Problem with Stereotyping People for being that Ethnicity 🙄


Am a Proud Brazilian-Canadian. Having Residents in Canada. One issue, am being Stereotyped as another East Indian due of the Large East Indian Community.

Problem with Stereotyping People for being that Ethnicity πŸ™„

Brazilians are a Mixed Ethnic Multi-Culture Community, descendent to Immigrants from different Ethnicities & South American Indigenous Communities.

Problem with Stereotyping People for being that Ethnicity πŸ™„

East Indians are a Long Served Culture for over Millenias. They're born into East Indian Families, brought up knowing their Ancestry which passes down every single Generations. They were brought up like that 🀨

Problem with Stereotyping People for being that Ethnicity πŸ™„
They're not seeing who I am. They're looking at Skin Color & Race. I Tan a lot when outside. People wake up everyday, brush their teeth, wash their Face because of their Skin Color & Race. East Indians are a Culture. That goes for every Ethnicity they are the same. Culture ☺
Problem with Stereotyping People for being that Ethnicity 🙄
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  • lightbulb27

    This is a general lesson everyone needs to re-learn. General stereotypes don't work. "all males are this". All females are that. Anyone who looks indian is indian and is a vegetarian. etc etc..
    To correct the problem,

    Notice to all humans. Please acknowledge the individual, get to know them, and listen carefully.
    Kind Regards , All of Humanity.

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  • yood_dude82

    Fellow Canadian here. I give you kudos :) 🤛

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    • Lion91

      Thanks 😊 Man wanted to let everybody know. Having knowledge of those type of Demographics/People from that Ethnicity for who they are, make a lot more of a difference then looking at Skin Color & Race πŸ˜€

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  • RolandCuthbert

    Well, welcome to GaG where most folks think their differences are all "racial". Coming here is like taking a ride in a time machine.

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  • jshm2

    Whoah! You have my sympathy.

    Nothing worse than being called an "Indian," not even being called "French" or "American" is as bad.

    You should just put on an indian accent and say "woold yoo like a cal from Micosaaft, sur!"

  • ChrisMaster69

    Lol the irony,

    By East Indian, I assume you are shoving people from various countries together.

    As you are South American.

    Yeah must be terrible being mistaken for coming from South America.

    Do people look at skin colour and jump to conclusions.

    Obviously from your post there is no such thing as a white Brazilian

    I have people assume I was American, french, Australian etc, because I am white.

    My mate is half Samoan gets tons of labels.

    People, everyone by nature tries to put others in to types, country, ethnicity, sexuality etc.

    People suck.

  • Wewladdy

    I dont get the point of this post. You're a mutt who lives in Canada, okay. And?

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  • Aakash_Hangargi

    I didnot get your point though honestly I am a little confused?

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Just because I date only black guys doesn't make a mud shark