politics of fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion, its the reason little kids think there are monsters in their closets. Its the reason that when you open the what is new to sell magazines that retail DVD sellers get every couple of weeks the biggest part of them is direct to video horror is the biggest part of it. (My mom worked at Barnes and Noble as an assistant manager and they sent the things to my house and continued to do so for three years after she left and I liked to look at them.) Hell its the reason I have a whole series of creepy mytakes all bundled with #CreepyHappenings (and do check them out. I personally like them the best of all my mytakes.)

Fear is a powerful emotion and these past couple of years humanity has shown that they are perfectly willing to elect people or make huge political decisions based on it.

So what do I want you to do, that's actually simple.

The rise of the Global Far Right and the politics of fear.

Hey don't give me that look, I said simple not easy.

The rise of the Global Far Right and the politics of fear.
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  • madhatters4
    you may want to read... and it's long this article

    it's pretty brilliant non-bias presentation on the rise of nationalism in the faces of globalism. essentially it points to globalism as a reason for nationalism in western countries. i thought it was really illuminating
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  • JenSCDC
    I don't think that's a good picture of Trump to use- it looks unfairly ominous.
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    • Waffles731

      That was his trump steaks picture wasn't it

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    is it really just fear though?
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    This is not only a completely bias and inaccurate statement but in fact is everything that got trump elected. Nobody voted for trump out of fear (or at least the incredibally vast majority didn't), they voted for him because Clinton was quite literally a criminal, by law she violated U. S. Security protocalls which while bad enough when ordered to hand over all emails she deleted 3000 of them which is destruction of evidence which is punishable by up to a maximum 20 years in prison and by extention obstruction of justice (for that and her many many lies about it in an attempt to obstruct the investigation) which can be any where between a fine and ten years imprisonment. So thats one very legitamate reason to not vote for Clinton. The other is that in 8 years of his presidency Obama has done very little and caused a lot of damage to the middle class, they where the majority in congress and had the presidency when Obama first started and they did nothing with it, except of course give away tax payers money to a banking system that destroyed the lives of many Americans (and only arrested one man who did nothing in comparison to the other banks. They didn't even actually make what they did illegal so the banks have gone right back to what they where doing when they destroyed the American economy the first time around while taking tax payer money for themselves.) Democrats then gave more money to the autoindustry which has still been shipping jobs elsewhere. They over taxed and ostricised the middle class etc. This is another reason. But the biggest reason is what your doing now. People are fucking sick and tired of self righteous liberal fucks telling them what they can do what they can think how they should think how they should feel how they should vote. They are tired of being told that they are evil and racist and stupid and rednecks and that they are sexist because they happen to have a difference of fucking opinion. They don't like it when people tell them that they are wrong for their beliefs and the only true way is to do what ever a liberal tells them because said liberal is convinced that they are too stupid and worthless to be able to decide what is best for them on their own. i. e. Trump was voted for because you and liberals like you (the majority of them saddly) are solipsistic self righteous bigoted dick bags who cannot grasp that maybe just maybe its okay to have a difference of fucking opinion.
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    • The saddest fucking part of all of this is that after all of this you would think you would have a moment of retrospection, think shit over and maybe consider that your actions where wrong, that everything that happened was a response to your and your ideologies abusive and bullying tendencies and learn from that and become better people. But what did you do instead? Rioted, assaulted people and doubled down on your fucking bigotry. How fucking pathetic is that?

    • Waffles731

      Really what damage to the middle class did the middle class have under Obama that wasn't present under Bush?
      The jobless rate is down
      The Stock Market recovered
      The housing market is on its way to recovery
      As for difference of opinion, seriously, you want to say liberals say its evil to have one but when you have Republicans trying to impose religious views on politics that claim really doesn't fucking stand up at all

    • Waffles731

      "Rioted, assaulted people and doubled down on your fucking bigotry. "
      I don't remember assaulting anyone, or rioting, I'd remember that.
      oh, please tell me exactly how I'm a bigot, do tell.
      I've seen plenty of hardcore conservatives call liberals bigots but none of them can back it up.
      "The saddest fucking part of all of this is that after all of this you would think you would have a moment of retrospection, think shit over and maybe consider that your actions where wrong, "
      Weren't you just telling me that its not evil to have a difference of opinion

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  • AleDeEurope
    You talk about people voting for the right because of fear... but we could also say fear is what made the other half of the population not vote for the right.
    "I'm literally shaking right now" "I'm scared to see Trump as president" "Waaaaaa"
    You were fed the stupid idea that Trump hates Mexicans, that he hates blacks, women, gays, lesbians, trans... basically anyone that is not white, straight, and male. Now you have millions of people saying how scared they are that Trump will deport them for being Mexican. Black people scared because of Trump. Gay people scared. Women scared... you've been fed fear and you've ate it like if it was a cake.

