Do people call you homophobic? Maybe you are not!

Do people call you homophobic? Maybe you are not!

Homophobe, bigot, sexist.

These are some of the widely used insults these days. While some people deserve to be called by them, others do not deserve them at all. From my point of view, some people actually do not even know the proper meanings of these words and when to use them. As a bisexual person, I thought of talking about people being labelled as a “homophobe” or a “bigot”.

Homophobe is a person who hates gay people. Literally anyone who hates, discriminates or lowers gay, lesbian, or bisexual people can be known as a homophobe. Homophobes find gay people to be disgusting or basically they do not like to accept the fact that gay people are also humans like them. A homophobic person will humiliate you if you’re gay. They will consider you to be inferior to them. Sometimes they may not even want to work together with you.

So now what if you don’t support LGBT? Can you be labelled as a homophobe?

There are some people who support LGBT, and of course you can’t call them as homophobes. Then there are people who are completely against LGBT people and their rights, now these people are the ones you can call as homophobes.

But what about the people who neither support nor oppose? Can you call them homophobes or bigots? No.

I don’t consider people who find them to be neutral on this topic to be bigots. There are people who are apolitical, which means they are neutral when it comes to the topic ‘politics’. Such people may neither agree with a political party nor disagree with it. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Sometimes being neutral is the best decision you can take when you’re unsure about picking a side.

Just because someone is neutral doesn’t mean he/she hates you for being gay. They may still consider you to be their friend, brother, sister, cousin, best co-worker, etc.

I had to mention this because I’ve seen people, especially straight people who support the LGBT movement call such people (ones who are neutral) “bigots”.

Then what about straight people who reject proposals brought by gay people? Let’s assume you’re straight, and there is a gay person in your class/office/neighborhood who is crushing on you. They come to you and ask out or confess their feelings. You reject. Are you a homophobe or a bigot now?

I say no.

What if a straight man go and confess to a lesbian woman and she rejects? Is it agreeable to criticize her for it? No, you can’t! If she is only attracted to women, then she can’t force herself to fall in love with you. It’s the same with a lesbian woman confessing to a straight woman. A straight person can’t force themselves to love someone from the same gender.

If someone knows that I’m bisexual, and they study with me, work with me, play with me (no pun intended hehe), considers me as a friend, hangs out with me, share meals with me, then I can’t call them a homophobe. Basically if they don’t care the fact that I’m attracted to both men and women, then I can't call them homophobic.

Someone is not interested in watching a romantic gay movie? Homophobic? No.

Someone thinks gay characters need to be banned from movies? Homophobic? Yes.

Someone doesn't like LGBT parades? Homophobic? No. Even some gay people don't like certain things about the parades.

Someone attacks the people in the parade? Homophobic? Yes.

You can love black people but still not participate for a BLM protest. Does it make you racist? No! You're not racist because you don't hate black people. Look at LGBT in the same way.

I wish people understood this. I don’t like seeing conflicts, the society has created too many boundaries. I don’t know how many people will agree with me. But, as long as you don’t hurt me because I’m different, as long as you are not disgusted or enraged because I’m bi, as long as you don’t humiliate me for my feelings, and as long as you see me as another human, you’ll never be a homophobe or a bigot to me.

If someone doesn’t attempt to hurt you in any sort of a way, don’t hurt them back.

Spread love!

~(Pardon me for any grammar/spelling mistakes)~

Do people call you homophobic? Maybe you are not!
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  • Exterminatore
    You make some good points. It seems many people have this mentality of either agree or you’re a homophobe. Agree or you’re a racist. Agree or you’re a sexist and so on and so forth. I’m glad you’re intelligent enough to see that some people don’t care about these issues or political activism. Doesn’t mean their bad people. Just means they don’t care.

