Dear Black People--A Reality Check.

Dear Black People--A Reality Check.

So after hearing enough BS at work I'd like to put a little reality check out there for black people and whites afflicted with the white guilt BS.

Dear Black People--A Reality Check.

Note: if you're a common sense person, this probably isn't for you because you probably already know the facts herein.

1. Yeah, no, you're not being "hunted" by white people, Lebron James. You're just an idiot trying to convince people white people are evil.

Dear Black People--A Reality Check.

Please go feast your eyes on some real statistics. (some of these are from Trump administration years and obviously most are from Obama administration years.) The average year, African americans murder over twice as many european-americans as vice versa. (which is still unclear with how many hispanics and north Africans are counted as white.) If anything, White Celebrities should be posting about how we whites are being "hunted" by latinos and blacks.

Dear Black People--A Reality Check.
Dear Black People--A Reality Check.
Dear Black People--A Reality Check.

Now, I'm sure someone will go "nah that's biased information reported by racist sheriffs, etc." Which means i could just as easily go "the black on white murder rate is probably higher because of corrupt black cops in black cities." See how ridiculous that gets?

2. "Arbery's killers weren't arrested for months" wah wah. The hispanic man who shot Kate Steinle dead was acquitted of murder and manslaughter and only convicted of having the gun he used to murder her with. (it was recovered from the water where he pitched it.)

Dear Black People--A Reality Check.
Dear Black People--A Reality Check.

Now go ahead and post about how racist and evil this post is for talking about black on white crime. Equality, freedom of speech? Nah. White on black homicides must be condemned nationally as racist killings. Black on white crime? If you talk about race in those cases you probably deserve to be attacked by a leftist mob.

Anyway. Why were they not charged? well 1. public outcry makes a difference. A white person killing a black in the USA is like killing sacred cows in India, it's not a crime it's a capital offense against God and nature according to locals. 2. At first, prosecutors had no real evidence to say it was murder. You need witnesses or DNA evidence or film, etc. If all the witnesses to a homicideare saying "he tackled the guy, grabbed his shotgun, and it went off in the fight" then good luck building a case.

Was it murder or manslaughter? Maybe so, that's for a grand jury to see all the evidence and decide. Was it total idiocy? Yes. I used to work security and we were taught that citizens' arrest was only allowed if a felony was committed in your presence. And we were taught only idiots attempt to do felony arrests. The two idiots with guns were morons, and Arbery was a moron for trying to disarm them. If you're ever in that situation be careful, don't try to tackle someone for a gun, wait for cops, and then go file a lawsuit AFTERWARDS.

For a prosecutor to charge and get a suspect convicted, they have to obtain evidence and build a case. Literally. And no, that video does not at all guarantee a murder conviction because it misses vital moments that make a crucial different. Example: the idiots go confront Saint Arbery (who was just had just been running around in a house under construction looking for things to steal) and they point guns at him--then probably easy murder convictions for a prosecutor. If they drove up to confront Arbery and did not point guns at him or make threats, then it's much less likely a conviction will happen.

Dear Black People--A Reality Check.
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  • Rangers
    I doubt they'll listen because they know they're in the wrong already but don't care
    Is this still revelant?

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  • MzAsh
  • LaPrincesita
    Haha imagine being white and not knowing your privilege, let’s take right now for example you know how you fucking white people can protest however the fuck you want and not get shot beat or nothing yeah that’s your privilege. You can do practically ANYTHING and still walk around like you didn’t.
    • Argue against facts sweetie, reality check you’re privilege and I’d LOVE for anyone who feels like what I said was wrong to fucking prove it.

