RE: "But what are you doing to help black people? 'Your' people?" (My Ten Tips to Help "The Black Community")


So this turned into a whole thing from my last MyTake.

The short version of this whole long discussion that was had over in this last post, was this unspoken obligation that "all black people are supposed to stick together" or whatever. Tribalist nonsense.

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

I explained before that I don't see myself as "black," nor did I choose my race. I am not "proud to be black." It just is. Hell, if I could choose my own race, I'd be a Martian!

I don't subscribe to this tribalist nonsense. And I explained because I grew up with an abusive mother, have no concept of "family," and didn't grow up with a strong opinion around "the black community," so to speak. That's not to say I dislike black people. I dislike most of humanity, in all honesty. But I'm just saying, I don't "owe black people" anything. I'm not "part of your tribe." Hell, I'm not part of ANYONE'S tribe! I've said numerous times before on GAG that group-think and being in cults, is what kills your critical thinking skills.

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

Anyway, girl I was debating with, keeps implying I need to "help uplift the black community," as if I owe them anything. I explained "the black community" never did anything for me, so I don't owe anyone, anything. I also said, I don't bond with people over stupid sh*t like skin color or even "shared culture," so that won't fly with me, either. Finally, I explained how I help kids Monday through Friday as an ESL teacher here in South Korea.

So don't tell me I need to "help my people," as if they're "my people" to begin with. As if anyone helped me while I was struggling to save up to get into f*cking Community College because government funding wasn't enough. As if I grew up with a good childhood with a good mother and good friends. I grew up in dirt-ass West Philly. Look up "W. Girard Ave & Lancaster Ave" in Philadelphia on Google Maps and tell me if that looks like a great place you'd want to live and grow up in. The thing is, my actual neighborhood with my mother's house on it, could be considered even worse than that.

But girl on GAG insists all of black people's problems are 100% of black men being bums and that little of the burden is on black women, which I disagreed with, since they are the ones choosing to sleep with bad men, the ones choosing to have se x un protected, and the ones choosing to not abort their children and raising them in unideal conditions when they probably aren't going to do well in them.

However, her argument was persistently about the whole "It's about caring for your people and wanting to see them do better."

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

Like, I told her, they're not "my people." And others said, successful black men get accused of "turning white," are called Oreos, traitors, and such. Because the whole "We-Wuz-Kangs" victimhood mentality is too strong in modern inner city Black American culture. Thinking all black people used to be Egyptian rulers and proud Nubian gods and goddesses and that things were perfect until white people came in and enslaved them (not that most of these people are educated enough to know that black Africans sold other black Africans to whites; boats didn't just sail over to Africa and started kidnapping niggas by the hundreds or something; not that it matters with them.)

But all of that is a story for another day. You can thank the Woke architects for the victimhood mentality plaguing the black community for decades. What I was saying was, so many black people don't want to see other black people successful, unless they think they can get a handout from it. Which is why Obama was so big in 2007. Back to the whole "We-Wuz-Kangs" vicarious success BS.

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

Though to be fair, people do that all the time with sports teams and political elections, so pretending "you won" just because someone who looks like you "won" isn't exactly just a Black American community thing.

Point is, many black people (mainly, black women though, in my opinion) don't like to see black people be successful if it's not "raising them up," too. It's selfishness. That why men like Kevin Samuels and Thomas Sowell were hated so much by black women, despite these men often trying to help the black community. That's right! These were people who DID try to help the black community. And were rejected and called "Uncle Toms" and race traitors for it!

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)
RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

Problem is, they told them the truth and didn't give self-loathing black people that Feel-Good Kool Aid BS that they're used to from Beyoncé, white guilt simps, and modern woke social media. Telling 300 pound black women with nine kids living deep in New Orleans that "They're a Queen. A Goddess. And they don't need no man!" (Ignore the double negatives; everyone else does.) They sure as f*ck aren't helping the black community!

Hell, even Kanye West got sh*t from the black community the moment he stopped towing the Democratic party line and started telling black people to think for themselves. You got white bitches like Chelsea Handler telling Kanye and 50 Cent that "they're Blacking wrong!"

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)
RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

And let's not forget Biden calling all niggas in America "not black" if they don't suck his d**k and vote for him. The fact BLM will riot over a career felon OD'ing on fentanyl while being arrested on camera, but not the future president of the United States - a rich corrupt white man - literally telling you to 'shut the f*ck up and obey like a good house n**ger,' tells you everything you need to know.

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

THIS is the mentality you want to keep in the black community?!

It's like "Black people can be successful, as long as they're not educated and dignified while doing it (unless they're Obama, I guess)."

But okay, fine. You want me to help the black community? I'm not marrying a hood rat to make her Ghetto Fabulous Cinderella so she can be the next Cardi B. But here's my one time I will help "the black community" despite me being an individual and not your cash cow, vicarious victory, or future ex-husband you're getting weekly paychecks from.