    Now I’m going to really blow your mind as I correct you on something. Just because someone is against LGBT also doesn’t mean they’re a homophobe, bigoted, or some kind of hate monger. There are plenty of religious people (Christians, Muslims, Jews) who see homosexuality as being against their religion. Most of them don’t hate anyone they just see it as sin to engage in homosexuality or support it. Many people from those 3 faiths also see drunkenness as a sin. They don’t support drunkenness. Does that mean they hate anyone who has ever been drunk or likes to get drunk? Does it mean they want to burn people who get drunk at the steak? Probably not. It’s just something they don’t agree with. You can disagree with a persons lifestyle or personal decisions without being some hate filled person. People who hold those religious convictions typically feel obedience to their God is more important than obedience to social trends or political movements. Not everyone who is against LGBT is a mean, hate filled bigot. I hope you can understand my point. I would also say labeling anyone with such words as “homophobe” because they don’t agree with your life style isn’t right. Especially when it comes to this issue. No one can legitimately claim they were born that way and therefore being against homosexuality is akin to being a racist or sexist or whatever because there is no proof anyone was born that way. There is no gay gene. Moreover most people of those faiths would say that everyone was born a lying, thieving, murdering, greedy, selfish sinner due to original sin. Some choose to entertain those impulses, some don’t. Why should homosexuality be viewed as any different? Murder is a choice. Having homosexual relations is a choice. Both are considered sin by those religions and both are a choice. Even if some scientific proof came out that being gay is a matter of being born that way and not choice it makes it no different than any other sin. One can chose not to act upon those impulses.

    For years the rallying cry from homosexuals and their allies was “TOLERANCE.” I find it hypocritical to not only plea but demand tolerance for a lifestyle choice but not grant the same tolerance for those who follow a religion that teaches homosexuality is wrong. Seems to me that for many homosexuals and their supporters there is no “agree to disagree” but rather “if you’re against homosexuality for any reason you are a mean hate filled, bigot homophobe.” Doesn’t seem right to me.
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    • If I look at this with an open mind, I will have to agree with some of the things you said. Especially the part where you used drunkenness as an example. I get what you mean.

    • I appreciate the open mindedness 🙂

    • Why do you assume people can't be born LGBTQ+? I'm not saying a /straight/ person can't choose to try new things or experiment, but if hermaphroditism can occur in nature as often as it does, who are you to say that non-binary sexuality doesn't happen naturally too? You do know that people can be self-aware of their own sexuality preference well before the act of sex right?

      Also, unlike race, gender or sexuality, religious preference is very much a choice. If you find yourself in a religious group that preaches hate and bigotry you can walk out, you can join another church, religion or even leave it all behind and just be Atheist~

      To believe in "Sin" is a choice. If religious people can make exceptions for murder by calling it "self-defense" or "War" then who are they to tell anyone else how to live their lives?

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  • ChrisMaster69
    Good write up.

    admittedly I was thrust in to this at 14 when my sister decided she liked girls.

    I had 2 years of keeping her secret …. I did but it’s was a really poor secret.

    then at 16 she came out to our parents,

    I just view people as people.

    the one post script I would add to the not having a few either way, is that it’s fine zero issue.

    however when you see a person being singled out for their sexuality or ethnicity, then the rule of Silence is Violence comes in to play.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Explorer91
    This is just a way of scaring people into complying. Like if you don’t agree with something you risk being labelled as this or that. That’s all it is.
    i saw a post on here once where a guy was calling people homophobic if they didn’t like to look at gay porn because why would it make anyone feel uncomfortable unless they were homophobic. Which is obviously ridiculous gay porn makes a lot of people uncomfortable, there’s no correlation to be homophobic there.
    a lot of people also when they have been treated badly a lot of their life cannot differentiate whether they are being treated badly because they are ugly, black, gay, shit personality, to them it’s all the same. So let’s say your black and you are a complete asshole. If someone doesn’t like you, your first instinct is to often accuse the person of being racist. Sure in some situations a person may be being racist. But in this situation it’s because the person doesn’t like you. Race was irrelevant.
    well I think that’s a similar issue to being labelled homophobic, often you just don’t like the person, but they can’t differentiate the fact that someone may just not like the way they look, or their personsality so assume everything or any type of rejection is to do with them not being straight, it’s usually people who lack self awareness and in general who have been treated badly a lot of their life that label others this way. Xx
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  • Luminair3
    Glad someone wrote this. You can still love black people, but not support BLM, that was a very good example. In some cases it's not the gay people that label people as "homophobic" but the straight people who call themselves "supporters". Once an adult film actress committed suicide because people started bullying her online and even asked her to take her own life. The reason was because she didn't want to act with two gay men claiming that there's a risk she might catch an STD. This shouldn't be some sort of an extremism.
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  • Kontrvnote
    Talking about LGBT parades, do they know that there are kids watching whatever they do? The costumes, the sexual acts etc. If their attempt is to normalize homosexuality, then I don't think the way they act in parades really help with that then. I don't actually care someone being gay, not my problem. But I don't like how they act in the parades and when they call bigots to people who have different views from them.
    • Qdbrown

      They don't want to just be gay, they want to push and hope to make kinks open and normal. This ain't right.