    You know the main reason people voted Trump? It was because of jobs. Yes, protection played a big role, but most people cared more about jobs.
    One of the biggest reasons the right is also gaining more supporters is because they want to stop all this bullshit of being scared of words. You have people being raped left and right in Europe, but the cops can't give a description of the criminal because it may offend some people.
    People also want them to be put first, not some stranger. If you're my president, I come first, then the neighbor, but don't put someone from another country before your own people. People want to preserve their culture, what made them great, and the left is doing whatever it takes to destroy that.

    So it's not just about "fear", that's the least of their concerns, it's about change, about moving forward not backwards.

    You fear the right and you're writing a Take about how the right is rising because of fear... at least the right has a real reason to be scared, you're just scared because you've been lied to..
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    • PT1911

      pretty freaking much. Its impossible for leftists like OP to see just how far off the deep end the left has gone, thus they can't fathom why the Blue Collar regions which were once proud democrat switched to Trump.

  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    They had a study on why some people are really liberal and other really conservertive and they found out that conservatives amygdyla is actually more active so they perceive more threats lol. Explains a lot honestly.
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      so, everyone in japan has a hyperactive amygdyla? is that why sex feels so good?

    • Waffles731

      Wait, don't japanese people have small penises?


      i don't carry a tape measure with me but the cardboard tube inside a tp roll? many are thicker than that. i've heard guys on here reference that term. it's actually quite hard to find a small one (amongst the guys who are my type) it's more common to find larger than average. i've always gone out of my way to find thin.

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  • Jager66
    "Why is this happening? Its because of fear"

    Nah, that's just what radical leftist want you to believe. You need to broaden your understanding of the issues as it's clear you have been drinking deep from the radical left's coolaid bowl of fear propaganda.
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    • Waffles731

      Honestly, it the Conservatives that have drank the cool aid

  • Izumiblu
    Its huge over generalization to say that people voted for Trump out of fear. I dont know anyone that actually is afraid of Isis, or BLM, or Muslims. Its aa type of generalization that is similar to say... all Muslims want to see the downfall of western civilization, or BLM only care about black lives.
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  • SwoopingHawk
    Meh. I voted for Trump out of love. Unlike Hillary, Trump loves America. He thinks that we're a special place and that we just need to stand up and dust ourselves off, not change who we are as a country, and that we don't need to be ashamed of our history. I voted for Trump because I want the wall, Mexico needs to be forced to lift itself up, not use the US as a safety valve for its working poor, allowing an eocnomy based on exploitation of cheap labor to exist and diluting American sovereignty and culture by refusing to integrate and come legally when there's a long line to get in legally (BTW if you take out the 3 million illegals who voted, a right for CITIZENS ONLY, Trump won the popular vote. The Washington Post, yes that leftist rag, did research in 08 and 2012 indicating that 14% of noncitizen residents in America voted in those presidential elections, and it's not as if a whole lot changed in the process this year). I voted for Trump because I want to see a country where Americans who don't want to go to college won't see the pool of dignified, meaningful jobs shrink due to outsourcing and the illegal immigrants who drive down wages. I voted for Trump because all lives matter, especially this dog the unborn. I'm not sure we can call ourselves a civilized nation with a straight face while we slaughter our young in batches. You know what, maybe my vote did have something to do with fear, as I think about some more of the reasons, but a fear stemming from logic, look what refugees have done in Germany, in Sweden. I'm afraid of a world where national sovereignty means less and less as the left insists more and more on globalization through the devaluation of borders and the praise for institutions like the UN. I believe that only the Antichrist and Jesus Christ will ever control the whole world, and I love America. Being that Jesus is not head of the UN, globalism is a no go for me, so Trump's America first policy was a huge sell for me, that's true. The point is, yes, I did vote out of fear. The world I can see around me isn't one I want for my kids when I have them. They deserve a stronger America, not a weaker America, and all the Americans who face challenges today have a right to an environment where they can work to overcome those challenges. When I pulled the lever, there were things I feared, but my main emotional driver was love for my country and family, not fear or hate, because I refuse to believe we can't build a better America and world.
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  • Johan__
    lol, I don't fear any of those groups. I'm unfortunately around Muslims, Mexicans, etc. on a daily basis, and the only thing I feel towards them is disdain. They're not a threat to me. I simply think they're unsightly and don't want them around.
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  • TheFlak38
    No mate. This is not because of fear. It's the natural reaction to unnatural politics. You really thought that Europeans would just sit down and accept their own displacement in their ancestral homelands? Are you that naive? It is not mere coincidence that Western European nations are suffering from the same enforced agenda of multiculturalism backed up by a legal system that criminalises opposition and a media that demonises that opposition (like Trump, BREXIT etc)
    The majority of whites do everything possible to get away from your "diversity" and self destructing politics not realising that no matter where they go 'diversity' will follow unless they understand that those imposing it upon them need to be dethroned.
    'Diversity' is a state enforced social construct designed to displace the majority population gradually. White people are beginning to see through the lies and the attempted moral shaming.
    What you show here is the panic coursing through the anti-white system. You know that racial and cultural consciousness among whites is growing as a result of what you have done and have the audacity to denigrate those who do not conform to their own demographic destruction.

