4 reasons on why I am opposed to the transgender movement.


1. Biology is not up for debate and people trying to dispute the science of biology without legitimate evidence to back it up are either fools or malicious.

What do you think this persons agenda is?
What do you think this person's agenda is?

2. Children should not be messing around with their hormones.. they are even allowed to get a tattoo without parental permission. Children should also not be exposed to pedophile drag queens..

4 reasons on why I am opposed to the transgender movement.
This is the best representation you guys could come up with? Sex offenders?
This is the best representation you guys could come up with? Sex offenders?

3. Women are being overshadowed by men masquerading as women and there is nothing women can do about it if this is allowed to continue on.

Honk honk!
Honk honk!

4. They will eventually legally punish you for using the "wrong" pronouns.


All in all, I am not saying transgenderism should be banned or anything. It is just being pushed on people too far. Stop trying to call normal people "cis" and stop trying to pretend that biological sex is inconsequential. It is not a feeling, it is a physical fact.

4 reasons on why I am opposed to the transgender movement.
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  • Fuentes
    Puberty blockers? I knew i was a damn boy since i was a kid their was no ifs or buts about it.

    Their is no damn choice lol i wish i can wake up and say im a billionaire and i was suppose to be born under the Carnegie family and their was some mess up where i ended up in the wrong nut sack & embryo so everyone has to give me their hard earned money until i am that RICH. Because identify as a family tree member of the Andrew Carnegie family because i feel this way.
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    • the problem is if a child says "i am a boy" the left can just say "NO, you were told to say that!"

      their argument depends on a pseudoscience order of logic (using the present to predict the past as opposed to using the present to predict the future)

    • Fuentes

      @007kingifrit that is a sick clown world they live in

    • Juxtapose

      @007kingifrit could you go more into how they use the present to predict the past?

  • This_Is_My_Opinion8
    Here is someone that knows what he is talking about:https://www.youtube.com/embed/szf4hzQ5ztg
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    • Don't dismiss it and watch it. Trust me he REALLY knows his stuff. Instead of listening to random people let's listen to someone who actually studied genetics and anatomy.

    • This is just for the first point, with the others I agree!

    • Juxtapose

      It's a 30 minute video and I can't even get people to watch 30 second videos on my questions.

      You're going to have to sum it up.

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  • ElizaPam
    Well it's a good thing your opinion doesn't mean shit.

    It's funny how you talk to me like I'm a normal person but when you talk about transgenderism we're no longer normal people. We're all simply the archetype formed by conservative propaganda. We aren't real people we're AI's created by the liberal big tech to destroy reality.

    You can oppose my existence all you want, it's not going to make me stop existing. This is who I am, how I was born, how I always was and will be. Me being transgender isn't a political ideology, I'm not doing anything except being myself. Up until the age of 14 I was constantly pretending to be ok as a boy. I forced myself to try to enjoy being someone that I felt nothing like. I was constantly pretending to be ok with having a buzz cut and shopping in the Husky section. I was never happy with myself and constantly envied girls.

    I've lived this my entire life but fuck me go listen to Ben Shapiro he's the expert. I'm going be a man because Juxtapose opposes my existence since he correlates my existence with every anecdote utilized as propaganda.

    I'll just never feel happy with my appearance again and spend the rest of my life pretending to enjoy being ashamed of my tits and covered in hair. I'll just pretend that instead of being corny, out of touch, boring, and afraid of my emotions I'm actually superior to half the population.
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    • Juxtapose

      All I said about trans people is the biological realities. I never encouraged anyone to treat you like you weren't human nor have I opposed your existence.

      The fact is, you're just too sensitive and you want to make everything about you like the world is against you.

    • ElizaPam

      No. You're just talking shit. I can talk shit about men all day. You stand stand at a wall with your dicks out pissing together. You're whole gender is corny as shit. You're so insecure about it y'all have such a delusional obsession with your gender that you give it traits that imply women are vastly inferior for lacking. "Being a man is to be loyal, brave, confident, and CORNY AS FUCK,. You're so pussy about being judged for not living up to those traits it's an unhealthy obsession. And you want to talk about a threat women and children? Bruh I'm not even going there. You know men are the biggest threat to women and children (and men). But y'all are so out of touch with what it's like to be the gender that men are attracted to that you say women who talk about it "hate men" and should worry about trans women and feel as if false rape accusations are the biggest gender based threat in the modern world.

