Gagers how would you feel about a niqab/burka ban?

I don't know if you guys have heard but there's an election going on in Canada. One of the issues discussed in yesterday's debate was the niqab. The Conservative government wants to ban face coverings during the taking of the citizenship oath, while the Bloc Quebecois wants to also ban all public service employees from wearing it. The left wing parties however argued that it violates religious freedom.

For those of you that don't know the difference here is a picture.
Gagers how would you feel about a niqab/burka ban?

France already banned face coverings and it has been upheald by the human rights court.

What do you think?

Personally I agree with the French ban and would like to see that in Canada. I have nothing against Islam, just the face coverings since I believe it promotes segregation and anti-social behaviour. From my understanding of Islam, the niqab and burka are not mandatory they are a choice so banning it would not be going against Islam but against the individual's right to choose her clothing. I believe that promoting social unity is more important much like wearing clothing with inappropriate messages is not allowed in schools.
Ban during citizenship ceremonies but allow everywhere else
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Ban during citizenship ceremonies and for people working in the public sector
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Ban wearing it in public
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Don't ban it since it infringes upon their rights
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I have nothing against the hijab I merely used this picture so people could tell the difference between the 3.
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Here's a Muslim woman's take on it.
As she puts it. The niqab/burka are NOT a religious requirement. The only requirement is to dress modestly.
Gagers how would you feel about a niqab/burka ban?
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