Why I think the Dems will lose in the upcoming mid terms and why more people who never voted Republican before will and should.

Decline of White Majority
Why I think the Dems will lose in the upcoming mid terms and why more people who never voted Republican before will and should.


In 2000, Whites made up 76% of the voting population in the United States, by 2018 that they only made up 67% of the voting population. Blacks have held steady at on 12% to 13%, but but Non- White Hispanics have increased from 7% to 13%, which makes them the fastest growing population within the United States. With Asian's and others increasing by a combined 3%.

Minorities lean Democratic

Why I think the Dems will lose in the upcoming mid terms and why more people who never voted Republican before will and should.


Minorities lean Democratic

In 2019 53% of whites were leaning Republication, all others were leaning democratic. The Democrat's throughout the 1990's promoted a "Big Tent" strategy, which meant they embraced a larger party platform that would grow their party by embracing policies that would attract more people of color to the them. But as you look at the numbers, the Blacks have increased from 81 to 83, Hispanics from 57 to 63, and Asians from 53 to 72. But combined Hispanics, Blacks and Asians make up 30% of the total population.

Independents are more likely to think unfavorably of Democrats

Why I think the Dems will lose in the upcoming mid terms and why more people who never voted Republican before will and should.


If you look at the chart above what you find in the blue circle is that few Identified Democratic Voters, Leaning Democratic Voters and all Independents have unfavorable views of Republicans in comparison to Republican's Leaners and All Independents. There are very higher unfavorable views of Democrat's. Traditionally Independents vote 44% Democratic and 42% Republican, leaving14% that vote either way... but in 2022 far more Independents are viewing Democratic Party as being very unfavorable. Even if the Republicans can improve that form 42% to 44 to 46% that could have huge impacts, like we saw in 2016.

Why are Democrats losing Independents?

This is where I start to get into my personal opinions and away from statics. Traditionally I was a solid Democrat, that became an Independent that leaned Democratic. But in 2022 I have very unfavorable views of the Democratic Party. Even though the Republican do not offer me much, as a white male I feel the Democratic Party as moved too far left and no longer champion the causes I once thought of as being beneficial to the middle class or society as a whole. For example, the Trump Tax Bill screwed me pretty hard. I make over 6 figures so most would consider me rich right?

Democrats will champion "Tax the Rich."

I am taxed, I paid $13,000 in taxes this this year. Its the corporations that are not being taxed and cost of everything is still going up. What have Democrats done or said about changing that Tax Bill? NOTHING! Instead they talk about minimum wage increases, then want to cry about inflation. Of course Corporations are making record profits, and minimum wage workers have more money than ever, so the cost is going up for everything. So increasing minimum wages do nothing for anyone, but increase prices for everything we pay minimum wage workers to do.


We have laws in this country, and those laws should be enforced. If you are immigrant that did not attempt to enter this country through a lawful port of entry, you need to be sent back. If did so by legal means the you should be treated fairly in accordance to the law. I do not believe that people who broke the law by attempting to enter illegally should be afforded a trail, caught and released. They are not citizens and they should not be afforded the same rights as tax paying Americans. Do it illegally or be sent back immediately any thing less only promotes or empowers them to break the law.

When I was a kid California was 76% white (1996) ..today Whites are the minority at 45% of the population (2020). Whites are still the largest single ethic group, but whites are leaving California and moving to states like Idaho, Texas, Arizona among others are record rates. Its just too expensive to live here any more, and more or less California is become a welfare state.

LGBTQ & Social Injustice Causes

If Dems are building their platform on promoting LGBTQ and Social Injustice platforms then that is great, but it does not to anything for me as white heterosexual male voter. I am not indifferent to Social Injustice, but at the same time laws are laws and they need to be enforced, and we need police officers to enforce them. On LGBTQ, quit honestly that's not an America I want to live in. Human civilization has managed this subject for millennia, I think the political exploitation and manipulation of these issue in not good for the future of our society, and does not align with vast majority of our cultural values as a society.

Women Rights

I never was pro-abortion but I am not happy about Roe vs Wade being thrown out either. But again as a white heterosexual male I care less about it than other issues.

What's your Point David get on with it.

My point is that Trump won, in 2016 because he went to key battle grounds and spoke directly to disenfranchised white male voters, and I do not think the Dems got the message. Instead the Dems are doubling down on their liberal agenda and in doing so are making the tent larger for everyone else except white male voters... and pretty soon even the women will figure this out. Because a lot of these women are mothers, and just like me I was fine with gay marriage and civil unions and we thought that would be the end of it. But now they have to look at their kids every day and ask themselves, this LGBTQ thing is not something I as a mother can afford to believe will not or can not happen to my kids. Policing the streets, sure we want social justice for everyone, but it can't be down at the expense of law enforcement. We want our kids and families to be safe. We are working harder and getting no where fast, being taxed to death and nothing is really getting better, even though we live in a country that affords more freedoms and civil liberates to all ethnic groups then anyone else, and all they do is bitch about it.

So I did not vote in 2016 or 2020 because I did not like Trump and I did not like Biden...but this year not voting is not an option to me, because apparently the Democrats are not getting the message... by not voting my voice is silent. So I am voting straight Republican up and down the the ballot. I think I will not be alone, because its happened and will continue to happen.

But the Republicans have to come up with someone better than Trump, or they will blow it.

Why I think the Dems will lose in the upcoming mid terms and why more people who never voted Republican before will and should.
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  • monorprise

    I really don't know what will happen, I know a lot of conservatives are scared.

