Reality Check: Police Kill African Americans at a Disproportionately Low Rate


As you all have heard, police kill African americans at a disproprotionately high rate, way more than the 13% of the population they are.

And in some areas 6x as many black people compared to white people.

Reality check: African Americans commit the majority of murders in the USA even though they are roughly 1/5 the population that White Americans are.

Put another way, per FBI statistics of 2019 above, White Americans would have needed to commit roughly 32,125 homicides last year to commit homicides at the same rate as African Americans. Do the math, and you'll realize that African Americans compared to White Americans are shot at a disproportionately low rate by police when compared to homicide rates.

Commence crying and screams of "No! Statistics are racist!" Please note: you won't find any of the crying liberals using facts. They'll simply say it's racist to notice this reality. Or they'll say it's White People's fault and you can't hold African americans to the same standards as whites.

Reality Check: Police Kill African Americans at a Disproportionately Low Rate
Reality Check: Police Kill African Americans at a Disproportionately Low Rate
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  • AnhEsbRotj
    You are speaking some truth there friend!
    and many people here have no response but "RACIST!!"

    Even the attempts at arguing with you simply take a "population size vs police shooting rate" WHICH when taken at face value suggests clear prejudice

    no one wants to speak about the extremely high crime rates in black neighborhoods
    and that higher crime rates = higher rates of police encounters

    This doesn't even speak to the extreme gang violence, anti-police sentiment, the fact that black communities rarely work openly with police.. etc
    This creates an hostile situation where ultimately Police are immediately labelled as bad guys by the Black community (even though the majority of them are fairly good people just working a job)

    INDEED there are cases of Police mishandling situations and outright abusing people (the same applies to the White neighborhood... where such stories are ignored because it doesn't fulfill a narrative)

    the complete lies pushed by the media...
    the statistics they clearly abuse to push a false narrative
    it doesn't help anyone
    it doesn't help the police
    it doesn't help black people
    it doesn't help black communities

    all it does is create tension and chaos and prevent any real constructive elements from prevailing.
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  • josephinelcajon
    In direct proportion in blacks violence and resisting arrest!
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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    Yet, your post is irrational, which contradicts your username RationalMale. In the title, you claim that police kill Black people at a disproportionately low rates, but in the post, proceed to compare the rates of Black people being killed by police to homicide rates. The problem with that is general homicide rates and police killing rates are two completely different things. The murder rate in general is higher than the police killing rate, oftentimes, no matter the race of the perpetrator. For example, police killed 1,127 people in 2020 and White people killed 4,728 people in 2019, the latest crime statistics available thus far. Thus, White people kill people at about 4-times the rate that police kill people. Because of this, general murder rates and police killing rates should never be compared for logical reasons. The Black homicide rate is completely irrelevant to Black victimization rate by police, or any other race for that matter.

    If the issue is about comparing rates of Black people being killed by cops, the more rational thing would be to compare the rates of police killing Black people to police killing non-Blacks. With that, Black people were 28% of those killed by police in 2020 despite being only 13% of the population. In addition, according to other studies, the facts are that Black people are about 3-times more likely to be killed by police. Of which, 14% of those Black victims were unarmed, compared to 9% of White victims. In addition, about 22% of cases were mental health related; 18% were suspected "suicide by cop" incidents, with White victims more likely than Black or Hispanic victims to die in these circumstances. This proves that police killings are indeed disproportionately Black. More evidence for that could be found in the link below. It's not that facts or statistics are racist. It's way that people use them and make their arguments that can be racist. Why not simply acknowledge the reality of police killing Blacks at higher rates and try working together to solve that problem? Doing so wouldn't be considered racist and could help Black people and police relations in the long run.
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    • His point is very clearly
      Higher Crime Rates = Higher Rates of Encounters with Police = Higher Rates of Police Shootings

    • See folks, point proven. Black people commit about 52% of homicides yet are only 28% of police killings.

