Let's ban guns AND cars to save lives


A lot of people are clamoring to ban guns to save lives. So I have a question for the people crying out to "stop the carnage!"

Lets ban guns AND cars to save lives

Roughly 45k Americans die yearly in car wrecks, while in 2019 for example a total of 16425 people were murdered total.

If you want to truly save lives, are you willing to sacrifice and lose the right to own or drive a car? If you are willing to sacrifice, kudos. If not, please explain your double standards below of why other people should lose rights to help save 16k people but you should not have to lose a right to help save 45k people.

Let's ban guns AND cars to save lives
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  • TonyV
    Wow, real funny watching these people who hate guns lie or not understand the car (vehicle truck whatever) comparison.

    We got hippies who think no cars would safe the planet.

    Privileged people who have never not owned a car pretending they could adapt to life with out one, like to see any of them ride a bicycle to and from work in rain and snow, get groceries on a bike.

    The people that think cars are more regulated than guns cause they don't know shit about how to legally own a gun.

    Just idiots completely uniformed about guns but hellbent on winning an argument they know nothing about.

    Thinks cars are fine, refuses to admit they are stolen way more often and indanger people in wild chases.

    How for will these idiots go to win their argument, we gonna ban knifes and scissors? Qe gonna ban anything similar to a baseball bat? Qe gonna ban rocks? We gonna ban pepper spray?

    I bet I could fuck someone up with a bag of dog food, should we ban that too? Bet I could beat someone to death with an alarm clock, should we just ban anything a person can lift up?

    Or maybe just maybe people should grow up and realize guns aren't the issue, violent people are the issue, and always will be, ignored mental illness is an issue.
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    • The productivity increases that are brought about when transport is used most likely saves more lives than it takes. Guns do not. I don't even agree with a gun ban but this analogy is brain dead.

    • TonyV

      I disagree, they are both just tools that are amazingly safe when used as intended. It's a great analogy.

    • Peanut38

      The main issue is that many people who use these tools are too retarded to use them safely. I wonder how many people driving cars have basic common sense and discipline, because based on the shit I see everyday, there can't be many.

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  • snowboarder720
    Cars aren’t used for school mass murders.

    Cars are heavily regulated through having a license, registration, insurance, a written test, a driving test, etc.
    Though any disgruntled American can get a military rifle at their local sporting goods store because rednecks and hillbillies think it’s totally fine and within their rights. Which is total bullshit.

    I have an idea how about all new guns having a smart trigger lock system that only unlocks when the firearm is at a firing range or outside of city limits. All guns without this smart lock is subject to penalties when found or rot and stop working.
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    • Anonymous

      In the USA anyone can buy a car. There's no background check. And you only need a license if you wish to drive on public roads.

    • Anonymous

      Also the Nice Truck Massacre alone had 86 fatalities. With a truck.
      Are you some ignorant person who thinks civilians should be allowed to possess trucks that can kill dozens of people?

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  • Anonymous
    But aren’t you required to have a license to own a car after passing both a written exam And having driving hours with an instructor and on top of that you are required to follow strict road rules and get your car inspected every few years? Plus your license must almost be renewed and verified by the government every few years as well.

    In addition to this cars are required by law to have high safety standards when manufactured So why can’t we do all of these steps with guns? We practically already have “car” control. Might as well do the same with guns. I hardly ever here about anyone talking about how requiring a license limits freedom on the road for cars but even the mention of minimal common sense gun restrictions is highly offensive to suggest for many in America. To me that seems like the real double standard here.
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    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Id also like to add that in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s we had a much higher fatality rate on our roads but we decided to study what makes cars safe and Implement more road rules and car safety laws. For example seat belts and helmet laws for certain motor vehicles, drunk driving laws etc. Did these laws and changes to roads prevent all death? No. But it reduced it a lot and has saved millions of lives. Id much rather live in a society with strict road rules than anarchy on the streets. It’s a much safer place to live and luckily most Americans can at least agree on that.

    • Anonymous

      To drive it publicly you need a license, not to own. And no background check to buy a car.

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  • Smoke-n-Growls
    I'm not even American and I'd give up my car if it meant saving more American children.

    But honestly, yes. Giving up cars would not only improve air quality, it would save 40k people from car crashes (there's still gonna be need for motorized infrastructure like trucking for a while, so not everyone will be saved), increase investment and interest in people-centered urban design, and we could enjoy better quality of life in cities.

    So, yes.

    Banning guns and cars would save many lives. Arguably, banning both would save the world trillions. And also save the environment.

    So the kids who don't get shot in school will still have a planet to live on.

