Do you think single moms get undeserved sympathy?

I have absolutely no sympathy for single mothers. Now before you start with the comments about how this is mean/unfair/cruel... understand that I'm specifically referring to girls who got pregnant in their teenage/early 20's years before being married. I'm a 29 year old woman with no kids, and I never got pregnant because I made sure I was on birth control and practiced safe sex during my younger years. Not that f***ing hard. At my job, there are girls who are single moms and they seem to get the most leniancy when it comes to attendance policies and vacation time. All because they're single moms. If I call off because I have the flu, I get a write up. If a single mom calls off because her kid has the flu, it's excused. If I need to leave early to go to a doctor's appintment, I get docked a point for it. If a single mom leaves early to get her kid from school/daycare, it's no big deal. Why do the women that were responsible in life seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to kids? Because I DIDN'T get pregnant I get punished? It's not even just work... why the f*** are there college scholarships and grants for single moms? Where my f***ing scholarship for being a responsible, straight-edge girl that didn't get knocked up during high school? Why do I have to spend hours writing an essay and compete with other students just to have a slim chance of getting a scholarship, yet a single mom that popped out a kid at 17 is just handed one simply for getting pregnant? Call me bitter, call me heartless, call me a b****. I don't care. The single moms out there who say life is hard and they feel judged by others, you're right. I do judge you and I don't feel ashamed to do or say it. I was a teenager, I was attractive and liked to party and have sex too. Doesn't mean pregnancy isn't preventable. I judge you because of how society caters to your unfortunate circumstances and I think it's complete bullshit. It is the WORST double standard and it disgusts me.
Do you think single moms get undeserved sympathy?
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