BLM, Police, And Why Racism is Natural But Not Okay


Racism is natural. Yes, you heard me correctly. But, does that make it okay?

BLM, Police, And Why Racism is Natural But Not Okay

We are biologically predisposed to trust people who look like us, and to not trust people who don't. This is essentially a large part of the problem our justice system is facing.

First of all, most cops are honest, law abiding, individuals that perform an extremely dangerous job. But the fact remains that there is still systemic racial prejudice in our justice system, and not just with policing. A young black man is far more likely to receive a prison sentence, and a longer one, than any other race, gender, or age group for similar crimes. Why? Mostly because the line of thought is that a young black man is more likely to be a repeat offender. There's no denying that this is true, but why is it true?

BLM, Police, And Why Racism is Natural But Not Okay

Its not the result of some inherent character trait of violence or criminality in young black men. Young black men have similar testosterone levels as young white men, actually less by numerous studies.

No, the tendency toward crime for black communities is the result of hundreds of years of oppression and slavery. After slavery was abolished, black people were by any standard 2nd class citizens. They did not have access to the same opportunities no matter how hard they worked for arguably 150 years after slavery ended. Further, they were segregated from white communities. Basically they were put in communities with little to no funding going towards their areas, were able to get very minimal paying jobs, and lived in poverty with essentially no way out. Then certain people capitalized these communities by introducing crack cocaine to desperate people, and because crack generally makes people insane and promotes crime, started selling guns to these same individuals. These communities festered into gang over run, poor, and depleted communities.

BLM, Police, And Why Racism is Natural But Not Okay

Racism certainly did not end in 1963; MLK was assassinated for god sake. It hasn't come to an end today either. But let conservatives say that black people had access to the same opportunities as white people beginning somewhere in the mid 90's. Racism was much less rampant at this time, and most people in the North at least realized it was wrong to discriminate based on race. That's approximately 20 years. So, these people suggesting black people have no excuse for being in poverty and having criminal communities, you are basically suggesting that the entirety of the black community should have rehabilitated itself in less than the legal drinking age.

That of course is ridiculous.

So on to the BLM movement and cops. Because of the real, but understandable, tendency for black people in poor communities to be involved in crime, many cops often come across more black people committing violent acts than white people, at least in poor areas.

BLM, Police, And Why Racism is Natural But Not Okay

This leads to a tendency, and I admit a natural one, to be more on guard with young black men. However, should we be punishing individuals for their skin color? Police have a higher duty to stem even natural racial discrimination, because it is simply not fair to judge someone based on the color of their skin. It's not fair to shoot first, ask questions later because the officer has encountered violent criminals of the same skin color.

What I find troubling, is that our police system nor justice system want to even admit that racial profiling exists. Of course it exists! That's not what people are angry about. If you do not admit it exists, how are you supposed to mitigate it?

BLM, Police, And Why Racism is Natural But Not Okay
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  • Relentless_Hippie
    Racism is natural? I don't think so. I'm mixed and I've never had an issue with people of different skin tones. My family on either side look absolutely nothing like me but I had no issue trusting or accepting different kinds of people. My earliest experience with racism was with this little black boy in kindergarten. He said it was wrong for me to be mixed and because I had a "white" mother (she's Puerto Rican) that is was unacceptable. His parents taught him to be racist. Racism isn't a natural thing, it's a thing that is taught. I've never had an issue with race, or with who I was until people tried to make it an issue. Racism, is the result of your upbringing, it's not natural.
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    • I think racism in terms of how you are defining is not natural. Racism for the purposes of this take just means stereotyping individuals and having unintentional bias due to race. Everyone does this- hence it being natural.

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  • madhatters4
    i don't think racism is natural. racism is the belief that one group is inferior or superior.

    i do agree that we tend to trust and feel comfortable around those who we look similar to us or those we are most exposed to. a key example is my daughter. she is biracial i am black and her mother is white. she is extremely comfortable around white women. makes sense right her parents are her closest and stable relationships. however i don't think she places a value judgment on people, which is essentially what racism is...

    i only disagree with that though... i 100% agree with everything aside from "Racism is natural"
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    • love this take and hope people can read it with an open mind and try to understand rather than the instinctual reaction to get defensive

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  • NJ_Casanova
    Actually I think most of this is inaccurate.

    I think you mean Prejudice and not racist.

    I do believe... ALL people, are "Prejudice", meaning "preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience." That is natural and makes use more weary.. keeps us safe.

    I know a bunch of cops... and no they aren't "Law Abiding", everyone with power... abuses it. (speeding, running red lights, etc). I actually think most cops were "the bullies" from High school.

    I aslo believe the whole white cop /black man thing is BS. 99% of the time the black guy in question was breaking the law and resisting arrest. Sure "Some of the incidents" did have excessive force.. but not as many as the Racist black community would lead you to believe. You also have to consider "where" these situations are happening... urban ghetto's were the chance of the assailant having a gun and a violent prior record is Extremely High.

    The whole BLM movement is a FN joke... they are as racist as any nazi, KKK group. They Claim they want equality when in fact they want "preferential treatment"... just liek the Feminist groups.

