Black Lives Matter: Problems and Solutions


I don't want to drone on and on about this and I'm sure you don't want me to. I've already done a MyTake regarding race relations and race dialogue. Now I'm going to do a MyTake exploring the black lives matter movement in depth. Listing problems and listing solutions. The good and the bad. That being said, if you can't stand to hear the black lives matter movement being criticized, click off. Feel free to respond to this MyTake but if you call me an ignorant racist I'm just going to ignore you. I am not obligated to respond to hate, and I won't. With that being said, onto today's topic.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter: Problems and Solutions

BLM Trivia

Started in 2012 after the death of Trayvon Martin

Does not have one single leader. Has many leaders in many countries.

Main goals include reforming the justice system, reducing the number of unarmed black men being killed, and reducing police abuse towards black men

The problems with the Black Lives Matter movement

1) The movement is violent

It's not hard to see why people think this. Here's just a couple examples of some of the things black lives matter supporters have said and done

Those are large groups of people shouting hateful rhetoric. It's no wonder BLM gets such a bad reputation.

Solution: Black Lives Matter needs to distance itself from people like this. They need to make it clear that these people are not members of black lives matter because they do not stand for what BLM believes in. They can keep chanting Black Lives Matter all they want, but if BLM's official website disavows itself, the chant is meaningless.

2) The movement is racist

Milwaukee riots anybody? "They beating up white people."

Here's a really terrific woman shouting for the death of all white babies. What a wonderful human being. (sorry about the angle)

I can already anticipate what the response will be. These people weren't chanting Black Lives Matter. How do you know that they are Black Lives Matter supporters? Truth be told, I don't know that. But in general people think they are. It doesn't matter whether they actually are or are not. If people think they are, that reflects badly on Black Lives Matter as a whole.

Solution: Same as before. Disavow. Make it clear that these people are not members of the black lives matter movement and Black Lives Matter does not want anything to do with people like this.

3. Black Lives Matter only cares about Black people

I'm not saying that. I know this isn't the case. However, many people believe that Black Lives Matter means ONLY black lives matter and the movement ONLY cares about white people. And with the clips I just showed you, can you really blame them? Sure, the cases of racism against whites are few and far between but what about the anti-cop rhetoric. BLM website can make all sorts of claims about black lives matter caring about the lives of cops, but if the members of Black Lives matter spew anti-cop hate speech, those claims are meaningless.

And I'm not just talking about the clips you saw. I'm talking about the tweets supporting the death of cops praying for cops to die. If you don't believe me, google it.

The solution is two fold. One, disavow. Two, expand the movement to include other issues affecting other races as well. I understand this would be a complete overhaul and reform and would not be easy to do, but if Black Lives Matter really wants to be successful they are going to have to make some changes. And it's not like we'd lose focus on the main objective- the movement is called Black Lives Matter. It can still focus mainly on black lives.

If less unarmed people overall get shot by cops that's a win for everybody. And if less unarmed people are being shot by cops that means less unarmed black men are getting shot by cops. Like I say, win-win.

I would happily support the movement and its current goals, but many people won't if they don't feel included. Including other people would help eliminate the current belief that Black lives Matter only cares about black people.

Correction: I would happily support the movement and its current goals, if not for the multitude of glaring issues I'm about to discuss.

4. Abysmal Leadership
Black Lives Matter: Problems and Solutions

Let me divert your attention away from what the followers of Black Lives Matter have done and instead focus on what the leaders are currently doing.

Here's an interview with a leader of black lives matter. Have a watch, and I'll discuss the video down below.

Really great role model huh?

Not only did he refuse to condemn the protesters for their actions, he even went so far as to pass the blame onto everybody else for focusing on that and calling out what they saw. Are you fucking kidding me?

He lacks even the most basic understanding of the first amendment which clearly states that people have the right to peaceably assemble. PEACEABLY.

Does this look peaceful to you?

It sure doesn't look peacful to me. Or peaceable. "Inclined to avoid argument or violent conflict." That's not how I'd describe it.

With leaders like this, it's little wonder many of the followers are so misbehaved.

Solution: Black Lives Matter needs to organize a set of leaders. The founders of Black Lives Matter need to appoint respectable members of black communities leaders. If anybody can call themselves a leader and lead, this is what happens. People like this should not be leaders. Leaders should be intelligent, knowledgeable, logical, and should take responsibility. Basically they should be the opposite of this guy.

5. Attention Seeking

Black Lives Matter spends so much time trying to get people's attention. They interfere with people's lives, shut down bridges, and interrupt LGBT events so they can talk about their movement. Below are a couple examples of this destructive behavior.

