The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites


Let us examine the violent Left's fascist hypocrisy in picture form. 2020, vs 2021.

Oh and keep in mind: terrorism is violence against civilians for political goals. Such as burning down cities and looting businesses to try to make them support BLM.

The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites
The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites
The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites
The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites

Leftist reaction to billions of damage in arson, looting, burning down government buildings, drivers dragged out of cars and beaten, historical monuments destroyed, mobs trying to storm the White house? OVERJOYED!

BLM TERRORISM overjoys Kamala!
BLM TERRORISM overjoys Kamala!

Trump protest, where protestors didn't even vandalize Nancy Pelosi's office beyond having feet propped on her desk? Zero buildings burned, zero stores looted?

The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites
The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites


The simple reality is the Left wants opposition dead and imprisoned. That's literally all there is to it. Their burning down government buildings and causing billions in damage, trying to blind and kill police is justice, and you protesting is white privilege terrorism and you should go to prison forever.

The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites
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  • Anonymous
    "Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting"

    It's fucking hilarious how starkly different the headlines are from the Left when the violent protestors are Righties versus Lefties. If the assholes who stormed the Capitol last week had been protesting AGAINST Trump, but every other detail was the same, the media coverage would have been night-and-day different.

    Leftists are the most dishonest, hypocritical cunts in America today.
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    • Amen! And they can't even discuss issues civilly! They just hurl insults, call names and sound angry!

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  • Smoke-n-Growls
    The fact you can't distinguish who are the facists between these two events just showcases how brainwashed and uneducated you are.

    Dude, your country and the party you clearly support have failed to prepare you for the real world. But you're - supposedly - an adult. Which means you can learn for yourself and by yourself, now.

    Pick up a book, sometime. Learn a few things. It'll help make you stronger, mentally. Pick up meditation and put away your search for a second Parler.
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    • Aww look people, a sad little terrorist sympathizer trying to make excuses for 2 billion in arson and looting damage alone. This is the sort of person who acts all holy but then cheers as civilians are attacked and terrorized and cities get torched to the ground and police officers blinded.

    • I mean, I wasn't cheering when alt-right terrorists killed an officer live on national television. Nor was I cheering when Trump had peaceful protesters gassed, shot, and brutalized to take a photo in front of a church that didn't support him with a Bible held upside-down, either.

      But you tell yourself what you need to, special boy. Don't forget Orange Daddy loves you very much.

      Remember to kiss his photo before bed and say ten Hail Melanias to ward off the libtard bed bugs.

    • Awww look folks, the terrorist sympathizer repeats the media mantras and tries to ward off enemy spirits. She prays that she will see cities burning again for a black thug who threatened to kill a pregnant woman and maybe she will get to loot a walgreens.

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  • 007kingifrit
    yes they completely reversed the standards in only a few months and they have no idea what terrorism is and they are blowing this massively out of proportion after ignoring the black supremacist riots for 8 months and 1000 buildings burned down

    we can't live in peace with these monsters
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    • We literally cannot. Because it's only a matter of time until they show up in our neighborhoods setting buildings on fire.

    • yea its them or us, first things first. those social media sites must be stopped

    • Reverse racism at its finest lmfao XD you're all laughable

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  • MecheD
    The issue is different not once did BLM claim joe Biden in fact he attached himself to it. They were marching / protesting / and rioting over the fact of someone getting killed for an offense that isn’t deemed punishable by death. The people have had enough. And I’m sorry but even if so riots over a death versus a popularity contest is a bs argument. Try something else my guy. And god bless you
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    • MecheD

      * that the cops of that incident deemed punishable by death

    • Aww folks another terrorist sympathizer who has no problem with terrorism against innocent civilians for a black thug who died of a drug overdose after trying to use counterfeit cash. See folks, that right there is the sort of person who loots a Macy's and would have no problem beating a you to death after dragging you out of your car.

    • MecheD

      Wrong guy... but if that’s the feeble mind you possess in life as we know it we’re doomed. Pure clown 🤡 I’ll pray for you

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  • hellacray
    Lol yeah this is why people confuse me.