    Like, you seriously do not understand. You are describing a utopian approach.
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    • Levin

      I have a feeling that the US has 3x as many per capita deaths as the UK on the roads. So it would appear, if my statistics are correct, that many lives could be saved through better regulation, health and safety, tougher driving tests, stopping 16 year old brats driving etc.

      Also, cars and guns aren't strictly comparable. The amount of utility and good that cars do is unquestionable. It gives you freedom. Freedom to just go and drive to a mate in 30 mins rather than having to wait for two buses which invariably don't arrive, cost an arm and a leg, and ultimately get you there in 2h 30. Freedom for the old and infirm to do their shopping without having to be reliant on other people. The list is endless man. I understand public transport is particularly bad in Canada, also.

      There's way too much of this PC environmental crap. If you're going to replace technology that gives people freedom, a life worth living, the actual ruminants of an economy, then the stuff that replaces it has actually work, and not cost an arm and a leg.

      The amount of utility and good that guns do is obviously questionable given their obvious downsides. However, given the general move to authoritarianism and are freedom being more and more squashed, from so called higher powers that supposedly know better, each and every day, I think I'm not necessarily against them.

    • Anonymous

      Gotta admit I respect you for saying you'd walk the walk and sacrifice car ownership/driving to save lives.

    • One_Guy_

      Only fool gives up his weapon. Weapon is a deterrent, in case there is no-one around to protect you.
      Look at Ukraine, a former third nuclear power in the world, was promised by democrats a guarantee of territorial security, and because of their own corrupt/stupid politicians they gave up nukes in exchange for nuclear fuel. Do you think if not this fact Russia would start a war?
      Take a look at New Hampshire, for some strange reason the crime levels are the lowest in US, while almost everyone can buy a AR-15 there. There are few reasons for this "anomaly":
      1. It's kind of sketchy to rob/mob someone if potentially everyone around, including grandma across the street can blow your brains out.
      2. The state does not create policies favoring certain demographic who terrorizes the population, like some other states do, so it is uncomfortable for them to live there.
      3. New Hampshire is cold, winters are harsh, you would need a solid dwelling, warm (more expensive) clothing, firewood or other fossil fuel to stay warm etc. The same demographic does not like it, they like warm states where they can chill, collect food stamps/welfare and party 24/7.

      Are there psychos in NH? Am sure there are as everywhere else, but if not guns or trucks they will utilize other objects and means to kill as many people as possible.
      Can you eliminate psychos from society?
      No, you can't, but it is possible drastically reduce their numbers and track/red flag young "potentials".
      But unfortunately, or as Apple rep would say - it turns out our woke government is not interested in this, the same demographic we are talking about is their main electorate, and pinnacle of their campaign, they also the easiest to convince if what they say does not make sense to anyone else...
      Keep your guns fellas, learn on someone else's mistakes.

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  • sage2021
    What the heck do you mean by banning CARS? That has nothing to do with crazy people killing people in mass shootings.
    You can't even compare the two. They are two completely different things!
    What's the reason for banning cars anyway?
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    • Anonymous

      Because 45k Americans die yearly in car accidents alone. Do you not want to save lives? Do you not care about dead children?

    • sage2021

      A lot of children have been killed because of people with guns shooting them in their parents car minding their own business; to they are killed in their homes as well. They get caught in the line of fire from stray bullets FROM GUNS!!! If YOU cared about children yourself and you would realize guns are killing a lot of innocent children.
      As far as cars go, why don't you go after the drunk drivers that kills people each year. Why don't you put up the statistics for that? A lot of illegals can't even pass an American driver's license test, but still drive. They cause thousands of car accidents that kill people each year. Where are your statistics for that. Look at who is driving the cars would you. The inclement weather causes many car accidents as well.
      Look at the big picture man. If you want to bitch about cars killing people, you should join Mother's Against Drunk Driver's, also known as MAAD.
      Then there are people driving while they are stoned on drugs that drive and kill people.
      Don't YOU care about all the people being murdered with guns, and people who shouldn't be driving at all. Go after the people doing the killings in America.
      People aren't going to stop driving - period! And people that have guns will still shoot them and kill people. The man in the White House needs to do a better job with some gun control. At least get rid of the kinds of guns like assault weapons. Allow people to have guns for protection and sport. This guy that just killed 19 kids and 2 teacher's and wounding 17 other children was able to buy assault weapons with no problem. He even bought 350 rounds of ammunition. Concentrate on that, not on whether or not if I care about children because I care about all of them.

    • Amur8711

      @sage2021 that gang violence your talking about. Thats not a gun problem. That is a social construct problem.