Black Lives Matter already has attention, they already have eyes and ears on them, and yet they want EVEN MORE attention. I'm guessing the people on that bridge rushed out to support black lives matter after they couldn't get to work and lost their jobs, right? No, I'm guessing the opposite. These actions make people dislike Black Lives Matter. This isn't rocket science. I don't know how these people can be so oblivious. This isn't how you get support for your movement.

Solution: Like I said before, appoint leaders. If you leave it up to individual people to organize they do stupid shit like this. If BLM had leaders that could plan organizations and ensure those organizations were positive, that would help a lot.

6. Anti-White

Solution: For fuck's sake, let white people help. Don't ask them to buy laptops and cell phones. Allow them to demonstrate. Don't send them to the back of the demonstration. Black Lives Matter needs all the help and support it can get. The more people, regardless of race, you have supporting a movement the more successful that movement will be.

Like I said before, disavow. Make it clear that the woman who said white people should just give them money for laptops and cell phones isn't a member of Black Lives Matter because that isn't what BLM believes in.

7. Disorganized, Scattered, No plan

Never in my entire life have I ever witnessed a movement so disorganized and scattered. The leader Don Lemon was interviewing could not answer a very basic question like "How are you going to achieve these goals." As long as this is the case, this movement won't change a thing.

Some members want help from the government and some leaders want help from politicians. Other leaders and members want nothing to do with politicians. Individual members can't seem to agree on a damn thing, except that unarmed black men being killed is an issue.

Black Lives Matter has an identity crisis right now, and it's getting worse and worse. Now that they have all eyes and ears on them more and more people are noticing how fundamentally broken the movement actually is.

How can a movement possibly achieve its goals when it A) has no plan for actually doing that and B) Goals vary from member to member.

There needs to be unity within Black Lives Matter. A particular set of goals and a plan for how to achieve those goals.

Solution: Like I said before, certain people should be appointed as leaders by the founders of the movement. Otherwise the movement continues to be a disorganized mess. I have little faith in the movement and I honestly don't see anything changing because of it.

In Conclusion

There are several issues plaguing black lives matter. Simple fixes including organized leadership, disavowing, and weeding out poor leaders could go a long way. More complex fixes like expanding the range of issues would also help.

If black lives Matter implements those simple fixes, I will support it. If it implements the complex fix AND the simple fixes I will support it. If it only implements the complex fix, I will not support it because the same problems as before will still be present.

I really hope eventually I can support Black Lives Matter. But in its current state I would be foolish to.

Black Lives Matter: Problems and Solutions
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  • Rawrzz
    Really good take on how BLM could plug up some of its gigantic holes. But, I really don't think BLM does give a fuck about black lives. Otherwise, they would target the greater threat to black lives. This is ironproof logic. If you care about black lives, you want to protect as many as possible. However, BLM chose to center on law enforcement instead of significant gang violence. They completely ignore the 2000-3,500 blacks--including children--killed by other blacks, focusing on the 12 innocent black folks shot per year by police--which, correcting for black criminality, via FBI stats, 50% of homicides are committed by black offenders, 12% of the population, and 28% of all crime. This means black people are the most criminal and violent race in America. You could claim it's based on arrests, and therefore a result of systematic racism targetting black people. But come on. Deep down, you know. Chicago, Detroit, Flint, etc. Etc. I am not blaming black folks, nor do I harbor ill intent to the race in general. Particularly since I grew up heavily influenced by black culture.

    Gang and thug culture adds to the poor image of black people. Correcting for this, 12-25 innocence is significantly low. The main issue isn't systematic racism--it's social image. Cops know the stats, and it makes them nervous. I am not excusing police. There are good qualities BLM demands, such as not letting cops run their own trials or whatever it was.

    What BLM should have focused on more than anything--if they truly valued the lives of black people The "hands uo dont shoot" motto was partial, but it wasn't emphasized enough, in my opinion. Educating the public on how to behave with police is another primary concern, as many black people do not treat cops with due respect. I've been to the ghetto, I lived damn close to it. I know how many black people react to police. With aggression and hate, instead of compliance and respect.

    I watched an old school black panther saying this, as well, which I agree with. BLM has a slave mentality. They presuppose white superiority by appealing to whites to fix all their problems. Most of the time giving no avenue towards obtaining these changes. Simply a list of demands. They fancy themselves a mirror of the Civil Rights movement, but they are so far from that, their movement is an insult to MLKJ and all who marched with him, in my opinion. Well. I wanted to leave my opinion out if this, as you did very well in doing the same.
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    • Rawrzz

      Whoops. Blathered on too much and ran out of space. Anyway. Good take, OP.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Rissyanne
    Great Take... but I will never support them.
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  • AleDeEurope
    There's no fixing this movement, because the ones leading this movement are racist... and the vast majority that follows are racist too.
    When you're racist, your followers are racist supporting your racism, and the leaders of the country support your racism too, you're not gonna change, because you're getting what you want.