    • The_Sword

      you live in a fake reality made up of racist stereotypes, held together only by the racialist group think, which becomes its own reality filter through confirmation bias: as you leverage pure conjecture and ignore cold facts. You are the worst kind of racist, the sanctimonious kind that enjoys cultural endorsement for your hateful and disgusting interpretation of society into group-generalisation; only then to cherry pick your racial stereotypes to prop up your fake narrative of oppression and justice that attaches to everyone's 'identity', within the matrix that you live in and project onto everything. So as to facilitate unaccountability and scapegoating directed through the moral authority orchestrated by mob rule and absolute codes of correctness that make a mockery of everyone's dignity, due process and destroy the bounds of any functioning democratic society based on shared values and common principles. You are the new form of racist disguise, Nazi's also believed they were pushing for justice for their group, just as you profess to do, and they also conceptualised and divided up society by race, just as you do. Go back to 1930's and take your disgusting worldview with you, just because it's popular to get away with this vile filth is no excuse.

    • Imagine being a non white in a majority white nation and bein so privileged you can insult and spout racism towards whites, violently attack them and be responsible for over 50% of all robberies and violent crimes and then get defended and blame white people for it and still believe your oppressed? Pretty fucking stupid. Especially when your talking about protesting without getting shot (bullshit) when black lives matter called for the killing of cops and suffered no consequences, when blacks rioted and burned Ferguson with no consequences over a black man who violently attacked and tried to steal a gun from a police officer (and apparently the officer was suppose to allow this because "black people are oppressed"). God your privileged.

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  • baddyg
    😂😂😂😂 Seriously? You have a serious problem... And all people who are agree, are.
    You provoke a specific category of people, because we agree it's only in your head, nobody who have sense will share... this 🤨
    Don't be surprised if you have negative reactions, you are sharing them right now. So much hatred, too much negativity,... Not interesting.
    • Be careful gag may hide your comment and place it under review by the admins

    • 🤣🤣

    • baddyg

      Is that a jk? ... This app go wrong 😂 I left this app and came back with regrets 🙇‍♀️

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  • meesegoMoo
    Can you really blame a man for panicking while being chased with a shotgun? Also what do you think about the fact one of those men had a past with him?

    Being upset with a trend is no excuse to excuse murder. Murder is a crime. I bet if it happened to a white dude you'd be upset. This isn't another Michel Brown.
    • Exactly, they're so used to their white PRIVILEGE that they dont see the wrong in their toxic behavior.

    • meesegoMoo

      @katieExplainsItAll I'm not sure "privilege" is the issue. Simply focusing on race feeds into the issue. You can be honest about absent black fathers and drug-dealing hispanics without being at all racist. The whitest acting man I ever knew was hispanic.

    • PRIVILEGE is the issue. They feel a sense of entitlement in everything and are easily offended when they're called out on it.

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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    Just idiots trying to convince people that White people are evil? Exactly who is saying that White people are evil though? The fact of the matter is that not every White person is fond of Black people. This is has been a fact throughout history and still remains a fact until this day. If a White person isn't very fond of a Black person for whatever reason, it shouldn't be too surprising that some would attempt to kill Black people and try to get away with it if possible. This is especially true for these types of White people in law enforcement, for example. We know that not all White people are hateful, nonetheless. Thus, this isn't attempt to convince people that White people are evil. We're simply trying to convince people that White people that dislike us still exist and therefore, still attempt to kill us based on that dislike. Surely you don't believe that this society is all sunshine and rainbows and that every single White person in the world just loves Black people to death, do you? If you do, then you're either foolish, delusional, lying to yourself, or all of the above. According to the statistics, White people apparently kill White people at much higher rates than people of other races kill White people. In addition, whenever White people are killed by non-Whites, the murders are not often racially motivated. However, for the sake of argument, even if we were to consider your take on Black-on-White crime, that's a completely different issue.

