Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States.


How did it go from "two weeks to flatten the curve" to "you can't travel across state lines" and "punch a Nazi" to "show me your papers" in JUST A YEAR?!

This is literally Medical Apartheid. Please, I implore you all to employ mass non-compliance and remember your second amendment rights if it comes down to it..

These people are evil and you can be damn sure this is not done for the sake of your health. Are you just going to sit back and let these psychopaths take away everything? Resist, be brave!

Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States.
Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States.
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  • Lliam
    Dr. Lena Wen is a mutant creature from Hades. She has a Dr. Mengele philosophy toward the Hippocratic Oath.

    She knows full well that every word she says about covid is a lie. As a result, she guilty of crime against humanity in regards to her insistence on coercion to inject a mad science serum into every human being's body. The serum has no beneficial purpose. It doesn't allay the covid infection but it does have dangerous side effects.

    She studied "health policy" at the University of Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. People should be aware of the reason why arch criminal Cecil Rhodes set up the scholarship. The purpose is to groom like-minded maniacs. Try reading Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War for more info on Rhodes.
    She's also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. How many people are aware of the purpose of that organization? It's not about rainbows and unicorns.
    So, she's on the same page as eugenicists like Gates and Schwab.

    I agree with you 1000%, Juxtapose. We cannot allow these psychopaths to destroy humanity. They have initiated a war against the people of the world. The purpose of these injections has NOTHING to do with protecting human health.

    People need to join the RESISTANCE. Millions of people already understand the agenda, but it's necessary for hundreds of millions to refuse to comply, come together to form support systems, and to resist the looming dystopian nightmare.

    There's much more at stake than mere life or death. People who claim to care about human life need to wake up.
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    • msc545

      A good example of paranoid delusions.

    • Juxtapose

      @msc545 You say this as the elites plot to prevent us from traveling within our own country!

    • msc545

      sure they do.

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  • Redstang88
    Yeah no kidding. Funny how quick it went from “we’re in this together” to “your kind isn’t welcome here”
    Its mind blowing how the majority of the population doesn’t have a problem with this
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  • Belgie
    Add this to the list of fake concerns like the war on Christmas, being replaced by jews, clinton is coming for your guns, FEMA camps for the American patriots, and every other stupid shit you claim is "coming to America"
    • Juxtapose

      You're a bloody fool if you think the United States government wouldn't love to control us like the Australian government is controlling its citizens.

      The only thing keeping America safe right now is the Second Amendment.

    • Belgie

      BWAH HAHAH AHAHAHA!!! Yes, that's what is holding the US back from your dystopian nightmare. They are afraid of your guns.

      HAHAHAH!!! And Australians live in terror of their overlords because they have no guns!!

      Stop it! I can't tell if this is excellent satire or dumb-as-shit retardation!

    • Juxtapose

      Uhhh yeah, citizens having guns is intimidating.

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  • Ad_Quid_Orator
    The coronavirus vaccine mandate is just one of many vaccine mandates that have been present in the US for the past 212 years.

    Medical apartheid is where those with pre-existing conditions have to stay in their homes or risk dying of a lethal pathogen. And that's not some small fraction of the US population either; letting the virus rip is the statistical equivalent of telling 1/7th of the population that they either have to be trapped in their homes or pay a round of Russian roulette.
    • Juxtapose

      There is no vaccine I have had to EVER take to go to a grocery store and conduct my business, absolutely none.

      Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States.

      Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States.

      Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States.

    • Juxtapose

      Oh, did not mean to double post.

    • Oh really, because odds are you had to be vaccinated to go to school (which you usually need to in order to conduct your own business).

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  • Non02
    Victims of the holocaust were tortured and killed in horrific ways just for existing. Comparing this to that is utterly disgusting and I hope you realize that one day. You don't want to get vaccinated? Fine, then wear a mask and distance yourself. It's not that hard. Places of business have always fired people for different things. This is just one of them. Go find a new job. You have a choice. Holocaust victims did not.
    • Juxtapose

      "Show me your papers please."