    The left has become extremely intolerant, not only censorship, but professional discrimination, and outright violence such as the on going 'protests' against conservatives speaking.
    This has been going on for a decade now in the culture starting in the universities and now is effecting our businesses and political institutions as these kids were allowed to take jobs there.

    If we can't be tolerate of different ideas, there is no room for any kind of democracy, just the terror of a 'woke' oligarchy. Democracy under such conditions is impossible.

    I also know because of the same echo chambers that created this extremism and intolerance we also highly polarized, and as such people tend to hear only what their own echo chamber leader say.

    The result is no leader is ever really accountable for their own actions. For an issue will be ignored, or blamed on others with no one free to question within said echo chamber. We already see this right now among members of both factions.

    If one faction takes over and there is no middle able to choose between them, we will get very oppressed and impoverished, as that faction desperately and stubbornly chases down every possible scapegoat to avoid responsibility.

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    • DaveJord

      Failure of the two party system, becomes a system of a no better option.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous

    I honestly just hope common sense is used to limit crime related deaths and school shootings cuz this shit isn’t funny whether it’s democratically or republicans running the house or not I don’t care as long as American can become a safer, healthier country as a whole. Our future dying isn’t funny at all.

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  • 888theGreat

    Democrats are making life too expensive to live. They are destroying the middle class with their energy programs. Raising taxes on everyone. Forcing people to eat unhealthy food. Brain washing kids in school on homosexuality and transgenders. Making people hate themselves because they are white.

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    • DaveJord

      Trump did raise taxes as well, cut out a lot of major dedections for people. Only ones that pay les under Trump was corporations... every one else pays the same but can claim less.

  • Pot8o

    I'm not an American, I just follow your politics, because who can look away?

    I think the Democrats seem pretty incompetent, both with regards to which issues they prioritize, and with regards to which leaders they choose.

    How can you pick Hillary, then Biden and Kamala? That's just insane. You have talent like Newsom and Buttigieg and even Andrew Yang, smart youngish guys who look presidential and dare to speak their minds and dissent from the party nutters. I'd even take AOC over Biden/Kamala. Despite her leftist fervor, I think she's an intelligent woman with genuinely good intentions, and she's clearly a political prodigy.

    Regarding the Right, I consider most of what they do irresponsible, immoral, dishonest, nihilistic. I respect the never-Trumpers who tried to hold onto some sense of decency and decorum, despite my deep unease about their warmongering in the Middle East and the way they undermined international norms with the War on Terror. I respect Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger etc. for their courage to stand for their convictions and place country over party.


  • exitseven

    The Republicans were transformed with President Trump. He attracted a greater percentage of the blacks vote and the democrats have already lost the Hispanic vote. Union workers were traditionally democrat but they all voted for Trump except the teachers. Soccer moms are tired of being labelled as terrorists for questioning the garbage that passes for education today. Not to mention the debacles with gas and heating oil, inflation , crime, Afghanistan, southern border, Covid deaths, and foreign countries. Democrats really do not have much to brag about.

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  • kespethdude

    One of the few Trumptards who has the guts to post with his real name, I'm impressed. Still not worth debating though. Bye, Felicia.

  • BJP21

    We need the younger generations to vote, and they dont. The millennial generations are outnumbering the Boomers with enough voting power to take gun rights away.

    • DaveJord

      We boomers are finally getting to a point that they have to stop only thinking of themselve and allying with Gen-X. Gen-X is what I call the lost or forgotten generation. Boomers just been over looking us our entire lives, but we would ally with them on a lot of issues. But Boomers never cared about us, until millennials started reaching voting age.

  • TroyDT

    And no matter who wins the size of government will continue to grow.

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  • Jamie05rhs

    Oh, gahd. Not race again. Why did you have to bring race into this? Why?

    • DaveJord

      Because I think that is why the Right will take it, the Dems are disenfranchising portion of the white demographic. Its not race baiting or its not intended to be... so I am sure some will take it that way. But we talk demographics all the time in elections and white is the largest demographic. Trump won in 2016 by focusing on the the white demographics, and I don't think the Dems got the message... because it could easily happen again. Not with Trump I think, but some other Republication. They can do it. Even worse when consider all these other issues like Social Injustice and LGBTQ... even parts of the Hispanic and Black vote are tuned out on it.

      So the Dems need to offer some more then they have up to now...

    • Jamie05rhs

      "But we talk demographics all the time in elections.". Yes. But we shouldn't. That just incentivizes the politicians to pander to people based on their skin color. Which tears us further apart.

    • DaveJord

      Well if we should or shouldn't we do and they are... so got to represent I guess everyone else is.

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  • kentlevi

    You never know what will happen.

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  • Anonymous

    Imagine… Believing every word Donald Trump tells you.

    Taking Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene seriously.

    Thinking Kyle Rittenhouse did something heroic.

    Convincing yourself that January 6th was okay.

    Believing that removing women’s rights is the path forward.

    Believe that human trafficking is acceptable.

    Yes, morons do believe these monsters.

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    • monorprise

      Thanks in no small part to censorship of lefist on big tech I hardly ever hear anything from donald Trump, or really any of the figures you mentioned.

      Still it is rather hard to explain:
      * Why everything cost soo much more.
      * Why my town is increasingly filled with aliens who can't speak English thus difficult to work with creating friction particularly in trying to agree upon a common goverment policy.
      * Why houses have been getting soo expensive and hard to find all.
      * Why schools are producing racist and violent children who attack others for speaking their mind.

      Different people have different explications & solutions, but frankly I find the ones offered by Democrats to be mostly absurd logically and contradictory in results.

      You can call me whatever names you want but you haven't solved the long term problem in your town while more and more of you seem driven into mine to escape the mess you made.