    What this shows is that white people are now beginning to ignore the pathetic labels used against them in an attempt to morally shame them into voting a certain way. They are now starting to understand how and why these labels are used and how disarming them renders them and the ideology that uses them useless.

    Whites across the Western world are finally starting to see what has been done to their nations under the banner of 'diveristy' and 'enrichment' and they see the deceptions that have been used to manipulate them.

    Europeans everywhere are beginning to realise that they have interests specific to themselves as Europeans, interests which do not include the demographic destruction of their nations pushed and supported by the globalist and Cultural Marxist coalition. They are now beginning to see the lies of the left who have sold them out to forced multiculturalism and they are turning to Nationalism in their droves. The days of the treacherous left are finished, like a diseased body they will die a slow death consumed by poison. Nationalism is the new and healthy ideology that is emerging from the nightmare of kosher globalism and the subversion of the Judeo Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.
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    • Europe, we are the seedbed of civilization! We need to take back our lands from the hoards of black and brown peoples

  • jcoldstream
    In Scotland the only people who fear the political right are the champagne socialists who thought that they had a privileged place in our democracy. It has come as a shock to them that a majority is fed up with their crazy love of non-selective education, mass immigration, public spending cuts, membership of the European Onion and devastatingly high unemployment.
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  • PiuBravoRagazzo
    doesn't every politician run on the basis of fear?
    Hillary did, Bernie did, and every other candidate did. But when People vote Trump, they are fearful. People have a lot to be fearful of. Illegal immigration into the United states and lack of border security is a huge threat. Billions of dollars worth of drugs pour into the united states every year. These drugs are pushed through low-income communities and used to fund gangs. The addicts within these communities end up becoming reliant on drug dealers and gangsters.

    I think wanting to "Build a wall" and increase border security is only logical. It is a positive reaction to this fear.

    As far as trying to put a ban on muslims. I think this reaction makes sense to be completely honest. If we can't properly vet them, we shouldn't let thousands of "refugees" in, from all over. I am not saying every muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists from the middle east are muslims. A ban is extreme, but I think having a more rigorous vetting process is a matter of national security.

    BLM, Is another plague on society, used to weaponize blacks against whites and create division within the United States. It has no real aim or purpose and won't accomplish anything. Anyone who supports BLM should support Donald Trumps immigration policies because they specifically benefit most black americans.

    Hardly an influencer, your tag should say "Indoctrinated" or "Ignorant" You didn't even address how the left aided to the rise of right wing politics and its growing popularity. And you belittled the main reasons why people voted for Trump, and the main responsibility of the president. TO MAINTAIN NATIONAL SECURITY.

    What do you make your political decisions based upon?
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  • Darkfairie17
    I still can't believe he won. I definitely think fear had some part in this whole thing. But that's basically what a lot of political things do. They distract the public to get their own agenda in progress. At least that's how I see things.

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  • menina
    I've been thinking about this. The situation is pretty scary, the future is uncertain. And I'm seeing my dreams getting crashed and my life coming to an end...
    I just wonder what's going to happen next.
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  • _HimigNgKalayaan_
    Well Austria's Far-Right candidate Norbert Hofer just lost in presidential election. So global right populist rise had a set back.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    what a bunch of bullshit i see in this take. people voted for the right because the left has failed. did you really think that extremist leftism wasn't going to stimulate the growth of a counter culture? if you think it wouldn't you are a fool.
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  • bedroomdweller
    You're acting as if Trump had a zero policy/zero proposals campaign. I made a take a while back on why I chose Trump. His proposals where the reason why I preferred him far more than his propaganda. Maybe it was a combination of policies and ideals that draw me to the guy. But the fact that you state people chose him because of "fear" os ridiculous and quite a generalization.
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  • gobsmacked3
    the greater concern is the absence of the Left or even the Centre Left of politics