    • @Qdbrown when will you straight people realize we are not trying to turn anyone gay

    • Qdbrown

      @wearehere2002 who said gay? About half of y'all just want to make sex infront of everyone somehow normal along with kink. At least the option, because love is great!

  • natured
    Once i got called Homphobic by a Lesbian girl because my straight self refused to make out with her...
  • ObscuredBeyond
    I get called an "istophobe" of some or another variant on some sites whenever I try to do *anything.* Endorse using a particular toothbrush? "White supremacist!" Refuse to eat bugs? "Imperialist! Reeeeeee!!!"

    Of course, when I question literally anything the prolapse cult says or does, I get called a "phobe."
    • Actually I don't even know the meanings of some of the words people use these days. They have various names for literally everyone.

  • Guanfei
    Don't try to use logic, people who call other something-phobic or something-ist usually don't use any logic, they only base everything they say on emotions, and use those big words because it allows them to avoid providing any argument.
    What they expect is to shock people, and while the designated "racist" or "homophobic" tries to defend himself, they don't have to find a logical argument.
    • I just assume Racists, Bigots and Homophobes are just self-centered people with low IQs and low self-esteem. They'd rather hate and fear someone else than to imagine acting as if they had an ounce of empathy. Anyone who is comfortable being themselves is usually tolerant of others... it's the insecure types who are terrified they'll "catch the gay" hahahaha

    • You just made this guys point for him. “I just assume…….” Really? That’s emotional and unsound reasoning. Apparently you’re a mind reader and know exactly why everyone thinks and feels as they do with your assumptions.

      Fear? Who’s afraid of gays? Most act too wimpy and girly to fear. No one is afraid of gays dude.

      I think homosexuality is wrong. If you tell me 2+2=9 and I tell you you’re wrong does this mean I lack empathy? Or is this you emotionally reasoning and assuming again? So if I tell you homosexuality is wrong is it I who lacks empathy or you who is hypersensitive and angry I won’t agree with you? 4 year olds also lash out in anger when their parents won’t do what they want or agree with them. They will often accuse their parents of not loving them when the parent won’t give them what they want. Surely you’re smarter and more well adjusted than a 4 year old right?

      Tolerant…ah the favorite word of the gay community. Are you tolerant of the religious beliefs of Muslims and Christians and Jews who object to homosexuality on religious grounds or do you just label them as homophobes and slander them by calling them bigots for not thinking and believing the way you want them too so your insecurities can be calmed?

      No one is terrified they’ll “catch the gay.” This is your insecurities speaking. Well I gotta go now. A gay person might walk into this coffee shop as I’m typing this and I might turn gay if they get too close. Gotta get home where I know I’m
      safe from the dreaded and all powerful gays. Sound stupid? Of course it does and so is your supposition that people who are against homosexuality are worried they’ll “catch the gay.” You act as if everyone who is against homosexuality is like some ignorant beat farmer from Kazakhstan…like Borat and his hatred of Jews and Gypsies or something. You know, I love guns. If you told me you disagreed with private citizens owning guns I would say: “it’s because you’re bigoted and a hate monger and hate gun owners.”

    • @Exterminatore I think following a religion (any religion) is wrong and morally misguided. So no, I do not generally have tolerance for the religious views found in the Abrahamic faiths. I do however have pity for the people born or converted into such nonsense. Any "assumption" I choose to make is based on first hand real world experiences and statistics.

      Tolerance is neutral, you can be tolerant of something and still not support it but to call something a "Sin" is intolerant.

      Also, Fun fact: I love owning my guns. But that has nothing to do with this conversation.

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  • MudRucker
    I don't care who fucks whom.

    I don't broadcast whom I fuck.

