You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU


Hey GaGers!

It is I... Soo.... The person who you stand by who called the election FAKE how the ELECTION WAS RIGGED..

You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU
You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU

Yes folks you know who you are. Your Ride or Die person you support, the person who never will be at your dinner table, who never will sit and drink a beer with you, someone who won't even talk with you on the phone, you choose and stand by and applaud this.

You chose this man over your wife, your mother in law, your father in law, your close friends, you friend from grade school. And he basically tore the country apart, and now, is causing more problems.

You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU

The ELECTION IS RIGGED.. THERE WAS FRAUD.. Hmm.. STORM THE CAPITAL! They've Had Enough: Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Hill, Clash with Police

As Congress debates the 2020 Electoral College vote, legions of Trump supporters descended into the nation’s capital for the Save America rally, which was addressed by President Trump. Now, they’re marching on Capitol Hill—and pandemonium has broken out. Capitol Police are besieged and overwhelmed. The Madison building has been evacuated. Elijah Schaffer of the Blaze captured one melee. This is an increasingly dangerous situation.

So to his supporters.

You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU
You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Yes, they rejected Bidens electoral college votes for Arizona, and while taking debating the protest got worst they broke in the doors and breaking windows, yes Trump enticed this to happen so we don't know what's going to happen now?
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  • Agape93
    It’s still going on. Trump is starting his coup.

    I fucking called this months ago and just about nobody on here thought this shit would be happening.
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    • Agape93

      Exactly! I was called crazy and paranoid because trump supporters are alllll about law and order. Bullshit

    • Mamaganja

      Exactly this!!! We knew this would happen!! First with Biden winning presidency and Georgia making the senate democratic was just a bow on top! I now predict civil war. Let us pray that doesn’t happen. A lot of lives will be lost.

    • G3tAClue

      @Mamaganja I also predict civil war but if won’t be like the last one. It will be a class war. Let us pray/ hope it doesn’t happen

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  • MzAsh
    The Great Hissyfit of 2021
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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    As long as you're a Right-winger supporting the status quo, democracy, traditional values (which the Constitution should be considered), and upholding the law no longer matter. Instead, they're encouraged to do whatever possible to maintain that status quo by any means necessary. This incident demonstrates the hypocrisy of Trump supporters and the Right in general. These are the same people that strongly opposed the protesting and rioting against police brutality during much of the summer, but they have no problem boldly attacking and breaking into the White House, injuring the law enforcement officers that they claimed to have loved and supported so much. I doubt that "Blue Lives Matter" when being confronted by the cops in that situation. This should show that their main goal is to oppose change rather than truly uphold and value the law and traditions. Through it all, Trump and his supporters are mostly silent about what's happening. If these were Black Lives Matter supporters breaking into the White House or Black people in general, Trump would be tweeting against them and "Antifa," and the media would have been all over it, calling them "terrorists."

    Law enforcement and the National Guard are also much more likely to have responded to them quickly, especially with violence. The whole situation is a great example of White privilege at its finest. I'm surprised at how easily they were able to break in and be met with such little resistance compared to the police brutality protesters. This also isn't the only incident that happened either. Trump supporters have also been attacking and vandalizing Black churches as well, which many media outlets and people have also been mostly silent about. The problem with this situation though is that one side protests against the reality of police getting away with killing unarmed and non-threatening Black people, which can be proven by statistics and body cam footage, while the other is rioting the capital building based on the delusion of election fraud, which has been debunked several times by practically every major media outlet and fact checkers. The fact that people are capable of breaking into the biggest capital building in the country with so little effort based on a delusion should terrify any rational person.
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  • CubsterShura
    If this shit happened in the middle east or some third world country the US government would interfere and ask to overthrow that government which would lead to civil unrest and then the US would send their troops and destroy the whole country.
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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    I hate to say it but I believe our politicians have learned nothing from this. Photos and videos from the scene paint a clear and obvious picture - they broke in with bundles of zip-tie handcuffs and had a hangman's noose ready - as well as proudly proclaimed to reporters (on video) that they were there to take hang Pence for treason and to take as many congressional hostages as possible - they planned to STAY and over-throw congress, all in order to demand Trump stays in office.

    And coming up to the inauguration, they seem to be completely clueless that it's going to happen again - but with MORE supporters, MORE weaponry, and MORE bloodshed. Is law enforcement prepared? I doubt it.

    I've been right about Trump since day 1. As have many progressives. We all saw this coming, tried to warn people, got called "alarmists" for it. Well, this is my last alarm. The writing on the wall is clear to me. The inauguration is considered to be the final battleground for the MAGA insurrection, and they know full well it's their last and only chance to take control, so they are limbering up, gathering their most powerful weaponry, and intend to carry out massive carnage at the event.

    We need to seriously wake up and deal with this threat WITH NO LENIENCY. Soon as the crowd starts pushing, drone-strike and machine-gun those assholes straight to hell. I won't shed a tear. They are all brainwashed cultists and are already lost.
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  • MsLivy
    Americans can be lovely people but fuck me do you lot act like genuine 2 year olds
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    • MsLivy

      At times* not all of yous are nappy wearing rambos

  • JesterRose
    Aweful convenient to look down your nose at people who are essentially doing the same thing that was done in 2016.

    Im neither a Republican or a Democrat and perhaps thats the reason i saw both this happening and the left instantly forgetting their own RECENT history.
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    • G3tAClue

      I don’t condone what happened during the protests either. But stop comparing one thing to another and we might be able to move forward

  • Shyguy206
    His whole supporter base is nothing but a political cult. I remember one of his supporters told Rush Limbaugh on a talk show, saying how he would die for the president.
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  • kespethdude
    Well said. And the FBI is going to get them anway. I just heard on news (and NOT Faux, Reichbart or Infofucks) that the FBI is looking for those involved in that very incident.
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  • StarryCrossing
    Yeah. That was ridiculous and shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. We are an embarrassment.
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  • more_than_a_guy
    You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU
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  • pizzalovershouse
    Well at least the 2 Democrats got the Senate seats an maybe they should send trump to iran to make peace 🤣🤣👶
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  • The_unknown_memer
    I predicted that this would happen , it's comes to no one's surprise
  • Eleni079
    This is embarrassing.
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