    Should the fact that Black-on-White crime exists mean that Black people shouldn't speak out on when hateful people kill other Black people? The main reason people tend to speak out regarding crimes such as these is because, when White people do kill Black people, such crimes are often racially motivated and swept under the rug. However, according to the hate crime statistics, White people are still the highest among offenders and Black people are still the highest among victims. Public outcry depends on the situation. Of course, if a White person murders a Black person for racially motivated reasons and gets a slap on the wrist or no punishment at all, those that oppose racism will speak out, including famous people. When more (famous) people speak out, the more likely the news would report on the matter. However, when several Black people kill other Black people daily or White people kill other White people, the media doesn't care too much because it's considered life as usual. If anything, the local news would report it. Either way, regarding the situation, whether you consider the victim an "idiot" or not, he had no business being provoked in the first place. He wasn't doing anything wrong. The man was attacked for no reason and he defended himself, but was killed in the process. You criticize the victim, but simply put, if those people truly believed he was a criminal, they should have just let the police handle it and not chased him around with guns. Then, the entire situation would have been avoided.
    • Well, you just did attempt to show whites are evil. It goes both ways, blacks are more then 150% more likely to commit a hate crime then whites. 80% of interracial violence and crime is commited by blacks against whites. This guy was on private property and stealing in a neighborhood that had experienced other burglaries (the people who shot them for instance had a gun stolen from their truck (probably why they thought he was armed).

      This is not racism and the idea that every black person who gets shot or arrested is an innocent victim of evil white people being racist, is itself racist. Blacks are racist too, your showing that you are racist, so why is it that your immediately assuming this was race related instead of what it was already shown to be, people trying to be vigalanties and catch a criminal with to much force considering the level of crime commited? The answer is because you are convinced that whites as a whole are racist, which again, makes you racist (not an accusation or opinion, just a simple and inevitable conclusion).

    • @hellionthesagereborn: Simply stating the facts isn't racism. I never once claimed that White people are evil. However, I did say that some White people dislike Black people and I hope that you don't deny such an obvious fact. Stating that White people exist that aren't fond of Black people and are likely to kill them doesn't entail racial hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or superiority. Should a hateful White person kill or attempt to kill a Black person, Black people have absolutely every right to address and discuss the issues. As for the victim, the only thing that Ahmaud Arbery did was wander around a construction site. The owner of that construction site himself said that he didn't believe that Arbery stole anything. Look it up. Thus, Arbery did nothing wrong and definitely nothing worth getting shot to death over. Instead, people suspected that he was a burglar and gunned him down. According to the Department of Justice, 53% of hate crime defenders are White and 47% of hate crime victims are Black.

    • @hellionthesagereborn:
      Therefore, your claim that Black people are 150% more likely to commit a hate crime compared to White people is false. I understand that Black people can be hateful as well. However, the fact that Black people can be hateful doesn't somehow negate the claim that Black people are victims of attacks from people that aren't fond of them. The problem is that stereotyping Black men to be violent criminals is far too common, thanks to misleading statistics, websites such as Daily Stormer and Stormfront, misrepresentative news reports, misinformation, and simply disliking Black men. This results in such people feeling threatened by a Black man's presence and thus feeling to need to confront him with weapons. This has happened way too many times in our society throughout history and it should be addressed, not swept under the rug or attempted to be negated by other distractions. Simply mentioning this doesn't make me "racist" because it doesn't entail hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or superiority, but rather facts that anybody without a biased eye can notice.

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  • HerLucidNightt
    The fact a fucking Editor wrote this reminds me of why this place is so fucking trash.
  • Pink2000
    No one is hunting you. You’re the majority... Anyone who thinks like you is trash. It’s a disgrace. 😑. A black man can’t even jog in peace. Wtf is wrong with you? Why do you have to be so hateful ! When is the last time a white church was bombed by black people? When was the last time a white man trying to take a jog was shot by two black men? It’s like you refuse to understand what’s going on. Black on white crime has nothing to do with an innocent black man being murdered by two white pieces of shit. It’s like you refuse to acknowledge the privilege you have.
    • jimmy2

      That black man jogging was SO WRONG

    • Couldn't said it better. Three cheers for taking down that racist rant. Good for you.

  • TonyTheGuid0
    Dear White People-- A Reality Check.

    School Shootings- WHITE PEOPLE
    Atheists- WHITE PEOPLE
    Satanists- WHITE PEOPLE
    Homosexuality- WHITE PEOPLE
    Credit card fraud- WHITE PEOPLE
    Breed with their sisters- WHITE PEOPLE
    Hiding the cure for chronic disease- WHITE PEOPLE
    Runs the government (root of all world problems)- WHITE PEOPLE

    If you can lay out some truth, so I can.
    • I just can't believe gag allows shit like this to stay up.. I'm new and so far not impressed

    • But your comment was on point

    • @katieExplainsItAll Oh they do. The mods on here are gay as shit. They're probably gonna remove this comment.

