Why Anti-racism is a Hard Sell


Accusations of "racism" have been tagged to institutions and people with heavy hands recently. The extent to which this occurs can make heads spin and render white people "racism numb."

Because you, as a white person, haven't been overtly racist toward someone who is a minority in America doesn't mean you don't operate within an institution of white supremacy: an institution founded and supported by the enslavement of nearly every black person who originally came here since 1619 and was legally enslaved until 1863.

In 1810, of the 1.2 million slaves in the United States, 156,000 were free people of color in the country. Our Constitution delineates slaves as 3/5th of a human being. So the stage was set for blacks to be considered elevated, trainable dogs. Let's not sugarcoat this.

  • Being an anti-racist is hard work, and it can be painful. I’ve had to sit with the discomfort of my ignorance and ego that have kept me from recognizing the racial disparities that were there all along.

    “White people may get tired and decide they would rather not do it,” says Dr. Tatum. “

  • That of course is not a choice people of color can make; they must persist whether they want to or not.

  • Being an anti-racist means actively working against the system of racism by taking action, supporting anti-racist policies and practices and expressing anti-racist ideas.

  • Because racism is so ingrained in our society, it can only be interrupted by speaking up and taking action. "There is no such thing as ‘passive anti-racism.’

These are quotes from Abigail Liber, whose psychologist helped wake her to her status in society. Her sessions where she whined "woe is me as a Jewish woman in America," began to grate on her therapist, who dropped some reality nuggets about Liber's privilege.

"It would be easier and less painful to remain numb to it all, but I can’t unlearn what I’ve learned. And as (a wise woman) told me, “Once you’ve set out on your anti-racist journey, there’s no going back.”

What Liber is referring to is a grassroots, nationwide course offered in many communities via Zoom and other methods called the Undoing Racism workshop, a two-and-a-half-day program offered by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB). It's Anti-racism "school."

And though this is primarily aimed at white Americans, everyone should take it, because a culture of racism pervades America.

Why is there "colorism" and "hair texture-ism" in the black community? Why do East-Indian films show fair-skinned protagonists? If you recall the film "Do the Right Thing," Sicilian Americans ridiculed each other about having "dark," or sun-tanned skin. Why? Because colonialists and conquerers the world over came from fair-skinned, European backgrounds from the 15th century onward.

The measure of primacy and success became associated with "whiteness," because of who was in charge: White people.

Yet the schizophrenia persists: White Americans spend time in suntanning booths and on beaches to darken their skins. They rub on fake tans. Look at muscle culture contestants. Spray tans are the rule, except for naturally dark-skinned competitors.

But, all these people want is the "look," not the life of someone of another race.

Remember, many interviews have been done with white people, asking them if they'd choose to be black in an audience of dozens to a few hundred people. No one ever raises their hands.

This 1984 Saturday Night Live skit is hilarious, but exposes truths and myths about how "whiteness" pays off in our country.

However, before we can sincerely laugh at racism, we have to render every myth of power and privilege due to race moot, and dead in the water. Then we can deal with the "content of our characters."

Why Anti-racism is a Hard Sell
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  • winterfox10
    Great take! I disagree, as I don't think anti racism is a very hard sell. But, you did a solid job writing this. Where I disagree is that I don't think white people have a hard time accepting that they have benefitted from being white (women have especially benefitted, probably more than men, but gender issues aside; being white makes life easier in a lot of ways). I think the issue is that we have stigmatized racist behavior, rather than trying to work with it, and the result is that people who aren't actually racist get falsely accused and the social cost is enormous. It seems like a lot of white people are just tired of being pushed around, and they feel like their culture is being threatened.

    To a paraphrase a quote from Jordan Peterson: "I categorically refuse to have any conversation that involves someone who is less educated then I am, telling me to educate myself more so that I can accommodate them in their effort to dilute my culture." I don't agree with Jordan, but the sentiment is very telling.