      Is there a reason I wrote all that? Nah. It's a fuck you. I'm talking shit. Fuck you and everybody like you. The difference is when you cry about society hating men and don't call you sensitive. And when you want to warn everyone about the dangers of the transgender movement before we eradicate all real women, rape every man, and destroy every concept that has ever existed do I get mad? Do I call you names? I just say "Hey here's the perspective of a person who you're talking about. It'd awful nice to just consider what I have to say on this subject." But do you listen? Just like you don't listen to women or minorities or whoever you talk shit about next, you sure don't listen to me. Because then you can't talk shit.

      " It's cute you've experienced being transgender for your entire life and experienced half of it living as a woman but step back, an educated person is trying to enlighten the masses to the truth of the matter. Before it's too late."

    • Juxtapose

      You talk a lot of shit about men while you are biologically a man. Taking estrogen and dressing up doesn't make you the same as a biological woman.. just like painting your skin black doesn't make you black.

      I literally just want trans people to not push this shit on kids, to not ruin women's sports and to not tread on our freedoms.

      You can live your life and request that people refer to you as a woman all you want. Society even lets you use women's restrooms and register your ID as a woman.

      What more do you want from me? I'm against woke transgenderism, and judging by how sjws want to push puberty blockers on kids, most people can see why I am against the woke stuff.

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  • JoyGirl
    Woooooo…puberty blockers? For every child?
    No no
    That is a big no. That activist needs to think before making such a statement.

    Good job on your myTake! 👏🏾
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    • Juxtapose

      Thank you! I think children should just be allowed to be children without all this weird sexuality stuff they were never exposed to before.

      Back when I was a kid if a girl was a little bit masculine, she was just called a tomboy and she would live her life as a sporty girl or whatever. Now women like that feel like they have to mutilate themselves to make their body fit their minds.

      This illness is spreading through glorification via tick tock and other social media outlets.

    • JoyGirl

      Yea. 😞

    • That depends, largely, on if they CAN think!
      I'm not sure how these blockers work but, they want to block someone's puberty until they become 18 and are legally old enough to make this decision?

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  • NYCQuestions1976
    I'm all for individual adult people living the lives they choose (as long as they're not infringing on the lives and rights of others), but there needs to be a demarcation between choices made by adults and choices made by children, and also the avoidance of parents and adults forcing sexuality choices onto children based on beliefs and emotions and not science.
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  • Waldoe
    you are discounting the "birth defect" aspect...
    a girl born with a birth defect that comes in the form of a penis... or a boy born with a vagina and emotions and feelings of a girl... why don't they have a right to correct that birth defect? how about a boy born with a pussy? we fix "hair-lips" and "Cleft palets" and "extra toes" and many other birth defects, who gave you the right to decide who deserve help and compassion?
  • Lliam
    I absolutely agree with your 2nd and 3rd points, Juxtapose.

    The video that This_Is_My_Opinion8 shared is fascinating. I didn't know all that stuff.

    I can accept people's sexual/gender variations. I DO accept those variations.

    But I couldn't be more opposed to the radical LGBTQ agenda of indoctrinating children or encouraging children to question their genders. I am also very opposed to allowing men who claim to be women access to women's only facilities and women's athletic competitions. It would be more fair to allow women to compete in men's athletics. In some sports, a few women might be able to compete successfully.
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I think Transgender should not be put on anyone under age 21 and age 18 their still not able to make decisions on their own
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  • anylolone
    1: Science is always up for debate, that's the point of science.
    Them being apparently wrong right now with an indefensible position doesn't change that.
    2:Don't disagree, but if it was valid, there's such a thing a justifiable hormonal treatment for kids (like growth hormone) so as long as they can demonstrate an use, I don't care.
    3: I don't care about biological women being overshadowed by trans women, specially since they brought it on themselves.
    4: They already do, that's not a reason to be against it, it's a reason to be ungovernable.
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    • Juxtapose

      1. Fair but trying to argue against a very basic foundation of biology without a shred of evidence is preposterous.

      3. Buuurrn hahaha.

      4. It's a reason for me to lock and load!

    • anylolone

      1. The problem isn't trying to argue against the very basic foundations of biology, the problem is how they do it.

      4: Not necessary to lock and load... yet. But the 2a is useless if you don't have the will to use it at the right time. But it's the last resort, happily we are dealing with evil that simple non compliance is enough to destroy them.