    I will be vocal about the flamboyant homosexuals that need the world know their gay.

    Also, I guess I can be labelled a transphobe because body dysphoria as a mental health issue.

    I call out any parent who pushes the concept of transgenderism on their prepubescent children as child abusers.
  • ARealHonestHuman
    What do you call someone who doesn't care about all of thag stuff. Be what you want to be, it has nothing to do with me. Its not my business so dont drag me into it. keep that shit away from me. Good for you, you live your life and i live mine.
  • worldscolide
    I am indifferent to them. Their lifestyle has no direct effect on me so i just do not care. I only care when they start harming children.. Drag queen story hour is one of those.. They had registered sex offenders in with them.. Or take turning a 9 year old little boy into a drag queen so he can dance for a bunch of grown men.. the moment you start involving children, is the moment you lose both my respect and my support.
    • Fun fact, two of my best friends are lesbian. I helped them find a priest that would marry them. They feel the same as i do about the things i mentioned above..

      the only thing i would add is people feeling like its ok to perform sex acts in front of people at pride parades.. There are children watching..

    • People that use the terms Homophobic, Sexist, Racist, Bigot, islamaphobic, and so on, use these terms entirely too liberally, to shame and silence people that disagree with them, and the ones that use it are typically too stupid to understand what it actually means.

  • genericname85
    homophobia is something that the lgbtq community came up with to make their problems other peoples problem. it's not a real thing.
  • SaoirseS
    The term homophobic never made much sense to me. Phobias are fears. I’m not afraid of anyone’s sexual orientation.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Great minds think alike. I even made a mytake about neutrality. People just really love to demonize a lot because for some, people reacts to feelings more
  • 007kingifrit
    phobia is when you fear something. nothing else. if you aren't afraid of them its not a phobia. the definition of this has expanded way beyond what it actually meant
  • friendzoned4life
    According to the internet I am a

    Homophobic transphobic fatphobic sexist rapist bigotted racist pig that has to get educated because he doesn't believe there are 6 billion genders with White Straight male privilege
  • JackSmy
    I have a lot of friends that are LGBT. . XYZAABBCC and all these, as "Inclusiveness"!
    TOTALLY support them, and finding what they feel, and need, and so on!!
    I just met a really amazing lady, and I don't post much of anything, about us, because it is me and her, and nobody needs to know, and probably don't care!!
    • Virgo31

      Well don’t flaunt your heterosexual agenda into our face then

    • JackSmy

      @Virgo31 That's MY POINT, idiot: I don't, and DID NOT, with that post!
      Everyone is entitled and has a right to like the way they feel, and I am not judging, EXCEPT when they keep pushing it my face, all the time!
      Be who you are, and be happy, but STOP TELLING EVERYONE, and the ones that don't CARE ABOUT YOUR ORIENTATION!!!
      I don't care, if my friends are gay, or bi or trans! We get along great, because we are friends, and what they like, sexually, and who they like it with, is THEIR BUSINESS, and not part of being friends, as far as I am concerned!
      It's the ones that need to tell everyone, maybe to "justify" their lives, and it is all they talk about, like EVERYONE CARES who you like to FUCK!!
      I don't, and don't care to hear it, over, and over!
      That's the LONG VERSION, of what I said, and I think most understood, but obviously you didn't!
      Hope that helps!
      I wish you all the best, in your life, with whomever you choose, but I just don't want to hear about it.

  • Hanrej
    Insulting people are all about control. You don't like their oppinions? Label them in an Insulting way and watch how they turn... Or foster their opinion with growing hate.
  • LesbianMale
    Calling someone homophobic is like calling someone pedophobic, it's a compliment, not an insult... of course you dislike bad people who do bad things, I am homophobic and proud to admit it
  • Billyscotter
    Genuinely nice people don’t call people homophobic and bigoted. They do it to make themselves feel morally superior.
  • WowwGirl
    They call me that because I don't support transgenderism. Forget I support the LGB I guess.🤷it's ridiculous
  • Prideful
    I have gay friends and I've been called homophobic because I said I couldn't give two fuck about people's sexual orientation.
    They crave for attention and privileges or something?
    • Fion3il

      wait what? why would someone call you homophobic for saying you dont care if they are gay or not

    • you are the complete opposite of homophobic.

