Respect Everyone

The childs vision is better than yours
The child's vision is better than yours

A benefit of respecting everyone is how it eliminates your own ego

Remember when you were 17-18 applying for college? That was your ego.

Because there's no purpose anymore for you to go to an unknown uni to study things you dont really care about when you dont compare yourself to other people

If thats true, then why do people go to uni?

doesn't everyone generally have respect for one another?

No. Their respect is fraudulent.

When I say respect everyone, that means looking at what people are. Not what they've done to impress you and make you feel good.

This is why 1% of people create things for the 99% who consume things. People with genuine, godlike respect for life, people, etc

Creativity operates on a different level far far above how "responsible" (sad) people work.

Taboos, shaming, battles, competition, insults, bullying, envying, slandering, can't hold the Creative down.

You guys know about Shiva. He had to destroy before he could create. Literally everything that's been created was done by destroying something else.

Hence the Creative are the evil ones. The hated and the persecuted. Luckily God made us fearless.

Respect Everyone
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  • NicoletteXO
    There are two major forms of respect - one is non-violation, the other is admiration.

    While everyone deserves respect in the sense of non-violation, admiration must be earned.

    I can respect your right to make particular choices, without respecting your character, because I don't respect the choices you've made.
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    • Respecting everyone equally was my way of saying respect no one

    • But approach life in good faith

    • Unclear what your position is. And who the hell downvoted my comment? It's totally on point.

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  • Subarugirl
    the Bible literally tells you to fear god.. also maybe it’s a good idea to follow your own advice you fucking hypocrite
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    • Ok. It also says there is no fear in love.

    • Subarugirl

      Which verse?

    • I would have to google it

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  • OlderAndWiser
    I'm with @Dinosaursandanime65. Being creative does not make me evil.

    I treat everyone with a modicum of respect until they prove that they do not deserve it.
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    • Evil can be an amoral word for a destructive act

    • I use words with respect and deference given to their customary usage.

    • Morality is always changing. And I think being evil is necessary to choose to be good anyway

  • Exterminatore
    I treat all with respect most of the time, but respect very few people.
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    • Ok. What does god do.

    • It’s not about doing good. It’s about that I don’t respect most people as I don’t find they are worthy of respect. I treat everyone with respect but I don’t have respect for most people.

    • Thats too complicated.

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  • MCheetah
    I respect everyone EXCEPT for stupid people and the highly selfish. You'd be surprised how many enemies I make and how many people I offend on just this one rule... But I agree with you.
  • rcljr
    You have to EARN respect, it is not given. Common courtesy should be freely given upon meeting, from there on out you treat the person the exact way they treat you.
  • darkcloud1945
    My father taught me an old time saying that I think covers most things. You must give respect to get respect
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    This is absolutely revolting.
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    I’m not evil.

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