Election Time- Time to decide


It is sad when the President of the United States is first putting doubt on the election. Saying that the only way it is not rigged is if he wins. He states that "we: should just get rid of all of the ballots, then there will not be a problem with transfer of powers there will just be a continuation of power". Then he is saying that if he loses, he is thinking about not having a peaceful transfer of power, which has never happened every in the US. What does this say about where America has gone when the "Head" of our government is putting doubt in our election process which is one of the major things that people have fought and died for. I think it is a shame that he is trying to intimidate people not to vote and telling everyone that the election is rigged before it even starts. When the head of the FBI said there is no evidence of that, Trump's own Chief of Staff said that the FBI Director has not clue what is going on in the election. If this man gets re-elected, I feel that he will try to stay in power forever. Look who he looks up to, Dictators. He had a military parade on the 4th of July and he said that he did not want any disabled veterans there since it would look bad. It will take years if not decades to get this county back to where it was. A pole taken last week said that the majority of countries have lost faith in the US as a world leader, Japan is at 21%, leading the way. What does that tell us about the direction we are going. The US used to be the county that everyone looked up to and wanted to be part of and move to. Not anymore. What a shame.

Election Time- Time to decide
Election Time- Time to decide
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  • Lizawren
    This is so manufactured. The Democrats refused to allow a peaceful transfer of power in 2016. Obama, Biden, and Clinton directed the FBI to use false information to gain a FISA warrant in irder to spy on President Trump’s administration in an attemp to sabotage it. They failed to brief the president on several national security issues and attempted to entrap several of his staff. The scope and sheer malevolence of these actions - which they continued even knowing the evidence they were operating from was false - makes Watergate look like a game of Chutes and Ladders. Remember Hillary’s meltdown on election night? Unable to make a concession speech? Throwing things at staff members, screaming expletives to the point she had to be sedated? That wasn’t just disappointment at losing an election. That was knowing that all the illegal, treasonous things you’ve done are about to be brought to light.
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  • Virgo31
    It's truly depressing to see how we've fallen as a country.
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  • Anonymous
    Voting for Trump, Fuck all democrats that try to persecute me for my Right to vote.
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  • Anonymous
    You covered every single one of the Democratic talking points. Well done.
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  • MountAverage
    I already voted.
  • jimmy2
    Its political

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