    My brother and his girlfriend are racist as shit, and they both say it very directly. It's not a joke; they are self proclaimed racist people. Being able to laugh at their racism goes a long way towards blunting their edge, but antagonizing them will only cause them to dig their heels in.
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  • TerminallyChill
    I'm black. I wish other blacks would just wake the fuck up and realize that this sit in a circle kumbayah shit is a joke. The white man since first contact has shown that he is not to be trusted and is no friend of the black race yet we want to run into the arms of our generational oppressor to fight their own systems of oppression. White people do whatever the fuck you want as long as your harming other people, we as blacks shouldn't be trying to police your thoughts because we shouldn't be giving a fuck about them, African-Self Determination is the only thing that should be on black minds.
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    • The anti-racism movement realizes there is NO ONE TRUTH. We are ALL victims of the fallout from white supremacy. The oppressor suffers from it too. It poisons all interactions.
      But what anti-racism does is address all biases, all classes of prejudice, all cases of locking people out.
      You advise white people to hurt OTHER people, while black people work on self-determination? What's going to happen to those others they hurt? (all the others who've been colonized and decimated.. which is the entire world of nonwhite cultures)
      Do we look the other way, just as the white man has done? Then we're just as guilty.
      I think there's another way.

    • That was a typo. I meant to say NOT harming other people.

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  • Investigator
    "Why Anti-racism is a Hard Sell"

    There are two major, unsolvable problems you have to overcome:
    1. Tribalism
    More fundamental even than race, tribalism dictates that people who talk, behave and look like you will be given preferential treatment over others. There is quite literally no way to solve this. Even if you were to impose some sort of equity-based policy that dictated that certain groups (or races, as it were) would be given more benefits than others to compensate for past injustices, you'd still have to do so in a way that demonstrates no affinity towards any one group--including your own, otherwise it's another case of "do as I say, not as I do."

    2. Capitulation
    "Being an anti-racist means actively working against the system of racism by taking action, supporting anti-racist policies and practices and expressing anti-racist ideas."

    If I understand this correctly, anti-racism means not just "not seeing color" but actively positive-discriminating in favor of minorities. For example, I've heard of people not getting picked for job interviews because they had "black-sounding names", in which case it would make sense to account for this bias and retrain hiring managers to be aware of this phenomenon so as it mitigate said impact, but this is a matter of sociological awareness, not simply reversing the prevalence of systemic bias against whites to "make up the difference". Otherwise, Anti-Racism would necessarily mean that the dominant race subjugates itself to make up for past transgressions, because what form does "being against racism, not just 'not racist'" take? Some people might offer themselves up as a sacrifice to appease this crowd, but the vast majority of people are going to see this for the obvious detriment to themselves that it is and not participate. It also just goes against the basic logic of survival. If it comes down to you or me, everyone is almost always going to choose themselves.

    In principle, trying to find a way to eliminate racism and discrimination is a noble venture, but in practice it's fraught with faulty premises and "good intentions" because you're dealing with people and people are flawed. The anti-racism group is but the latest post-modern, pro-equity movement looking to solve past wrongs with present suffering to balance the scale, but you have 10,000+ years of human evolution and more than 200 years of philosophical precedent to overcome. Good luck with that...
    • Great answer. Wise. Perspicacious.
      Would've given you MHO if you'd have moved your ass faster!!!
      However, despite tribalism... another ISM, goddammit, and all the other ISMs, don't you think exploiting the rest of the talented people of the world to solve all our mutual problems is BEST PRACTICES? You wanna keep out Frederick Douglass, or Madame Curie, or Desmond Tutu, or Meryl Streep, or the REAL guy who invented peanut butter (also black but NOT GW Carver.. though GW peanutted himself silly with his 300 inventions of that little legume), Madame CJ Walker, black hair product maven, triple whammied by her darker skin (blacks discriminated against her), being female, and being black in turn of the century America. All of these people had to push the envelope to achieve and become famous. They were not accepted by their tribe, be that blacks or whites, males or females, until they were famous.
      It's a long road up the ladder. I say, let's add a few STEPS and remove all those RUNGS!
      You're right, we have a lot of human nature to overcome too. But that's the nature of becoming MORE human, eh?

  • RolandCuthbert

    But anti-racism isn't a hard sell. No one wants to be a victim of racism.

    Not even the racists.

    The problem is that some folks think racism against certain groups should be okay. While racism against other groups should be disallowed.