RE: But what are you doing to help black people? Your people? (My Ten Tips to Help The Black Community)

1. Have self respect at all times.

2. Stop sleeping with everything that moves without protection (a con dom, not a gun).

3. Stop shooting and killing each other.

4. Stop committing crimes, then justifying them by saying "I'm just tryin' to survive."

5. Stop worshipping and deifying criminals, especially George Floyd. Or Scarface. Or Cardi B.

6. Stop being slaves and Useful Idiots to woke culture and victimhood.

7. Stop being slaves to old crusty rich white men and women who use you as props and political tools to get richer, like Joe Biden and most Democratic politicians.

8. Stop blaming "whitey" for all your problems. You nor your parents ever had to deal with pre-civil rights discrimination or slavery.

9. Go to college. Or at least, learn a trade.

10. Learn how to think for yourselves instead of parroting what leftists have told you "what black is" for generations now.

There. I have just helped the Black community. It's now up to those young'uns and "teenagers of color" if they want to listen or not.

Have I done enough, or do you want me to drop hundred dollar bills from a helicopter over Detroit?

I'm going to end this with one of my favorite scenes from The Boondocks; a 'What If' episode where Martin Luther King Jr. never died. This resonated with me a lot more than most things related to my "blackness." Cause it's f*cking true.

RE: "But what are you doing to help black people? 'Your' people?" (My Ten Tips to Help "The Black Community")
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  • JDavid25

    Love Thomas Sowell, if I ever had anything close to a real life inspirational figure, it's him... Ever since I listened to 2 hours of Black Redneck/White Liberals on YouTube 2 years ago I have been hooked, I been loking for the next thing to learn from him ever since.. But I agree.. The "Black" community likes to act like we are in this together, but will look the other way or even laugh when somebody in the hood is robbed or killed.. They go around causing all types of problems, then get offended when people prefer not to be around them, and drag the rest of us who are just trying to live life down with them..

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  • Emiliamazing

    You make so many valid points any human being on this planet or apparently on Mars could take the heart. I completely agree with the young lady who notes the do unto other mentality. It doesn’t matter what color you are or where you’re from. I hope a lot of people read this post from you, it might resonate in a positive way with individuals who are interested in doing something to make the world we live in a better place.

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    • This is a little bit of a sidenote, but if we all simply started looking at each other as humans, versus what race we are, thanks mate change a little bit. I do think it’s important for cultural heritage to be held onto, and that may be one of the reasons that we try to differentiate ourselves in anyway that we can from others.

    • MCheetah

      Thank you.

    • Thank you for the MHO, much appreciated!

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  • DudeDiligence

    This is some of the most honest and useful advice I have heard from a black person. Messages like this from black Americans will help other black Americans far more than anything liberals have done or are doing. Any white person who says the same things is automatically a "racist", so it has to come from other blacks. That is the only thing that is going to help.

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  • backdoorman

    Damn, man. I have always enjoyed reading your posts, but especially lately. You have been turning out some really intelligent, honest and thoughtful stuff, and this was no exception.

    I would add a # 11 to your list, but it would probably not be welcomed by some, coming from a white guy.

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  • mollyyyy37474

    simple do unto other as you would do unto them. most blacks grew up in a ghetto environment & ii’ve noticed in this program i used to volunteer in with low class families the kids/teenagers would copy how i talk and act and it was so beautiful. believe it or not people you’re not close with pick up on your tone , personality and more so be a good example

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  • coverboyoutlawbrady

    Lot to unpack here, but... America is in its final days due to obesity, racism and (most of all) stupidity. When I was a lad, nobody like the Kartrashians, Duggars (especially pervert Josh), the "Cops" and now "Repo" morons and other dullards would have been allowed to cleans TV stations' boys' rooms, let alone be ON TV ;now they're polluting the airwaves along with right-wing-nut white supremacy conspiracy nuts and the REPIGLIKKKANS who pander to them.

    Too, you have a celebrity culture a rappers whose IQ and my chest size are on par (forty-five), who do little but flaunt their wealth and shoot each other. All this in a gun-crazed, I hate blacks, LGBTQAIs, women, immigrants, etc. culture which has sprung up since the Ronnie Ray-Guns era of bloated military budgets and cuts to education, infrastructure and other shared aspects of citizenry which has caused the cataclysmic chasm between the one-one-millionth-of-one-percent (who are fomenting hatred among the other 99.999999999% to keep the poor, working-class and middle class of all colours and other persuasions fighting each other instead of them) and Jo (e) Yankee.

    Finally, black-specific is the ridiculous belief that a few wealthy blacks can (and must, according to the blacker-than-thou types) fund every so-called "black" institution and/or individual black paupers rather than massing with other progressives and forcefully demanding change, including abolishing the TWO rich people's parties for one progressive, people-first party. (And Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Pervert Bill Cosby, Uncle Clarence Thomas, Herschel Walker, etc. are black apologists for the system which has oppressed all non-rich white men since 1776.)

    Unless America's ills are remedied by about 2030, it will follow the USSR into Ronnie "Ray-Gun's" ash-heap of history, first becoming a Fascist dictatorship. I'm EXTREMELY pessimstic about the US' chances of saving itself before the coming conflagration.