    They try to fight nonexistent racism, with racism and violence... no wonder only ignorant support them... well, and those who have to gain from this.
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    • GoldMeddle

      I could be wrong, but I don't think the founders are racist. I think a lot of the outspoken followers are racist however.

      But I agree, the movement is going about things the wrong way.

    • One of the founders is a cop-killer and she's on the FBI list... most of the others are racist.

    • @BruceJender Exactly.

  • IsraelJordan
    Good take. BLM will just keep getting worse though. Feeding on the hate instead of trying to fix with love.
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    • GoldMeddle

      Unfortunately, I think you're right. I don't see them implementing these solutions.

  • Saoirse_Nua
    I will give same answer to the two takes that are here - There are rights and wrongs on both sides - Be glad you have freedom of speech to peacefully protest - There does need to be change in the police etc but also I think a frustrated lashing out is not the best way to achieve it - BLM is an issue that affects us all whether they are black or blue or All lives BUT there has to be understanding on the Blue/All side that Blacks are the main ones being discriminated against.
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  • Gommers
    Let me just explain things to you:
    1. The movement is violent and has lead to the burning down of black communities in 3 major cities definitely 2.

    2. A racially based movement against a defined racial demographic is by definition, racist.

    3. It's in the damn name of the movement

    4. You don't have a point made here

    5. Nothing wrong with bringing attention to a subject you feel to be unjust, but when you threaten harm if your desired result is not achieved you have stopped working purely to bring attention.

    6. Just because an individual doesn't hold the same beliefs as your movement, if they claim to be associated, they are associated no matter how bad it makes your movement look. You can't pick your followers.

    7. The only solution is to either admit that BLM is fighting for segregation and intentionally increasing racial tensions in america or to just let it keep fucking shit up.

    In conclusion, if you want to be part of a society, you have to act part of a society. If you want to be somewhere, just be somewhere, don't make a whole fucking thing about it... That's whats great about America, if you want to go do something, just go fucking do it and own that you're fucking doing it. Don't make a whole scene out of it, but assimilate and be part of something. America is way more god damned inclusive than any wants to admit for some reason.
    • GoldMeddle

      I think I made quite a few points. I think your comment proves that the movement does need to be reformed, because your attitude is shared by many people. The thing is Black Lives Matter is just an idea. As I mentioned in my MyTake they need to disavow and make it abundantly clear that they do not support racism.

      The movement's goal isn't to increase racial tensions. That's a side effect of the movement.

      That's true, you can't pick your followers. If your movement is an idea. If your movement is a formal movement with certain leaders and organization, you can pick who follows you and who doesn't, or at least who you do or do not support.

      I don't know if the name black lives matter was the best choice, however after doing some background research on the movement and the people who founded it I do not think the name was intended to be racist. It's currently violent and racist but it doesn't need to be if it disassociates itself from violence and racism.

    • Gommers

      As black people and women like to remind us:
      "Intentions don't define whether a statement is racist or sexist, the perception does"

    • GoldMeddle

      Precisely, which is why the perception needs to be adjusted and that can happen if much needed change is implemented

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  • NJ_Casanova
    LOL... Not to other black people, as most blacks are shot by other blacks... Probably 9 out of every 10 shot and killed (See Chicago).

    It's amazing how only Blacks can get away with racial things, LMFAO. Only in America.
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  • Nelson_MP
    People just need to start to realize that you don't need to be in a movement in which the frontline consists of crazy and sometimes violent SJWs to care about any group of individuals. Just care about them as an individual! It's way more eficient than the "BUT IT'S NOT ALL OF THEM" bullshit since you stop being associated with idiots. But people nowadays need so much to feel included in groups that this is probably not going to happen soon.
  • Brokenheartedx
    I've a solution... u might not like it but it's only truth..

    See if America stamped out guns,. police wouldn't need guns either.. it's amazing how many lives would be save in all colours of thenrainbow..

    Big picture some of the men that were shot by police were carrying guns.. now no expert on but why is civilians carrying guns in first place if intent is not to use them?

    all lives matter but take away the root of the problem and the problem will solve itself..

    The rest is just piffle paffle of racists looking for one uomanship of whites for crimes of the past.. can't be bothered with that..
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    • dave1558

      so make guns illegal just like cocaine, and heroin.. thats seems to work great..
      the problem isn't guns the problem is people..