  • Soteris
    1: Biology dont really have a stance on our concept of "Gender". It is only ever concerned about if something works or not and has no regards to how it came to that result and as such transgender people are not only real but expected from a biological standpoint. There is nothing in biology that forces it to stay within the neat definitions of genders that you believe exist.

    2: This is a separate issue to the Transgender movement.

    3: Dont care. I think the gender segregated competitions are stupid in the first place. If you want to be considered the best in the world then everyone should have a chance to show you that you are wrong. This reminds me of when white people pretended that they were best at everything while not allowing other ethnicity to compete.

    4: Harassing people should be illegal and maliciously using a different pronoun can indeed be used to harass. This is hardly controversial.
    • Juxtapose

      1. "Gender" is a social construct. Biological sex is not.

      2. No, it is very relevant to the trans movement since they are messing up kids in more ways than one.

      3. Say that to female athletes who work their entire lives to compete but will never be able to surpass even mid grade male athletes. If you were in charge you would condemn women to never win in sports again, they cannot compete against biological men.

      Why the hell do you think there are weight classes in boxing too? Because then you would only ever see the heavy weights win.

      4. If you are a biological male or a biological woman and calling you by your biological sex is considered harassment, we truly live in a clown world.

      I live in the United States of America, I can picket the funerals of dead soldiers and say shit like "thank God for dead soldiers" because I live in a free country.

      I have the right call blacks "niggers", whites "honkies", Mexicans "wetbacks" and women "cunts". Insulting people is first amendment protected activity.

    • Soteris

      1: Biological sex is undefined. It has to be, as it is ever changing. It does not have any strict definitions nor does it have any strict requirements outside the need to be compatible with reproduction. If that is through a "male" and a "female" or a "transgender" and a "transgender" literally makes no biological difference.

      2: The social construct of gender is already messing up kids. Every argument you make for why not to interfere in a childs upbringing and growth can be used against you since in the case where the child is transgender they will experience all the negative things you outline. For example their bodies will be pumped full of hormones as part of their bodies growth which would interfere with them just as well as if you would artificially inject them with hormones except with the case of injections you at least have a choice and not the victim of random chance.

      3: I got full confidence that women can compete fairly with men. I also think splitting them up arbitrarily is completely against the spirit of competition. End of discussion.

      4: I dont particularly care what you think. Harassment is real and considering the damage it can cause to people it should be illegal.

    • Juxtapose

      1. Besides some very fringe cases of intersex people, biological sex is very easy to define. Chromosomes, genitals and secondary sex characteristics are usually what you look for.

      Do doctors have trouble defining if a newborn is a boy or girl? Use your head man.

      2. You cannot compare artificially altering a child's natural course of puberty with the natural course of puberty itself. This Frankenstein s*** is not normal, puberty is normal and natural. Putting kids on puberty blockers is bad news and normalizes mental illness. Transgenderism is not on the same level as natural puberty. One is a mental illness and the other is nature working as intended.

      3. lol try seeing if any female boxers can beat up Mike Tyson, I will wait. Look at any sporting event where men compete with women, the women get absolutely crushed the vast majority of the time. Women cannot compete with men, just ask a biologist about men's natural advantages over women in sports.

      4. I would rather kill a billion people and myself then allow somebody like you to subvert free speech. People with your mentality are a great danger to the open marketplace of ideas.

      4 reasons on why I am opposed to the transgender movement.

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  • Enigma42
    It's nice of you to put transgender people down and treat them like dung but other hyuman beings with respect. Shame on you man!!!
    • Juxtapose

      You will notice I specifically said "transgender movement" and not "transgender people".

      Words and their meanings matter.

    • Enigma42

      you are talking shit you think you so smart because you are man corny gender as hell

    • Juxtapose

      English, do you speak it son?