  • Vegasrunner

    Lol, there's a lot to unpack. I'm assuming your 10 tips is a joke because they dont really help the black community at all. W/ that said I hear the same BS all the time, the only difference is I truly dont give a fuck, it's difficult enough for a man to help himself so I don't believe he has any obligation to "help" his community and like you said comming up communities rarely if ever help us. If you understand the history of AA's u know they've never stuck together or supported each other to begin with. That's why you have the term field and house. The "all black men" thing is more of a gender issue vs race as women always attempt to shame men into settling or making bad decisions especially when it benefits them. Good example of this is the viral video of the women attempting to shame her BD for not bringing food for another mans children, which is bat shit crazy. in my opinion that's something only black women would do to a black man because society inheritantly has a lack of respect for both and videos like this only go to validate why.

  • MementoMori_

    The best way for "the black community" to help itself right now is to vote for Republicans and finally be liberated from the Democrat plantation.
    • The best way for black (and other ) Americans to get rid of gangsta capitalism to is eliminated both parties of the rich for a progressive, people-led party or parties. (No, Elbert, I hate both the Democratic and Republican plantations equally. You just want to serve another massa because you're a coon.)

  • hahahmm

    All good points. All we have to do is look at how black American kids who grow up in Germany are just as successful as the average German. The difference is that they don't have "well meaning" white & black liberals telling them they're victims and setting low expectations. They're held to the same standard as everybody else. No excuses allowed. And in the U. S. that's also what happens when a kid grows up in a family with high standards. Or in your case sets a high standard for himself.

    But it's easier for people to play victim and sit around complaining instead of building for their own future. A common theme with losers of all races.

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    • That's all great but people still refuse to acknowledge the things white people have done to keep black Americans down. A lot of it you don't learn in average schooling. If you don't know you should educate yourself. It's not all black and white. It's not and it's damaging to keep shoving that down people's throats. You cannot be one sided. @MCheetah @hahahmm And I'm last person you can talk to about complaining and blaming others I assure you that. I truly believe everyone is equal and has equal opportunity but it isn't because white people are angels and not trying to stop minoritized people. It isn't because are American system is perfect and fair. That's a load of bs.

    • hahahmm

      @242plusInfinity And yet... when a successful black person tells an "I'm a victim" black person how to be successful he/she is called an uncle tom/oreo/sell out because the people calling them that think it's more important to be a victim than to work harder and do great things despite any/all obstacles. Happens ALL the time. Complaining about all of the past wrongs is actually a waste of time if your goal is to be successful. If your goal is to TRY and make someone feel sorry for you because you're weak and need "help" then go for it. There's a reason why you don't see 98% of Italians sitting around whining about how 'evil' white people treated them in the U. S. Instead they just focused on building their sh*t and created stuff like Bank of America. That's the kind of mentality that wins wars. Hate to break it to you. Same with Irish people who were treated like total trash when they first came to the U. S. What liberals don't get is that life isn't fair. It's full of bs. That can never be fixed. Go listen to some Thomas Sowell.. a great black economists. He will set you straight.

    • hahahmm

      @242plusinfinity You also can't have it both ways... you can't live in the U. S. and claim the only reason you aren't successful is white oppression when there are black people moving to the U. S. from Africa all the time who become millionaires. Nah... there's a deeper reason going on and I've suggested one of them. It's NOT just about the individual tho.. if your family is full of people who would hate to see you succeed then life IS going to be harder for you than otherwise but a lot of people overlook that detail when complaining about their situation. Immigrants often have a "let's help each other' mentality that goes beyond just speaking empty words. Although again that's just another obstacle. People who get anywhere in life tend not to be as concerned with obstacles as the people who need somebody to feel sorry for them. I could go on but I'm guessing I've said enough for most people to get my meaning.

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  • Twalli

    Believing you need to help people who share the same skin color as you just reinforces racism. If I help bjack people because they're black I am just as racist as a KKK member who attacks them because they're black. If I help people because they're poor I'm classist, old ageist, young ageist, female sexist, etc. I help people because I think I can. They can be of any race, socioeconomic class, gender, age etc. If I think I can help you, I will, otherwise I won't.

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  • Chazmatazz269

    Even choosing Martian you’d have a tribe. LOTS of people are ready to leave this civilization! Ell oh ell!

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  • Sixgunsound

    Is anybody going to talk about how a white democrat named Handler is telling Black people what to do?

  • Fuentes

    Lol every man for himself if you ask me, all you Can do is be the representation & example of what anither dude can have if they actually apply themselves and make the right sacrifices & hard work legally. Also even after civil rights systemic racism still exist in some states and cities, so their is still some issues in some places that are still backwards in today's climate.

    But the best thing you can do is leave to a state that is not like that & thrive among many others and not play around or get to comfortable.

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  • Headstrongcrazylover

    One of my fav black guy, I would have married your daughter just to learn from you.. Lol

  • jimmy2

    Left out a good and mail one. Don't leave Jesus and church get in get save and bless the family

  • Berethor

    Nice tips. :)

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  • worldscolide

    Goddamn right.

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  • J2ohhhhh

    Complaining is part of the ecosystem.

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