How To Gain Respect!

How To Gain Respect!

Dress Appropriately.

How To Gain Respect!

The reality is people judge, and people make both conscious and subconscious judgments about you within seconds of meeting you or seeing you from a distance.

Your clothing style says a lot about you and your personality so make sure to wear clean clothes that fits you and that corresponds to your biological gender.

You have no business wearing clothing that belongs to a man or woman.

Morever, you looking like a cheap street corner hooker showing nearly all your breasts and nearly exposing your vagina because your skirt is too short won't gain you respect or as a man you wearing baggy clothing that doesn't fit you right and having your pants sagging looking like an idiot won't gain you no respect neither.

Show Respect.

How To Gain Respect!

Out of 8 billion people on earth, there are plenty of jerks, so not everyone will you respect even when you are worthy of it, but nevertheless, for the most part if you give respect to others they will show it back to you.

  • Ways to show respect.
  • Acknowledge people when they are speaking to you, look them in the eyes. It let's them know you are giving them your undivided attention and are taking them seriously.
  • Watch your tone of voice when speaking to someone, you don't want to come off as aggressive or acting condescending towards them.
  • Try not to interrupt someone when they are speaking, it shows you at least are taking what they are saying seriously.

Practice Good Hygiene.

How To Gain Respect!

You won't be taken seriously if you look disheveled, your hair looks like a disaster, your beard looks disorganized, your face looks dirty, your nails looks like it's been bitten and chewed by rats or you have long uncut dirty claw nails.

Take a fresh shower daily, use a quality deodorant and floss and brush your teeth so that your breath doesn't smell like Hell's toilet.

And please especially ladies do not use only toilet paper to clean yourself when you go to the bathroom, that's extremely nasty and trust me us guys can smell a pungent disgusting smell when things get intimate if you only use toilet paper to clean yourself.

Use wipes or a bidet to clean yourself and if you can't afford such right now, at least use fresh water and soap to clean your rear when you use the bathroom!

Constant Bitching And Moaning.

How To Gain Respect!

No one desire to be around someone that always has something negative to say or bitch about.

It's highly irritating when someone is by you or talking to you and the first thing they can think about is to bitch and moan about something.

No one likes a drama queen and a complainer. It's draining and seriously annoying.

Learn to shut the hell up!

Don't Be A Doormat.

How To Gain Respect!

You wasn't born to be someone's punching bag or toy that they can do to you whatever they desire.

If you don't believe in something or it goes against your conviction be strong enough to say NO, don't let someone bully you or get comfortable disrespecting you.

If you are too shy or don't like confrontation wheather verbally or physically and rather avoid such situations then at least have the self dignity to remove yourself far from people who don't respect and value you as a person.

Remember, respect starts with you first, so highly respect yourself always.

Be True To The Real You.

How To Gain Respect!

Don't be a hypocrite. Let people know who you really are.

Being fake gets you no respect because people know, you don't have the guts to be who you really are.

Don't give fake smiles nor act like you're happy hanging around people you don't like.

Its impossible for everyone to like you, but people often will respect you if you are true to yourself, instead of being a fake punk.

Being Humble.

How To Gain Respect!

Being humble is a very admirable trait especially if you have a lot of success, money, good career, good physical looks etc.

People will often expect people who have success in one area to be cocky because they achieved great accomplishments, be the opposite and be humble and people will respect your humility instead of you acting as if you are God Himself.

How To Gain Respect!
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