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  • Gsm24diecast
    It wasn’t justified for what they did, and they know they were in the wrong.
    The jogger was minding his own business, was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    It’s a sad situation, and hopefully both are charged and convicted for their actions,

    The reason they aren't charged right now is because it has not been determined on what happened within those brief seconds after Arbery ducked infront of the truck out of view of the video,

    while we know Arbery was most likely defending him self, The question is did they aim at him in those brief seconds to where he started fighting them, or was it after those brief seconds?

    This case has finally made national headlines with a confirmed racist shooter, The shooter will most likely be charged with murder while the other man will most likely get off or get some type of man slaughter charge unless he discharged his weapon as well, which I didn't see in the video.

    Those two men whether related or not shouldn't have tried to do a citizen's arrest even if they had past law enforcement careers, it shows how stupid some people can be.
  • OddBeMe
    Not gonna read this whole screed. But whatever the crime stats, why? Why are blacks more affected by crime? Poverty! Why poverty? Decades and centuries of discrimination. So to equalize it, we need “pro-African American” programs, don’t we?
  • FactQueen
    From the 2015 stats...
    Of the 3167 white victims, 500 (15.8%) were killed by black or African American offenders.
    Around 13% of Americans are black or African American.

    Of 1719 female victims, 1554 are killed by men (90%).
    Around 50% of Americans are male.

    So the thing you choose to emphasize about these data is a discrepancy between 13% and 15.8% of murder of whites by blacks, rather than the discrepancy between 50% and 90% of murder of women by men.

    Go figure Rain Man.

    Now your homework is to read about dependent and independent variables, correlation, the Chi squared test.

    Consider other factors that might correlate with crime in a populations, like income, or education, or access to guns.

    Do the FBI publish those statistics? If not, I wonder why?
    • Bro why did you make it about men?

    • FactQueen

      @KingChromosome Bro? I'm pointing out that these figures contain a more striking statistic than the one that the original poster RationalMale latches onto. By choosing a statistic he might find less palatable, I leave RationalMale to employ the same argument he used about black offenders to a even more striking statistic about male offenders. Unlike RationalMale I have been very careful not to draw any rash conclusions. I've suggested RationalMale should do some Chi squared tests on these data, and other data that are not so readily available. Surely I'm helping RationalMale to live up to his name, think more analytically, and understand the statistical naivety of drawing such conclusions about strong causal relationships without examining a wider range of statistics.

    • Bro.

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  • wilfh1965
    Your full of it time to stop white people have rewritten history and covered their true nature so much it's like a Disney movie be a man own up to your racism it's not going to work anymore
    • The_Sword

      own up to 'your' racism, so your saying that there is racism which belongs to everyone that is part of their group?

      Its not going to work anymore, because you have the power to leverage a racist conjecture against a generalised entity, ie. an entire race of people?

      You sound like a racialist, if you believe so strongly in a racialist worldview, are you planning on joining or establishing an ethno-state to protect yourself against the evil white people? Do you think its fair to create these stereotypes and judge people by their race? Your views seem pretty hypocritical, for someone who is ostensibly claiming that individuals shouldn't be treated by the police differently because of their race.

    • wilfh1965

      Quit crying you have nothing to complain about you need a reality check do you even know any black people you are just another born in America and living of the privilege I am a Marine Veteran and have a lot of experience with people like you that always have something to say because you are a loser

    • wilfh1965

      Dumb typical white nationalist bravery bringing up something that has nothing to do with America who cares what Arabs did I'm talking about your attitude today you coward I no you didn't serve so just say thank you and give a real man respect you sheep

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  • monkeynutts
    Not American, so I don't fully understand what's going on, but it's obvious racial tensions are far more obvious over there. I have to Admit I thank God sometimes im Australian. We got it so easy compared to you. Obviously we have strict rules about guns, but it doesn't matter even if you guys didn't have guns you still would be killing each other with anything else you could find. You guys got to chill out. Relax stop fighting all the time.
  • MeatPuppet
    Well, yeah, you said it, your post is pretty racist and condescending.
  • ZackBan
    Speaking as someone from outside the US living in a country where race isn't a real issue (we have many races but we dont Care).
    I completly agree with all that you said. I've seen this and heard this happen over and and over not just with this case.
    It seems racism only works one way and so does sexism too.

