Is it bad that I never forgive my past bullies/tormentors?

It's become a trend that over the past few months the bullies of my past have resurfaced to send me messages over Facebook asking if I remember them, apologizing, and asking if we could be friends. They mostly either fall under the girls who called me names, took some form of physical action against me after I disagreed with them or started rumors about me, or guys that turned bitter and sent me angry messages after I rejected them.

To be honest I'm not angry about what happened anymore, despite the varying degrees of "bad" that they did. It's just that I have no reason to be friends with them, which in a way I guess that means I don't forgive them. Not only do we not have anything in common, but now it'd be extremely awkward and I'll always feel on edge about having them around, be it IRL or over social networking. I've never responded back to them, nor do I block them, I just choose to never communicate with them.

Should I be trying to make amends with these people and forgive them, or is it appropriate to continue to ignore them? And also: What is the intention of a bully to try to be friends with the person they harassed? I find it very shady that any of these people would try to be associated with me after what happened.
Is it bad that I never forgive my past bullies/tormentors?
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