Is there a high EQ society?

Many have heard of the high IQ societies, Mensa for example, where they search for people with high intelligence to join their society and they do stuff together because they think they are better than everyone else (lol joke)... because they feel they belong together.

IQ is in principle the measurement on a normal distribution scale of one's own thought's ability to manipulate, perceive and understand logical deductions and patterns. Such a measurement is never constant and can be trained to achieve a higher score, or from e. g. brain damage achieve a lower score.

Your own thoughts (your perception of the world without being told the answers to your questions) can be good at different things. For example, a mathematician is usually very proficient in performing logical deductions and analyzing complex logical problems, without being able to solve them with his/her past knowledge, still achieving practical conclusions. Just as a musician is able to write a new song or listen to a new song and get an immediate sense of the harmony or composition and the idea behind it.

EQ or Emotional Quality/Intelligence is the quality of your own thoughts in SOCIAL CONTEXTS, i. e. the ability for your own thoughts to understand others' social contexts WITHOUT BEING TOLD. In other words, high emotional intelligence allows an individual to understand how another person feels/behaves/thinks in a situation. Why does a person say the things he/she does? What does he mean with what he says and what does he expect to gain from saying this? Of course, you never really know if you are right (deception or misunderstandings), but if you are, you are very apt in reading other people.

My question is, are there any High EQ societies comparable to High IQ societies where socially smart people who think they are better than everyone else (lol joke)... because they feel they belong together, can get tested, join and meet up together in activities, hang out and form friendships.
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To those who are saying EQ is nonsense. EQ is very real and it is the ability of your own thoughts to understand other people without being told.
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Here is a short test and an answers sheet, of non-verbal sensitivity called the MiniPONS, and after taking it you will get a rough idea on how well you do understanding other people without being TOLD.
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Is there a high EQ society?
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