7 Ways to Earn Respect Rather Than Demand It

This myTake promotes seven ways to earn respect rather than demand it.

1. Not lying

I have little to no respect for liars, especially for the persistent ones existing in multiple forms like SPIES, BACK STABBERS, UNETHICAL HACKERS, CATFISHES, SCAMMERS, etc.

Yes, the liars include people who are pretending to be someone they are not.

Liars, do you realize that your virtue of integrity is losing its essence in every second you pour on deception?

Dearest people, refrain from lying. If possible, do not give in to a temptation to lie. Refrain from making up stories. Refrain from pretending someone you are not. If tempted to lie, BETTER NOT SAY OR DO ANYTHING.

2. Helping someone in need of assistance

When you do this, your presence is a display of concern at the very least. When you actually be of great help to someone, trust will be existent and will continue to blossom at every encounter. :)

3. Being considerate to others

I'll rely my point with this photo:

4. Presenting opinions nicely and clearly

You can antagonize all you want but make it sure that you present such in nice and clear manners. Likewise, you can disagree in similar manners.

Like all things, this comes to an extent, of course. You learn to understand and not force your judgments on them. You can agree and disagree with someone and that person can still respect you genuinely.

5. Being polite

It helps when you greet someone first before asking a favor or before proposing a suggestion.

Many people do overlook this. Sometimes, the reason why people are not taken seriously is because of their lack of observing proper decorum when dealing with people.

6. Defending someone against acts of offense

Defending someone from being hurt does help in earning someone's respect. Oftentimes, the respect you get is automatically given without requesting.

7. Being a role model

Setting as a good example to the people around you will not only earn you respect but also followers and friends. This is, in my opinion, the acme of socialization.

I also see this as a give-and-take scenario. You give them a good example whilst you take the respect you earn and the friends you make in the process.

You can be given sincerest thanks and referrals. Once your good name is spread across the land, people will get to see you with reverence. How flattering does that sound?

Thank you for reading :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Agreed. This is true except number 1. As long as you aren't caught, you'll be benefited by lying. Everybody, yeah everybody lies. The only difference is that some can lie flawlessly and effectually.

    • Good one FutureEx xD :D

    • You're right about everybody lying and the message of the quote you added really does happen. As for me, I may be told a lie and not notice it but my respect is at an all-time low when I get to actually be aware about it and get to catch them on act.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Re: #4 and #5

    The only problem with these is that we view politeness and contribution differently in women than in men. If a woman contributes an equal number of ideas in a business meeting, especially if there are no other women in the meeting, the men present will perceive that she dominated the conversation and was too pushy. If she contributes 30% less than any other man, they will perceive that the speaking ratio was about right. Because the ideal woman in our culture is not supposed to be assertive, your advice does not really go well for them.

    Source: www.socialsciencespace.com/.../


    • Your second source is from 2003...

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    • I interpret that statement as the real world's scenario in determining capabilities and authority based on gender. While I agree that it is really happening, it still disappoints me. I think that way of thinking should be totally eradicated.

    • Easier said than done, love, and it won't come because we ask nicely. Nothing ever has, or ever will.

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What Guys Said 11

  • 1. I rarely lie and if I do, it's for preventing establishing conflicts. Or survival when it comes to being employed.
    2. Ouch! I have overseen that a bit =/ but now I will do :D
    3. Check!
    4. Check!
    5. Semi-check!
    6. Not what I am now.
    7. Check!

    And I have no respect from people except from teachers and some old colleagues.

  • Great fucking take

  • Great take and an amazing take for a 16 year old - You have earned my respect.

  • But what if people don't respect you because they think you look weak?

    • This happens a lot but if I'd be in that case, I'd respect myself by distancing from those ill-minded creatures.

    • Pretty hard to do in highschool but okay :-)

  • Excellent take

  • Lol. I don't know about you op but I earn respect just by walking into the room.

  • Good advice

  • 1 - Hackers - white hat & black hat! can't bash hackers

    • Thank you for this!
      I hate the ones under the "black hats"' category.

  • Good post. I like to think I posses these qualities... even though for #4 I can be a jerk at times. Part of my charm. ;-)

  • Interesting that a 16 year old can get an editor tag. It must be easier to be an editor than get into Devry University.

  • i wish any of those worked for men. i wish being perfect in every single one of those helped a spinkle for a 5'4 guy like me


What Girls Said 4

  • If only it was this simple, ya know :/ you can be the best person out there and some people will still treat you like crap.

  • Psh all I read was the first part and you within the first paragraph you belittle me? Agh.. The audacity! 😂😂😂

  • You will earn the respect of the respectable people, and the hate, jealousy and disrespect of the disrespectful people.
    Happened to me my entire life.

  • Hopefully people will respect me more when I start doing these