    • Prideful

      They got hurt because "I didn't care", it clearly shows they want me to at least give attention to them.
      I know I sounded harsh but that's how you should behave for a world in peace : tolerate others and not care about other whereabouts/life
      ps: "they" are random people on internet

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  • Uptowngirl88
    They call anyone who doesn't agree with their lifestyle homophobic
  • OddBeMe
    Your logic stumbles around and oddly misses the simple definitions of these terms.
  • Feelicks
    It's basically the same as being called a heritc during the Spanish Inquisition. True or not, you're about to have a bad time.
  • Kaneki05
    That does indeed make sense. Like myself do i hate gay's or anything no. But do i go to a Gay pride parade nope. Do i support Human rights of course, but do i support LGBT it's self not really just the same i don't support stright people. But would that mean i hate stright people too? No of course not.
    No one has called me homophobic tho ever so lol.
    Tbh the only time it's got close is when i use the word Fag, but in my context of using it never is to insult a gay person. And in my country we had a lot, of the saying "Oh that's so gay" but this was never a actual suggestion to provoke hate towards gay people.
    It's just what people said including gay people themselves and if one came out so there would be no problem.
  • sp33d
    It's a false dilemma. I can also not give a damn. And I really don't.
  • backblueblack22
    Anybody who yells bigot, racist, homophobe with little evidence are usually huge hypocrites themselves.
  • Peterpete150
    If someone is homophobic then that person would dislike most of the women, since most women are bisexual or homosexual.
  • kevyhanma
    C’mon everybody FAG DRAG‼️ Let’s gets some rope and trucks finds some queers and beat the living hell out of em good ol American fag drag💯😎
  • Gosselinfan
    People love to label others when they have different opinions than theirs
  • NightHawk99
    It's simple. That specific region is these three words: "I don't care." You being lez, gay, bi, trans and all that doesn't exactly benefit nor harm me. We only ask one thing of you like you ask one thing of us - just stay in your lane. You don't want to be judged for your preferences, so don't judge us for ours. And we ask this of every person of every kind including those like us.

    That's the problem with the homophobes - because of those stupid religious fairy tales they're reading, they can't just not care about what others do with their lives. These kinds of morons think your lanes cross theirs somehow. LGBT folks technically live rent free in their minds and hearts 🤣.
  • bamesjond0069
    This is kind of a dumb post. First the fact that you're a "bi female" adds no credibility to the article. What girl isn't bi? Even the ones who claim to be straight if you get them drunk will gladly make out with a hot girl and enjoy it. Thats not straight!

    Secondly -phobic means fear of. So homophobic means fear of homos. Like i always say, "im not afraid to fight a gay" so im not homophobic. I also am disgusted by gay men, it makes me want to puke. Literally. Whats that called?
    • Fion3il

      ever heard of words that dont mean their dictionary definition? you are definitely homophobic, and even if you aren't technically it doesn't matter. Whatever you want the word to be you are it, the word doesn't matter, the meaning behind the word does. It doesn't matter if technically the word means something else, because it clearly means something to be labeled it.

    • @Fion3il "ever heard of words that dont mean their dictionary definition?" Uhh no because im not a moron.

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  • Womanboss1
    F*** judgmental homophobic's. Y can people allowed other to be free do as they pleased?
  • Asianguy123
    They are poor men and ugly women think that they are threatened their future money
  • doopayo
    This seems misguided
    • Kaneki05

      Seems misguided then you ethier didn't read the thing, or one who actually thinks anyone who don't go to a pride parade is homophobic or some other rubbish smh.

    • doopayo

      @Kaneki05 I didn’t even say anything really and you’re already heated

    • Kaneki05

      because in no way was this misguided, and the only two logic reasons why one could think that is my two answers. Unless you think it is for some other odd reason?

  • ChefPapiChulo
    a 13 year old could write better than this.
    • I know you’re left leaning as I’ve seen many of your comments on here before and don’t agree with what she said.

      People who are left leaning have all kinds of special groups of people they champion. For example women, blacks, and homosexuals and Muslims.

      Will you call the Muslims homophobes because they are against homosexuality or will you call the homosexuals intolerant for not allowing Muslims their beliefs and to practice their religion?

