Radical Islam and the Radical Right Wing


As I'm sure many of you have heard by now of the terrorist attack in Nice (pronounced niece) France.

There is absolutely no doubt that this was the cause of Radical Islamic terrorism, a phrase Barack Obama can't seem to say.

The issue with not calling Radical Islam by its name is that you treat Daesh as just a bunch of thugs with rocket launchers when in fact they are a group based of a perverted interpretation of Islam.

By saying Radical Islam we acknowledge that their version of Islam is contaminated and that we must stand with the 80% of the Muslims world wide who oppose them and who are always their first victims.

The Quran is not an easy text to understand, partially because of the inaccurate English translation and people taking quotations out of context.

You can see some of the most common misinterpretations explained on



At the same time just as the Bible has passages that are outdated and have no place in modern society so does the Quran. With most religions people pick and choose the parts they like and don't follow the parts they don't like.

The difference between Islam and all the other religions is that there is a big group of people ranging between 20-25% of the total Muslim population that subscribe to the extremist views in the Quran, they are called Islamists. Out of all Muslims however, less than 1% will actually be involved in terrorist attacks, they are called Jihadists.

Here is the story of a former Islamist Maajid Nawaz who is currently fighting against Radical Islam.

On the other side non-Muslims are also fighting back against Radical Islam. A popular figure in this fight is Tommy Robinson. He has seen Radical Islam affect his community first hand, with criminals being able to avoid punishment because of political correctness.

However an issue that he noticed and I'm noticing more often is that in many cases, Nazis often times infiltrate groups that oppose Radical Islam and turn these peaceful groups into hate groups that target all Muslims as well as any other group of non-Whites or people they don't see as 'pure'.

These hate groups become a recruitment tool for Jihadists. Every time there is a terrorist attack like the one in Nice I will see people writing or making videos saying Islam is evil. These provocateurs who wish to start a war between Islam and the West are very dangerous. For now they don't have too much power but as we see with the growth of populist candidates both in Europe and the US people are more likely to hold Islamophobic views instead of addressing the real issue of Radical Islam. These candidates also give them the feeling that their views are acceptable even though the candidates usually are in support of working with Muslims and not about putting them in internment camps as some of their fringe followers would like to believe.

We need to fight Radical Islam, with both books and bombs. We need the media to actually show the efforts of moderate Muslims who are fighting against Daesh both on the ground in Syria and ideologically.

You can see a list of responses from Quora of the many ways Muslims oppose Radical Islam below


Islam has a long way to go when it comes to reforms. Too many people still believe in punishments for apostasy, infidelity and fornication.

At the same time, we cannot succumb to blind rage and paint all Muslims with a broad brush since we would be doing Daesh's work for them.

I hope you enjoyed my myTake and learned something from it.

Do your own research when it comes to this issue. I have just only scratched the surface and hope to learn more about it.

Radical Islam and the Radical Right Wing
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  • Omar5881

    Completely agree , just one small explanation
    The punishments in Islam like killing the infidels and so are just out there as a warning of how dangerous this sin is , but let's see has ever our prophet killed someone because he didn't believe in God? Nope
    Theré was once a man told the prophet he is gonna be a Muslim and after a few days he came back to the prophet and told him I am taking my word back in won't follow this relgion or this god of yours , the prophet told him go on then live your life he didn't say go kill him or so he left him

    Let's say the quran says a story from the prospective of knowing and telling a story not as an order isis and so take this story telling and turn it into an order that's why they r wrong

    Isis and so bend the understanding relgion texts into stupid understanding that even disagrees with the languages ( Arabic ) and disagrees with the basics of the relgion
    Our main rule in Islam is that humanity comes first nit relgious comes first , so if fasting hurts someone he doesn't fast at all. And great take i liked it

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    • Thank you.
      I like many have concerns when it comes to the Quran's more radical passages.
      I do not believe that theft should be punishable by having someone's hand cut off or that adultery should be punished by giving a person 100 lashes.
      It is these more extreme parts of the Quran that I believe need to be removed.
      Daesh takes these extreme parts and makes them to be the most important part of their administration.

    • Omar5881

      You can't temove from the quran the problem is you think wrongly not like you you like the west generally lol , our relgion us based on many things one of them is the quran you dint get the sentence only from the quran

      Theft not all cases the caliphate omar ibn Al katab stopped that because it wasn't compatible with his countrys cases because there was a poverty that reached the muslim lands so he stopped that sentence

      And about adultery you don't take people from thier homes and lash then because they made adultery NEVER HAPPENED AT ANY AGE , this is for the person if And only if the person wants to get the floges to make a pure repent he does its not like a crime we punish for it goes to the person

    • I'm sorry I don't understand what you wrote.
      The way I see it is if a part of the text is incompatible with society, either remove it or teach people not to follow it. For some reason, many Muslims believe that each passage serves some sort of purpose even if it is draconian and I think that needs to change.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rissyanne

    I agree with this. It is radical Islam. The left is so afraid of offending them. We are drowning in political correctness... it will just get more people killed.

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  • Mustachekitteh

    Lets just call them extreme sociopaths instead of bringing religion into it. To me the dude that killed the people in Nice was just some sociopath.