  • GoPhuckYaself
    To me, it's no different than a white person transitioning to black, it visa versa. Or a Mexican trying to change his race to another... Jus cos you "feel" like your something else in your head, doesn't mean you are... I've always felt black in my head and I've always been into hip-hop music, but for me to try and change my skin colour to black would be stupid, sometimes you jus gotta accept what you're born as, cos you can't always be what you want. And you only are what you are... You have to accept what you are... If you're born a male but feel female.. jus embrace you're maleness and accept it... If you felt like a dinosaur would you try to transition to a dinosaur.. or a pig... ? You can only be what you was born as, deal with it
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    • It's also like ugly people getting surgery's to make themself look beautiful. If you're born ugly you should jus deal with it cos you only are what you are born as

    • Back in caveman days no one had thus transition option. If you was born as male or female you jus accepted it. Can't always have what you want

  • goaded
    Why should anyone engage with someone who casually uses phrases like "pedophile drag queens"?
    • Juxtapose

      Because that's what those specific individuals mentioned are lol.

      You must not know a lot about LGBT if you don't know how "MAPs" are trying to infiltrate it. Those are minor attracted persons.

    • Juxtapose

      A. k. a, pedophiles.

    • goaded

      And you of course have plenty of double-secret-proof of that. Or you're just being a bigoted asshole. It's not that long ago that gay men were all considered paedophiles. They weren't then, and nor are the drag queens now.

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  • FunkyMonkee
    1. I guess you've never heard of hormones.
    2. Agreed but, people that assess potential TS people WON'T give any such drugs to people not of legal age! At least, none that know their job and have ethics.
    3. Yeah? So? It's not like there's never been women dressing like men. D'ya ever hear of Ellie Mae Clampett or Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Liza Minnelli, the women's suffragette movement? So, if they can do it, why can't we? It also SOUNDS like you're ASSUMING that TS people go to bed at night and take off whatever it is that offends thee and them put it back on in the morning, like it's not something real for them. Did you ever try sitting down with one and discussing any of this with them to see exactly what it's all about with them? I can ASSURE you, it's NOT a game!! If it is, it's an incredibly expensive an life-changing game!! You DON'T just switch it off and night and revert to what you were born with!
    4. I seriously doubt it! MAYBE the looney lefties!!
    • Juxtapose

      1. If I took estrogen that will not make me a female. My chromosomes, my genitals and my secondary sex characteristics largely determine my biological sex.

      It doesn't take a genius of a doctor to figure out what sex a newborn child is. Biological sex isn't some big mystery and it only becomes complicated when you involve intersex people which are a rare mutation.

      2. Good! I hope it never is allowed before the age of 18.

      3. How does that relate to my point of men dressing up as women and destroying women's sports?

      4. It's already happening in Canada man.

    • 1. That wasn't the point. We AL start out as female until the third month of the pregnancy. In some cases (trans people) when the male hormones finally kick in, either they don't do it strong enough to over-power the female mones we already have or there's just more female than male. The brain keeps being wired female even though the body goes the other way.
      Besides, there's a LOT of M-F trans people that you'd NEVER be able to tell were ever male! 20 years ago, I could usually tell but, these days, it's nearly impossible!
      Intersex people aren't as rare as you think! I've met a few dozen in the past 25 years and have seen dozens, if not hundreds of others on t. v. and YT.
      2. Apparently, they do because I just heard from someone that says she started taking them at 15. But, last I heard, about 15 years ago, that wouldn't happen.
      3. GENERALLY SPEAKING, men DON'T dress up as women so they can compete in women's sports and those that do SHOULDN'T be allowed to. Being a cross-dresser or drag queen is completely different from being trans. Sure, trans people have to dress and present themselves as the opposite gender for a while before they can get the letter that allows them to get the operation (s) but, that only lasts a few months, from what I recall.
      4. If so, that's news to me and SHOULDN'T be happening!!! But, welcome to PC world!!

  • Snakeyes7
    To the left, this is the *only* science that they can question but no one else can.
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  • WowwGirl
    Well done... Facts and science don't have feelings
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  • msc545
    I think your first point is well taken, but the segue into Pedophilia was unnecessary and not valid.
    • Juxtapose

      LGBT as a whole should be very careful of pedophilia since pedophiles are actually worming their way in. "Maps" they call themselves.. with "aoas". Ugh..