    it is very apparent now, in fact for a Generation now that Politics is either Far Right or Centre Right. Australia is very damning in this regard
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  • Love_Is_Eternal
    And yet thick dimwits like you would rather have a crook like Hilary in power. What scares me the most is not people like Donald Trump, but the stupidity of people like you.
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  • NearlyNapping
    You have absolutely no clue what the hell you are talking about. You are rambling on and on about total nonsense.
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  • Jersey2
    It isn't fear. You can't tell me why I voted for him because you don't know. Fear is what you want to believe it is but that doesn't make it so. Fear is what you feel, not me.
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    It's a sad day when the emergence of a right wing Europe is a reality
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  • disgustingweebtrash
    I'd vote Trump just to piss off the SJWs and the radical left in general.
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  • Dred1614returns
    Very interesting read. You seem to have omitted Marine La Pen.
    • Good news for you, Norbert Hofer was defeated in Austria. Not all of Europe is moving to the far right.

    • Waffles731

      Austria already elected an austrian george bush recently

  • Josht13
    Sometimes fear is justified.
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    • Josht13

      Also the left is more of a fear monger I mean how many of them were like oh we are all fucked if trump is there and I'm leaving etc.

  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    The fringe left propaganda is sad.
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  • Maxemeister
    It's like a whole new Iron Curtain
  • Kelfuma
    This is an excellent world development.
  • Anonymous
    Feminists work on fear, violence and abuse.
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  • Anonymous
    Both sides of the American political spectrum use fear tactics. I have seen some people compare Trump to Hitler. Or they say he is going to use a nuclear bomb. That is using fear tactics. Both sides use fear tactics.
  • Anonymous
    I see a lot of fear in the left too. They're the ones who are the most emotional, crying, needing safe spaces to deal with their feelings.

    There's a lot more to it than fear though, the shift towards the far-right I mean. The left have just gotten a bit silly, too ridiculous with their demands and too blatant in their anti-Western, anti-white ways. While the left accuse the far right of scaremongering over Muslim terrorists, BLM, feminism, don't the left also do the same for white people, (straight) men and Christians? Yes they do. But these Western countries are full of white people and Christians who are tired of being demonised in their own countries and being treated as second best.
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  • Anonymous
    thans for sharing
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  • Anonymous
    I'm not scared of minorities, immigrants, muslims, or other classes... I'm scared of liberals... minorities, muslims, and immigrants, just happen to usually be liberal.

    For the record I really don't like liberal whites more than liberal blacks and muslims, does that make me a racist or is it ok since they are just white people?

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  • Anonymous
    "Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it."

    Our schools teach fuck all about politics, history etc.
    My high school spent two classes on ww2. We will defanately have another ww2 because we know fuck all about it. People don't know the dangers of electing a shady lier full of hate.
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    • Waffles731

      I think we can both agree that we won't have another world war two by virtue of ww3 coming after ww3
      Actually considering that the War of Spanish Secession can probably be considered the real first world war, The 7 years war the real second world war, the Napoleonic wars a third world war, which makes world war one actually world war 4 and world war 2 actually world war 5 which means the next world war would actually be world war 6

    • Anonymous

      Ya but then you factor in the crusades and we're up to ww17 or something lol. I don't know because we learned shit in school.
      Whatever it is, the 84 million who were killed globally in 'ww2' will be a drop in the pan with today's tech and enormous disposable populations.

  • Anonymous
    If fear is the enemy then why do so many liberals scare people into believing that anyone who disagrees with them is a racist/homophobe/sexist? Even you, ffs!

    Trump, unlike Clinton, repeatedly denounced the KKK, its leaders, and other far right groups. And yet here you and your other far Left Liberal Demagogues are still saying he's racist/sexist etc, trying to get people to not support him OUT OF FEAR! You say if you vote for him you are stupid and others will call you stupid. Guess what? You are using fear! You want to criticize those who use fear, criticize the man in the mirror!
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    • Waffles731

      When the KKK celebrates Trump in the streets it doesn't matter if he denounces them.
      And if it does and you bring up robert byrd ,"Byrd also said, in 2005, "I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times... and I don't mind apologizing over and over again. I can't erase what happened."[13]"

    • Anonymous

      Your source for the quote? Also source for "the KKK celebrates Trump in the streets"? Or just more fear mongering? Even if it is true, Trump denounces them, that's not ok, but Hillary's friend denounces them, and you believe him? You are being extremely stubborn and partisan.