      "Wear thisyellow star (mask) forever."

      "You Jews are sick, we have to quarantine you, sorry."

      Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States.

    • Non02

      Okay, so when you ask an immigrant for their papers, would you still hold this position? When you get on a train and they ask for your ticket, will you throw a fit? When you go to a formal event and have to wear formal attire, do you show up in your underwear? When you are throwing up, do you go out and throw up on people?

    • Juxtapose

      I. D should only be required when it makes the most sense, such as buying a gun or operating a vehicle.

      HIPPA makes my medical information private regardless.

  • joeblow123
    There are educators who ask school children what kind of animal they would like to be. The reason for this is to gauge the intelligence level of the children. Some of the children said lion or tiger. Some said eagle or hawk. Not one of them said guinea pig.
  • Wester1967
    Oh boo hoo. Didn't David Frum just write an article about how Republicans are addicted to their perpetual victimhood? Cry us a river Jose.
    • Juxtapose

      I'm an independent & lean left actually.. nice try though.

    • Jose? Is that a smear against Mexicans? Interesting...

  • This_Is_My_Opinion8
    What do you think is the end goal if not health?
    Money? Than why Russia and China who are using their own vaccines vaccinating their populations? They are not buying them to foreign countries.
    • Juxtapose

      It's to enrich pharmaceutical companies and to not let a good tragedy go to waste so governments worldwide can erode people's rights even faster.

      Nothing is more permanent than temporary government powers.

    • Juxtapose

      Think about it, do the politicians in America suddenly give a shit about the citizens? If they did they would have given us universal healthcare and focused on fighting obesity by making healthy choices cheaper and more pleasant.

    • I know in the US there is a great mistrust between the people and media and the government.
      But in Europe we have more trust in both. Not a blind trust, but still way bigger then what you do.

      I make the same question why would be the vaccination's goal to make money when some countries who make their own vaccines, and make none with it, vaccinate their populations?

      Even if I was questioning it all, in my country they reduced the daily number of new infected cases drastically. To a point no one can deny. It was actually funny our prime misnister hired a military offcial to command the vaccination process and he literally put it in line. We now have 85% of the population vaccinated.

      Do you question the WHO? And literally every single national health organization that approved the vaccines? The entire world had to be on this! In a way I don't think it's possible for the world leaders to be. The logist of it, the share of each one, the adultery of results, the control of what the doctores see in hospitals all over the world and silencing them. Today we have people streaming from their hospital beds and the world leaders don't agree on literally anything. But they all got into this because they were paid by a few pharmaceutical companies? I really don't buy it.

  • rcljr
    That’s what happens when communists infiltrate your schools and government. McCarthy warned everyone back in the 50’s, nobody listened….
    • Maybe it's that McCarthy was too early for his time...

    • rcljr

      @KlinkyCoder , he was right on time and right on the money, nobody listened when he blew the whistle about commies in Hollywood.

  • NYCQuestions1976 personally believe in getting the Covid vaccination, but these NBA players all have valid points. Supplying vague information and belittling people is not the way to grow confidence in undecided people.
    • Juxtapose

      Nor is establishing Medical Apartheid.

    • Nope. All it does is backfire and lead to suspicion and contempt.

  • BrosephBrostar
    It never ceases to amaze me how many people would have been prison guards.
  • Avicenna
    Exactly right. And don't underestimate what they'll do to those who oppose their totalitarianism.
  • Fuentes
    The fact the crazy lady said you can't see your family? Stupid communist !
  • Silas_314
    This is happening all around the globe, not just in the U. S. They want to introduce this stupid idea where I live as well.
  • jshm2
    Where the fuck have you been living these past few decades? Medical apartheid has existed in Murica for ages. There is even a book on the subject.

    What you're alluding to is shitty American healthcare, which has never worked. Mainly as America is the only so called "developed" country, which has no healthcare system. It has only healthcare businesses.
    • Juxtapose

      This is more of a two-tiered society thing but okay.