    • @AnhEsbRotj: Why do you say "very clearly?" He didn't make that point at all. First, if you read the title, you'd see that his point is that police kill Black people at a "disproportionately low rate," which simply isn't true. The stats and studies that I posted showed that Black people are indeed more likely to be shot by police at higher rates. Secondly, he directly explains his point is supported by Black people having higher rates of murder. If you need any more proof of that, simply read his comment directly below us. Having a higher murder rates is not the same thing as a "police encounter rate" because not every police encounter is relevant to murder, nor did he post any evidence of (Black) murder suspects being more likely to be shot by police. Even if that were the case, it would still only prove that the murder rate would be the reason for HIGHER rates of Black police shootings, not lower rates.
      @RationalMale: That doesn't prove your point. Again, you're comparing the murder rate to the police shooting rate. If you are claiming that Black people are killed by police at disproportionately low rates, then you have to compare the police killing rate to the Black population and to the rates of other races. With that, because Black people are shot by cops 28% of the time when they're 13% of the population, this shows that they are killed at disproportionately higher rates. When you have 6,425 Black-committed murders out of 16,245 total murders, the percentage is 39%, not 52%. The fact that Black people committed 39% of the murders doesn't negate the rate that police kill them. That alone proves the conclusion of your entire post wrong. The fact that you're still not acknowledging this and still choosing to downplay Black issues is likely why people would refer to you as racist, not because of your statistics alone.

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  • dawsonnata
    I think if you don't do nothing wrong and don't upset people and don't fight police and generally behave in a orderly way you usually don't end up shot no matter what your pigmentation is
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    • Yeah. People need to realize if you think a cop is wrong, a lawyer or tv news station is the bet, not a fight.

    • This is truth :)

  • WhiteSteve
    What’s it like living in irrational fear everyday? Oh wait... I bet you don’t fear anyone, because you carry a big gun on you. I actually grew up almost exclusively around black folks... funny, none of them ever tried to rob me, shoot me, any of that. And any normal human conflict we settled with our hands like men.

    Just lmfao. I hope you find peace in your life one day, though, sincerely🙏
  • Tamera952
    Seems like a position in search of justifiable statistics... come on dude, what are you trying to get at here? (I mean really?) ... Whatever cherry-picked BS you've assembled isn't convincing anyone of the opposite of what we all know to be a reality, mainly the (general) treatment of African Americans by the police.
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    • To be honest with you
      comparing such a statistic to a communities equivalent population size... isn't a good comparison.
      Simply because one community makes up 13% of the population.. doesn't mean they will make up 13% of the crimes.. 13% of the doctors... 13% of the police... 13% of the business owners.. Etc

      Cultural attitudes are unique in each group
      Asians for example, tend to perform better than Whites in many categories.. simply due to cultural differences (Asians for one, have an extreme emphasis on Family/Success/Education.. that Whites have slowly lost over the decades) and this would clearly influence the education rate of Asian people

      By the logic of Police shootings (assuming that 26% of shooting victims are Black.. and they only make 13% .. therefore its racism)

      We could also assume that because an disproportionate amount of Asians graduate college..
      that its a clear sign that White people are being oppressed
      but we both know thats BS.. and that many factors play a role

      in the case of Black shooting victims
      because because the Black community accounts for a very disproportionate amount of the crime
      that 13% of the population.. according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. . accounts for over 50% of murders.. over 50% of robberies.. over 30% of violent crimes... each and every year
      Which would thus lead to more police encounters... and eventually more shootings (though most people shot by police are White.. obviously)

      None the less
      the Population comparison is a ridiculous one
      and seems to only be applied when convenient
      be it for womens issues when its applicable (without accepting the clear differences between men and women)
      or race issues... whenever people want to create some form of chaos
      ^ but once you apply the same standard to Asian success
      its immediately ignored

      its silly

  • SlightlyEccentric
    Don't let the lefties here you say that. They might call you racist.
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  • Gravit1
    Yes, but the data would suggest the riots were unjustified. However, The TV, Government, and Class Room tells me they were justified and did not exist. I don't know who to believe.
  • Gedaria
    True , but why do they fight the police, when being arrested
    The you fight the more force they use. It's better to be wrongfully arrested than killed from it..
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  • purplepoppy
    This is why we need police quotas so they get the balance right
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    • Snakeyes7

      That will only lead to more unnecessary encounters with the police to keep up with said quota, false accusations and convictions and will ultimately be a waste of taxpayer money. Is that what you want?

    • Pete671

      perfectly said purplepoppy!

  • rjroy3
    32% of the US population claims to own firearms, yet this population accounts for 100% of the gun crime in the US
  • QuietRunner
    I guess you can't argue with Statistics.

    Also in 2016 accroding to FBI statistics 4.3% of all homicides were caused by personal weapons such as hands, fists, feet, etc.

    I need laws banning those weapons.
  • hahahmm
    What the numbers say is that almost all of the murders by black people were black on black & black males were the victim. Wheras whites kill lots of men and women. Presumably if you are in a gang war situation it's more likely you kill/get killed than if you're not. Still, the overall numbers are pretty low. We're talking about a few thousand murders out of millions and millions of people.