    Sure what they did was uncalled for and wasn't right. But compared to the blm riots this was down right pleasant.

    It's pretty funny to even call this a riot or terrorism.
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  • bro25
    So are you going to keep saying terrorist sympathizers or come up with maybe a actual unbiased fact from both points of view? Police have been killing innocent people of all races for a long time vs some sudden rise of conservatives getting angry over a false accusation of voting polls because if it was a constant issue such as police brutality, everytime a republican is in office they would think the election process is fraudulent. Also do research on peaceful marches in the past where people were getting beat or sprayed by the local departments they were supposed to put trust in. Let's go to the sit-ins. They simply wanted to be serve but people were violent because they didn't want blacks to even feel like they had the same luxuries. At the sit-in there was a black employee but he wasn't allowed to eat there. Isn't that crazy? You can cook food, serve it and make money for a company but you can't dare taste it? Hippocritical. You can be black and serve for the nation, go to school, pay taxes, and still not be safe in a community that you were protecting in service so they can live safely? Then you come back and get killed either by the "protectors" or the community because you aren't wanted. That is the difference between the lives of people mattering vs some political campaign stunt. There is no comparison between the 2 so why even try to compare? It's like comparing making a sandwich to rocket engineering it makes no sense to compare each other. You don't have a problem with the other political parties you have a problem with equality it shows.
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    • @bro25

      "Police have been killing innocent people of all races for a long time"

      Yes, and it is appalling every time it happens. The most severe murder by cop case took place in Dallas Texas when a black man was murdered in his own apartment by a white female cop.

    • 1031ent

      Looks at the difference in response by the police at both protests. Clearly the police treat white people differently. If they didn't nobody would have made it into the capital.

    • @1031ent

      When it comes to white girls throwing a temper tantrum on the world stage that will always be the case.

  • Dongtai
    One day people will wake up and realize how ridiculous these different parties are. We're all on the same team and so are they despite what they show on the media. The difference is they make the laws and systems and we follow them. It's absurd to have different parties. We should work in harmony to make the best choices.

    Hopefully it's not too late by the time people understand this.
  • Nalix
    Both sides are, of course, but the Left has control of media to the point where it shamelessly pretends not to. The Right has plenty of shame, the Left says that it should, but both push authoritarian scariness that the entire American people should oppose.

    Unfortunately both sides don't seem to mind it when their own side does it.
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  • ___nik
    fascism has always been, if we're going into political science, on the right. and the MOST U. S terrorism comes from alt-right groups and right-wing terrrorism, about 63% to be exact. so the next time you try and say we're the violent ones, check your own spectrum.
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    • I call "bullshit". Cite your evidence.

    • ___nik

      @joeblow123 literally google fascism's definition lmao. check any political science textbook, any dictionary website, any article that has fascism, its an extreme right ideology. if you're talking about how you want evidence that the right makes up 63% of U. S terrorism, here's the article: https:// en. wikipedia. org /wiki/Terrorism_in_the_United_States

    • J9inva

      Look up National Socialism. Thats a left ideology. Also, whats another word for National Socialism? Nazi!

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  • Wade8888
    "Woe unto them... which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him."

    Uh, Oh, Trump supports. Donald Trump notoriously falsely accused all sorts of people, and he especailly falsely accused a news anchor of murdering his wife. The Law and the Prophets says the LORD has punished Trump with Demon Posessesion, explaining why he has lost his mind over the past year or so and become more and more disturbed.

    Do not justify rioting and lawlessness, and do not falsely accuse one person to another.
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    • Aww look people, it's like the fainting goats who cried when people accused Ted Kennedy of being responsible for Mary Jo Kopechne dying

  • Dweezil
    Hitler silenced the media in the 1930s. So did Stalin.

    Over 100 million people were killed by Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

    Mao sent his people into re-education camps.

    AOC and Eugene Robison have said Trump supporters need to be re-educated and deprogramed.

    Sounds eirely like Mao's camps.

