The Paradox of Transgenderism: Why Trans People Should Hate the Left


Transgenderism is being the gender opposite your sex. Gender is the sex you declare you are. Sex is a reflection of a chromosomal composition: men are x, y and females are x, x. Currently these kinds of words (male, female, man, woman, he, she, etc...) are predominantly used in a way which is sex-laden. This means that when people in society use them they are referring to a biological reality, most of the time. In a leftist utopia, these words come to be used in a way that is gender-laden, meaning we no longer use them to describe a biological reality, instead we would use them to describe how people define themselves. In this leftist utopia the words are rendered completely meaningless because they no longer reflect the biological reality the transgendered person pretends to inhabit in our current society; instead, people merely apply these arbitrary labels to themselves, but there is no longer any meaning of significance attached. In this leftist utopia transgendered people hate the left, because now they find themselves left with a vocabulary that doesn't permit identifying with any biological reality, and that is what they so desperately seek to do.

The left wants to help trans people, and yet by giving trans people what they want they will ultimately make it impossible to be transgendered in the first place.

The Paradox of Transgenderism: Why Trans People Should Hate the Left
The Paradox of Transgenderism: Why Trans People Should Hate the Left
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I hate the left for them.

    Doesn't it piss you off when you take the time to write something thoughtfully and then it gets buried in the avalanche of other questions?
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    • Twinrova

      What do you mean? :o I don't get it. It was buried?

    • I was surprised that it was written 2 days ago and it didn't have any comments. Things come up in the feed based upon time (how old), number of comments, number of likes (that it why I usually like someone's question). It helps them get more exposure in the feeds. After you wrote it and you didn't get any comments or likes it just doesn't show up in as many feeds as other questions do.

    • That's what I mean by buried. Just a ranking algorithm

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  • Dave31989
    im on the left, and I don't hate trans. In fact, I encourage people to follow their hearts. If they think they're trans, do it!

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