    The only blatantly wrong police involved kills was the one in Baltimore where the guy died in the back of the police van, the one in Louisiana and the recent one where the woman cop shot the guy in oklamhoma.

    The choke hold death in NYC... was the guys fault.. not the cops.
    The guy in Ferguson was as hoodlum (just assaulted robbed a store clerk) and should have only been shot in the leg. I have a problem with how many shoots are fired.. which are too many.
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    • So you basically just want to disagree with evermrything I've said. I'm guessing if I mentioned the sky was blue in there, you would have argued that as well. Prejudice vs racist- you're discussing semantics for the purposes of this take anyway. Did you see the video of the chokehold? In what planet is that the victims fault?

    • " Did you see the video of the chokehold? In what planet is that the victims fault?"

      Actually yeah, Just watched the video.

      He had 150lbs and about 8" taller than the cops and was resisting arrest... plan and simple. If he was that stupid for fighting when he knew he had a medical condition and was breaking the law... he would still be alive today... plan and simple. Cops didn't do anything wrong in that case. The other ones I mentioned they did do wrong.

    • Amanda2

      wow.. just wow
      There are words to describe people like you. Those with neither compassion nor empathy for other, but their own. However, I will not allow you to bring me down to your level. All I can say is watch what you say, it may come back to haunt you.

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  • TheFlak38
    "No, the tendency toward crime for black communities is the result of hundreds of years of oppression and slavery."
    Stopped reading. The usual social justice warrior liberal bullshit.
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    • Ok, so apparently the black community has always been treated with respect and dignity throughout history? Are you fucking kidding me

    • TheFlak38

      The real question is: Are blacks the only people who have been treated with disrespect?
      Of course not.
      If you believe their behaviour has nothing to do with their race then you shouldn't even talk about races in the first place. You're the one who's kidding apparently. Talking about race and racism without knowing anything about it besides the teachings of your marxist school teacher. Lol more than a century has passed since the abolition of slavery (which was done by white people by the way) and people still talk about oppression of blacks by white people. But the fact that in some African countries slavery is still a big business does not seem to bother you. Now bye.

  • Ratiocinative
    Crime in the black community is due to horrible and shitty black parents. Only 25% of black kids live with both parents compared to 75% of whites. This is what happens when you so much sex outside marriage.

    Black parents also neglect their kids. A black researcher John Ogbu did research on why black kids living with two wealthy parents had a gpa of 2.1 while whites had 3.4. His conclusion was that black parents dont involve themselves in their kids schooling. Naturally the black parents denied any responsibility and called him an uncle tom.

    Blacks have no one to blame but themselves and their parents.
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    • And why do you think that is? Do you think it's some sort of natural trait to be crappy parent if you're black?

  • TripleAce
    We seem to have wars over religious beliefs that are only fractionally different. How can they let go of race and color. Segregation through evolution was inevitable and if you wanna go through the bible, 11 the tower of babel... the lord intentionally scattered humans across the globe

    It will never go away unless we are faced with a larger threat other than ourselves
  • jacquesvol
    Murder and rape are natural too.
    But murder and rape can be proven in court. Racial profiling can not be proven and our courts and laws give cops a nearly complete right to kill if they think there's some danger.
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  • Kiran04
    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "Why racism is natural..."

    Then explain to me why black people are most likely to be killed by other black people. Hell, that holds true even for whites. They kill other white people more than they kill anyone else. The police would have to kill nothing but blacks for decades just to equal the number of black people killed by other black people in 2012 alone.
    • Because they come in contact with people of their own race more often. Most are in the US are still segregated. what are you trying to suggest?

    • I'm sorry, I just can't believe how idiotic of a response that was. If you are whit, you mostly come in contact and communicate with white people. If you're black, the same usually holds true, especially in impoverished areas. And I explained why crime is so high in these areas in the take. Apparently, though, because black people kill each other, we should just ignore cops shooting innocent ones.

    • Kiran04

      Given that police killings in general are on the decline, why is everyone suddenly so concerned about cops killing black people? They kill less black people every year. If you wanted to raise hell about this, you should have done it decades ago. Now it just looks like petty whining. No one approves of police shooting innocent people, yet no one can prove they do it more to blacks than any other demographic either. And given that the police shoot more white people than black people period, I doubt it's true.

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  • Library
    Yeah, I agree with you. People should be more honest about themselves and should try to mitigate their racism instead of denying it. Especially the police.
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  • Klara-Hitler
    Racism is not natural. Tribalism is. There is a difference. Racism is not even a very old concept.
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    • Gommers

      To the untrained eye they're different but it's just a different label on the same thing.

    • @Gommers Tribalism is not racism. A tribe is not a race, and it can be formed of multiple races.

      "To the untrained eye they're different but it's just a different label on the same thing."

      That isn't an argument. That is an empty statement. I don't know if anyone does, but I don't care about people's statements. Bother another person with it.

