Are you insane?

Are you insane?

All I care about is money.
And women. And drugs.
And nothing else.

But most importantly it's money because money enables everything else for me. I am like king Midas but without the money. There's never enough money. I wake up i think about money. I go to bed I think about money. When I sleep, I do not dream. I wake up again. 💰💰💰💰💰

But hey, at least I'm not lying. I know plenty of extreme lost causes denying their bottomless insanity. They utilize violence just to have it their way or being right (even if they're objectively wrong).

If you know me, you'll know, that I used to live in Germany. I'm not joking when I say this but where I lived we actually had a good aquapark in the open in the city, that was affordable and looked something similar to this.

Are you insane?

I used to go there a few times when I was able to collect enough coins for it (note - I was the poorest kid in school). In fact even the tourists love it. That aquapark is called the Further mare. Earlier it was cheaper for 5 EUR but now it's more expensive. Last time I was there (and any aquapark for that matter) was sometime in 2008.

Then after my parents made the poor decision to move to the poor east I "lived" similarly to this.

Are you insane?

This country is so poor there is literally no middle class here. The only rich here are the business owners (CEO's) and the government mafia. Every job here pays the same, be it a receptionist or an oil rig worker. Hell even prostitutes in erotic massage parlors here make more money than the average local software developer (and I work in IT). Metaphorically speaking what my parents did was trading in a Mercedes for a Ford.

There's still no way back for me unless I get a job offer back in Europe.

Are you insane?

I will spare you the huge amounts of details (starvation, abuse, neglect...) but missing the "luxurious" moments I spent in that aquapark (or other places for recreation) and no longer being able to go back there (or anything similar to that) for like 10+ years long while observing some of my peers going on their 2.nd vacation out of country (*I* moved to a city in 2015 to observe this) did drive me insane.

Are you insane?

So when I would get asked "Are you insane?" I think in my head like "Am I not supposed to be insane?".

I also feel like I never met a dollar I didn't like. Can't say the same about humans.

I am determined to get back to Europe and get rich, so I won't end up like this again. It will be just me, myself and I alias Unit1, a one man army from nothing to something and eventually to the wealth. I have nothing else to lose of what I didn't lose. Now we're talking about insanity.

Money is absolutely everything

Are you insane?
Are you insane?
Are you insane?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Citizenkirk
    Absolutely. By several definitions of the word, in fact. That is why I make the most sane, rational choices. Like a blind person appreciates the ability to see, or deaf person appreciates the ability to hear. I appreciate the capacity for making sound, rational, sane choices, so I try a lot harder than most people, who don't realize that they do not make such rational, sane, choices, even if they are clinically sane, and if sound mind. A lunatic will appreciate the ability to make a sane choice, once in awhile, far more than the sane person will, so they will try a lot harder, and do a lot better at it, too.
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  • tartaarsaus
    As a genera rule of thumb, I think I’m pretty normal (not counting ethnicity and that stuff).

    My hobbies are pretty standard, my interests are pretty standard, my competences are pretty standard, I am physically just regular, my life experiences are undoubtedly pretty normal.

    I don’t really think I’m insane or very out of the ordinary
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Most Helpful Girls

  • wittymilf
    I can’t read past 5 lines so... not sure what else you said but; my psychologist told me I’m doing very well... so I take this as I’m actually certifiably sane🤔. I proffesional in the feild thinks I’m sane!
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  • Depends on what one considers insane. I’m sure as hell not normal.
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  • VanillaSalt
    So ya money buys happiness up until around middle class they say. Personally I feel nothing thinking about dead or dying people but cat hit by a car, child suffering, injustice... these things get to me and make me wanna lash out... I don’t feel normally. I’m not insane. Ima sociopath.

    People did this to me.
  • Capitalism is an insatiable monster that cannot stop feeding. The more it feeds the more it grows, the more it grows, the more it feeds. There's no resource on earth that hasn't fallen into control of the beast. It will feed until there's nothing left to feed on. Greed will be our downfall.
  • MCheetah
    I'm not insane at all, but the world I live in, and half the humans in it, are pretty damn insane.

    (Also, thanks for the slow AF notification to this question, some four days late, GaG!)
  • Don-_-Don
    I don't know if I'm insane, but I would say money is the closest thing to god a world like this.
  • Barbaric
    Are you insane?
  • ovixs90
    Sex is only lust with out lust you won't be even attracted to have sex, and its only energy or feeling you want. Drugs are temporary , money is good, but having money and being alone there is no joy
  • Deepsilence
    I'm insane sometimes. I don't think money is everything. Happiness is not at all , maybe comfort.**
  • blondfrog
    At least your honest. I used to be but then got in control of my emotions. Certain huge events in my life helped give me a lot of perspective in my life.
  • Heavenly_
    I'm sane but this world is corrupt though. So i should be careful about that.
  • I'm not insane and I'm a decent person so I don't care about money more than people.
  • TheLeeyo
    The last pic although I've never broken up resonates with me ♥️
  • najekim
    3 out of 5 psychologist say I am fairly sane.
  • ronaldsnugs
    I doubt you get any of it.
  • lonewolf1999
    You need to win the lottery
  • Juxtapose
    Nah, I'm only insanely hot.