Radical Islam and the Radical Right Wing


As I'm sure many of you have heard by now of the terrorist attack in Nice (pronounced niece) France.

There is absolutely no doubt that this was the cause of Radical Islamic terrorism, a phrase Barack Obama can't seem to say.

The issue with not calling Radical Islam by its name is that you treat Daesh as just a bunch of thugs with rocket launchers when in fact they are a group based of a perverted interpretation of Islam.

By saying Radical Islam we acknowledge that their version of Islam is contaminated and that we must stand with the 80% of the Muslims world wide who oppose them and who are always their first victims.

The Quran is not an easy text to understand, partially because of the inaccurate English translation and people taking quotations out of context.

You can see some of the most common misinterpretations explained on



At the same time just as the Bible has passages that are outdated and have no place in modern society so does the Quran. With most religions people pick and choose the parts they like and don't follow the parts they don't like.

The difference between Islam and all the other religions is that there is a big group of people ranging between 20-25% of the total Muslim population that subscribe to the extremist views in the Quran, they are called Islamists. Out of all Muslims however, less than 1% will actually be involved in terrorist attacks, they are called Jihadists.

Here is the story of a former Islamist Maajid Nawaz who is currently fighting against Radical Islam.

On the other side non-Muslims are also fighting back against Radical Islam. A popular figure in this fight is Tommy Robinson. He has seen Radical Islam affect his community first hand, with criminals being able to avoid punishment because of political correctness.

However an issue that he noticed and I'm noticing more often is that in many cases, Nazis often times infiltrate groups that oppose Radical Islam and turn these peaceful groups into hate groups that target all Muslims as well as any other group of non-Whites or people they don't see as 'pure'.

These hate groups become a recruitment tool for Jihadists. Every time there is a terrorist attack like the one in Nice I will see people writing or making videos saying Islam is evil. These provocateurs who wish to start a war between Islam and the West are very dangerous. For now they don't have too much power but as we see with the growth of populist candidates both in Europe and the US people are more likely to hold Islamophobic views instead of addressing the real issue of Radical Islam. These candidates also give them the feeling that their views are acceptable even though the candidates usually are in support of working with Muslims and not about putting them in internment camps as some of their fringe followers would like to believe.

We need to fight Radical Islam, with both books and bombs. We need the media to actually show the efforts of moderate Muslims who are fighting against Daesh both on the ground in Syria and ideologically.

You can see a list of responses from Quora of the many ways Muslims oppose Radical Islam below


Islam has a long way to go when it comes to reforms. Too many people still believe in punishments for apostasy, infidelity and fornication.

At the same time, we cannot succumb to blind rage and paint all Muslims with a broad brush since we would be doing Daesh's work for them.

I hope you enjoyed my myTake and learned something from it.

Do your own research when it comes to this issue. I have just only scratched the surface and hope to learn more about it.

Radical Islam and the Radical Right Wing
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