    • Another great point. Even racists don't want to be victimized by racism. This is the central problem OF racism. Though quotas and desegregation attempt to level the playing field, there is always a pushback. People tolerate SOME change for short periods, then they cry WOLF or say we're a post racial society when that shore is so far off, it's invisible.
      When we're "post-racial" no one will know it. Because everyone will feel it. It will be normal. We won't be colorblind, we'll be color inclusive. Native American reservations will be some of the richest places in America because of oil and water rights, casinos, camping resorts. They'll be the next national parks, with limited access according to individual tribes. And people will be clamoring to see them. Poverty in America will be relegated to history books, as will the housing crisis, substandard public housing. There will still be diseases we're fighting, like corona, but anti vaxxers and flat earthers will be comic departures. Healthcare will be universal. Trades and American industry, such as clothing fabrication will see a resurgence because those jobs that have been farmed out to China, will return to the US since they, like other trades, provide excellent salaries. Let China sell to themselves, instead of polluting the oceans and air by sending inferior goods to us. We'll still trade with other nations, but whatever we can sell to ourselves, we will. And that will employ us in better jobs than burger flipping. Community colleges will provide the training to GIVE us those jobs...

  • Guanfei
    Anti-racism is hard to sell because it's one-sided, biased, and used as a tool of power, discrimination, and supremacy.
    It's mainly used to attack white people, and allow minorities to do everything they want without consequences, all based on a superficial view of things and a history that no one alive today can tell because no one lived it.
    When I see what is "anti-racism" in the US, it's just plain racism and oppression, by the definition of it. It's aiming at one "race" and make it responsible for everything, even made up things, and allow taking measures against it based solely on skin color.
    When you go on social media and see how much hate is thrown at white people, without any kind of limit or consequence, when you see that "diversity" is one-sided and basically just erasing white people, or that companies are allowed to proudly say they'll disregard white people applying for a job just to get more black people, how do you want to sell it?
    There is no equality in anti-racism. Equality is treating everyone the same way. Anti-racism is saying minorities have rights that white people don't have.
    • zollo

      I disagree. I personally think you're looking at it wrong, I find it similar to putting higher taxes on the super rich well only imposing normal taxes on the middle class and poor. It's not all about white people have to apologize for slavery because just as you said we weren't there for that. It's more about acknowledging that we as white people have a advantage socially, financially, and educationally. Just like how companies are encouraged to have a diverse group of employees, they naturally want to hire the best of the best but a lot of those candidates are white because they were able to go to the best private schools and didn't have to work a part time job while going, they also got gifted a car at 16. That's not to say that he didn't work to get where he is but a black man might have double the trouble of getting there because of where he came from. so instead of hiring only a bunch of white guys to work with or make things for the public (which isn't only white) You can hire mean and women of many different races because it gives for differing opinions and more closely resembles the public which is also very diverse.

    • zollo

      I also think the "erasing white people" is a bit over dramatic XD I also find this similar to Germany and the whole Holocausts thing, it's part of Germany's history and there's no washing that away BUT that doesn't mean that the remnants and effects should be shown and not dealt with. White people stole this country as our own, we can't do much about that now BUT we can now at least respect the native American areas that still do exist and protect them after the horrible history they were put through. White people enslaved black people and did horrible things to them and even after they were freed they put them in run down buildings and only gave them poor jobs. we can't change that but again we can at least acknowledge that that hasn't given black people much place to grow and growing up in that festering environment makes it even harder to flourish but buy funding programs and getting those few kids to learn enough to be able to get that same job a white man can could slowly change the state that some black folk have to live in.

    • @zollo My points exactly zollo. Nice to know others realize that history, if denied, simply repeats its shortcomings. Anti-racism includes ALL disallowed/discriminated against groups: women, older workers/people, disabled, gay, poor, undereducated. Though in this country, black people fill the ranks of most of these categories, in sections of America, white people are just as poor and undereducated. It is narrowminded to think anti-racism doesn't help most people who need help. It is not soley a color issue. That's a salient point.

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  • Gravit1
    There are a lot a racism towards European Americans in that video, but it still makes me laugh when the Bank owner, just randomly give him money for his skin color. It's so absurd it is hilarious. When he kicks out his sensible employee to just dump money on "Mr. White".
    • And what's interesting about the video, is that this has been a gnawing suspicion of black people. It's a white "club" of privilege. There's a secret handshake. Everyone gives everyone money. It's a different KIND of underground railroad to success. And the truth is so close to the hilarity it's SCARY. ALL white people AREN'T equal. But just BEING white is always better than being black. There'll be a day when this is practically dead. It's coming. No more need for "the talk." Not yet, though.

    • Gravit1

      You are self parody.

