Do drunk hugs mean anything?

I got really wasted the other night and I ended up hugging my crush. a lot. it was nice but im not sure whats going on. in my defense, he was drunk too.

I was out with a group of coworkers, and this was my first time hanging out with him. My friend has always invited him out with us but he's always busy. We always mess around at work. he is the sweetest.

anyway, so we went out for drinks and i had already drank a lot when he got there and he hugged me. we never do, but we hugged for a long time. we stayed with arms around eachother for a long time. this happened every time i ran into him.. later, he started telling me that he wanted to talk to this cute girl. i got pissed so i told him to go for it. i was drunk so i only remember parts. i was told that that girl was his friend from a long time.

so after that, we went to eat and i was so drunk i kept complimenting him and defending him and he would just smile. before we left, i was saying bye to my boss and he came and put his arm over my shoulder and took me outside. i laid my head on his shoulder and he said he liked that. and i told him he smelled good and he said he does it all for me. he told me he wanted to be more than my best friend, (he's not my best friend by the way.). and i had to go but he ran after me and hugged me from behind and said he didn't want me to go. we stayed hugging that way for a long time. by this time, all of my coworkers were out there. so im sure they all saw this.

he kept telling me he didn't want me to leave, and was about to kiss my neck but he's like, "no i can't do that." he just put his head on my shoulder, and i kept saying i had to go but he's like but i dont want to let you go. i want to see you more. my friend interrupted and he told her to go away because im his. haha it was funny.

i ended up ruining things. i dont know what i said but he left angry saying, "at least you can't say i didn't try!"

im just wondering if this means anything? since we were both drunk?
Do drunk hugs mean anything?
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