    In the Aubrey case. There simply is no way all this was a coincidence, both he and the men who shot him were knee deep in something that required offing a guy to keep quite.

    Who robes a construction site?
    Someone who knows there's something hidden there, burried maybe.

    And who shoots the robber instead of waiting for the cops?
    Who ever burried that something and knows cops shouldn't find it.
    Now that's just speculations but it makes way more sense then the version I heard.
  • BlacklightShade
    Thanks white people for pointing out all the flaws of being not white.
  • KrakenAttackin
    If blacks made even the smallest admission that any of their problems were due to their own behaviour, they would lose political power. Black power comes from the assertion of "oppression" by YT.

    As such, blacks will never be satisfied, never feel "whole", and will never prosper as a people.

    I think this fellow, a hispanic, nailed it.
  • EnglundUberAlles
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Would it be racist if I say a black mans favorite food is fried chicken and a black mans favorite drink is purplelis coolaids? I feel like those are facts i should know cuz I am part blax
  • Actsofashley
    So based on reading this, I can already assume you’re white trash just like the men who shot and killed Ahmaud arbery. Don’t even try to make white people seem like the oppressed we all know they’ve been the oppressors for centuries. Yes it’s wrong that people are dying no matter what race but the main focus when black people are the ignored racism that has been going on for decades. Yes people of all races are murdered everyday for no reason at all. But the motive behind black people getting killed is unresolved racism which Highlights the issue in our society even more. And since you think you know everything. What about the ratio of white serial killers like dahmer, Bundy, and Manson, and John Wayne Gacy. They were all white. Whereas you never hear about any famous black serial killers. So please do more research next time before coming for the wonderful black race
  • jimmy2
    This is what the problem is. This is so racial throwing gas on a fire. You want rscism get right with God.
  • Aphrodite801
    Congratulations, you’re an idiot.
    • I also love how you did your reality check anonymously, cause you knew it was stupid. You’re not checking anyone.

    • Be careful gag might put your comment under review by the admins 🤣

    • @katieExplainsitall I am just curious why have you blocked me I don't even remember having any sort of conversing or contacting you strange please do explain it all, it's a mystery what would I have done wrong I am self introspecting so it would help me thanks 👍

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  • themomo84
    What exactly is your point?
  • grega239
    You Americans and you race obsession...
    • It matters out here unfortunately and I don’t know too many places where it doesn’t, i bet you’re white and also have black/ brown or any other colored people In your country being treated like shit right now.

    • grega239

      It doesn't matter here. No one thinks of themselves as white because everyone has white skin. We identify by our nationality and our culture.
      Yes there are some black people living here. No one gives a shit. Race has no meaning or value here.

    • grega239

      In fact the number of mine whites living in my country is so small, it's categorized as " other minorities"

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  • KingChromosome
    All I see is RACISM!
  • Interesting myTake
  • Shuri
    Don't feed the troll, people.
  • 7771999
    Great job! 🙏🏻
  • mikodanco
    do you know where iam
  • lovedejj_xo
    Ehhh use loosely but I do like the show
    • My boyfriend who is white likes and puts up with a lot of my shows but doesn’t like this one. I watch it when he’s not around or at work

    • Also I did not read your long drawn out post and how it connects to the show? I looked at the question and answered

    • Wtf did you not read the entire thread or are you a white person trolling under a black womans pic? If you are a black woman you are truly a poor excuse

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  • Anonymous
    I agree. When a black man attacks a white person the media ignores it and it's not called a racist hate crime.
    A black man attacks a white man and tries to murder him with his own firearm and is shot in self defense there's a media shitstorm and a witchunt to jail innocent men. Jogging no he was out robbing
  • Anonymous
    Racist garbage
  • Anonymous
    I just want to mention some important things that you seem to have overlooked.

