The hypocrisy of intoxication as an excuse for poor decisions.


It has always been an ongoing double standard that men are held accountable for their actions (and the choices of women) even when blackout drunk while women are not held accountable for anything they say or do in any regard with even the slightest bit of alcohol in their system.

The hypocrisy of intoxication as an excuse for poor decisions.

But now the Canadian government has just allowed for extreme intoxication to be considered in cases of violence.

And like all things snowflake, the children of the bubble-wrapped generation (Which I can guarantee were modivated by being sexist feminist school system) have gone on a rampage because they believe that...

“Intoxication is never an excuse for a person’s actions”

This, like all things social justice, completely contradicts their other standpoint that girls shouldn’t be held accountable for poor drunken choices.

Well... drunken billy and drunken sally want sex, If drunken sally can’t “consent” than drunken billy can’t either.

The hypocrisy of intoxication as an excuse for poor decisions.

Once again in typical mentally amebic thinking, they want the rule that benefits them but throw tantrums when the same rule holds them accountable.

I hope that the people in power stand their ground and do not let these mentally stunted parasitic human garbage change a logical law.

Either you understand that drunken males do not make logical choices or you give these “strong and independent” females the “equality” they whines about and hold them accountable for drunken actions

The hypocrisy of intoxication as an excuse for poor decisions.
The hypocrisy of intoxication as an excuse for poor decisions.
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  • MCheetah
    I fully agree with you. Not that I drink alcohol to begin with but "drunk sex" being "rape" is 100% total horsesh*t. They don't even mean unconscious, or else they would have said that. That first picture is so unbelievably f*cked up and shows such sexism towards men, it pisses me off knowing it was real. I'd rip that sh*t in half if saw that in person.
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  • Flower7
    I do agree that it’s unfair for a guy to be charged with a rape if he was drunk also. That means he wasn’t able to consent either.
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  • Alex8736
    I can identify with this due to a similar scenario where an old colleague of mine was a habitual traffic offender (speeding) would get clocked doing 97MPH in a 55 and the highway officers would let her off with a verbal warning everytime and she would always brag about it but karma finally kicked in when she got pulled over and played the usual damsel in distress it was a woman trooper who arrested her for driving to endanger and also added "It's people like you who make all females look bad".
  • Agagagagaga
    Dude Canada is so fucking weird and fucked up. They prosecute people for jokes and throw truckers in jail for terrorism lol.
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  • Anonymous
    I hate to say it but there is some truth in this. Men are at a disadvantage in scenarios like these because men are naturally the aggressors in heterosexual sex. In essence, intercourse is something a man does to a woman, so even though both may be drunk it's easier to see it as a man doing something to a defenseless drunk person even if he is equally intoxicated. It's a very dishonest mindset though.
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    • Yep, very dishonest. And are men naturally the aggressors in heterosexual sex? Is this some sort of proven fact I don't know about? Men and women can't simultaneously lean in together for a kiss. Or are we just assuming like usual?

      As far as intercourse being something a man does to a woman, does that include a woman mounting a man who's lying on his back? Is he wrestling her to be on top of him, even when she has to physically guide it in for whatever reason (he's on the drunk side, it's at night/no illumination for him to really see what he's doing)? Is it only intercourse where men are seen as the driving force. How about foreplay?

      Not trying to attack you, Anon, but these are qualities of said incidents that should be addressed separately... or are they?

    • Anonymous

      @Screamsgutter I think the fact you are arguing about these things suggests you missed my point entirely.

    • Who's point? Your point? What point is that? I see only two different Anonymous responses.

  • Anonymous
    This is so true. Women are not responsible for their actions and choices while drunk but men are, legally and "morally" speaking. It's refreshing to see that Canada is beginning to come out of the dark ages in terms of gender fairness and justice. I have no doubt the US is will remain in the dark ages for a long time to come.
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