My New Interest in Feminism

My New Interest in Feminism

If anything I've supported feminism for its goal to make women more intelligent and hardworking


But I've recently learned one of the goals of feminism is to pussify men. A core belief of feminism is that men need to take the blame for their childrens setbacks and that men need to be more open about who's hurt them.

that's the context for the infamous "Who hurt you" "Go to therapy" "Vulnerability is sexy" (its not, theyre just baiting you to be vulnerable) etc.

Nothing is to be taken at face value

There's a statement behind every statement

I've noticed men are much more emotional these days.

When they have to confront someone, their first response is to be a karen and voice their emotional feeling about the situation without knowing any of the facts.

These men. Supposedly men. Are extremely easy to manipulate. Just get them to like you and trust you.

And that's what it comes down to. It's not just that women are bitter that they've become men, while men have simply remained as men...they also want men to be weakened and easy to control.

It's a harsh reality That I know many of you won't be able to accept. Whatever. You can live a life of confusion and pain.

My New Interest in Feminism
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  • siseñor
    can i help girls w/out being bombarded w this petty shit? i'm done bro 😭. y'all poopoo heads think that feminists have some super evil motive when most of us r just trying to help everyone. suit yourself, bitter ass warm lemonade. no fvcking ice or sugar. lmao.
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    • MCheetah

      No offense, but you're a 16 year old with no real world experience whose knowledge was likely secondhand fed to you with ulterior motives. I'm not trying to discredit you based on your age, but what wisdom do you have among the real world that makes you believe feminism is more altruistic than the millions of men and women who will give you dozens of evidence of it being nothing but super negative misandry and pure hatred against men (and attractive looking feminism women).

      In other words, why the hell does ANYONE need feminism in this day and age? Hell, it was never needed, even back when women had less rights than men, some 70+ years ago.

    • MCheetah

      attractive looking *feminine women.

    • siseñor

      @MCheetah 'no offense' doesn't work, don't bother lol

      so if u care i hav a lot of friends who experience problems at home or at school bc of their gender. not tryna say this is the case for every girl but feminism has encouraged some of them to stand up for themselves & get help. & this is only in the uk. the good side often isn't highlighted. i think media rlly choose the most strange or even awful people to represent a side or viewpoint, bc the more controversial the opinion, the more viewers. this goes both ways, i don't always take anything i like the sound of as fact, if that's what u're assuming.

      also, the last thing u said is so weird ima assume u were taking the piss. but i've seen ur other comments, u hav some weird complex about women or smth. why do u think like that

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hanmakevi
    I have theory that feminism was started by America’s enemies to pussify men making our land easier to conquer let’s be honest a bunch of pussies can’t defend us
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    • MCheetah

      You are close. That is woke culture. That was started by the KGB in order to demoralize America and the west via "Active Measures." (Also its no coincidence that its so pro-Communism.) Feminism itself was started by two angry cunts in New York in 1848 whose millionaire husbands didn't love them.

    • Hanmakevi

      @MCheetah that’s another thing I don’t know who but somebody is definitely profiting from it and if they were poor normies they wouldn’t give a sht about women’s rights and actually helping women but because there is money to be made they endorse it proudly and with passion the same can be said for the lgbtq community

    • Feminism, if you read the academic leaders such as MacKinnon, has evolved into nothing but Neo-Marxism. Men are pathologially labeled "oppressors" and demonized women pathologially labeld "opressed" and put on a pedestal.

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  • MzAsh
    There’s nothing wrong with emotion and vulnerability. These aren’t feminine characteristics. They’re human characteristics. Understanding how and when to be be emotional or vulnerable isn’t a man or woman thing. It’s a growth and maturity thing.
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    • If it's normal growth it neednt be encouraged with ideologies

    • MzAsh

      Unfortunately it does though since so many people are still immature when they have kids. They don’t understand how properly support their kids around emotions and vulnerability.

  • OlderAndWiser
    Yes, it seems that people these days are more easily manipulated.
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  • hahahmm
    Men need to learn to not give attention to feminists... It doesn't matter how good she looks, if she's a feminist just pretend that she doesn't exist. With practice you won't even find them attractive anymore too.
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    • Imagine your single/poly (no woman is single) mother being a feminist, and you're a toddler. That's the danger

    • hahahmm

      Feminism is a spectrum... and at the moment a guy impregnates a woman he didn't think was worth building a family with, she's on the spectrum and he is too. Even if they don't consciously know it.

      All you can do is be a good role model in life. Sometimes it helps others to see that & yes I know guys who turned their lives around because of that. Of course it's much harder to be a good role model than to live like a wild animal which is why a lot of people make excuses to avoid having to try.

    • you're right. Thats all we can do right now.

  • MCheetah
    It's good that you've come to this conclusion.

    I am someone who had to study feminism extensively in college in order to write my thesis about it, and I went into it as objectively and unbiased as possible. But the end of it, I despised everything feminism stood for. So much of feminism is just lies, BS, and revisionist history. In short, with the exception of second-wave, feminists have almost NEVER did anything good for society.