    • Governments h

    • Govenments around the world have killed nearly half a BILLION of their own citizens in the past 200 years or so. Guns in the hands of citizens is the best way to prevent their government from going tyrannical and fascist. Sure, its sad that some people murder each other with guns, but people kill each other all kinds of ways and self-defense is a God given human right.

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  • takumii
    Well, Harambe was black, his life didn't matter. :|
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    The movement has corrupted itself, but it's message still has to be addressed and not the message. I don't have a problem with attacking the messenger in this case, but using it as a means of distracting and disqualifying the message is what I have a problem with people doing
    • GoldMeddle

      I absolutely agree with the message, but like you say the movement is corrupt and is desperately in need of reform.

    • Sure, but it speaks to the issues that need to be addressed and highlighted. Aka, the Colin kaepernick thing. People were shooting down the messenger based on his play (he sucks), his act (despite freedom to speech and protest), his message (him talking about police brutality and socioeconomic/racial/societal inequality, yet people turning it into about being anti military), his actions (not doing enough, like donating), his qualifications (saying he is only a football player, too rich or too privileged and not black [enough]) and more. So the idea that people want to throw all of these reasons to disqualify him and others to divert the message goes back to the issue of the infusion of person vs action vs message when convenient (or inconvenient), which is just as much of the issue as much as the issues being supposedly debated

  • cth96190
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  • Library
    I do support the message because "black lives matter" doesn't mean only black lives matter, but I don't support the movement because I don't think it's headed in the right direction. I do think that it should get more organized and fix the social justice system without any violence. I hope you don't hate me based on what I said the other day about the social justice warrior thing. I'm sorry I sounded harsh. I do support social justice but not too the point where it supports violence for certain causes. They just need to do their research and hire lawyers for this cause.
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  • dudeman
    BLM is protesting a non issue. blacks have the same odds of injury or death as any other race in the hands of cops. the problem is blacks commit and over represented amount of crime thus end up in police custody more.
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    • dudeman

      blm should be picking fights with gangs in chicago not with cops.

  • dave1558
    I can solve the BLM problem in 2 simple steps. and actually this will work for everybody, whites and Hispanics as well..

    1) dont be a criminal
    2) dont fight with police

    problem solved
    that takes care of 99.99% of all police shootings..
    • GoldMeddle

      Good point. I wish things were that simple.

  • cjmtherfcker
    I actually agree with this take. they could have fought for the same issues with a different name for the movement. They could have named the movement BlackLivesMatterToo as they say is the real name. Which would have been much more inclusive and not feed the narrative of only being about black people.
    And obviously there is no way you can fight racism with racism. Its like throwing lighter fluid on a match.
    There is also another problem. A good percentage of white people believe its a made up issue therefore they take personal offense to any type of protest to it, and respond with hateful vitriol even when there is a peaceful protest. Just look how Colin Kaepernick and other NFLers are being vilified for peacefully protesting the same issue.
    Love, Sympathy, and Forgivness is the only way forward, and we need a whole lot more of that from white people, black people and everyone else.
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  • giggleswilmington
    The black population needs a solid leader to step up and stand up for what is right and end the racial tensions between blacks and the police in a constructive/innovative way without resorting to violence and hate speech. How could this happen? I don't know but I'm sure there are people who do and a select few who have the power and means to get what needs to done. Besides the violence and hate speech the black lives matter movement must be doing something right because they are riling up the white suprematists. They certainly are not going to like anything that might be effective towards ending racism.
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  • G-Daz
    Black Lives Matter brought everyone decades back regarding racism. BLM is a product of social liberalism.

    Lefties have been getting crazier and crazier, whether it be saying "gender is a product of social construct", "my 2 year son was playing with barbies, he's going for a sex change appointment tomorrow", "islam is the religion of peace" or male feminists. Black lives matter arose out of people wanting a sense of community and finding nothing of value under Obama's extremest lefty culture he created.

    Black lives matter has no goal, doesn't acknowledge innate problems and basically just became the new KKK following that is competing with Islam on the ladder of the most protected groups protected by social justice warriors
    • G-Daz

      on a side note... that woman chanting death to white babies had a rude set of tits. wow

    • GoldMeddle

      @G-Daz Haha yeah, she did. Not sure why the videographer chose that angle (I suppose she was pushing them into the camera though.)

      I agree. The regressive left has taken things way too far. Apparently some parents are naming their kids gender neutrally in case the kid turns out to be transgender. Definitely have to pick specific names for the.3% chance your kid turns out transgender. If social conditioning determines whether your child is transgender though I'm sure naming them neutrally will increase the chances significantly.

