Do white people face more racism today?

As someone who is white, sometimes I feel that I am discriminated against for having "white privilege." And don't get me wrong, there are cases where white privilege may apply. But with things like #blacklivesmatter, why is it not #allllivesmatter. I don't want to receive anything just because I was born with white skin, but it seems that many people of other races believe they are owed something. Why should an African American student get accepted to college before a white student who is the better candidate? Should it not be who earned it? Do African Americans believe they are owed something because of slavery? Because if so, that ended over a century ago, and no one who is alive today had anything to do with it. Does anybody else have any similar experiences or thoughts on this? Or even different opinions. I'd like to see opinions from all races on this topic. Maybe it's just me, but I believe that people should have to earn their own things and this should have no relation to race whatsoever. Anybody of any race should be able to better themselves, and I think all races face some discrimination and stereotypes. But why do we never hear about racism towards white people? Anyways any thoughts are welcome, thanks😊
Do white people face more racism today?
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