    So tell me who are the Nazis and Communists?
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    • ___nik

      nazis were an alt-right germany party, communists were a leftist party, and neo-nazis are conservative and also right wing. you sound really stupid

    • Dweezil

      The Nazis were National Socialists. A variation of socialism.

      You sound stupid for not knowing what you are what you are talking about.

    • ___nik

      im just going to copy-paste this from another response i did
      before hitler joined the party, it was still on the conservative side of german politics, but worked for equality for its workers, hence the name "socialist." as hitler popularized the party more and more, it became increasingly right-wing and hitler even petitioned to take the "socialist" out of the party name since it didn't fit his ideals, however it was still in the name because german officials believed it would draw in workers that joined left wing parties with that ideology in the name, even though there were no actual traits of socialism in the party whatsoever. and you're argument doesn't even make sense because the Nazi's primary rival parties were the Communist Party (KPD) and the Social Democrats (SPD) which were both left wing groups.

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  • kingofthellamas
    I know it's tempting to join the dots between BLM and the recent events but its worth remembering, one is a building of critical governmental importance. The argument is not symmetrical.
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    • @kingofthellamas

      I am swayed by the facts and only the facts. There is evidence that antifa and blm innocent homeowners in St. Louis.


    • . There is evidence that antifa and blm terrorized innocent homeowners in St. Louis.

      Left or right I'm sure we can all agree an "edit" button would be great and appreciated.

    • @joeblow123 I'm sure what you say is true. But my point is that trying to take over a function of government is in a different category. They're very different events for that reason and so a comparison shouldn't be made.

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  • Bat-Perv
    The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites
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  • Guffrus
    You should really change your name to 'DelusionalMale'.

    A good rule of thumb is if you are starting any sentence with 'the left or the right' you are a moron.

    Why dont you pull your head out of your ass and actually start understanding the political spectrum for the first time in your life, its way past time.

    Then you might understand for example that the right to bear arms is a liberal position.
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  • chubbycrow
    the difference is one resulted in a breach of a government building over a vote and stopped a government process
    the other was over the murder of a man who's treatment was thought of as injust

    overall I feel both were wrong
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  • ZenDracula
    One escalated because racist murders that have been going on for centuries. The other one escalated because a crybaby couldn't take that he lost the election.
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    • How the fuck can you even prove any of them were racially charged? Oh because you probably think "all white people are racist" and any action of law against a black person, guilty or not and regardless of how violent the crime, is a victim of the evil "systemic racism" and should be forgiven of all misdeeds because whitey bad.

      And by the way you brainless cunt, the election was stolen with mountains of evidence to prove it. But I'm sure you'll site your liberal media overlords to contradict and silence that sort of evidence.

    • @ZenDracula

      "One escalated because racist murders that have been going on for centuries."

      You guys make us look like amateurs.

      "The other one escalated because a crybaby couldn't take that he lost the election."

      The election was rigged. There are several eyewitnesses who swore under penalty of perjury that they witnessed ballots being altered or lost. If Trump had legitimately lost he would have accepted it.

  • lanadelrey25
    Agreed! And please put a trigger warning if you're gonna have a photo of Camel harris up close like that...*shivers*
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  • I_Can_Help
    Sucks to be you.
    Haha. You lost.
    Haha. You lost.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    When the left protests, it's always communism

    When the right protests, it's always patriotism


    The Social Dilemma. Look it up. Deprogram.
  • lucas262
    It won't be until trump leaves office that the time for talk is over, either we will sit back and watch a tyrant take over or we'll bleed for it as our forefathers have
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    • A tyrant already took over and his ass just got impeached for a SECOND time! after his ass and the Insurrectionist criminal fascists disguised as pro American "Patriots" are thrown in prison for treason again America , America shall finally heal itself from 4 years of Trumpian racism and chaos.

    • lucas262

      Spoken like true fool.

    • lucas262

      Spoken like a true fool.

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  • Massageman
    We're working for a living to pay all those taxes into the welfare system, and just don't have the time to burn things down.
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