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  • mantelk
    This has to be the most retarded commentary I have ever heard in my life. I am sorry that children's death is making your hobby inconvenient. But your comparison is laughable and I repeat RETARDED. In almost all countries in the world Guns are illegal and there is almost never a mass shooting. In America it happens every week. Idiot.
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    • Anonymous

      Do you not care about saving lives? The amount of firearm homicides in the USA is tiny compared to vehicle deaths. Do you not care about kids dying every day on the roads?

    • mantelk

      ur a moron

    • Anonymous

      You sound like someone who doesn't care about innocent people dying because it would inconvenience you to save them.

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  • CountessSarah
    Oh, this dumb analogy/slippery slope.

    This really easy to refute -
    Cars and guns are each designed for a function.
    A cars function is transporting people/goods, a guns function is for shooting things.
    These things are not analogous. One is specifically created to cause harm, the other is misused to cause harm.
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    • Neither is created to harm innocent people.

    • @bamesjond0069
      You're slipping in the word 'innocent' there. The point is guns are designed to cause harm.

    • Causing harm to criminals is a GOOD thing right? If someone tries to kill you its morally good to shoot them. Agree? This is what guns are made for. If they were designed for criminals then they would be primarily manufactured with features intended for criminals such as a shell casing catcher so police dont find the casings at a crime scene. Fyi this is not a feature that one can generally find any gun having.

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  • EmyyWolf
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  • lightbulb27
    Then again there’s being in a car accident and it’s trauma.

    Then there’s seeing a crazy sob scare everyone with a gun for like 40 minutes and hearing the load blasts as people are blown apart in front of you…all the gore of that… over time… the fear of waiting your turn while seeing the gunman execute ruthlessly. It’s different although all trauma. Maybe airplane crash more similar. We bran every case and make adjustements from each… heavy licensing and training
  • SnowySummr716
    I see the way of thinking here, and I agree with it poster of the question, I know the old cliche term, it's not guns that kill people it's people who kill people, but it's true! it's absolutely true, we have changed individually and yes as a whole, our opinions on subject matter have definitely changed quite a bit, almost a night and day difference even from 1990 until 2020, anyway, taking our guns or rights to have and possess and own guns will do very little to change things, as I stated the other day answering the same question on the radio at a local radio station, as long as the hate is there in someone's heart or the motive or the drive to kill or hurt is there, that person or people will make sure the job is accomplished or the deed is done, whether it's done with a car or with a bomb or with a baseball bat or a knife or whatever the case or even a homemade gun that does not even need a live ammunition to work! zip guns are terrible in the damage they can cause a human and up close range and you don't need much of anything other than household materials to make one, that is just a example, I feel there is an agenda here, there is a mass murder in a supermark in my in Buffalo New york, and then what, like a week later or a week in some change there is another Mass school shooting in texas? I was never one to subscribe to the whole conspiracy theory thing but it just seems way too perfect for people to be amped up to get rid of guns, not one but two Mass murders? yeah I would definitely say the government has a hand in this or people of a higher caliber I'll say, or higher power or whatever you want to say, why did the police wait over an hour to go into the school, they were there before the shooting even took place! they could have stopped the entire massacre! almost 20 people murdered and we're still blaming guns? why don't we blame the stupidity of our police officers in some instances and also the goddess Nation we live in!
  • jshm2
    By your logic, then. Let's ban food, as heart attacks caused by obesity and bad diet cause around 700,000 deaths in the US alone.

    Hang your head in shame, gimp, and wind your neck in. Guns are not a nessesity. In fact, outside the military, cops, and enthusiast, there is little viable reason for anyone to pack one.

    Furthermore. If you need more than three rounds to deal with a situation. You are neither qualified or competent, and shouldn't be packing in the first place.
  • BCA6010
    Oh come on now, let's just cut to the chase and ban murder. It's common sense that everybody will support, and as long as it's a law on the books, then everybody will follow it and we can get on with disbanding the police too.
  • TommyMountainFigure
    Don't need to ban anything.. Anyone found guilty of murder should be buried alive and handcuffed without any water or food and given 24 hours of air.

    Prevention is better than cure.. If you want to prevent murder then try that ^^^
    • DCPowered

      Hold up a second, not to be a stickler for details but you didn't prevent the murder. You say to bury the murderer, but in order to be deemed a murderer somebody would've have to have been killed first. Nothing's been prevented, this is just punishment which we already have.

    • @DCPowered No no you miss the point. IF the punishment was something everyone had a morbid fear of. Maybe put in some spiders or snakes as well to the mix, they would not commit the murder in the first place..