      Which of the 2 should be reprimanded? Will you call the Muslims homophobes or the homosexuals Islamaphobes? Which will it be because neither group will agree on this issue? Will you tell the Muslims their silly religion is outdated and they should rewrite the Quran to accommodate homosexuality and that failure to do so clearly shows they are bigoted and hateful for clinging to such antiquated beliefs? Or will you tell the homosexuals they are intolerant for not accepting the Muslims views on this subject and they are furthermore hypocrites as they loved using the word tolerance in conjunction with accepting their lifestyle, but will not grant it for another’s lifestyle?

      Or maybe no one should be chastised and everyone has the right to their own lifestyle or religion which should come without the use of attempted shaming tactics to gain compliance. That is how Nazis and Bolsheviks behave. Nazis loved labeling anyone who was a dissenter. Maybe people can agree to disagree and everyone who doesn’t fully agree lock, stock and barrel on every issue with SJW’s isn’t a islamaphobe, homophobe, racist, sexist, xenophobe, nativist, or fascist.

      I hope my words don’t fall on def ears but I see how things are with people who lean left politically these days. It’s: “Agree and accept our ideology or we’ll brand you with one of those silly names and make you out to be a threat to democracy and piratically a demotic terrorist for not complying.”

    • @Exterminatore or maybe what you wrote is word salad?

    • It’s pretty simple. If the Muslims don’t accept homosexuality their homophobes. If the gays don’t accept the Muslims religious beliefs their Islamaphobes. Not hard to understand.

      Maybe just maybe we shouldn’t be using cute terms like homophobe and islamaphobe to shame people into accepting our points of view. Make sense?

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  • anylolone
    Makes sense.
  • MrJMM
    I used to be homophobic but I'm not anymore.
  • Anonymous
    I'm a racist homophobic sexist
  • Anonymous
    I call them faggots so we're even I guess!
    • Fion3il

      yeah... keep that to yourself

  • Anonymous
    I am so done with y'all comparing yourselves or ur sexual orientations to "race" they are not even remotely similar absolutely disgusting imagine comparing the rainbow parades to BLM protests that happened after a black man got kneed in the neck to death... the clownery...
  • Anonymous
    Marxist love to use extravagant and disingenuous labels to manipulate people into being silent.

    They started accusing all conservatives of being racist in order to silence them
    They make up words like transphobic, heteronormative, micro-aggression to confuse and attack those who would disagree with them,

    I am not homophobic and I am not stupid enough to "go along" with lies because it will prevent them from attacking and accusing me. I have more opposition to gays using the misleading term homophobia than I ever did to their disgusting sexual activities including feces, ass licking and anal fisting.
  • Anonymous
    Nobody has called me the ridiculous misnamed term "homophobic" out in public. But online however, many times. That's because I deliberately remain neutral on all the social/moral issues while out in public, but freely express my views online.

    Our mission should be to suggest getting mental health help for those suffering from homosexuality and transvestitism, and refusing to personally be involved in participating in these vile behaviors. Our desire should be to please the Lord.
    • Fion3il

      well tbf if what you are saying now are you real views, yes you are homophobic and transphobic.

    • Anonymous

      @Fion3il You can call me any type of inaccurate new-fangled terms that you want, but calling out the truth and what's Godly is the most important thing we can do :)

    • Fion3il

      but a lot of people aren't religious, and dont share the same views as you, why force them on others. What basis do you have for your views besides a book written by some guy thousands of years ago. Why is it the truth and why must other people know?

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  • Anonymous
    I do not like homosexuals. They do nothing but cause harm, aids and HIV was spread to Russia via a Bisexual which killed hundreds of thousands of people for example. A deadly and dangerous ideology.
    • Also what they do is wrong, immoral, unnatural, and utterly disgusting

    • Anonymous

      @wearehere2002 It's far more likely to be spread via Sodomy. Gays have a high percentage of STDs, much higher than straights.

  • Anonymous
    ok. all women and girls are "bi''.
    • not all

    • Maybe in your fantasies lol.

    • Anonymous

      @Explorer91 i dont like bi girls thats why im volcel

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  • Anonymous
    You are absolutely right, homophobe, just like nazi are real terms, for bad people, that SJWs throw around like candy to people they don't like