Why police picking on black youths is NOT racism.

Criminality and Left Realism

Why police picking on black youths is NOT racism. Left realism criminology, something I've only just recently come across, unlike Marxist Criminology blames the increase in crime on relative deprivation - the sense of injustice.

During the 1930s (The Great Depression), Criminologists expected crime to increase 10 fold, but the opposite was true, it decrease. Why? Because people were all poor, everyone was suffering, and there was no need for crime because there was nothing to steal. It's only until recently, well the last 50 years (Modern-day consumerism), that people have noticed the margins and gaps in society.

Due to these margins and gaps, crime has spiked - boomed infact in the West, and young adults, especially black youths have chosen a path of crime and have subsequently joined gangs.

Now enough of this boring shit ...

If the cops know this, which they do, they'll put more cops in the predominantly poorer areas, which so happen to be black communities to try and counter-act all this illegal shit.

This is what I really dislike about how certain people treat the police. Yes there are some corrupt assholes out there, but there are some criminal scumbags in our communities.

If you don't want to get shot, or don't want to give an excuse to the police to shoot you (our of self-defence or otherwise) COORPERATE!! It's simple as fuck y'all!

Act dumb, let it come.

  • If you're going to pull a gun out at a police officer, be it real or a replica, you'll suffer the consequences. I don't give a fuck if your 8 or 78, you deserved it.
  • If you don't coorperate with the law, you're a dumbass. I've been stopped loads of times by the cops, and before you butthurt peeps ask I'M BLACKER THEN ICE CUBE'S BEARD!!



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  • I don't think police are picking on of our black young men, they draw attention to themselves. I'm a black woman, and some black men scare me by there appearance. They curse loud, pants sagging, music loud, and smoking and when police approach them they try to act bad for street cred. But once you get to no them, they are some of them are sweetest dude ever when they aren't trying to impress their friends. So I think the appearances of some black men are what's getting them into trouble.

    • Yeah, a lot of us give a bad image to the black community. I used to dress like a thug, but when I got a job and my parents managed to get me a place in college I changed for the good.

    • So does a minority indeed.
      So do many white guys too but they don't get shot for it. And nobody feels justified to excuse the cops shooting white guys , saying "white guys don't cooperate, that's why white guys are shot."

    • I hate this thinking. You don't shoot someone because they look intimidating, you don't shoot someone because their pants are lower than you think they should be, you don't shoot someone because they play loud music. And even if all that changed, they would still risk being shot since young black men are targeted more than young white men.

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  • In short:
    " We have the right to shoot every black who isn't an Uncle Tom, just because he's black."

    Disgusting mentality.

    • Ha, I knew someone would miss the point.

      If you corporate with the police, you won't get shot.

      I've noticed the grand majority of black kids getting shot is because they thought they were above the law. Only a couple of cases like the Ganier incident were the police brutal.

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    • Blacks using their 'open carry right' with a toy gun got shot in an open carry state: who wonders?

    • I call 'hypocrisy' on this article. (of course, published anonymously, who wonders?)

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  • Everyone always talks about racism towards Black people but no one ever talks about the racism towards white people. when I was a teen I was in a program called project independence And there was only one white boy and one white girl (who was me) and I was picked on for being white. They wouldn't even call me by my name instead they called me vanilla and the guy white chocolate. I think Pretty much every race and ethnicity gets picked on not just blacks.

    • If it was institutionalized and actually stopped them from being successful in life people would give a shit, but as long as it amounts to some kids dealing with assholes nobody cares.

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  • putting more police in high crime areas is not picking on anyone. and if those high crime areas are predominately one race or ethnicity that is again not picking on that group

    however pulling over drivers, roughing up people or other actions without due cause aside from the color of their skin is picking on that race

    • NYPD did it as a policy.

    • they did, they used to do it in as well new jersey and a lot of other states. and that is in my opinion a significant problem.

  • er.. more complex than that... dude...

    • It might be, but this is the way I see it... hence, "myTake"

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    • But I'm not, idiot.

    • seems you are, but meh...

  • I don't know who you are but you are now my Jesus.