    Most of the entire existence of feminism has been f*cking things up in society "with good intentions", but later lauded and praised because they had good intentions. Imagine 50 years from now, people look at ANTIFA and BLM as being "heroes" and "freedom fighters" because of what they CLAIMED they fought for, as opposed to their actual actions. That's what feminism is, in a nutshell. A bunch of angry cunts ruining society for over a hundred years, getting away with it because "Well, they meant well, and women DID have less rights, so..."

    Feminism still continues to do this, to this day. The whole "patriarchy hurts men too" BS while making men depressed and suicidal merely for being a man, especially a white man, and making women paranoid, angry, bitter, and self-loathing. There's no such thing as a happy feminist. It thrives off of misery, fear, and bitterness. And it pretty much always have. Only thing is, back then, it was more easily excusable because women had valid complaints to want more rights in society. Feminism has been utterly, 100% obsolete in the west for 51 years now, however. It's especially ironic that third and fourth wave feminists argue against the very things second wave feminists wanted, as if they're on opposite sides of each other.

    The short version to this is, don't pay attention to ANYTHING feminists say. They are literally some of the dumbest, most useless people on planet Earth. They destroy and ruin society out of selfishness, greed, and narcissism, and the few "good ones" who exist are just dumber than pig sh*t and can't do critical thinking, while the others are just dumb, evil, vain, entitled, greedy, and extremely selfish.

    Obviously they would want to pussify men, the same way they want to get rid of masculinity. The true goal of fourth wave feminism is simple: kill all men, skin their faces, and wear them as masks, while pretending to be the thing they claimed was "problematic" in the first place. This can be seen all throughout modern entertainment with every Mary Sue in Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, She-ra, He-Man, and pretty much everything on Disney+ and Netflix right now. It's not hard to notice if you have an IQ over 90.
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    • Inbox

      When feminism reaches its apex in a civilization, it also marks the decline of it because it demasculates men in the process.

    • good stuff. Is feminism really "I hate being a woman" (weaker.. lesser) so I want to be more powerful, like the men, "whom I want to replace"? I thought it was just about equal treatment...

      Thank God I turned off the TV/netflix... mind programming. Are there feminine mother characters on TV? prob not. But for the unfortunate children who don't know better... no wonder so many kids in school don't know what gender they are. It's not an accident... subvertive population control is easier than war is my suspicion.

  • barefoot_babe
    personally I think feminism is a bunch of bullshit, and I'm a chick. Like lets be honest what do men have that women don't? Literally the only thing is a penis. Therefore it's stupid, name something makes us unequal- because right now in my mind the only thing these feminists what is a dick.
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  • Subarugirl
    Feminism is originally at its core, women having the same rights as men. There will always be extremists in everything no matter what. You wanna whine about being oppressed, take a look at history.. women couldn’t even get a credit card with out their husband’s consent until 1970.
    • Ok you dont see the rationality behind how the old order worked, that produced over 2B Asians, trillions worth of innovation, irreplaceable art. If we lived how you think we should, we'd have accomplished as much as the Africans and Amerinds did.

  • joeldalton
    Never listen to what women say, listen to what women do.
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    • I agree. Same goes for men. Words (from men or women) are cheap if they don't correlate with actions.

  • snackthatsmilesback
    If men wanna open feelings ok.
    Arrogance n ignorance is huge problem rn 4 lots from lots places, like feminism.
    • Being silent in the face of pain is about preserving your reputation. Even women know this and celebrate being stoic

    • Reputation eat shit. Real don't need others approval
      If u good at emotions ur real in control. Be quiet is just acting.

    • No no no. The 3 facets of life are money, health and reputation. Losing money is losing nothing, losing health is losing something, losing reputation is losing everything. This is how winners think, I've done the introspection

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  • Exterminatore
    Satan wants the opposite from what God wants.

    God says:

    “Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created.”
    ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭5:2‬ ‭ESV‬‬

    God created them male and female. They are distinct. Unique. Different. Satan would like to see the women be men and the men women. That’s what we have today. That’s the exact opposite of how they were created. Each doing the opposite roles they were created to do. Women trying to be men and men acting like feminized simpletons. Frankly it’s revolting.

    In fact take a look around society. This is just one example of society calling opposite of what God decrees good and pushing for it. Abortion, homosexuality, transsexuality, transvestitism, and globalism are just a few of the things people want as they ignore God commands. Doing the opposite of what God said to do never works out well. Case in point look at our nation.
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  • MrJMM
    I always had a thing for equality and justice. I just don't understand why it took more than a thousand years to get into this topic.
  • m33lad
    I wanna take all the feminist and shit in their mouths!!
  • 888theGreat
    Guys that cheat on wives or girlfriend with you will cheat on you with others.
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Nothing breaks through a strong spirit
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  • jimmy2
  • Calgarydirty69
    the penisless wonder
  • Anonymous
    Feminism Has Liberated Men - by insisting that women are physically equal to men and do not need men.
    So men have taken that to mean that they no longer have to marry, they can take jobs that give them just enough earnings to live comfortably,
    By not having to support a family, to not do killing amounts of overtime, working more hours than living, take on debt through mortgages,
    They can pursue any hobby, be a bachelor and interacting or not with women as the mood takes them.
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  • Anonymous
    Today's feminism is one giant lie. It hides it's sexism, divisiveness and dishonesty behind the definition of "equality". Feminism is about as far from equality as one can get.

    Feminism is as feminism does.
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