Why Do I find blonde women unattractive?

Some people say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" I think all brunettes are the most beautiful in my eyes. I find both men and women with dark brown hair so attractive. When this preppy blonde girl in my school, seems to control everything that occurs in school because everyone says she is drop-dead gorgeous and that she could easily put down anyone that is universily ugly or unattractive. Well, she definitely puts me down and I do not find her attractive at all. Anyone can say that I have weird perception of beauty. I cannot make blonde women my friends. I know that guys will always prefer pretty girls no matter what. Why is everyone obssessed of dying their hair blond or prefer blond bombshells as their priority. My hair is not blonde, and I am a dark brunette.
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I am sorry for discriminating against blondes. Blondes are very beautiful as brunettes are. Please do not be offended with my question. I am really unattractive girl that look like I have syndrome downs with dark under my eyes.
Why Do I find blonde women unattractive?
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