  • Marriedwith2
    Soooooooo you're caused so much butthurt here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    And from the EXACT SAME "MEN" who will call others snowflakes!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • RationalMale
    "Anti racist" is a hard sell because it goes against facts and reality.

    Example: African americans commit more murders overall in the USA than whites. Not per capita or some nonsense like that, literally pure numbers. See table below. And the actual FBI statistics show another lie we're fed--people claim blacks are heavily victims of violence by Europe Americans, yet in the real world blacks murder OVER TWICE as many European Americans as vice verce.

    • I've read those stats before. But what shows the TRUE effects of internalized racism is this fact: the people who are most victimized by black people ARE black people. Black on black crime damages the black community.
      It would make more sense if angry, righteous black criminals/citizens (and I'm not saying revenge is right, I'm making up a scenario) ONLY murdered white people, only robbed white businesses, only raped white women, only commited fraud against white institutions, only arrested white people, only stopped white drivers (as per police, troopers and sheriff's deputies).
      But the reality is the victimized predominantly damage OTHER victims. There is crossover. But in the black ghetto, it is black people who suffer.
      As everyone knows, middle class neighborhoods get hit by crime too, but middle class people have access and the wherewithal to STOP crime by gathering together. They have POWER OPTIONS. The poor do NOT have these options. So BLACK MIDDLE CLASS neighborhoods are just as successful as white middle class neighborhoods. Crime is low in both.
      The PERCENTAGE of poverty among black citizens is much higher, however. BUT if you go to Appalachia and other 90+ percent white areas, it's not the black people there who are committing crimes. It's the white people. And it's the SAME TYPE of white people. At the high end, it's money, white-collar crimes like fraud and embezzlement. With impoverished whites, they ALSO victim their own, poor neighbors.
      What you need to do is lump ALL the poverty stricken people in one basket, regardless of race. Then you'll see the overarching similarities.

    • You're ignoring the fact that blacks murder over twice as many whites per year as the reverse. Not per 100,000. Overall, even though there ard roughly 5 times as many whites in the usa as blacks.

    • That sentence has something dangling in it. Not a modifier. I think you're saying blacks murder twice as many whites as whites do. This might be true. People who are on top don't victimize themselves. POVERTY, lack of education and job opportunity and advancement are direct links to crime, as is drug and alcohol abuse. Lack of decent housing, food, healthcare are also the results of poverty.
      Who would YOU be if you started off with NONE of the opportunity, education, food, housing, healthcare and jobs you've had in your life? What if you had no father, grandfather at home? What if your mother or father were drug addicts? In prison? These are the situations facing the poorest of the poor and that usually occurs with people of color.
      As I mentioned, in sections of the country where there are almost no black people, and poverty is situated in the white community, THIS is all reversed.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    I find it hilarious when people who don't want to take responsibility for their own actions want me to take responsibility for the actions of people who died before my great-grandparents even came to the United states.

    • There is no suggestion that anyone take responsibilty TODAY for slavery. But, It is the lingering, post-slavery LEGACY that is the problem.
      Slaves were freed in 1863, yet in all the Southern states, racial segregation occurred and was even practiced in the North at the time. THAT was a legacy of slavery that persisted for 100 years PAST emancipation. See how entrenched that was.
      And despite having separate but equal struck down, and Brown vs. The Board of Education passed and school busing enacted, public schools are STILL not racially integrated, and inner city schools tout lower test scores, that suburban ones and their populations are economically disadvantaged and predominantly black.
      Brown was 65 years ago and the racial diversity needle in schools has barely budged.
      THIS is what is going on TODAY. I'm discussing what IS NOW and how it is still inexorably tied to what WAS.
      We, who are alive now, did not create the original situation. But we have a responsibility to make a bad situation better by all means possible.

  • Heavenly_
    I think we should let this discussion go because
    I don't see that much racism in the world.
    • Well, you're very lucky. It appears to happen every day to people your age in the working world. I know, because my son is four years older than you, and my niece and nephews and cousins are in your age range.