    First of all, historically, this government and white people have been extremely hostile towards black people, and while I am the forgiving type because I understand that the younger generation has a chance to rewrite the mistakes of past generation others are not. I won't talk about slavery because everyone already knows about it, but with events like the bombing of black wall street, jim crow laws driving people out of the south and forcing them to move up north only to be moved into poor neighborhoods and overall inequality how can you expect black people to like white people? when gangs like the crips were initially made they were made to keep white people out of black neighborhoods because white people would literally go out of their way to terrorize black people. sometimes, they would literally BOMB their homes. In the 70s black people were specifically targeted by nixon which his own chief of policy admitted in an interview in the 90s. The war on drugs completely ravished the black family. and then we had the crack era, the crime bill in 94, and the three strike rule by bill clinton and now guess what, the same man who was a segregationist in the 70s is now running for president! let me ask you a question, with all that has happened to black people and now we have people like you trying to paint yourself as a victim, How the hell can you expect anybody to actually have conversation on any topic until you look at what actually got us here in the first place? black people werent the problem, it was the negligence of the entire nation that sat by while the most neglected group of suffered, and now that you are suffering, you are victim. thats hilarious.
    • Anonymous

      and people dont want to hear this. The only thing they want to hear is how bad black people are and how they are the victim. since black people werent even human, and had their fate dropped in your hands a large portion of their fate comes from white peoples doing. This is a fact, if you dont like it go cry about it, that doesn't make it any less true!

    • Anonymous

      werent even considered human*

  • Anonymous
    Gag turns into a playfield for sexist ( eg. incels), racist (-including racism against white people-), fascist, nazi etc. people. Wtf is that?
    • Number39

      Incels aren't sexist if anything women are the sexist ones.

    • Anonymous

      Oh forger the femcel

    • Number39


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  • Anonymous
    White people are racist
    • And ghetto

    • I have a friend that’s white, not all are racist. The

    • Anonymous

      @R3DthatDude maybe not all but I'm white and see 0plenty of racist ones

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  • Anonymous
    well you're not wrong. That's all I have to say. I'm popping some popcorn now while I read all the racist posts and attacks on you for spittin truth.
  • Anonymous
    Throw this entire post away. That guy was shot based on suspicion and fear. They ordered him to stop like they had any authority to do so. People are pissed becaused only when the vidoe was released that they lit a fire under the DA's ass to do something about it. And until you've walked a mile in any p. o. c shoes then close that gaping hole in your face. You think that you talk a good game with stats and giving examples of p. o. c killing a differebt race but nobody supports their actions. No one is giving them a platform or money to sell their story. You're part of the problem because instead of you being in support of justice, you squawk " what about us white people?" Stfu. This isn't about you. A young man lost his life on the ignorance and prejudice from some backwards hick and his son who looks like he used to bite people.
    • Whites are freaking ghetto🤣. Like who in the world stops someone and shoots them without no form of authority? No badge no nothing. Just ghetto the most ghettoist people on earth yet they swear people of color are..

    • Anonymous

      The thought that people sit there and whine "what about us?" Like it has anything to do with him is white privilege. Always gotta be included 🙄🙄 like shoo... go away.

    • It's definitely white PRIVILEGE at its finest. An innocent man was gunned down for nothing yet this caucasian bimbo wants to whine. They've tortured blacks, jews, and Indians for decades but cany face the fact that they're guilty as hell.

      They had no authority whatsoever to hunt this man down. Not even a freaking badge. Just a bunch of white ghetto thugs.

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  • Anonymous
    White power!
    • Say it loud, say it proud. Enjoy the complaints of of the racist hypocrites that hate Whites, but never speak out when things happen against Whites unfairly all the time. Every complaint is music to my ears. :)

    • Racism doesn't solve anything, saying white power is disgusting, and I'm white, People like you need to rethink your life choices.

    • White people are so ghetto 🤣. A bunch of ghetto thugs driving around with their shot guns and Confederate flags in pick up trucks.

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