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - People spend so much energy picking sides that the healing process is lost - This past few years have seemed to be kneejerk reactions to each other - There is no sexy hastag for advocating forming committees to analyse the problems then propose solutions that will in no way be instant, that may take years but you know what, it is a step forward compared to the constant back and forth. Let us go BlackLivesMatter in an AllLivesMatter format but really mean everyone not as a reaction. I want to improve life for everyone so I fully support both BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter but in their pure literal senses.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    How does one "ban racism forever?" I mean, do you ban assholes? Because that's not possible.
  • john52461
    Did you ever watch that episode of Through the Wormhole, I think it's called "are we all bigots"? In an experiment they had white guys and black guys with guns at a shooting range. The would flash images of black men holding either a weapon or a non-threatening image. They would have to make a split second decision on whether to shoot. Turns out the white men shot the unarmed black men when they shouldn't have... but SO DID the black guys shooting. In other words black men have the same bias toward other black men as being dangerous criminals.
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  • TadCurious
    The increased prevalence of crime in the African-American community --- especially in the inner cities --- was not always present. Long before the Civil Rights Movement succeeded in getting the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Fair Housing Act, et al., passed in the 1960s, the black crime rate was essentially no different than the white crime rate. The black family had not yet been torn apart by incentives in the welfare programs of the 1960s that favored single mothers. Simply put, a single mom could get a bigger welfare check is she was just that --- single. The devastation of the black family contributed to the tragic increase in crime in the black community. I'm not saying there weren't other factors because there were. But long before African-Americans had fully achieved their civil rights their communities were marked by stable families and crime rates that were not grossly disproportionate to that of whites.
    • TadCurious

      *Simply put, a single mom could get a bigger welfare check IF she was just that --- single.

    • Welfare, sure I could see that being a factor. But welfare didn't sell guns and crack cocaine to impoverished communities.

  • John_Doesnt
    This place is worse than Buzzfeed. Less T&A too.
  • Adigelunar
    tGood post
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Gay is natural, gay is ok.
    Racism is natural, racism is not ok.
    Lol racism is not natural dude.
  • Anonymous
    GaG is the worst place to get 'educated'. smh
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  • Anonymous
    Your more likely to shoot someone who you think will shoot you and for police unfortunately in America that means statically young black men.
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    • I agree. And this is why police need to admit this is reality, so they can work to not discriminate based on color.

    • Anonymous

      Well its not discrimination when shooting a criminal that wants to harm you ie Micheal brown in ferguson.

  • Anonymous
    If you just listen to what they actually say, black people are extremely racist! Don't blame their high crime rate and lack or morals on white people.

    Blacks are given so many opportunities it is in itself reverse racism. They just won't do the work to get there as it is easy to live in the ghetto, complain amd receive government money. The world will pass black people by yet again.

    They are corrupting the US government and institutions and turn the US into a Detroit or Baltimore. A good thing that smart people can leave due to globalism, lower taxes elsewhere, communication systems like the internet, air travel etc. Leave the blacks to corrupt a once great country and make your fortunes elsewhere. My advice to people with smarts and money, leave when it gets bad.
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    • Wow, you are a ridiculous petson

    • Anonymous

      Blacks as a whole run everything. It is their culture and values, not color. They abandon their kids, they don't work hard and sacrafice and they just complain about everything. They are ridiculous as well as those that beleive their constant complaining.

    • Anonymous

      Ruin* not run. If they ran everything it would be like Somolia.

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  • Anonymous
    I call bullshit. Some thoughts:

    1) Asians are a minority and suffered during the encampments in mid-1900's. Despite this, they have low violence rates and high educational rates.

    2) The president is black. Most of the famous sports stars in the US are black with the NBA/NFL being mostly black. Samuel L Jackson is literally in every movie and commercial ever, and is black. Michael Jackson, the most famous singer probably of the last 30 years, is also black. Being black is seen as a cool thing for non-blacks.

    3) I believe that a lot of black and Hispanic problems come from a) having more kids than they can afford at early ages, b) already coming from poorer background and c) not having enough parental assistance/involvement in their pre-adult lives. A in particular is the big problem. I make a liveable wage, but if I had a kid or two, it wouldn't be such a great wage. Can't imagine what that would be like if I made less and if my background was poorer.

    4) There are more programs and opportunists out there for minorities than there are for non-minorities. There's no white-American scholarship fund, there's no white-American studies, there's no white Affirmative Action, etc.
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    • Anonymous

      5) I think hip hop culture set black people back and sets bad examples for kids with most of the songs being about sex, money, drugs, going to jail and how tough they are. The songs also usually contain frequent swearing and n-word usage.

    • PT1911

      Option 5 is something the black communtiy, and even other communities, seem to ignore

  • Anonymous
    Well aware are you not that using nature to justify isms is neo Nazism.
  • Anonymous
    Racism isn't natural it has been invented by Europeans over the past 300+ years. The only exception may be Arab racism against black Africans.
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    • AdamThomas

      Yep, white people are to blame for it all, even when other races are guilty of exactly the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      yes absolutely... with the only exception possibly being Arabs towards Africans

    • AdamThomas


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