  • John_Doesnt
    I bet you wanna torture me now don't you. Okay fine, see what you can fit in there, I can take it.
  • zagor
    OK, enough with all the bullshit cliches. What exactly do you mean by "white supremacy pervades...". For one thing, there has been discrimination against many groups over the years - in the US, against Irish, Catholics, Jews, all of who are white. Native Americans, many of whom intermarried with white settlers and lost their identity through the generations. It seems the current "anti-racism" movement has lost the ability to discern truth and subtlety and goes with simplistic, mindless sloganeering. The real world is complicated, and always has been.
    • No bullshit cliche at all! Who settled America? White Europeans. White, Protestant Europeans. Catholics were only plentiful where the Spanish settled in the Floridas and California and S. America before the U. S. existed.
      Of course there is and was discrimination AMONG white people too. The Irish, who came here with the Potato Famine in the 1840s, then the Germans and Italians were ALL discriminated against one by one, then accepted and intermarried.
      But being white, all of these people had a white advantage. Only the Irish were treated worse than black slaves in the Deep South. They were used to dig canals near New Orleans INSTEAD of slaves, because slaves, who were paid for, owned and property, were considered more valuable than Irish laborers.
      If immigrants remained in their ghettos, kept their accents and populated certain businesses, they could be identified. Not so with black Americans. Their skin color advertized their slave connection. THAT is the giant difference.
      As time went on, only a last name might ID a person as having Irish, German or Jewish heritage and people even changed their names to shed THAT vestige of identity.
      The anti-racism movement realizes there is NO ONE TRUTH. We have ALL been victims of bias. But what anti-racism INCLUDES is ALL TYPES of bias, all classes of prejudice, all cases of locking people out. It is as complicated an issue as the real world, which is as it SHOULD be.

  • Juxtapose
    Sounds like sjw claptrap to me.
    • Well, you are likely living your best life and don't care who else isn't.

    • Juxtapose

      I care about strangers as much as they care about me.

    • I care about humans. Each man's death diminishes me as I am a part of mankind. No man is an island. You have no idea which stranger might enhance your life. I know many have done so for me. So I DO care. About humanity in general. Every person deserves a decent life. Social justice is about that. It includes you, me and everyone, as Mr. Rogers would say, in the neighborhood: Earth.

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  • Anonymous
    It's a hard sell because you make a blatnely racist post claiming to be against racism. You can cry and make excuses all you want but your problems are not because of rasim.

    If the us is so bad why are so many minorities fighting to come here? Why did we just break a record for lowest minority unemployment? Hiw did we have a black president and black vise president?

    But just keep following the democrat socialist that keep calling you a victim because of your race. Have you ever noticed the ones crying the most about racism are the ones in charge of some of the worst places in the us?
    • I'm discussing the longstanding effects of racism and ALL ISMs in this post.
      Look at the fate of women, blacks and other immigrants who've come to this country recently.
      As an example, I'll use three categories: age, race and sex. One point six percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are black, 7,6 percent are women and 9.8 are over age 65. This doesn't reflect our population makeup.

      Thirteen percent of the US populations is black, 50 percent are women and 21 percent are between 65 and 74.

      The "system" in our country hires and promotes people like the managers IN that system. Fortune 500 companies are 70 percent white and male. They don't appreciate experience: 65 is retirement age. If women have good child care, like the men who leave them at home to go to THEIR Fortune 500 jobs, they have more inroads into corporate, business life.
      The minorities fighting to come to America are not black Africans. The stats show 25 percent are Mexican, 28 percent Asian, 13 percent Canadian and European, 25 percent are Central and South American, 9 percent are other.
      Your minority employment information lacks details. Employment should mean full-time, high-paying jobs with health benefits. Many minority families have two wage earners who work four, low-paying jobs with NO health benefits.
      We have had ONE black president out of 46, likewise one black and Asian vice president. Blacks could not even HOLD office or vote until 1863,. No black man could've run before then and no black person ran before Shirley Chisolm in 1972 AND she was the first black woman elected to Congress in 1968.
      Women couldn't vote, except in a few states, until 1920,
      And the Fortune 500? Actions speak louder than words. If you only hire people like you and from yout socioeconomic background, you lose input of diverse voices. EVERYONE has something to offer.

      No one is VICTIM of RACE. People are victims of policies and practices that keep people of different backgrounds out.

  • Anonymous
    Racism is good and healthy. Anything else is evil and corrupt.
  • Anonymous
    Antiracism is a hard sell because these people call literally everything racist.

    And modern white people aren't responsible for shitty things that some other people of the same skin color did 200 years ago.