    • And I know you're going to say murders, such as those mass killing sprees where the assailant wants to be shot will still happen, but I have something different for them. Make sure they are kept alive and in public.. Charge people $50 or whatever currency per punch. Open the process 3 times a day, every day. The proceeds all go to the victims families.

  • Exterminatore
    Not only that we should also ban alcohol. How many people have died from drunk drivers?
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    • Anonymous

      I mean you have a point

    • I can tell you for fact drunk driving killed way more people than mass murder.

  • goaded
    Because the primary purpose of vehicles is positive. They save lives and improve the quality of life of practically everyone, even those who don't drive.

    Guns are used for fun and killing. Sometimes both at the same time.
    • Anonymous

      It doesn't matter what you think the purpose of something is. What matters is the lives lost. More than three times the amount of people die in car wrecks vs all homicides in the USA. Do you not care about stopping the carnage?

  • MysteriousDarkness
    You want to ban automobiles to save lives but did you stop to think that would also ban ambulances and firetrucks. If everyone stopped using their automobiles eventually money would have no value and it would cause anarchy. It would cause people to be put into survival mode.
    • Anonymous

      Nah first responders can have cars like soldiers can keep guns

    • What if there is a lot of snow on the roads?
      What about the nurses, doctors and surgeons?
      What about everyone who need medical supplies and or medication?
      What if you get a hole in your roof?
      I could go on with more what ifs but how would they enforce people to stop using their vehicles?

  • Deathraider
    Yes. Public transit and self driving cars instead.

    But also, the two are not analogous. What is the purpose of a car? While they do cause a lot of death, it is transport people. What is the purpose of a gun? There is no purpose other than to kill or seriously harm whatever it’s pointed at.
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  • Levin
    There's two things Americans aren't responsible enough to have an unbridled supply of:


    and food.
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  • rachelrazi
    Australia had essentially no gun laws in 1995. Then they were enacted. Guess what:

    having this debate is like arguing if abortion should remain legal. No one will sway anyones opinion in the USA except for the parents of the kids who have been killed.
    • schittywok

      And that can't and will never happen. Why? Because we aren't stupid. Yes guns save far more lives than all murders collectively, not just murders with firearms, all murders. It's not even close.

    • rachelrazi

      @schittywok thank you for proving my point

  • bamesjond0069
    @countesssarah like a typical person on here with no argument blocked me when her claim makes no sense. Smh. Comparing to cars is logical and the intent of the products production is an irrelevant line of thinking compared to actual lives obviously.
  • Oigit
    Won't eliminate the illegal gun market. If anything we will see the same thing that happened with the illegal drug market when the war on drugs started. The drug trade became much more lucrative due to the war on drugs increasing the risk of buying and selling drugs. So everyone from drug cartels and street dealers increased the prices due to the added risk. Our illegal drug market become so profitable that international organizations started increasing their operations here. Simply because they could turn a much larger profit here then they where in their home countries.

    Also laws and regulations only stop those who are willing to fallow them. Not everyone is going to do so. So crimes of all types will continue no matter what laws and regulations you put in place. If that was not true we wouldn't need a legal system in the first place. Because everyone would simply fallow every law and regulation.
  • Aerissa_Jade
    Technically there is no "Right" to drive a car on public property, so the government could ban all cars outright, just with the signing of a few laws. Owning property is a right, so they may find it harder to outlaw property ownership, so long as you drive your car on your own private property, your fine... don't even have to register your vehicles as it is now, if you plan on keeping it on your own property.

    Guns are a right, people often try to say a drivers license is a right, when it is a privilege. Where a gun is a right and not a privilege. A VERY important distinction.

    The vast majority of gun deaths are suicides anyways, and most gun deaths are gang warfare... you don't hear liberals whining the hundreds of innocent people, children and such getting killed by stray shots. Far more die from that each year than all the combined mass shootings.
    • You are SPOT on and the really only way to defend yourself from someone with a gun is with... a gun

  • Confidentandchill
    Well it’s simple to say you’re just being silly. The deaths caused by cars were not all malicious murders. Almost all were accidental.
  • Wsx2wsx2ws
    I watched a news real on Fox where a "boy" NOT a man strolls by and aims a gun at the camera behind the female crew member. Now let me ask you. Do you think that boy got the gun legally? We don't know for sure but gun laws are not going to keep guns off the streets. The same as drug laws don't keep drugs off the streets. They are obtained illegally. So since people are claiming that legalizing drugs would cause a drop in crime (which is debatable) Would making guns illegal cause a drop in crime? Or would it make it rise? Think Prohibition.
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