      Male feminists piss me the fuck off.

      Yeah, I agree. Black lives matter is up a creek without a paddle... or a canoe.

    • G-Daz

      I used to really like Canada, but they're getting a bit fucked up now with extreme lefties. They have introduced a third gender option.

      One of the most bizarre proven act of stupidity of the left is they can't make their mind up.
      - on one hand... they argue that gender is a social construct. I. e that there is no difference between a man and a woman, it's all social conditioning.
      - on the other hand. They completely contradict themselves. They say some people are born with an inherent male or female brain. Thus, they need transgender surgery to make their their appropriate sex. (even though transgenderism is a mental illness)

      The problem with the left is, they never won against the right,... instead the right chose to stop involving in politics and media, only until recently have they began jumping back in. So the left were getting crazier and crazier... now it's getting above fucked up and we have black lives matter, mass lesbianic feminism, social justice warriors

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  • RationalMale
    Simple solution.

    When BLM supporters want to make a protest, they can follow whatever local laws protests and rallies have to follow and get their permits like everyone else. Their protest, they can go through the effort of looking up what the laws are in that city/state.

    If they want to do things like riot attack people or shutdown highways... the police can arrest them, or if the cops aren't around citizens can shoot them down during riots or run them over when they decide to stand in the freeway. They'll learn quickly enough.

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  • Guy83
    Honestly if you're not black then your opinion isn't worth s$&@.
    • GoldMeddle

      Wow, racist much? If you only let one race speak about racial issues, the conversation is going to be very biased. Like I said in my other MyTake everyone's voice needs to be heard.

      Are you saying my opinion isn't worth anything to you or it isn't worth anything to black lives matter supporters and they won't listen.

    • Guy83

      No, when it comes to a minority if you aren't want shut your mouth and offer support., if you don't want to support then hush. Period.

    • GoldMeddle

      @Guy83 Thanks for your input. Really insightful stuff.

  • Fathoms77
    Extremely well thought-out! :)
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  • TheEnd2
    They're delusional and only spread racism.
    • GoldMeddle

      No doubt a lot of racism comes from that group. Just looking at the facebook comments on any black lives matter post tells you that much.

  • Anonymous
    Whitesplaining at it's finest.

    Black Lives Matter doesn't have an identity problem; it has an idiot problem. Namely, with people who's main mission in life appears to be constantly misconstruing the movements intentions and acting as if a small fucking percentage of extremists represents the ideology of the movement as a whole. Why do (some) white people tend to associate Black Lives Matter with violence? Because peaceful protests usually don't make for good television. Why do (some) white people feel the need to complain about the movements lack of caucasion members? Because they have a really, really hard time comprehending the fact that B
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    • Anonymous

      *Black Lives Matter ISN'T ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE. It's about uplifting a group of people who've have to deal with the long-term effects of a very oppresive and racist history.

    • GoldMeddle

      First off, let's just stop with this splaining crap. I'll admit, I haven't heard that one but whenever somebody (insert group here) followed by splaining I know what follows will probably be (Insert opposite group) splaining.

      I have done many hours of research regarding this movement. If I were talking out of my ass that would be one thing, but I'm not. I know what I am talking about. I've seen interviews with leaders. I've seen what the movement leaders support and do not support. My opinion isn't uneducated. In fact, I'd wager a bet that I know more about the movement then even you do.

      The comment about including other races was a tiny point, but an important one nevertheless. The African American population is smaller then the white population. It just is. The movement could only benefit if it got support from the white population.

      The rest was just suggestions for how it could improve. Or, the movement can stay the way it is now and crash and burn and those issues never addres

    • GoldMeddle

      Not what I want to see. I want to see the movement be successful. Right now it is not. Right now it is all over the place. I'm not focusing on the issues, I'm recognizing them. Whereas you are just ignoring them.

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  • Anonymous
    BLM is to the racial equality movement what man-hating feminazis are to the gender equality movement. A small extremist group taking all of the focus and damaging the wider cause by alienating moderates.
  • Anonymous
    BLM is just the KKK. Blacks are very racist to the point of doing what whites were doing in the 1950s and before. And now they get rewarded when they are violent and racist by Liberals.
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    • GoldMeddle

      Yeah, there's a lot of truth to that with these racially segregated college campuses and what not. And there is a lot of racism towards whites. Which is why a lot of black people want to change the definition of racism so only whites can be racist.

    • Anonymous

      They are selfish whiners. Other people will be successful and they will whine, complain and beg for money.

  • Anonymous
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