    Also I love how you say black people often want to be lighter & you pin the blame on white people, then you admit white people often want to be darker... and you pin the blame on white people. Do you not see the irony?
    • I've not "pinned the blame" on anyone. I'm reporting phenomena that are linked to the history of the enslavement of black people in our country: White people tan because they want to "look" darker, but they don't want to live a black life. Black people suffer from colorism because lighter-skinned blacks often get preferential treatment by their own people, as well as white people.
      Living white people ARE NOT responsible for the shitty happenings of 200 years ago. But every adult is responsible for learning about the contributions slaves and other marginalized minorities have made to build this nation and to understand how racism and bias pervades our culture. If it didn't our Congress' color would reflect our nation's colors. All levels of corporations, businesses, science and industry would be populated with the faces of our nation.
      This isn't ONLY about race: It's about sexism, ageism, bias against gay and foreign-born people.
      I cite slavery, because it's the most poisonous, endemic and enduring problem our nation has. But we have second-class Native Americans, Hispanic Americans and anyone who is first-generation American.
      There is no irony in anything I've said. I'm just reporting.
      As I said in My Take, EVERYone needs to take anti-racist class because the "isms" are everyone. It covers all bases and biases.

    • The ISMs are EVERYWHERE... sorry..

    • Anonymous

      Why do white people want to "look" darker?

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  • Anonymous
    this mytake is soooo outdated you are not doing me or you or anyone else any good with this, can we just get over this shit already? jesus fucking christ, let it go so we can all live our lives.
    • I think addressing this in the open, having an open mind about working through this difficult subject leads everyone to a better place.
      Most people don't even KNOW their hidden biases because they've lived with them their entire lives. White people are not aware of their color because their color is the dominant paradigm. Their color is not a judgment about who and what they are, or where they can or cannot be.
      Yes. It's shit. When it's NOT shit, we can get over it. When there is no issue, no assumptions about someone because or his or her skin color, we can get over it.
      I want someone to call the police on you because they see you enter your home where you've been living for MONTHS. They call the police and tell them there is a black man who's a squatter in the house next door.
      Because this man bought a house is a white neighborhood, a white person KNEW he did not BELONG THERE. Made up a name for him: a SQUATTER. In essence, a bum who had taken up residence in the house without permission.
      Tell me if that man was white that that neighbor would've called the police. NO. THey would've assumed the man had moved in next door and likely called on him to introduce themselves.
      It was the cops who did the introductions and had to listen to the young man explain he was the homeowner, worked from home, where he was employed et al.
      Until you've regularly been mistreated like this, you cannot say LET IT GO!
      So you see, we CAN'T all live our lives so easily if our skin is a different color.

  • Anonymous
    Oh for fuck sake. This is the kind of silliness that makes racism worse, not better.

    Racism will never completely disappear, but it can be minimized. Don't get me wrong, it is still a problem and it always will be to some extent, but it is worse now than it should be because we are constantly making such a big deal about it with over-the-top articles like this one. The only way it can be minimized is to let it fade, and that will never happen as long as well meaning but misguided people keep writing crap like this and making it a bigger deal than it should be.

    Racism needs to die, and the only way that will ever happen is if we LET IT die. It will be an issue in our collective consciousness as long as it continues to be shoved down the throats of people who otherwise would be colorblind, which means 99.9% of Americans today.

    Let it fucking die. The time has come to let us heal instead of continually ripping off the scab.

    Do the world a favor and listen to his podcast. https://www.youtube.com/embed/MPHUu9sAGKoIf you don't want to take the time, at a minimum you should listen to the last 5 - 10 minutes of this one. You should really listen to all of it because it is all very relevant to people who think like you, but the last bit pertains specifically to the issues with your take here. https://www.youtube.com/embed/vmgxtcbc4iU
    • I believe Harris's second podcast closing is far more to my point: You are sticking your head in the sand if you don't think discussing race is A solution to racial bias. Openingly discussing bias and presenting solutions is ONE solution to racism. It is not the ONLY solution, but it is a viable one.
      Of course there is no solution to ALL "isms." They will crop up hither and yon.
      But this country was founded on the backs of black slaves and despite their emancipation, the black community, as Harris so clearly states, is behind in education, job opportunity, social status, financial stability, incarceration.
      That's what the open forum should be about. What are the roots. Why do they persist. How can we change this.
      NOT discussing this and proposing and implementing solutions, such as HEADSTART, the VOTING RIGHTS ACT, the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, school integration and how these attempts at solutions have succeeded and failed is on point.

    • Excuse me, misses the point...