    As far as the police... it's similar to how you're not losing sleep over a random white person killing another white person but you'd be up in arms if ISIS killed the white guy down the street from you.
    • Interesting imaginary numbers you have there.

    • hahahmm

      No, I just bothered to read the FBI stats you linked to. Often times people don't bother to read the data they claim supports their preconceived notion. Reading and research is a lost art these days. Next.

    • You missed out the population difference, actually. White American homicide rate against women is less than 1/3 what the black homicide rate against women is.

  • The_Sal
    there's no point in arguing with a sheep 🐑
    the news was made for them. perfect brainwash detergent
  • 007kingifrit
    its true, per the amount of crime they do they are vastly underrepresented
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  • Darcia
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  • Celtero
    I believe the right way to represent the facts are by saying...

    Blacks are killed at a disproportionally low rate when compared to the amount of violent crime they commit leading to police response. For the amount of violent crime white men commit, they're killed by the police more than black men are.

    ... BUT, since black men commit more crime, they're also disproportionately more likely to be victims of police violence.

    And all this is a waste of words, because the BLM types are far too ignorant and ideologically motivated to hear any of it.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Lack of strong positive father figures negatively impacts people's lives.
  • joeldalton
    Or they’ll just tell you to “shut up”. A clear sign they have nothing to debate your facts.
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  • R3DthatDude
    I wanted to just pass this post by, but ignorance is like gnat constantly flying in my face.
    Here bro:

    And to get a visual I am also inserting the link of the list of names of every single black human being killed by police from January 1st 2000 up to the killing event of Michael Brown. Note this doesn’t even include a lot mor killings that accused in the 90s as well. Here you go bro. If you actually care and not trying to be jerk.
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    • My issue with this post is, why do you feel the need to try to prove what you are trying to say, you must feel guilty or something, what are you trying to accomplish? What? It seems people who specifically choose to degrade the plight of black people seems to feel guilty about something because I honestly don’t understand why you would want to berate the pain of a group of people and try to belittle it. I can only think you either are just trying to get a rise out of someone or something else

    • Honestly, I think that WP post quite literally proves his point

      Because its quite dishonest to take such a statistic, and compare it to a groups equivalent population size
      It makes the assumption that every community acts the same way, holds the same cultural attitudes.. Etc
      Which we both know isn't true

      Same is applied to Asians and educational success.
      Should we then assume these is some form of prejudice against Whites, because they do not attain the same success (or make the same $$ per capita)
      Obviously not? Asian cultural attitudes are more influenced by rigid family structures and emphasis on education and success.

      The Black community commits a higher rate of crime (according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report) and thus it would be suggested suffer higher rates of police encounters (which inevitably lead to higher police shooting rates)
      Would there be cases of police perpetrated violence? Sure.. no one on either side of the political aisle denies this
      But as a leftist myself and a Bernie supporter
      I can tell you much of the rhetoric from the left comes from a dishonest position.
      that holds little to no logical standard.

    • And to be further detailed
      IF the Black community only accounted for their equivalent population size in police shootings (Which is basically the entire argument for their being clear prejudice)
      then it would be a clear sign of favoritism for the black community by the police.
      Simply put if Blacks made up only 13% of police victims (yet still committed the very disproportionate amount of crime) it would show they were being favored by police departments, while other races were being targeted unfairly
      BUT the rate of police victims that are black.. compared to crime rates.. isn't particularly showing any sign of overarching police prejudice (you can fight on an individual case.. no one doubts that) but overall.. no?
      this seems to be the basis of the argument? that somehow population equates to something? without recognizing the complexities of each community

      Its like looking the global economy
      and assuming that every countries economy.. . should be their equivalent of the population
      as opposed to their real output?
      OR that every hockey team should win the same amount of games... and its clearly unfair if one team wins more? Even if there are many factors that play a role in the success of a hockey program?

  • ChefPapiChulo
    your not the first to say this. won't be the last either. Poverty+racism are the root causes of this.
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  • masonova1
    Oh my god, this is just 13/50.

    Okay. Every single socioeconomic phenomenon is a result of one or both of two different things: environmental factors, or genetic factors. Sorry, right-wingers, sure don't look like black people are genetically predisposed to violence, so it *must* be environmental, then. But if you don't have an alternative or a solution and you're not ;particularly concerned with doing anything about it, then why are you saying this other than to dogwhistle about black people?
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