    Didn't say psychopaths because their not intelligent enough to be considered as that. XD

    • You can't just call them terrorists or psychopaths without seeing where they're getting their ideas from.
      That is a part of the problem.

    • Their not psychopaths because people that fit into that are OCD, above intelligence, and try to do things in the shadows.

      Again to me that dude in Nice was just a sociopath that wanted people dead.

    • So just him as a sick human being and not tying anything else to him.

  • Raymond_Reddington

    Everytime those goatfuckers do something, this is what happens:

    1. They kill people here
    2. we all talk about it
    3. we're worried it's gonna happen again,
    4. everything goes back to normal and everyone picks up their daily lives.
    5. Repeat.

    Those terrorists are a bunch of up-jumped goatfuckers. Nothing more.

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    • Yes that's why need to end their existence.
      If Trump comes to power in the US we might see an actual effort to destroy Radical Islam.

    • If trump becomes president, he'll be too occupied building his wall to keep the white walkers out.


    The No True Scotsman Fallacy always comes to mind whenever an American liberal claims that terrorism is not representative of true Islam.

    The truth of the matter, which I think you partially touched upon, is that there is no room for absolutist statements. Radical Islam is just as Islamic as peaceful Islam since there is no centralized authority within their religion like a Pope or the Church.

    That is another thing I would like to add. Islam in many regards is very similar to Protestant Christianity in that it lacks a centralized authority or objective standard by which to define dogma. Hence the millions of denominations and variances even at the individual parish level within Protestantism. It is why so many wacky beliefs which would traditionally be regarded as heretical have gained traction.

    So it is with Islam. Peaceful Islam is not 'true' Islam anymore than radical Islam is 'true' Islam. Both are merely equally valid interpretations. And they always will be unless the religion undergoes a reform and/or accepts a strong centralized authority.

    I would add however another difference is that with the sole exception of some Sufi sects, Islam traditionally interprets the Quran in a very literalistic manner. Hence why it is easy to resort to terrorism. The same cannot be said for Judaism or Christianity apart from American Protestantism (the 1978 Chicago Statement). Historically the Church Fathers and Rabbis have always interpreted their Scriptures in a more allegorical manner. Violence in the OT for example is interpreted as metaphor for the struggle against evil within the human heart.

    • You are absolutely right. Tommy Robinson was actually at Oxford a few years ago speaking about the matter and he said that the reason he calls Radical Islam, Islam is because it is the radical's interpretation of Islam. With all religions there are many sects and people see their version of the religion as a true interpretation. If you go to Sweden for example, the priests there are accepting of homosexuality while in the US they're not.
      Perhaps to the Swedes, the US interpretation is a form of Ultraconservative Christianity but it is still Christianity nonetheless.

  • Azgeda
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  • Waffles731

    The sad thing is that Europe is moving FAR right and they are moving fast
    I think that in forty years someone like la penn will be the leader of a major european power

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    • I don't agree with everything Marine La Penn says but she gets most of it right when it comes to foreign policy and having border control.

    • Waffles731

      Are you kidding, she is a literal and actual fascist,
      not the borderline kind of trump but like mussolini or fransisco franco of spain kind of fascism.

    • Waffles731

      The fact that she stands a chance to be elected as president scares the shit out of me

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  • ginny_weasley

    I will just sit here and sip my tea. Not sure how making a person change their wording with fix anything but that's just me, I am sure.
    This is interesting. Very interesting won't see this on Fox News or anywhere else really. Then again, I refuse to let the media tell me who to hate.

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    • Well I don't hate Muslims I hate Radical Islam.

    • There's a lot of people I hate. I hate the radical Islamists, I hate the radical far right wing, I hate the far left wing, I hate people who insult Muslims or anybody of any religion, and all terrorists because terrorism has no skin color or religion. Maybe as America slowly destroys itself with hate, fear, and ignorance it could be entertaining.

  • John_Doesnt

    And yet you refuse to call yourself a racist. Not all Muslims are terrorists and the religion itself doesn't cause violence.

    • I clearly said "we must stand with the 80% of the Muslims world wide who oppose them and who are always their first victims."

    • Please re-read my myTake. It was designed for people such as yourself to show that Radical Islam exists and so do the "racists" who you claim are everywhere.

    • such a racist response from a racist.

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  • echoaj

    There's not even any evidence he was Muslim. He didn't even attend any mosques. People seems to be making assumptions without any evidence.

    • Do you need records to prove he's a Muslim?

    • echoaj

      What type of records are you referring too. I just need evidence my friend.

    • He says he's a Muslim.
      Religious belief isn't something that is usually documented.

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  • Anonymous

    I find it funny whenever I see bloggers or opinion writers airing their views to get their point across.
    It's in no way going to get you silver pennies or improve your well being for airing your views.
    One should rather concentrate and try to uplift their life instead of getting into political debates as such.

    Please elaborate what will happen tomorrow when the establishment comes out and says that it's radical Islam which we are dealing with.
    There would be absolutely no answer coz you have maligned an entire religion with the term radical from a simple understanding point of view.

  • Anonymous

    I really love this take. Thank you for this.

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