Suicide. Simply Explained.

Suicide. Simply Explained.

Books, articles, self-help, conferences, podcasts, programs and resources in your area, the world wide web, universities, professionals, health insurance, politicians, corporations, ... blah blah blah. Understanding the cause of suicide is not that complicated. It's just one word:


What got me thinking, is my years of battle with situations that are beyond normal human powers to get out of. But it wasn't the resulting numbness, muddled emotions, or even failure, shame, lonliness (even though there were other humans in my life), and pain.

How are these related? Here goes: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...

No. It's not that complicated:

The human mind has a big loophole. Just like a mirror that can reflect anything, but can't see itself. This thing is called "Guilt". Guilt has a sword that is called "Suicide".

Some people realize it. Some people don't.

You end up losing the ability to take care of yourself/loved ones physically and emotionally. (Yes, emotions are internal organs too. Even if you don't see them. They are very REAL. They can break too. No, they don't just go away with willpower or ignoring or anything else anyone has ever told you. Specially not willpower). So, you have failed. Your material needs aren't met, and your relationships (all types, not just romantic) which are food for healthy emotions, spiral down the drain.

Then guilt steps in, and points the finger at YOU. The situation is tough, and the guilt is extreme. It tells you that you are the one responsible for your failures. YOU should have solved your problems. It puts the blame on you.

You are cornered.

"Suicide = Anything+Out of Control Guilt"

Try to battle it. I bet you will drown before you even realize you were born.

Remember. Forgive YOU. You are a person. NO MATTER WHAT. So is everyone else. That mindset is where the healing begins. Where does your super extra supply of unhealthy guilt come from? How do you make peace within your world and find relief? Which tool do you use to find and maintain a healthy, balanced conscience?

Suicide. Simply Explained.
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